the beloved community how faith shapes social justice from the civil rights movement to today

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The Beloved Community

Author : Charles Marsh
ISBN : 0786722193
Genre : History
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Speaking to his supporters at the end of the Montgomery bus boycott in 1956, Martin Luther King, Jr., declared that their common goal was not simply the end of segregation as an institution. Rather, "the end is reconciliation, the end is redemption, the end is the creation of the beloved community." King's words reflect the strong religious convictions that motivated the civil rights movement in the South in its early days. Standing courageously on the Judeo-Christian foundations of their moral commitments, civil rights leaders sought to transform the social and political realities of twentieth-century America. In The Beloved Community, Charles Marsh shows that the same spiritual vision that animated the civil rights movement remains a vital source of moral energy today. The Beloved Community lays out an exuberant new vision for progressive Christianity and reclaims the centrality of faith in the quest for social justice and authentic community.

Search For The Beloved Community

Author : Kenneth L. Smith
ISBN : 0817012826
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 42. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Updated from the original version published in 1974, this book examines the thought of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the influences that shaped it. Kenneth L. Smith's firsthand knowledge of King's seminary studies provides the background for an incisive analysis of the influences of the Christian tradition.

God S Long Summer

Author : Charles Marsh
ISBN : 0691130671
Genre : History
File Size : 39. 90 MB
Format : PDF
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Examines the influence of religion on the civil rights struggle at its peak in Mississippi during the summer of 1964, highlighting the events and religious convictions that drove whites and blacks of every allegiance into the civil rights upheaval. UP.

Toward The Beloved Community

Author : Lewis V. Baldwin
ISBN : UOM:39015037439604
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 74. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Shows how King's life and legacy played -- and continue to play -- a profound role in the liberation of South Africa from apartheid. Draws on King's private letters and published works to connect his life and thought with that of South African leaders. A brilliant testament to the global influence of King.

Lived Theology

Author : Commonwealth Professor of Religious Studies Charles Marsh
ISBN : 9780190630720
Genre :
File Size : 87. 84 MB
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Lived Theology contains the work of an emerging generation of theologians and scholars who pursue research, teaching, and writing as a form of public responsibility motivated by the conviction that theological ideas aspire in their inner logic toward social expression. Written as a two-year collaboration of the Project on Lived Theology at the University of Virginia, this volume offers a series of illustrations and styles that distinguish Lived Theology in the broader conversation with other major approaches to the religious interpretation of embodied life. The book begins with a modest query: How might theological writing, research, and teaching be expanded to engage lived experience with the same care and precision given by scholars to books and articles? Behind this question lies the claim that theological engagements and interpretations of lived experience offer rich and often surprising insights into God's presence and activity in the world. Answers to, and explorations of, this question form the narrative framework of this groundbreaking volume. Lived theology is shown to be an exceedingly curious enterprise, transgressing disciplinary boundaries as a matter of course, examining circumstance, context, and motivation, and marshalling every available resource for the sake of discerning the theological shape of enacted and embodied faith. Understanding the social consequences of theological ideas is a task with wide ranging significance, inside the academy and in the broader forums of civic discussion. Contributors consider Lived Theology from a diverse array of experiences and locations, including towns in Mississippi struggling with histories of racist violence and murder; a homeless shelter in Atlanta; churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo; faith based volunteer organizations in Columbus, Ohio; and a college classroom in the Midwest. This innovative work offers a fresh and exciting model for scholars, teachers, practitioners, and students seeking to reconnect the lived experience of faith communities with academic study and reflection.

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Author : S. Jonathan Bass
ISBN : 0807128007
Genre : History
File Size : 31. 81 MB
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Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter from Birmingham Jail" is arguably the most important written document of the civil rights protest era and a widely read modern literary classic. Personally addressed to eight white Birmingham clergymen who sought to avoid violence by publicly discouraging King's civil rights demonstrations in Birmingham, the nationally published "Letter" captured the essence of the struggle for racial equality and provided a blistering critique of the gradualist approach to racial justice. It soon became part of American folklore, and the image of King penning his epistle from a prison cell remains among the most moving of the era. Yet as S. Jonathan Bass explains in the first comprehensive history of King's "Letter," this image and the piece's literary appeal conceal a much more complex tale.

Witnessing And Testifying

Author : Rosetta E. Ross
ISBN : 1451417861
Genre : History
File Size : 86. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Civil Rights Movement was not only an epochal social and political event but also a profound moral turning point in American history. Here, for the first time, social ethicist Ross examines the religiously motivated activism of black women in the movement and its moral import.

A Church Of Our Own

Author : R. Stephen Warner
ISBN : 0813536235
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this definitive collection of essays, R. Stephen Warner traces the development of the "new paradigm" interpretation of American religion. Originally formulated in the 1990s in response to prevailing theories of secularization that focused on the waning plausibility of religion in modern societies, the new paradigm reoriented the study of religion to a focus on communities, subcultures, new religious institutions, and the fluidity of modern religious identities. This perspective continues to be one of the most important driving forces in the field and one of the most significant challenges to the idea that religious pluralism inevitably leads to religious decline. Chapters examine evangelicals and Pentecostals, gay and lesbian churches, immigrant religious institutions, Hispanic parishes, and churches for the deaf in terms of this framework. Newly written introductory and concluding essays set these groups within the broad context of the developing field.

Global Institutions Of Religion

Author : Katherine Marshall
ISBN : 9781136673511
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 24. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This work fills a significant gap in the current literature by providing a concise introduction to religious institutions and an insightful analysis of their role in world affairs. Focusing on formal institutions specifically dedicated to governing religious communities, the work examines the intersections between religious and other global institutions, set against the fundamental question: why and how do these intersections matter? The work explores the role of religion within key issues including Human rights Human security International development and humanitarian relief Climate change Moral responsibilities The new forms that religious institutions are taking, their fit with human rights and democratic ideals, their changing nature in plural societies, are a highly relevant part of the global institutional picture and this book is essential reading for all students and scholars of global institutions, international relations and religion.

Jesus And Justice

Author : Peter Heltzel
ISBN : 9780300155730
File Size : 48. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This timely book investigates the increasing visibility and influence of evangelical Christians in recent American politics with a focus on racial justice. Peter Goodwin Heltzel considers four evangelical social movements: Focus on the Family, the National Association of Evangelicals, Christian Community Development Association, and Sojourners. The political motives and actions of evangelical groups are founded upon their conceptions of Jesus Christ, Heltzel contends. He traces the roots of contemporary evangelical politics to the prophetic black Christianity tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the socially engaged evangelical tradition of Carl F. H. Henry. Heltzel shows that the basic tenets of King's and Henry's theologies have led their evangelical heirs toward a prophetic evangelicalism in a shade of blue green--blue symbolizing the tragedy of black suffering in the Americas, and green symbolizing the hope of a prophetic evangelical engagement with poverty, AIDS, and the environment. This fresh theological understanding of evangelical political groups shines new light on the ways evangelicals shape and are shaped by broader American culture.

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