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The Big Time

Author : Fritz Leiber
Genre : Fiction
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ENTER THREE HUSSARS My name is Greta Forzane. Twenty-nine and a party girl would describe me. I was born in Chicago, of Scandinavian parents, but now I operate chiefly outside space and time—not in Heaven or Hell, if there are such places, but not in the cosmos or universe you know either. I am not as romantically entrancing as the immortal film star who also bears my first name, but I have a rough-and-ready charm of my own. I need it, for my job is to nurse back to health and kid back to sanity Soldiers badly roughed up in the biggest war going. This war is the Change War, a war of time travelers—in fact, our private name for being in this war is being on the Big Time. Our Soldiers fight by going back to change the past, or even ahead to change the future, in ways to help our side win the final victory a billion or more years from now. A long killing business, believe me. You don't know about the Change War, but it's influencing your lives all the time and maybe you've had hints of it without realizing.

The Big Time

Author : Tim Green
ISBN : 9780061686214
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Troy has a chance to hit the big time—and be reunited with the father he’s never known Things couldn’t be going better for Troy White. The Atlanta Falcons’ football genius is at the top of his game, helping the team get to the playoffs. Agents and lawyers are knocking on his door with big-money offers for the upcoming season. And his own football team has just won the Georgia State Championship! Troy’s celebrating with his friends when another lawyer comes knocking—and this one says, “I think I’m your father.” Very quickly Troy’s dream come true becomes a nightmare when his mom and dad become embroiled in a conflict over his future. For Troy, the stakes couldn’t be higher as he fights for the right to know the man who calls himself Dad.

The Queen Of The Big Time

Author : Adriana Trigiani
ISBN : 9780345480675
Genre : Bari (Italy : Province)
File Size : 41. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Ace Hits The Big Time

Author : Barbara Beasley Murphy
ISBN : 9780865344075
Genre : Fiction
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On the day he enters Kennedy High in Manhattan wearing a patch over one eye, sixteen-year-old Horace Hobart is urged to join the toughest gang at school.

Earnie Shavers

Author : Earnie Shavers
ISBN : 158261363X
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 69. 66 MB
Format : PDF
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Earnie Shavers, recently honored by the International Boxing Association as Puncher of the Century. But it's Shavers' life story that really packs a wallop as the anvil-fisted pugilist pulls no punches in his autobiography, Earnie Shavers: Welcome to the Big Time. Shavers takes readers through the amazing journey of his life, starting in the segregated Deep South when the Ku Klux Klan drove him and his family from their Alabama home. After his family relocated to Ohio, Shavers excelled in high school athletics. Unfortunately, he became friends with hoodlums and appeared headed for a life of crime until a chance encounter led him to the boxing ring. Shavers eventually established himself as a knockout sensation and squared off with other legendary heavyweights like Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, and Ken Norton. Shavers tells readers of his easy-come, easy-go fortune, his six marriages, and his conversion to Christianity. Earnie Shavers: Welcome to the Big Time will provide hours of entertainment for boxing fans and sports fans alike.

Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time The Millicent Min Trilogy Book 2

Author : Lisa Yee
ISBN : 9780545281508
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 54. 94 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Stanford Wong is in big trouble--or as he would spell it, "trubble"--in this laugh-out-loud companion to the award-winning MILLICENT MIN, GIRL GENIUS and this season's SO TOTALLY EMILY EBERS. Stanford Wong is having a bad summer. If he flunks his summer-school English class, he won't pass sixth grade. If that happens, he won't start on the A-team. If *that* happens, his friends will abandon him and Emily Ebers won't like him anymore. And if THAT happens, his life will be over. Soon his parents are fighting, his grandmother Yin-Yin hates her new nursing home, he's being "tutored" by the world's biggest nerdball Millicent Min--and he's not sure his ballpoint "Emily" tattoo is ever going to wash off.

Big Time Sports In American Universities

Author : Charles T. Clotfelter
ISBN : 9781139499163
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 48. 7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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For almost a century, big-time college sport has been a wildly popular but consistently problematic part of American higher education. The challenges it poses to traditional academic values have been recognized from the start, but they have grown more ominous in recent decades, as cable television has become ubiquitous, commercial opportunities have proliferated and athletic budgets have ballooned. Drawing on new research findings, this book takes a fresh look at the role of commercial sports in American universities. It shows that, rather than being the inconsequential student activity that universities often imply that it is, big-time sport has become a core function of the universities that engage in it. For this reason, the book takes this function seriously and presents evidence necessary for a constructive perspective about its value. Although big-time sport surely creates worrying conflicts in values, it also brings with it some surprising positive consequences.

Make The Big Time Where You Are

Author : Frosty Westering
ISBN : 0962940003
Genre : Choice (Psychology)
File Size : 69. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Frosty Westering, head coach at Pacific Lutheran University & winningest coach in NAIA College Division Football has just published his new book, MAKE THE BIG TIME WHERE YOU ARE. The motivational book is in dialogue style & relates many stories & anecdotes showing each of us where the BIG TIME really is. THE BIG TIME-What is it?-Where is it? Most people really don't know for they aren't sure what they are looking for. They are much like the man in Russell Conwell's classic Acres of Diamonds, who sold his farm in search of diamonds, never to find them-while the riches he sought were actually found on the small farm he once owned. You see, the man didn't recognize what diamonds were really like in their natural state. This book will reveal to you what THE BIG TIME is all about in its natural state. It will take you on an inspiring breakaway experience that will show you the different pieces of the puzzling BIG TIME. You will then be able to put these pieces together & discover for yourself this fascinating secret that can change your life. You will want to read & reread key chapters of this book numerous times as you begin to experience the genuine pay value of making- THE BIG TIME WHERE YOU ARE!

Unpaid Professionals

Author : Andrew Zimbalist
ISBN : 1400823072
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 26. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Big-time college sports embodies the ideals of amateurism and provides an important complement to university education. Or so its apologists would have us believe. As Andrew Zimbalist shows in this unprecedented analysis, college sports is really a massively commercialized industry based on activities that are often irrelevant and even harmful to education. Zimbalist combines groundbreaking empirical research and a talent for storytelling to provide a firm, factual basis for the many arguments that currently rage about the goals, history, structure, incentive system, and legal architecture of college sports. He paints a picture of a system in desperate need of reform and presents bold recommendations to chart a more sensible future. Zimbalist begins by showing that today's problems are nothing new--that schools have been consumed for more than a century by debates about cheating, commercialism, and the erosion of academic standards. He then takes us into the world of the modern student athlete, explaining the incentives that, for example, encourage star athletes to abandon college for the pros, that create such useless courses as "The Theory of Basketball," and that lead students to ignore classes despite the astronomical odds against becoming a professional athlete. Zimbalist discusses the economic and legal aspects of gender equity in college sports. He assesses the economic impact of television and radio contracts and the financial rewards that come from winning major championships. He examines the often harmful effects of corporate sponsorship and shows that, despite such sponsorship, most schools run their athletic programs at a loss. Zimbalist also considers the relevance of antitrust laws to college sports and asks whether student athletes are ultimately exploited by the system. Zimbalist's provocative recommendations include eliminating freshman eligibility for sports, restricting coaches' access to "sneaker money" from corporations, and ending the hypocrisy about professionalism by allowing teams to employ a quota of non-students as well as to receive funding from the pro leagues. A mixture of lively anecdotes, hard economic data, cogent arguments, and clear analysis, Unpaid Professionals will revitalize debate about a subject close to the hearts and minds of millions of Americans.

Pay For Play

Author : Ronald Austin Smith
ISBN : 9780252035876
Genre : Education
File Size : 89. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In an era when college football coaches frequently command higher salaries than university presidents, many call for reform to restore the balance between amateur athletics and the educational mission of schools. This book traces attempts at college athletics reform from 1855 through the early twenty-first century while analyzing the different roles played by students, faculty, conferences, university presidents, the NCAA, legislatures, and the Supreme Court.Pay for Play: A History of Big-Time College Athletic Reformalso tackles critically important questions about eligibility, compensation, recruiting, sponsorship, and rules enforcement. Discussing reasons for reform—to combat corruption, to level the playing field, and to make sports more accessible to minorities and women—Ronald A. Smith candidly explains why attempts at change have often failed. Of interest to historians, athletic reformers, college administrators, NCAA officials, and sports journalists, this thoughtful book considers the difficulty in balancing the principles of amateurism with the need to draw income from sporting events. Ronald A. Smith is professor emeritus of sports history at Penn State University and the author of several books, includingSports and Freedom: The Rise of Big-Time College AthleticsandPlay-by-Play: Radio, Television, and Big-Time College Sport.

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