supersymmetry and beyond from the higgs boson to the new physics

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Supersymmetry And Beyond

Author : Gordon Kane
ISBN : 9780465080465
Genre : Science
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The epic story of the quest to uncover a fully unified theory of physics, revised to reflect the possible discovery of the Higgs Boson.

String Theory And The Real World

Author : Gordon Kane
ISBN : 9781681744902
Genre : Science
File Size : 90. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book attempts to explain why 'string theory' may provide the comprehensive underlying theory that describes and explains our world. It is an enthusiastic view of how compactified string/M-theories (plus data that may be reachable) seem to have the possibilities of leading to a comprehensive underlying theory of particle physics and cosmology, perhaps soon. We are living in a hugely exciting era for science, one during which it may be possible to achieve a real and true understanding of our physical world.

Perspectives On String Phenomenology

Author : Bobby Acharya
ISBN : 9789814602693
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 3 MB
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The remarkable recent discovery of the Higgs boson at the CERN Large Hadron Collider completed the Standard Model of particle physics and has paved the way for understanding the physics which may lie beyond it. String/M theory has emerged as a broad framework for describing a plethora of diverse physical systems, which includes condensed matter systems, gravitational systems as well as elementary particle physics interactions. If string/M theory is to be considered as a candidate theory of Nature, it must contain an effectively four-dimensional universe among its solutions that is indistinguishable from our own. In these solutions, the extra dimensions of string/M theory are “compactified” on tiny scales which are often comparable to the Planck length. String phenomenology is the branch of string/M theory that studies such solutions, relates their properties to data, and aims to answer many of the outstanding questions of particle physics beyond the Standard Model. This book contains perspectives on string phenomenology from some of the leading experts in the field. Contributions will range from pedagogical general overviews and perspectives to more technical reviews. We hope that the reader will get a sense of the significant progress that has been made in the field in recent years (e.g. in the topic of moduli stabilization) as well as the topics currently being researched, outstanding problems and some perspectives for the future. Contents:PrefaceAcknowledgmentsWhat is an Electroon? (M J Perry)The What and Why of Moduli (J Conlon)Perspective on the Weakly Coupled Heterotic String (M K Gaillard)Geography of Fields in Extra Dimensions: String Theory Lessons for Particle Physics (H P Nilles & P K S Vaudrevange)The String Landscape: A Personal Perspective (K R Dienes)Mathematics for String Phenomenology (M R Douglas)The String Theory Landscape (A N Schellekens)Local String Models and Moduli Stabilization (F Quevedo)F-Theory: From Geometry to Phenomenology (S Schaefer-Nameki)Compactified String Theories — Generic Predictions for Particle Physics (P Kumar)How Could (Should) We Make Contact Between String/M Theory and Our Four-Dimensional World? (G Kane)String Cosmology — Large-Field Inflation in String Theory (A Westphal)Dark Energy in String Theory (B Greene & G Shiu)Cosmological SUSY Breaking and the Pyramid Scheme (T Banks) Readership: Physicists and graduates interested in string theory. Keywords:String Theory;M-Theory;String Phenomenology;Compactified String Theory;String Cosmology

Group Theory For The Standard Model Of Particle Physics And Beyond

Author : Ken J. Barnes
ISBN : 9781439895207
Genre : Science
File Size : 68. 63 MB
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Based on the author’s well-established courses, Group Theory for the Standard Model of Particle Physics and Beyond explores the use of symmetries through descriptions of the techniques of Lie groups and Lie algebras. The text develops the models, theoretical framework, and mathematical tools to understand these symmetries. After linking symmetries with conservation laws, the book works through the mathematics of angular momentum and extends operators and functions of classical mechanics to quantum mechanics. It then covers the mathematical framework for special relativity and the internal symmetries of the standard model of elementary particle physics. In the chapter on Noether’s theorem, the author explains how Lagrangian formalism provides a natural framework for the quantum mechanical interpretation of symmetry principles. He then examines electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions; spontaneous symmetry breaking; the elusive Higgs boson; and supersymmetry. He also introduces new techniques based on extending space–time into dimensions described by anticommuting coordinates. Designed for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in physics, this text provides succinct yet complete coverage of the group theory of the symmetries of the standard model of elementary particle physics. It will help students understand current knowledge about the standard model as well as the physics that potentially lies beyond the standard model.

The Standard Model And Beyond Second Edition

Author : Paul Langacker
ISBN : 9781498763226
Genre : Science
File Size : 20. 50 MB
Format : PDF
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This new edition of The Standard Model and Beyond presents an advanced introduction to the physics and formalism of the standard model and other non-abelian gauge theories. It provides a solid background for understanding supersymmetry, string theory, extra dimensions, dynamical symmetry breaking, and cosmology. In addition to updating all of the experimental and phenomenological results from the first edition, it contains a new chapter on collider physics; expanded discussions of Higgs, neutrino, and dark matter physics; and many new problems. The book first reviews calculational techniques in field theory and the status of quantum electrodynamics. It then focuses on global and local symmetries and the construction of non-abelian gauge theories. The structure and tests of quantum chromodynamics, collider physics, the electroweak interactions and theory, and the physics of neutrino mass and mixing are thoroughly explored. The final chapter discusses the motivations for extending the standard model and examines supersymmetry, extended gauge groups, and grand unification. Thoroughly covering gauge field theories, symmetries, and topics beyond the standard model, this text equips readers with the tools to understand the structure and phenomenological consequences of the standard model, to construct extensions, and to perform calculations at tree level. It establishes the necessary background for readers to carry out more advanced research in particle physics. Supplementary materials are provided on the author’s website and a solutions manual is available for qualifying instructors.

Linear Collider Physics In The New Millennium

Author : Keisuke Fujii
ISBN : 9789814482394
Genre : Science
File Size : 59. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The high energy electron-positron linear collider is expected to provide crucial clues to many of the fundamental questions of our time: What is the nature of electroweak symmetry breaking? Does a Standard Model Higgs boson exist, or does nature take the route of supersymmetry, technicolor or extra dimensions, or none of the foregoing? This invaluable book is a collection of articles written by experts on many of the most important topics which the linear collider will focus on. It is aimed primarily at graduate students but will undoubtedly be useful also to any active researcher on the physics of the next generation linear collider. Contents:The Machine and Detector (G A Blair & D J Miller)Higgs Physics at the Linear Collider (J F Gunion et al.)Top Quark Physics (Y Sumino)Supersymmetry and the Linear Collider (J L Feng & M M Nojiri)Dynamical Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (W Kilian)Physics of Electroweak Gauge Bosons (K Mönig)New Physics at the TeV Scale and Beyond (J L Hewett)QCD (P N Burrows)Gamma-Gamma and Other Options (T Takahashi)CP Violation at the Linear Collider (D Atwood & A Soni)Overall Perspective (K Fujii & M E Peskin) Readership: Researchers in high energy, particle and accelerator physics. Keywords:Electron-Positron Linear Collider;Higgs Boson;Top Quark;Supersymmetry;Extra Dimensions;Collider

Beyond Standard Model Collider Phenomenology Of Higgs Physics And Supersymmetry

Author : Marc Christopher Thomas
ISBN : 9783319434520
Genre : Science
File Size : 88. 89 MB
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This thesis studies collider phenomenology of physics beyond the Standard Model at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It also explores in detail advanced topics related to Higgs boson and supersymmetry – one of the most exciting and well-motivated streams in particle physics. In particular, it finds a very large enhancement of multiple Higgs boson production in vector-boson scattering when Higgs couplings to gauge bosons differ from those predicted by the Standard Model. The thesis demonstrates that due to the loss of unitarity, the very large enhancement for triple Higgs boson production takes place. This is a truly novel finding. The thesis also studies the effects of supersymmetric partners of top and bottom quarks on the Higgs production and decay at the LHC, pointing for the first time to non-universal alterations for two main production processes of the Higgs boson at the LHC–vector boson fusion and gluon–gluon fusion. Continuing the exploration of Higgs boson and supersymmetry at the LHC, the thesis extends existing experimental analysis and shows that for a single decay channel the mass of the top quark superpartner below 175 GeV can be completely excluded, which in turn excludes electroweak baryogenesis in the Minimal Supersymmetric Model. This is a major new finding for the HEP community. This thesis is very clearly written and the introduction and conclusions are accessible to a wide spectrum of readers.

Who Cares About Particle Physics

Author : Pauline Gagnon
ISBN : 9780191085994
Genre : Science
File Size : 46. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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CERN, the European Laboratory for particle physics, regularly makes the news. What kind of research happens at this international laboratory and how does it impact people's daily lives? Why is the discovery of the Higgs boson so important? Particle physics describes all matter found on Earth, in stars and all galaxies but it also tries to go beyond what is known to describe dark matter, a form of matter five times more prevalent than the known, regular matter. How do we know this mysterious dark matter exists and is there a chance it will be discovered soon? About sixty countries contributed to the construction of the gigantic Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and its immense detectors. Dive in to discover how international teams of researchers work together to push scientific knowledge forward. Here is a book written for every person who wishes to learn a little more about particle physics, without requiring prior scientific knowledge. It starts from the basics to build a solid understanding of current research in particle physics. A good dose of curiosity is all one will need to discover a whole world that spans from the infinitesimally small and stretches to the infinitely large, and where imminent discoveries could mark the dawn of a huge revolution in the current conception of the material world.

Modern Elementary Particle Physics

Author : Gordon Kane
ISBN : 9781107165083
Genre : Science
File Size : 58. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book is written for students and scientists wanting to learn about the Standard Model of particle physics. Only an introductory course knowledge about quantum theory is needed. The text provides a pedagogical description of the theory, and incorporates the recent Higgs boson and top quark discoveries. With its clear and engaging style, this new edition retains its essential simplicity. Long and detailed calculations are replaced by simple approximate ones. It includes introductions to accelerators, colliders, and detectors, and several main experimental tests of the Standard Model are explained. Descriptions of some well-motivated extensions of the Standard Model prepare the reader for new developments. It emphasizes the concepts of gauge theories and Higgs physics, electroweak unification and symmetry breaking, and how force strengths vary with energy, providing a solid foundation for those working in the field, and for those who simply want to learn about the Standard Model.

Beyond The Standard Model Of Elementary Particle Physics

Author : Yorikiyo Nagashima
ISBN : 9783527665044
Genre : Science
File Size : 48. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A unique and comprehensive presentation on modern particle physics which stores the background knowledge on the big open questions beyond the standard model, as the existence of the Higgs-boson, or the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

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