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Term Limits

Author : V. Flynn
ISBN : 9781476780207
Genre : Fiction
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Presidential Term Limits In American History

Author : Michael J. Korzi
ISBN : 9781603449915
Genre : Political Science
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An innovative historical study of the longstanding debate over executive term limits in American politics . . . By successfully seeking a third term in 1940, Franklin D. Roosevelt shattered a tradition that was as old as the American republic. The longstanding yet controversial two-term tradition reflected serious tensions in American political values. In Presidential Term Limits in American History, Michael J. Korzi recounts the history of the two-term tradition as well as the “perfect storm” that enabled Roosevelt to break with that tradition. He also shows that Roosevelt and his close supporters made critical errors of judgment in 1943-44, particularly in seeking a fourth term against long odds that the ill president would survive it. Korzi’s analysis offers a strong challenge to Roosevelt biographers who have generally whitewashed this aspect of his presidency and decision making. The case of Roosevelt points to both the drawbacks and the benefits of presidential term limits. Furthermore, Korzi’s extended consideration of the seldom-studied Twenty-second Amendment and its passage reveals not only vindictive and political motivations (it was unanimously supported by Republicans), but also a sincere distrust of executive power that dates back to America’s colonial and constitutional periods.

Term Limits And Legislative Representation

Author : John M. Carey
ISBN : 0521646014
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 84. 39 MB
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This 1996 book tests the central arguments made by both supporters and opponents of legislative term limits.

Term Limits And The Dismantling Of State Legislative Professionalism

Author : Thad Kousser
ISBN : 052154873X
Genre : Political Science
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The wisdom of term limits and professional politics has been debated since the time of Aristotle, spurring 'reforms' of legislatures in Athens, Rome, Venice, and in the US under the Articles of Confederation. This book examines recent trends in American states in order to investigate the age-old question of how the rules that govern a legislature affect the behavior of its members and the policies that it produces. The clear and consistent finding is that the two reforms have countervailing effects: whatever professionalization has brought more of, term limits have reduced. This lesson comes from quantitative analyses of data from all fifty states and detailed examinations of legislative records from six states, informed by interviews with over one hundred legislators, staff assistants, lobbyists, journalists, and executive officials.

Term Limits In State Legislatures

Author : John M. Carey
ISBN : 0472024108
Genre : Law
File Size : 26. 96 MB
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It has been predicted that term limits in state legislatures--soon to be in effect in eighteen states--will first affect the composition of the legislatures, next the behavior of legislators, and finally legislatures as institutions. The studies in Term Limits in State Legislatures demonstrate that term limits have had considerably less effect on state legislatures than proponents predicted. The term-limit movement--designed to limit the maximum time a legislator can serve in office--swept through the states like wildfire in the first half of the 1990s. By November 2000, state legislators will have been "term limited out" in eleven states. This book is based on a survey of nearly 3,000 legislators from all fifty states along with intensive interviews with twenty-two legislative leaders in four term-limited states. The data were collected as term limits were just beginning to take effect in order to capture anticipatory effects of the reform, which set in as soon as term limit laws were passed. In order to understand the effects of term limits on the broader electoral arena, the authors also examine data on advancement of legislators between houses of state legislatures and from the state legislatures to Congress. The results show that there are no systematic differences between term limit and non-term limit states in the composition of the legislature (e.g., professional backgrounds, demographics, ideology). Yet with respect to legislative behavior, term limits decrease the time legislators devote to securing pork and heighten the priority they place on the needs of the state and on the demands of conscience relative to district interests. At the same time, with respect to the legislature as an institution, term limits appear to be redistributing power away from majority party leaders and toward governors and possibly legislative staffers. This book will be of interest both to political scientists, policymakers, and activists involved in state politics. John M. Carey is Assistant Professor of Political Science, Washington University in St. Louis. Richard G. Niemi is Professor of Political Science, University of Rochester. Lynda W. Powell is Professor of Political Science, University of Rochester.

Term Limits And Their Consequences

Author : Stanley M. Caress
ISBN : 9781438443065
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Legislative term limits remain a controversial feature of the American political landscape. Term Limits and Their Consequences provides a clear, comprehensive, and nonpartisan look at all aspects of this contentious subject. Stanley M. Caress and Todd T. Kunioka trace the emergence of the grassroots movement that supported term limits and explain why the idea of term limits became popular with voters. At the same time, they put term limits into a broader historical context, illustrating how they are one of many examples of the public’s desire to reform government. Utilizing an impressive blend of quantitative data and interviews, Caress and Kunioka thoughtfully discuss the impact of term limits, focusing in particular on the nation’s largest state, California. They scrutinize voting data to determine if term limits have altered election outcomes or the electoral chances of women and minority candidates, and reveal how restricting a legislator’s time in office has changed political careers and ambitions. Designed to transform American politics, term limits did indeed bring change, but in ways ranging far beyond those anticipated by both their advocates and detractors.

Democracy Dictatorship And Term Limits

Author : Alexander Baturo
ISBN : 9780472119318
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 28. 15 MB
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Exploring the factors that lead some presidents to hold on to power beyond their term limits

Giving Up On Democracy

Author : Victor Kamber
ISBN : 089526465X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 59. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A critical look at the movement for term limits argues that such limits would make elections less competitive, help to strengthen incumbents, make legislators less responsive to voters, and reduce the number of women and minorities in office. IP.

The Political And Institutional Effects Of Term Limits

Author : Marjorie Sarbaugh-Thompson
ISBN : 140397585X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 29. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Discontent with politics and politicians has led to calls for term limits in the belief that new faces would bring new perspectives and the influence of monied special interests would decrease. This innovative volume examines the effects of term limits by combining statistical analysis of the effects of terms limits on electoral competition, campaign contributions, and the activities of the Michigan legislature with in-depth interviews with legislators. The book sheds important light on the political, institutional and individual effects of terms limits. The authors find many surprises that neither advocates nor opponents anticipated, included shifts in the balance of power, changes within and between political parties, and new career paths for politicians.

Why Term Limits

Author : John C. Armor
ISBN : 0815483708
Genre : Representative government and representation
File Size : 68. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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