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The Change Up

Author : Elley Arden
ISBN : 9781440591518
Genre : Fiction
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Commercial real estate mogul Rachel Reed followed her workaholic father's footsteps to success, so when he's diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she vows to rise to the occasion. She'll help her father get the Arlington Aces independent professional baseball team up and running, then sell the franchise off to recoup their investment. It's a tall order, but Rachel knows one thing for sure: a few acres of trees aren't going to stand in her way of building the facility they need. Landscaper Sam Sutter is surprised to find his brother's high school girlfriend lurking in the woods behind his secluded log house. This former minor leaguer's even more upset to learn "his" trees are on her chopping block. There's no way he'll help her erect a painful reminder to his failed career in his backyard. But butting heads with the beautiful businesswoman proves to be a tricky task, and before long, he finds himself heading up the grounds keeping crew at her father's stadium. Working under Rachel's watchful--smoldering--eyes might be Sam's undoing. Can he cut into her plans without felling their chances at a home run in love? Sensuality Level: Sensual

The Change Up

Author : Syd Parker
ISBN : 1518804446
Genre :
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Would you sacrifice everything for love even if it meant losing it all? College baseball coach, Sawyer Evans, has almost everything she could have wanted. She's coaching one of the best Division II teams in the South. She started a successful training program for female athletes. The only regret in life is her baseball career ending after high school. Bellamy Carter is a successful accountant with her own firm, a beautiful home, and a son she adores. For most of Kevin's life, it has been just the two of them facing the world, which leaves little time for Bellamy to miss being loved. When Sawyer comes to town to scout Kevin for a spot on the Statesmen's roster, she turns their world upside-down. It isn't long before Bellamy realizes that she can't ignore Sawyer's presence in her tidy life. When tragedy strikes, Bellamy is forced to question everything she believes about life, love, and faith, leaving her wondering if she will make it out the other side.

Change Up Mystery At The World Series The Sports Beat 4

Author : John Feinstein
ISBN : 0375893512
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 41. 93 MB
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New York Times bestselling sportswriter John Feinstein takes readers behind the scenes at the World Series in this exciting baseball mystery. When teen sports reporters Stevie and Susan Carol are sent to cover the World Series, the talk of the tournament is Norbert Doyle—a late call-up for an underdog team. But the more they learn about him, the more conflicting stories they hear. Bit by bit they piece together the shocking truth about this rising star, but once the secret’s out, there’s no going back. . . . John Feinstein has been praised as “the best writer of sports books in America today” (The Boston Globe), and he proves it again in this fast-paced novel. From the Hardcover edition.

The Change Up

Author : Jennifer Myung Won Choo
ISBN : OCLC:957713524
Genre :
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This dissertation analyzes the political economy of the real estate sector in China since its post-1978 creation. During Mao's socialist era, the nation had no real estate sector. Only with economic reforms in 1978 and the production of commodity housing in the 1980's did a real estate sector come into being. This study asks two questions in particular: How did the major metropolitan centers on the eastern seaboards of China manage to accomplish monumental amounts of infrastructural and urban development in the short span of thirty years? Second, what was the role of the state--at the central level and at the local level--that enabled the construction of this industry, capital accumulation and development? The analytical construct of the developmental state is used as a useful starting point. As is widely known, critical resources in the form of land, large project opportunities, financing options and permits in Chinese real estate are in local state control. The presence of the state looms large in Chinese real estate. To finesse how this construct fits and does not fit the situation in Chinese real estate provides analytical leverage. Although the high levels of central and local state involvement in the real estate sector is undisputed, I argue instead that one of the core characteristics of the developmental state - i.e., an institutionally cohesive bureaucracy - was widely missing whether at the local level or at the central level. This was true despite the accepted wisdom that an effective and independent bureaucracy is critical for industrial transformation, let alone its creation. Instead, within the post-reform real estate sector, central policymakers planted and activated a new set of "game rules" that structured the delivery of urgently needed urban infrastructure and residential building construction. It did so by putting in place three critical reform elements: (i) commodifying urban land use rights (LURs), which had been administratively allocated for free and in perpetuity according to central economic plans prior to the constitutional amendment of 1988; (ii) valorizing the critical importance of economic and infrastructural growth by inserting such achievements into the professional criteria for political promotions of provincial, prefectural and municipal-level leaders; and (iii) allowing the revenues from land use rights (LUR) sales to go directly into the extrabudgetary reserves of local governments at a time when budget constraints were hardening. In other words, I argue that the new political economy of land usage and real estate development put in place an entrepreneurial local state structure. The incentive structures for local state agents is directly tied to promoting economic growth; and municipal governments have a direct financial stake in generating governmental income through urban LUR sales and commercial real estate development. Concomitantly, real estate developers increasingly populated the field throughout the 1990's, attracted by increasing profits. The entrepreneurial interdependence of local government leaders and property developers who are both looking to capitalize on real estate-generated profits centrally characterize the dynamics of this field. In the absence of full marketization of key resources such as land and capital, furthermore, which remain under local government control and influence, the real estate firms themselves work to stabilize their access to resource dependencies. Real estate firms manage, nurture, maintain and coddle their relationships with local government officials even as they try to compete in the marketplace and branch forth into larger operations. This relational "maintenance work" has been accomplished via three dominant mechanisms: (i) corruption and bribery at the individual level; (ii) quid-pro-quo behavior of building of infrastructure or public buildings and public works in return for land allocations, tax breaks and commercial opportunities; and (iii) founders' long-standing relationships with state officials who have access to profitable opportunities and/or land; or through their history as red capitalists entailing generative periods of state employment. This entrepreneurial state model of development provides an additional developmental path distinct from either the Anglo-Saxon "market-led" form or the East Asian developmental "state-led" form of economic development. In the entrepreneurial state model, the state is, in fact, a market actor driven to pursue its own profits as though it, too, were a business agent. In the developmental state typology, state officials plan and intercede in the market indirectly via the centralized administrative apparatus, coordinating projects, investing in hard and soft infrastructure, promoting business and creating an environment conducive to economic vitality. But it is the enterprises themselves that engage in the entrepreneurial activity. Direct profit goes to the entrepreneurs rather than to the developmental state; and the state plays a more coordinative and promotional role than in the case of the entrepreneurial state. In the entrepreneurial state model, state agents vie to generate profits that accrue to them either institutionally or personally. The positive incentives flowing from economic development accrue directly to the state actors in question.

The Economics Of Climate Change And The Change Of Climate In Economics

Author : Kevin Maréchal
ISBN : 9781136305085
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 81. 73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Climate change is without question the single most important issue the world faces over the next hundred years. The most recent scientific data have led to the conclusion that the globally averaged net effect of human activities since 1750 has been one of warming and that continued greenhouse gas emissions at or above current rates would cause this process to continue to the severe detriment of our environment. This unequivocal link between climate change and human activity requires an urgent, world-wide shift towards a low carbon economy and coordinated policies and measures to manage this transition. The starting point and core idea of this book is the long-held observation that the threat of climate change calls for a change of climate in economics. Inherent characteristics of the climate problem including complexity, irreversibility and deep uncertainty challenge core economic assumptions and mainstream economic theory appears inappropriately equipped to deal with this crucial issue. Kevin Maréchal shows how themes and approaches from evolutionary and ecological economics can be united to provide a theoretical framework that is better suited to tackle the problem.

The Barbershop Sessions

Author : Shawn A. Lewis
ISBN : 9780595480876
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28. 18 MB
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Funny-. nicknames from the Friendship Zone are: Cuddly, Rollie Pollie, Marshmallow, Pooh Bear, Lucky, Charm, Lucky Charm, My Protector, and or Bodyguard. Insightful-. Black women grow up looking for the perfect guy but in their subconscious they are expecting the imperfect guy. Sexy-. right there in front of the cereal boxes in aisle five, we kissed.We held each other tight.Through my kiss I told her about my sleepless nights and deepest thoughts. Nine becomes a shell of the man he used to be after his third great love goes bad. Hopefully, "The Barbershop Sessions" can give him new meaning and the faith in life to be capable of loving again. Nine, along with his partner, Soda, embark on a mission to further understand the dynamics of black men and women when it comes to dating and marriage. What is it that the men of "The Barbershop Sessions" want the sisters to know? What is it that the "Systahs of the Pedicure Dialogues" want the brothers to know? Through brutally honest and often-explicit round table discussions, Soda and Nine, bring to surface the intricate real life experiences of the African American community's social and relational issues.

A Practical Guide For Successful Church Change

Author : Ramsey Coutta
ISBN : 9780595505753
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Church change is as inevitable as it is necessary. Pastors and church leaders can either embrace change to their benefit, or they can ignore it and watch as their church slowly becomes irrelevant. Pastors and church leaders have long needed a practical guide on how to recognize the need for change, how to plan for change, how to implement change, and how to sustain change. A Practical Guide for Successful Church Change provides just this. Pastors and church leaders will learn principles for recognizing, planning, implementing, and sustaining change. They will also learn how to cope with resistance, prepare personally for change, and effectively communicate the need for change to the church. Those who are thinking of leading change in the church will find this book exceedingly practical and useful as they seek to transform their church and ministry into a more vibrant body of believers.

100 Things Mariners Fans Should Know Do Before They Die

Author : Michael Emmerich
ISBN : 9781633191976
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 51. 94 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This fan book to the Mariners covers the team's history in Seattle since its enfranchisement in 1977, including the Ichiro Suzuki years, memories from the Kingdome, and the brief existence of the Seattle Pilots. Author Mike Emmerich has collected every essential piece of Mariners knowledge and trivia, including King's Court, Felix Hernandez's perfect game, the 116-win 2001 team, Randy Johnson, and having two Griffeys in the outfield, as well as must-do activities, and ranks them all from 1 to 100, providing an entertaining and easy-to-follow checklist for fans, from the young to the young at heart.

Money Basics For Everyday People

Author : K.C. Hobbs
ISBN : 9781450098434
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 50. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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MONEY BASIC$ FOR EVERYDAY PEOPLE was created from a desire that all Americans should have the opportunity to acquire their own personal fortunes and live their dreams. It is not our lack of effort and hard work that keeps us from having our wealth. The problem is that most people lack the knowledge to make their money work for them. Since money principles are not emphasized in schools and most financial books are too complicated and detailed in content, people never learn the basics. The American savings rate has been in decline for the last 65 years and millions of hard working couples are now retiring at or just above the poverty level. This book is designed to give basic money information that everyday people can understand and really put to use. The purpose of MONEY BASIC$ for EVERYDAY PEOPLE is to provide simple and useable ideas about money concepts that may have been hidden from you. This book will offer insights into how money works that your families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers do not know. You will learn that you don’t have to be a financial wizard to make your money work harder. Below are a few examples: Would you like a bigger tax refund check? Would you like to know how to save for 6 years and you could possibly have your retirement? Would you like to save hundreds of dollars on your insurance premiums? Would you like to know more than most people in America about money? Would you like to finally have your EYES WIDE OPENED to the mystique of finance? These pages are full of proven concepts and ideas to help you achieve your financial goals. I have purposely concentrated only on the most important topics that will explain how to make your money work harder. What you will need to learn is condensed into just FIVE SIMPLE STEPS that will be easy to understand and put into use everyday. By learning and using the FIVE SIMPLE STEPS that are explained in these chapters, you can achieve financial freedom.

Leo Mazzone S Tales From The Mound

Author : Leo Mazzone
ISBN : 9781596700383
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 34. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Widely acclaimed as the best pitching coach in baseball, Leo Mazzone stands unique among his brethren. A recent Sports Illustrated poll of active players and coaches overwhelmingly verified his status as baseball's elite pitching guru. ESPN went even further, proclaiming Mazzone as the best all-time assistant coach in any sport. Leo Mazzone's Tales From The Mound gives the inside story of his experiences and pitching philosophies, and a front-row view of the unprecedented 14-year postseason run by the Atlanta Braves that included five trips to the World Series and one World Championship.

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