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The Afghan Central Asia Borderland

Author : Suzanne Levi-Sanchez
ISBN : 9781317430940
Genre : Political Science
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Based on extensive, long-term fieldwork in the borderlands of Afghan and Tajik Badakhshan, this book explores the importance of local leaders and local identity groups for the stability of a state’s borders, and ultimately for the stability of the state itself. It shows how the implantation of formal institutional structures at the border, a process supported by United Nations and other international bodies, can be counterproductive in that it may marginalise local leaders and alienate the local population, thereby increasing overall instability. The study considers how, in this particular borderland where trafficking of illegal drugs, weapons and people is rampant, corrupt customs and border personnel, and imperfect new institutional arrangements, contributed to a complex mix of oppression, hidden protest and subtle resistance, which benefitted illicit traders and hindered much needed humanitarian work. The book relates developments in this region to borderlands elsewhere, especially new borders in the former Soviet bloc, and argues that local leaders and organisations should be given semi-autonomy in co-ordination with state border forces in order to increase stability and the acceptance of the state.

Legal Pluralism In Central Asia

Author : Mahabat Sadyrbek
ISBN : 9781351375481
Genre : Social Science
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Legal Pluralism in Central Asia reports on historical, anthropological and legal research which examines customary legal practices in Kyrgyzstan and relates them to wider societal developments in Central Asia and further afield. Using the term legal pluralism, the book demonstrates that there is a spectrum of approaches, available avenues, forms of local law and indigenous popular justice in Kyrgyzstan’s predominantly rural communities, which can be labelled living law. Based on her extensive original research, Mahabat Sadyrbek shows how contemporary peoples systematically address challenging problems, such as disputes, violence, accidents, crime and other difficulties, and thereby seek justice, redress, punishment, compensation, readjustment of relations or closure. She demonstrates that local law, expressed through ritually structured communicative exchange, through dictums and proverbs with binding characters and different legal practices or processes undertaken in specific ways, deem the solutions appropriate and acceptable. The reader is thereby enabled to see the law in people’s deepest assumptions and beliefs, in codes of shame and honour, in local mores and ethics as well as in religious terms. In this way, the book reveals the dynamic, changing and living character of law in a specific context and in a region hitherto insufficiently researched within legal anthropology.

Kyrgyzstan Regime Security And Foreign Policy

Author : Kemel Toktomushev
ISBN : 9781315533483
Genre : Social Science
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Kyrgyzstan is an interesting example of a relatively weak state, which for its brief period of independence has already ousted two presidents, experienced two revolutions, survived two interethnic conflicts and yet remained intact. This book explores this apparent paradox and argues that the schism between domestic and international dimensions of state and regime security is key to understanding the nature of Kyrgyz politics. The book shows how the foreign policy links to the Manas Air Base, used by the US military and essential for supplying their forces in Afghanistan, the economic arrangements necessary for sustaining the base, both inside and outside Kyrgyzstan, and the myriad of different actors involved in all this, combined to overshadow points of friction to ensure stable continuance of the status quo. Overall, the book shows how broad geopolitical forces and complex local factors together have a huge impact on the formation of Kyrgyz foreign policy.

Central Asia In The Era Of Sovereignty

Author : Daniel L. Burghart
ISBN : 9781498572675
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 59. 98 MB
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After twenty-five years of independence, there is little doubt that the five Central Asian states will persist as sovereign, independent states. They increasingly differ from each other, and are making their way in global politics. No longer connected only to Russia, they are now connected in important ways to Afghanistan, South Asia, China, Iran, and each other. This volume covers a wide range of issues and presents the work of emerging scholars authors well-known for their expertise in the region. The first part addresses social issues. Covering a wide range from HIV/AIDs to social media, the rebirth of Islam, outmigration, and problematic borders, this section follows two main currents: political development in the region and states’ responses to transboundary challenges. The second part, addressing economics and security, provides analyses of new infrastructure, informal economies (from bazaars to criminal networks), energy development, the role of enclaves in the Ferghana Valley, and the development of the states’ military structures. This section illuminates the interactions between economic developments and security, and the forces that could undermine both. The final part, comprised of five case studies, offers a “deeper dive” into a specific factor that matters in the development of each Central Asian state. These cases include Kazakhstan’s foreign policy identity, Kyrgyzstan’s domestic politics, Tajikistan’s pursuit of hydropower, foreign direct investment in Turkmenistan, and the perception of everyday corruption in Uzbekistan.

Modern Afghanistan

Author : M. Nazif Shahrani
ISBN : 9780253030269
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Introduction : the impact of four decades of war and violence on afghan society and political culture / Nazif Shahrani -- Technologies of power-competing discourses on national identity, statehood, and state stability -- Afghanistan : a turbulent state in transition / Amin Saikal -- Afghanistan's "traditional" Islam in transition : the deep roots of Taliban extremism / Bashir Ahmad Ansari -- Language, poetry, and identity in Afghanistan : poetic texts, changing contexts / Mohammad Omar Sharifi -- Lineages of the urban state : locating continuity and change in post-2001 Kabul / Khalid Homayun Nadiri and M. Farshid Alemi Hakimyar -- Webs and spiders : four decades of violence, intervention, and statehood in Afghanistan (1978-2016) / Timor Sharan -- Merchant-warlords : changing forms of leadership in Afghanistan's unstable political economy / Noah Coburn -- Borders, access to strategic resources, and challenges to state stability / Ahmad Shayeq Qassem -- Brought to you by foreigners, warlords, and local activists : TV and the Afghan culture wars / Wazhmah Osman -- Personal and collective identities, gender relations, and the trust deficit -- "The war destroyed our society" : masculinity, violence, and shifting cultural idioms among Afghan Pashtun / Andrea Chiovenda -- Engendering the Taliban / Sonia Ahsan -- Anticipating discontinuous change : Afghanistan in retrospect and prospect / Robert L. Canfield and Fahim Masoud -- Adapting to a new political ecology of uncertainties at the margins -- Badakhshanis since the Saur revolution : struggle, triumph, hope, and uncertainty / M. Nazif Shahrani -- Hazara civil society activists and local, national, and international political institutions / Melissa Kerr Chiovenda -- Adapting to three decades of uncertainty : the flexibility of social institutions among Baloch groups in Afghanistan / Just Boedeker -- Party institutionalization meets women's empowerment? Acquiring power and influence in Afghanistan / Ann Larson -- Violence, social services delivery, and the rising trust deficit -- Childbirth and social change in Afghanistan / Kylea Laina Liese -- Signatures of distrust in contemporary Afghanistan : more than a decade of development effort for vulnerable groups : the case of disability / Parul Bakhshi and Jean-Francois Trani

Central Asian Security Trends

Author : Stephen Blank
ISBN : 9781584874874
Genre : Asia
File Size : 27. 25 MB
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The war in Afghanistan has added considerably to the strategic significance of Central Asia due to its proximity to the conflict. Moreover, the continuation of the war increasingly involves the vital interests of many other actors other than the U.S. and NATO forces currently there. This monograph, taken from SSI's conference ("Contemporary Issues in International Security") with European and Russian scholars in 2010, provides a comprehensive analysis of the means and objectives of Russia's involvement in Central Asia. It provides Russian perspectives concerning the other actors in Central Asia and how Moscow views the policy significance of those efforts, and a French analysis of the strategic situation evolving there. For obvious reasons: the war in Afghanistan, proximity to major global actors, large energy holdings, and for less obvious reasons, i.e., that possibility that domestic instability in one or more of these states could spread to other Muslim states as we now see in the Arab revolutions of 2011, Central Asia is an increasingly important and interesting region.

Nationalism And Identity Construction In Central Asia

Author : Mariya Y. Omelicheva
ISBN : 9780739181355
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 60 MB
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This edited volume scrutinizes the nature and discourses of nationalisms and identity construction in the post-Soviet Central Asian republics, and elucidates the main strategies and tactics employed at various levels of identity construction in these states.

Review Of International Studies

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B4928021
Genre :
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Islam After Communism

Author : Adeeb Khalid
ISBN : 9780520957862
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29. 51 MB
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How do Muslims relate to Islam in societies that experienced seventy years of Soviet rule? How did the utopian Bolshevik project of remaking the world by extirpating religion from it affect Central Asia? Adeeb Khalid combines insights from the study of both Islam and Soviet history to answer these questions. Arguing that the sustained Soviet assault on Islam destroyed patterns of Islamic learning and thoroughly de-Islamized public life, Khalid demonstrates that Islam became synonymous with tradition and was subordinated to powerful ethnonational identities that crystallized during the Soviet period. He shows how this legacy endures today and how, for the vast majority of the population, a return to Islam means the recovery of traditions destroyed under Communism. Islam after Communism reasons that the fear of a rampant radical Islam that dominates both Western thought and many of Central Asia’s governments should be tempered with an understanding of the politics of antiterrorism, which allows governments to justify their own authoritarian policies by casting all opposition as extremist. Placing the Central Asian experience in the broad comparative perspective of the history of modern Islam, Khalid argues against essentialist views of Islam and Muslims and provides a nuanced and well-informed discussion of the forces at work in this crucial region.

The Interaction Between State And Tribe In Nineteenth Century Afghanistan

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:C3390386
Genre :
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