the best place to work the art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace

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The Best Place To Work

Author : Ron Friedman, PhD
ISBN : 9781101625538
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 21. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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For readers of Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Pink, and Freakonomics, comes a captivating and surprising journey through the science of workplace excellence. Why do successful companies reward failure? What can casinos teach us about building a happy workplace? How do you design an office that enhances both attention to detail and creativity? In The Best Place to Work, award-winning psychologist Ron Friedman, Ph.D. uses the latest research from the fields of motivation, creativity, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and management to reveal what really makes us successful at work. Combining powerful stories with cutting edge findings, Friedman shows leaders at every level how they can use scientifically-proven techniques to promote smarter thinking, greater innovation, and stronger performance. Among the many surprising insights, Friedman explains how learning to think like a hostage negotiator can help you diffuse a workplace argument, why placing a fish bowl near your desk can elevate your thinking, and how incorporating strategic distractions into your schedule can help you reach smarter decisions. Along the way, the book introduces the inventor who created the cubicle, the president who brought down the world’s most dangerous criminal, and the teenager who single-handedly transformed professional tennis—vivid stories that offer unexpected revelations on achieving workplace excellence. Brimming with counterintuitive insights and actionable recommendations, The Best Place to Work offers employees and executives alike game-changing advice for working smarter and turning any organization—regardless of its size, budgets, or ambitions—into an extraordinary workplace.

Compassionate Management Of Mental Health In The Modern Workplace

Author : John A. Quelch
ISBN : 9783319715414
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This proactive guide brings the relationship between work life and mental well-being into sharp focus, surveying common challenges and outlining real-life solutions. The authors’ approach posits managers as the chief mental health officers of their teams, offering both a science-based framework for taking stock of their own impact on the workplace and strategies for improvement. Areas for promoting mental wellness include reducing stress and stigma, building a safe climate for talking about mental health issues, recognizing at-risk employees, and embracing diversity and neurodiversity. Emphasizing key questions to which managers should be attuned, the book speaks to its readers—whether in corporate, nonprofit, start-up, or non-business organizations—as a friendly and trusted mentor. Featured in the coverage: · Mind the mind: how am I doing, and how can I do better? · Dare to care: how are my people doing, and how might I help? · Building blocks for mental health: how do I manage my team? · Stress about stressors: what is constantly changing in the environment? · Changing my organization and beyond: how can I have a greater impact? Compassionate Management of Mental Health in the Modern Workplace holds timely relevance for managers, human resources staff, chief medical officers, development heads in professional service firms, union or employee organization leaders, legal and financial professionals, and others in leadership and coaching positions. “Workplace mental health: Wow! A subject that frightens most managers. If they read this book, they will strengthen their own skills and transform their workplace and our society.” Donna E. Shalala, Trustee Professor of Political Science and Health Policy, University of Miami; former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services “Mental health is an underappreciated, and oft-misunderstood challenge that is growing in the modern workplace. This book provides leaders with practical advice to address mental health challenges in their organization and improve productivity and wellbeing. This is a topic that can no longer be ignored by leaders in any field, and a book that will fundamentally change the way we think about and help improve mental health in the workplace.” Dominic Barton, Managing Director, McKinsey & Company

The Leadership Challenge

Author : James M. Kouzes
ISBN : 9781119278986
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 61. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The most trusted source of leadership wisdom, updated to address today's realities The Leadership Challenge is the gold-standard manual for effective leadership, grounded in research and written by the premier authorities in the field. With deep insight into the complex interpersonal dynamics of the workplace, this book positions leadership both as a skill to be learned, and as a relationship that must be nurtured to reach its full potential. This new sixth edition has been revised to address current challenges, and includes more international examples and a laser focus on business issues; you'll learn how extraordinary leaders accomplish extraordinary things, and how to develop your leadership skills and style to deliver quality results every time. Engaging stories delve into the fundamental roles that great leaders fulfill, and simple frameworks provide a primer for those who seek continuous improvement; by internalizing key insights and putting concepts into action, you'll become a more effective, more impactful leader. A good leader gets things done; a great leader aspires, inspires, and achieves more. This book highlights the differences between good and great, and shows you how to bridge the chasm between getting things done and making things happen. Gain deep insight into leadership's critical role in organizational health Navigate the shift toward team-oriented work relationships Motivate and inspire to break through the pervasive new cynicism Leverage the electronic global village to deliver better results Business is evolving at an increasingly rapid rate, and leaders must keep pace with the changes or risk stagnation. People work differently, are motivated differently, and have different expectations today—business as usual is quickly losing its effectiveness. The Leadership Challenge helps you stay current, relevant, and effective in the modern workplace.

The Culture Question

Author : Randy Grieser
ISBN : 9781988617091
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Unfortunately, far too many people don’t like where they work. Some organizations are unhealthy and full of disrespectful behavior. Other workplaces are simply uninspiring. For various reasons, countless people feel trapped, indifferent, or bored at work. The authors of this book believe that people should be able to like where they work. When employees like the places they work, it’s not only good for their mental health and well-being, it’s also good for their organizations – both financially and otherwise. When a workplace culture is purposely created to be respectful and inspiring, employees are happier, more productive, and more engaged. By exploring six key elements that make up a healthy workplace culture, The Culture Question answers two fundamental questions: “How does your organization’s culture impact how much people like where they work?” and “What can you do to make it better?” Discover how to create a workplace where people like to work by focusing on these six elements of healthy workplace culture: Communicating Your Purpose and Values. Employees are inspired when they work in organizations whose purpose and values resonate with them. Providing Meaningful Work. Most employees want to work on projects that inspire them, align with what they are good at, and allow them to grow. Focusing Your Leadership Team on People. How leaders relate to their employees plays a major role in how everyone feels about their workplace. Building Meaningful Relationships. When employees like the people they work with and for, they are more satisfied and more engaged in their work. Creating Peak Performing Teams. People are energized when they work together effectively because teams achieve things that no one person could do on their own. Practicing Constructive Conflict Management. When leaders don’t handle conflict promptly and well, it quickly sours the workplace. This book includes survey feedback from over 2,400 leaders and employees and resources for putting these ideas into action.

How Behavioral Economics Influences Management Decision Making

Author : Kelly Monahan
ISBN : 9780128135686
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 50. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How Behavioral Economics Influences Management Decision-Making: A New Paradigm critically reexamines the management function in 21st century workplaces. The book seeks to examine and explain the real-world behaviors of employees and acknowledge the human nature that binds us all together and how to appeal to these characteristics in order to help organizations prosper. It explores well-observed but rarely understood features of employee cognition and irrationality, challenging the dominant discourse and offering an alternative to gain greater competitive advantage in today's complex markets. It also provides an effective new framework on the best ways to develop relevant management skills as they pertain to hiring, performance management, change management, employee engagement, and goal setting. As the knowledge economy continues to grow, the social bonds within companies will prove to be a key differentiation to deliver on the next big idea. Developing productive decisions with staff in the talent-driven global economy increasingly requires the development of "intrinsic" meaning in work, a human-centered work-place culture, and human-focused working practices. This book tackles these topics in comprehensive and efficient detail. Provides a framework to simply and effectively apply behavioral principles in organizations of any size Focuses on agent motivations and behavior and how they directly impact talent management in the knowledge economy Highlights empirical studies, detailing the impact of heuristics on hiring, performance management, change management, employee engagement, and goal-setting decisions

True Influence

Author : Tim David
ISBN : 0999629735
Genre :
File Size : 87. 93 MB
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Times have changed and it's harder than ever to build influence. The world is getting better at ignoring you and your message is being smothered by all the noise. That's why influence is no longer about convincing people, but rather, connecting with them. In today's high-tech, low-touch world, human connection is the fundamental shift you MUST make if you want people to listen when you speak, buy what you sell, and follow where you lead. When persuasion is your goal, manipulation follows. But when connection is your goal, true influence follows. This book hands you the scripts, stories, tools, strategies, and framework that modern science has shown to be the keys to building influence the right way, with the magic of human connection. "Tim David has written a practical, real world guide that will help you become more persuasive immediately." - DORIE CLARK, author of Entrepreneurial You and Stand Out, and adjunct professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business "Tim David is fast becoming the go-to expert on human connection and influence. His book, TRUE Influence, is destined to become a seminal work on the topic." - JAMIE TURNER, internationally recognized author, speaker, and CEO of "Influence is something everyone uses, especially salespeople. Tim David's perspective, sense of humor, and use of story makes this a great read-enjoy " - TIFFANI BOVA, Global Growth & Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce "True Influence makes a compelling case that influence is at the core of success -- and not just for sales. If you're looking to champion ideas, inspire others, and make your mark on the world, then you need to read this book. You'll emerge with a clear 4-step framework for influencing people - and the confidence to give it a try." - RON FRIEDMAN, PH.D., author of The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace


Author : Tim David
ISBN : 0999629700
Genre :
File Size : 35. 80 MB
Format : PDF
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"Destined to become a seminal work on the topic." - Jamie Turner, CEO of 60SecondMarketer.comInfluence is like a super power. If you can move people, then you can move mountains. But sometimes it seems like the only way to gain influence is by becoming someone you're not-by faking it 'til you make it. Is it possible to stay authentic AND have more people listen when you speak, buy what you sell, and follow where you lead? Is it possible to be yourself...only better? Your key to BROADER influence is BETTER influence. The T.R.U.E. Hierarchy of Influence explained in this book is the path to both. What Maslow's hierarchy of needs did for individuals, the T.R.U.E. hierarchy of influence does for interpersonal relationships. Stop ruining high-level situations with low-level influence. If you're a leader, salesperson, or influencer, then it's time to be the best version of your T.R.U.E. self.

Reflective Practices In Arts Education

Author : Pamela Burnard
ISBN : 9781402047039
Genre : Art
File Size : 75. 7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book explores reflective practice as a source and resource for teaching, learning and research in Art and Design, Dance, Drama and Music. Many of the authors are both arts educators and researchers who reflect current trends in arts education, and consider the relationships between teachers, artists and learners across disciplines. The book offers a resource for individual and collective professional development which, by its nature, involves reflecting on practice.

Instructor And Teacher

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015020525856
Genre : Activity programs in education
File Size : 23. 58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Buyer S Guide

Author : William White
ISBN : UVA:X030048035
Genre : Library science
File Size : 89. 23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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