the aga khan case religion and identity in colonial india

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The Aga Khan Case

Author : Teena Purohit
ISBN : 9780674071582
Genre : History
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An Arab-centric perspective dominates the West’s understanding of Islam. Purohit presses for a view of Islam as a heterogeneous religion that has found a variety of expressions in local contexts. The Ismaili community in colonial India illustrates how much more complex Muslim identity is, and always has been, than the media would have us believe.

Ismailism And Islam In Modern South Asia

Author : Soumen Mukherjee
ISBN : 9781107154087
Genre : Religion
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This book explores the evolution of a Shia Ismaili identity and crucial aspects of the historical forces that conditioned the development of the Muslim modern in late colonial South Asia. It traces the legal process that, since the 1860s, recast a Shia Imami identity for the Ismailis, and explicates the public career of Imam Aga Khan III amid heightened religious internationalism since the late nineteenth century, the age of 'religious internationals'. It sheds light and elaborates on the enduring legacies of questions such as the Aga's understanding of colonial modernity, his ideas of India, restructured modalities of community governance and the evolution of Imamate-sponsored institutions, key strands in scholarship that characterized the development of the Muslim and Shia Ismaili modern, and Muslim universality vis-...-vis denominational particularities that often transcended the remits of the modular nation and state structure.

The Shi A In Modern South Asia

Author : Justin Jones
ISBN : 9781107108905
Genre : History
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""Explores various Shi'i communities across South Asia, revealing the many forms of Shi'i religion within this important region, and examining the responses of these communities to the many transformations of the modern world"--Provided by publisher"--

Law And Identity In Colonial South Asia

Author : Mitra Sharafi
ISBN : 9781107047976
Genre : History
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This book explores the legal culture of the Parsis, or Zoroastrians, an ethnoreligious community unusually invested in the colonial legal system of British India and Burma. Rather than trying to maintain collective autonomy and integrity by avoiding interaction with the state, the Parsis sank deep into the colonial legal system itself. From the late eighteenth century until India's independence in 1947, they became heavy users of colonial law, acting as lawyers, judges, litigants, lobbyists, and legislators. They de-Anglicized the law that governed them and enshrined in law their own distinctive models of the family and community by two routes: frequent intra-group litigation often managed by Parsi legal professionals in the areas of marriage, inheritance, religious trusts, and libel, and the creation of legislation that would become Parsi personal law. Other South Asian communities also turned to law, but none seems to have done so earlier or in more pronounced ways than the Parsis.

Shi I Islam

Author : Najam Haider
ISBN : 9781107031432
Genre : History
File Size : 72. 97 MB
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During the formative period of Islam, in the first centuries after Muhammad's death, two particular intellectual traditions emerged, Sunnism and Shi'ism. Sunni Muslims endorsed the historical caliphate, while Shi'i Muslims, supporters of 'Ali, cousin of the Prophet and the fourth caliph, articulated their own distinctive doctrines. The Sunni-Shi'i schism is often framed as a dispute over the identity of the successor to Muhammad, whereas in reality, Sunni and Shi'i Muslims also differ on a number of seminal theological doctrines concerning the nature of God and legitimate political and religious authority. This book examines the development of Shi'i Islam through the lenses of belief, narrative, and memory.It also covers a wide range of Shi'i communities from the demographically predominant Twelvers to the transnational Isma'ilis to the scholar-activist Zaydis. The portrait of Shi'ism that emerges is that of a distinctive and vibrant community of Muslims with a remarkable capacity for reinvention and adaptation, grounded in a unique theological interpretation of Islam.

Formations And Genealogies Of Ismaili Sectarianism In Nineteenth Century India

Author : Teena Purohit
ISBN : 0549056297
Genre :
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This dissertation is a literary and historical study of the relationship between canonization of texts and religious community formation. A story that is not represented in accounts of Muslim history, this project examines how the modern day Ismaili community has come to be identified as a Shia sect of Islam. Analyzing the Aga Khan Case of 1866, I show how a caste group of khojas was given an "Ismaili" religious identity by the court. Crucial to this re-evaluation was the judge's reading of Dasavatar (Ten Avatars of Vishnu), a medieval Gujarati poem of the ginan genre, and the pronouncement that the Aga Khan was imam of this Muslim "sect." I demonstrate how the judge's declaration of the Dasavatar ginan as a conversion text -- in which Hindus became Muslims -- fundamentally transformed the self-conception of this community in the colonial and post-colonial periods. Furthermore, the logic of this conversion story persists in Ismaili studies scholarship, whereby ginan poetry is situated as part of a longer and primarily Persian Islamic narrative about conversion. As a response to this kind of sectarian interpretation of ginans as conversion literature, the dissertation, secondly, engages in readings of Dasavatar and ginan poetry as vernacular expressions and conduits of the khoja community's heterogeneous religious history. Third, the dissertation offers an instructive comparison with the ways in which the Vaishnava Swami Narayan sampradaya emerged as a sectarian religious community with its own canon in nineteenth century India -- influenced, in part, by the ginan poetic tradition. Through both textual and historical study, I explore how the formation of the Swami Narayan sect was enacted from circumstances similar to those that led to Ismaili community formation: the colonial state's official endorsement of the sect's charismatic leader and, in quite a different mode, the canonization of vernacular ginan poetry.

Law And Gender Inequality

Author : Flavia
ISBN : STANFORD:36105028473192
Genre : Law
File Size : 44. 5 MB
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This book provides an invaluable analysis of the current trends of the debate on Uniform Civil Code located within a highly charged and communally vitiated political scenario. It goes on to expose the communal undertones of some recent well published judicial pronouncements.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105132702544
Genre : Dissertations, Academic
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Islam And Higher Education

Author : Marodsilton Muborakshoeva
ISBN : 9781136306334
Genre : Education
File Size : 29. 74 MB
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This book is the first study to qualitatively explore the concepts of higher education in Muslim contexts. It examines the different concepts of ‘a university’ and the way they shape practice in Muslim contexts, with a particular focus on the Islamic republic of Pakistan. Contributing to theoretical debates and discussing practical challenges that universities in Muslim countries face, the author analyses seven higher education institutions in Pakistan. She argues that there is a need for institutions to constantly review their mission and aims and objectives in light of the wider economic, political, and socio-cultural and religious development of a society. The book reviews the history of higher education institutions and examines opportunities for some Pakistani universities, to become centres of excellence in the future. This is subject to adequate support from the government, industries, philanthropists and the society at large. In return, these universities would have to cater to the needs of the society, from basic needs in the areas of health and education to science and technology. Islam and Higher Education breaks new grounds in the field of higher education in Muslim contexts and will be of interest to researchers in the fields of comparative education and Islamic Studies.

Muslims In Britain

Author : Peter E. Hopkins
ISBN : 0748625887
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73. 77 MB
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Following the events of 11th September 2001 in the USA, and more especially, the bombings on the London underground on 7th July 2005 and the incident at Glasgow Airport on 30th June 2007, an increasing amount of public attention has been focused upon Muslims in Britain. Against the backdrop of this debate, this book sets out a series of innovative insights into the everyday lives of Muslims living in contemporary Britain, in an attempt to move beyond prevalent stereotypes concerning what it means to be 'Muslim'. Combining original empirical research with theoretical interventions, this collection offers a range of reflections on how Muslims in Britain negotiate their everyday lives, manage experiences of racism and exclusion, and develop local networks and global connections. The authors explore a broad range of themes including gender relations; educational and economic issues; migration and mobility; religion and politics; racism and Islamophobia; and the construction and contestation of Muslim identities. Threaded through the treatment of these themes is a unifying concern with the ways in which geography matters to how Muslims negotiate their daily experiences as well as their racialised, gendered and religious identities. Above all, attention is focused upon the role of the home and local community, the influence of the economy and the nation, and the power of transnational connections and mobilities in the everyday lives of Muslims in Britain. Includes contributions from:Louise Archer, Yahya Birt, Sophie Bowlby, Claire Dwyer, Richard Gale, Peter Hopkins, Lily Kong, Sally Lloyd-Evans, Sean McLoughlin, Sharmina Mawani, Tariq Modood, Anjoom Mukadam, Caroline Nagel, Deborah Phillips, Bindi Shah, and Lynn Staeheli.

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