sunsets over charleston more conversations with visionaries luminaries and emissaries of the holy city

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Sunsets Over Charleston

Author : W. Thomas McQueeney
ISBN : 9781614237808
Genre : History
File Size : 83. 58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Charleston is among the world's most cherished destinations, and its history is told and retold to the mass of travelers in search of the storied, classical southern ambiance touted in a bygone age. The people of Charleston have witnessed this awakening from within, and author W. Thomas McQueeney presents a glimpse of that shared experience through conversational interviews with some of the city's more notable inhabitants. Explore the area's recent past and present by reading about just some of this city's more interesting personalities who were born in or drawn to a place America has come to love. Each is testament to why the Holy City has become one of the most livable and enjoyable places to be.

The Rise Of Charleston

Author : W. Thomas McQueeney
ISBN : 9781439660669
Genre : Photography
File Size : 20. 33 MB
Format : PDF
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Since its 1670 founding, Charleston has experienced the devastation of wars, economic hardships and natural disasters. And yet, Charlestonians and their city have prevailed through it all. It is in this current generational surge that the Holy City has experienced meteoric success and taken its place on the world stage. This thematic weave of essays drawn from interviews explores those essential personalities who have lifted Charleston to its new perch as a must-see destination—one that is known as the most welcoming and the most recommended in America. Join engaging local author W. Thomas McQueeney in this updated edition as he relays stories of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s through the eyes of those who have witnessed Charleston’s evolution to become the charming city it is today.

South Carolina Sports Legends

Author : Ernie Trubiano
ISBN : 9781439637746
Genre : Travel
File Size : 69. 31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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South Carolina Sports Legends celebrates the golden anniversary of the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame. Legendary figures include football luminaries Banks McFadden, Doc Blanchard, “Deacon” Jones, Steve Wadiak, and George Rogers; basketball hotshots Frank Selvy, John Roche, and Alex English; baseball stars Shoeless Joe Jackson, and Bobby Richardson; coaching giants John Heisman, Frank McGuire, Frank Howard, Danny Ford, and John McKissisck; NASCAR legends David Pearson and Cale Yarborough; boxing champion “Smokin’ Joe” Frazier; golfer Beth Daniel; Thoroughbred trainer Frank Whiteley; contributors Herman Helms and Bob Fulton; and barrier-breakers Althea Gibson, Lucille Godbold, and Willie Jeffries.

God S Children

Author : Archibald Rutledge
ISBN : 9781625842886
Genre : Photography
File Size : 73. 24 MB
Format : PDF
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In 1937, after decades in the North, Archibald Rutledge returned to the “hyacinth days and camellia nights” of his native Carolina Lowcountry to restore his family home, Hampton Plantation. Originally published in 1947, these pages describe, in intimate and compelling detail, the plantation life he found upon his return. In the simple and lyrical language that has become the hallmark of the first poet laureate of South Carolina, Rutledge eloquently portrays the black men and women who labored alongside him in the marshes of the Santee. From his beloved companion Prince Alston to the master carpenter Lewis Colleton to Mobile “The Hunterman,” who saved his infant from the talons of an eagle with a single musket shot, the people of the plantation come to life in the hands of this southern literary legend.

The Battle Of Kings Mountain

Author : Robert M. Dunkerly
ISBN : 9781625844255
Genre : History
File Size : 22. 76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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On October 7, 1780, American Patriot and Loyalist soldiers battled each other at Kings Mountain, near the border of North and South Carolina. With over one hundred eyewitness accounts, this collection of participant statements from men of both sides includes letters and statements in their original form—the soldiers’ own words—unedited and unabridged. Rife with previously unpublished details of this historic turning point in the American Revolution, these accounts expose the dramatic happenings of the battle, including new perspectives on the debate over Patriot Colonel William Campbell’s bravery during the fight. Robert M. Dunkerley’s work is an invaluable resource to historians studying the flow of combat, genealogists tracing their ancestors and anyone interested in Kings Mountain and the Southern Campaign.

Remembering Old Charleston

Author : Margaret Middleton Rivers Eastman
ISBN : 9781625843548
Genre : History
File Size : 45. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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These 'First Families' of Old Charleston- and others- are Lowcountry legends in their own right. Margaret Middleton Rivers Eastman takes readers behind parlor doors on a journey from the patrician historical area south of Broad Street to the luxurious Sea Island plantations in an unusual collection of treasured family traditions that span the colony's founding to the mid-twentieth century.

Wicked Charleston

Author : Mark R. Jones
ISBN : 1596290765
Genre : History
File Size : 38. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A beautiful Southern city distinguished by its opulent homes, towering church steeples and hospitality, Charleston, South Carolina, has long been associated with the genteel side of Southern living. However, beyond the outward appearances that most people associate with Charleston, there is another side that most visitors and residents would dare not believe is part of the very fabric from which the city's history was woven. Wicked Charleston: The Dark Side of the Holy City, by local resident and tour guide Mark R. Jones, opens the door to the dark alleys and seedy characters not often associated with the Charleston of today. From the sexual escapades of an original Lord Proprietor and the comings and goings of the most notorious pirates, to secret brothels and nightclubs, Jones leads the reader back to a time when drinking, eating and whoring with more than fifty wenches" was perhaps more common in the Holy City than one may imagine."


Author : Iain Gately
ISBN : 1440631263
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 25. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A spirited look at the history of alcohol, from the dawn of civilization to the modern day Alcohol is a fundamental part of Western culture. We have been drinking as long as we have been human, and for better or worse, alcohol has shaped our civilization. Drink investigates the history of this Jekyll and Hyde of fluids, tracing mankind's love/hate relationship with alcohol from ancient Egypt to the present day. Drink further documents the contribution of alcohol to the birth and growth of the United States, taking in the War of Independence, the Pennsylvania Whiskey revolt, the slave trade, and the failed experiment of national Prohibition. Finally, it provides a history of the world's most famous drinks-and the world's most famous drinkers. Packed with trivia and colorful characters, Drink amounts to an intoxicating history of the world.


Author : E.L. Abel
ISBN : 9781489921895
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 85. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Of all the plants men have ever grown, none has been praised and denounced as often as marihuana (Cannabis sativa). Throughout the ages, marihuana has been extolled as one of man's greatest benefactors and cursed as one of his greatest scourges. Marihuana is undoubtedly a herb that has been many things to many people. Armies and navies have used it to make war, men and women to make love. Hunters and fishermen have snared the most ferocious creatures, from the tiger to the shark, in its herculean weave. Fashion designers have dressed the most elegant women in its supple knit. Hangmen have snapped the necks of thieves and murderers with its fiber. Obstetricians have eased the pain of childbirth with its leaves. Farmers have crushed its seeds and used the oil within to light their lamps. Mourners have thrown its seeds into blazing fires and have had their sorrow transformed into blissful ecstasy by the fumes that filled the air. Marihuana has been known by many names: hemp, hashish, dagga, bhang, loco weed, grass-the list is endless. Formally christened Cannabis sativa in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus, marihuana is one of nature's hardiest specimens. It needs little care to thrive. One need not talk to it, sing to it, or play soothing tranquil Brahms lullabies to coax it to grow. It is as vigorous as a weed. It is ubiquitous. It fluorishes under nearly every possible climatic condition.

Before And After Freedom

Author : Nancy Rhyne
ISBN : 1596290862
Genre : History
File Size : 37. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In the late 1930s the Writer's Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) began an undertaking to document the history and folklore of South Carolina as told by surviving slaves and their descendents. What was produced over the five-and-half-year project was an extensive collection--thousands of written pages--of African American folklore that had been passed down through generations and, until then, had never before been put to paper. Before and After Freedom is a collection of authentic Lowcountry folklore as directly told to the WPA field workers and captured through their written reports. Southern author Nancy Rhyne has assembled a cross section of writing that gives the reader an understanding of the stories and superstitions embraced by generations of former slaves and their families. Along with WPA reports, Rhyne also has added stories from personal interviews and detailed research. From former slaves to Charleston's social elite and the state's first governors, this is a diverse collection of tales, but all of them reveal a character and nature that is true to the South Carolina Lowcountry.

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