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Subject Lessons

Author : Sanjay Seth
ISBN : 0822341050
Genre : Education
File Size : 37. 97 MB
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DIVA study of how modern, Western knowledge came to be disseminated in India and came to assume its current status as the obvious, and almost the only, mode of knowing about India; further, and more dubiously, the work examines whether this knowledge is in f/div

Knowledge Production Pedagogy And Institutions In Colonial India

Author : I. Sengupta
ISBN : 9780230119000
Genre : History
File Size : 55. 97 MB
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This volume seeks to revise the Saidian analytical framework which dominated research on the subject of colonial knowledge for almost two decades, which emphasized colonial knowledge as a series of representations of colonial hegemony. It seeks to contribute to research in the field by analyzing knowledge in colonial India as a dynamic process.

Language Politics Under Colonialism

Author : Dilip Chavan
ISBN : 9781443865821
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 47. 19 MB
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This book attempts to capture the reconfiguration of the pre-modern power structure within colonialism, in the specific context of education and linguistic policies implemented by the colonial administration in Western India. The interrelationship existing between caste power, dominance, colonialism and their cultural implications has been a rather ignored subject in postcolonial theory; analysis of the interplay between primordial power structures like caste and colonial modernity has only recently been reflected in some post-colonial writings. Against this backdrop, the book offers a nuanced understanding of the collusive role that the indigenous elites played in working out new ways to preserve their privileges and dominance, which also strengthened the hold of the colonial regime without fully altering and disturbing the existing modes of dominance. The book attempts to dispel the theory that a thorough eradication of pre-capitalist relationships is a pre-requisite to the growth and advancement of modern capitalism. The Indian case points to the contrary. The colonial state could engender its capitalist motives without substantially altering the existing feudal, hierarchical socio-economic and political arrangements. Drawing upon the theoretical framework of Marx, Gramsci, Althussar and Jotirao Phule, the volume attempts to delineate the relationship between language and power in colonial Western India.

Trans Colonial Modernities In South Asia

Author : Michael S. Dodson
ISBN : 9781136484469
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 27. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Presenting cutting-edge scholarship dedicated to exploring the emergence and articulation of modernity in colonial South Asia, this book builds upon and extends recent insights into the constitutive and multiple projects of colonial modernity. Eschewing the fashionable binaries of resistance and collaboration, the contributors seek to re-conceptualize modernity as a local and transitive practice of cultural conjunction. Whether through a close reading of Anglo-Indian poetry, Urdu rhyming dictionaries, Persian Bible translations, Jain court records, or Bengali polemical literature, the contributors interpret South Asian modernity as emerging from localized, partial and continuously negotiated efforts among a variety of South Asian and European elites. Surveying a range of individuals, regions, and movements, this book supports reflection on the ways traditional scholars and other colonial agents actively appropriated and re-purposed elements of European knowledge, colonial administration, ruling ideology, and material technologies. The book conjures a trans-colonial and trans-national context in which ideas of history, religion, language, science, and nation are defined across disparate religious, ethnic, and linguistic boundaries. Providing new insights into the negotiation and re-interpretation of Western knowledge and modernity, this book is of interest to students and scholars of South Asian Studies, as well as of intellectual and colonial history, comparative literature, and religious studies.

Cultural Change And Persistence

Author : W. Ascher
ISBN : 9780230117334
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 81. 82 MB
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This book is about the ways that traditional cultural practices either change or persist in the face of social and economic development, whether the latter proceeds primarily from internal or external forces.

Politics Of Education In Colonial India

Author : Krishna Kumar
ISBN : 9781317325635
Genre : Education
File Size : 56. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In retracting from the popular view that India’s modern educational policy was shaped almost entirely by Macaulay, this incisive work reveals the complex ideological and institutional rubric of the colonial educational system. It examines its wide-ranging and lasting impact on curriculum, pedagogy, textbooks, teachers’ role and status, and indigenous forms of knowledge. Recounting the nationalist response to educational reforms, the book reinforces three major quests: justice as expressed in the demand for equal educational opportunities for the lower castes; self-identity as manifest in the urge to define India’s educational needs from within its own cultural repertoire; and the idea of progress based on industrialization. An exceptional contribution to educational theory, including a nuanced discussion of caste, gender and girls’ education, this book will be invaluable to teachers, scholars and students of education, modern Indian history and sociology of education, and policy makers.

Stages Of Capital

Author : Ritu Birla
ISBN : 9780822392477
Genre : History
File Size : 57. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In Stages of Capital, Ritu Birla brings research on nonwestern capitalisms into conversation with postcolonial studies to illuminate the historical roots of India’s market society. Between 1870 and 1930, the British regime in India implemented a barrage of commercial and contract laws directed at the “free” circulation of capital, including measures regulating companies, income tax, charitable gifting, and pension funds, and procedures distinguishing gambling from speculation and futures trading. Birla argues that this understudied legal infrastructure institutionalized a new object of sovereign management, the market, and along with it, a colonial concept of the public. In jurisprudence, case law, and statutes, colonial market governance enforced an abstract vision of modern society as a public of exchanging, contracting actors free from the anachronistic constraints of indigenous culture. Birla reveals how the categories of public and private infiltrated colonial commercial law, establishing distinct worlds for economic and cultural practice. This bifurcation was especially apparent in legal dilemmas concerning indigenous or “vernacular” capitalists, crucial engines of credit and production that operated through networks of extended kinship. Focusing on the story of the Marwaris, a powerful business group renowned as a key sector of India’s capitalist class, Birla demonstrates how colonial law governed vernacular capitalists as rarefied cultural actors, so rendering them illegitimate as economic agents. Birla’s innovative attention to the negotiations between vernacular and colonial systems of valuation illustrates how kinship-based commercial groups asserted their legitimacy by challenging and inhabiting the public/private mapping. Highlighting the cultural politics of market governance, Stages of Capital is an unprecedented history of colonial commercial law, its legal fictions, and the formation of the modern economic subject in India.

Postcolonial Theory And International Relations

Author : Sanjay Seth
ISBN : 9780415582872
File Size : 31. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Postcolonial theory has had the most impact in disciplines such as literature and, to some degree, history, and perhaps the least impact in the discipline of politics. However, there is growing interest in postcolonial theory within politics, and interest in especially high in the subfield of international relations. This text provides a comprehensive survey of how postoclonial theory shapes our understanding of international relations"--

Language Politics Elites And The Public Sphere

Author : Veena Naregal
ISBN : 9781843310549
Genre : History
File Size : 84. 15 MB
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Whereas most studies of colonialism focus on India's 'high' literary culture, this book looks at how local intellectuals exploited their 'middling' position through such initiatives as the establishment of newspapers and of influential channels of communication.

Connecting Histories Of Education

Author : Barnita Bagchi
ISBN : 9781782382676
Genre : History
File Size : 21. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The history of education in the modern world is a history of transnational and cross-cultural influence. This collection explores those influences in (post) colonial and indigenous education across different geographical contexts. The authors emphasize how local actors constructed their own adaptation of colonialism, identity, and autonomy, creating a multi-centric and entangled history of modern education. In both formal as well as informal aspects, they demonstrate that transnational and cross-cultural exchanges in education have been characterized by appropriation, re-contextualization, and hybridization, thereby rejecting traditional notions of colonial education as an export of pre-existing metropolitan educational systems.

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