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The Civil War

Author : Lance T. Stewart
ISBN : 1530719062
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The Civil War: even today, it is arguably the most divisive subject in American history. Why did the southern states secede from the Union? What did the north hope to achieve by fighting against the south? Was Abraham Lincoln really an abolitionist? Why is Ulysses S. Grant the most famous Union general, when he didn't take command of all the Union armies until near the very end of the war? How did Robert E. Lee end up having to deal with issues left unresolved by George Washington's will, and was he a hero or a traitor? This book provides an exhaustive summary, not just of the major battles and major personalities of the Civil War, but of the political issues that brought the United States to the point of a terrible internal conflict. You'll learn how the founding fathers predicted a great national conflict over slavery, and how Thomas Jefferson's political philosophies influenced secessionist thinking in the south. From the history of the abolitionist movement to the election of 1860 and the creation of the Republican party, this book will give you all the facts you need to understand how the Civil War started, why Lincoln was so fed up with his generals, and how the war affects American society today.

American War

Author : Omar El Akkad
ISBN : 9783104908106
Genre : Fiction
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Gleich hier die kostenlose XXL-Leseprobe lesen! »American War« - das Buch der Stunde. »Ein gewaltiger Roman«, schreibt die renommierteste Literaturkritikerin der USA, Michiko Kakutani. Ein Roman über den nächsten amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg und das dramatische Schicksal einer Familie. Was wird sein, wenn die erschütternde Realität der Gegenwart - Drohnenangriffe, Folter, Selbstmordattentate und die Folgen von Umweltkatastrophen - mit aller Gewalt in die USA zurückkehrt? Vor diesem Hintergrund entfaltet Omar El Akkad mit großer erzählerischer Kraft den dramatischen Kampf der jungen Sarat Chestnut, die beschließt, mit allen Mitteln für das Überleben zu kämpfen. »American War« ist in den USA ein literarisches Ereignis, das schon jetzt mit Cormac McCarthy »Die Straße« und Philip Roth »Verschwörung gegen Amerika« verglichen wird.

The Outbreak Of The Civil War

Author : Heather Lehr Wagner
ISBN : 9781438104362
Genre : Secession
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On April 12, 1861, Confederate forces fired on federal troops stationed at Fort Sumter near Charleston, South Carolina. With that, the Civil War had begun. For nearly four years, the conflict that divided the United States into North and South would engulf more than 3 million Americans and claim 620,000 lives. The war marked a defining point in American history, and its effects are still felt today. The Outbreak of the Civil War examines the factors that led the nation to war. At the heart of these were differing positions on slavery, states' rights, and the future shape of the United States. The battles first waged in Missouri, in Kansas, in political parties, in the Supreme Court, and in the U.S. Senate set the stage for the violence that divided Americans and led the United States into civil war.

The American Civil War

Author : Cole Christian Kingseed
ISBN : 0313316384
Genre : History
File Size : 46. 42 MB
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Provides an overview of the war, with information on key figures on both sides; primary documents including speeches, legislation, and letters; and an analysis of the events as they unfolded.

A House Divided

Author : Jonathan Daniel Wells
ISBN : 9781317352341
Genre : History
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Consolidating one of the most complex and multi-faceted eras in American History, this new edition of Jonathan Wells’s A House Divided unifies the broad and varied scholarship on the American Civil War. Amassing a variety of research, this accessible and readable text introduces readers to both the war and the Reconstruction period, and how Americans lived during this time of great upheaval in the country's history. Designed for a variety of subjects and teaching styles, this text not only looks at the Civil War from a historical perspective, but also analyzes its ramifications on the United States and American identities through the present day. This second edition has been updated throughout, incorporating new scholarship from recent studies on the Civil War era, and includes additional photographs and maps (now incorporated throughout the text), updated bibliographies, and a supplementary companion website.

Civil Wars

Author : Source Wikipedia
ISBN : 1157592848
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Purchase includes free access to book updates online and a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Chapters: Korean War, Civil War, Taiping Rebellion, North Yemen Civil War, Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Lithuanian Civil War, Revolution in the Kingdom of Poland, the Logic of Violence in Civil War, List of Civil Wars, d Insurrection, Civil War in Ingushetia, Bruce Conde, Wars of Succession, Polish Civil War, Colombian Civil War of 1876, Vietnamese Civil War. Excerpt: Democratic People's Republic of KoreaPeople's Republic of ChinaSoviet Union Victims of a massacre with their hands bound in burial area near Waegwan, Korea. ... More:

The Divided Family In Civil War America

Author : Amy Murrell Taylor
ISBN : 0807899070
Genre : History
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The Civil War has long been described as a war pitting "brother against brother." The divided family is an enduring metaphor for the divided nation, but it also accurately reflects the reality of America's bloodiest war. Connecting the metaphor to the real experiences of families whose households were split by conflicting opinions about the war, Amy Murrell Taylor provides a social and cultural history of the divided family in Civil War America. In hundreds of border state households, brothers--and sisters--really did fight one another, while fathers and sons argued over secession and husbands and wives struggled with opposing national loyalties. Even enslaved men and women found themselves divided over how to respond to the war. Taylor studies letters, diaries, newspapers, and government documents to understand how families coped with the unprecedented intrusion of war into their private lives. Family divisions inflamed the national crisis while simultaneously embodying it on a small scale--something noticed by writers of popular fiction and political rhetoric, who drew explicit connections between the ordeal of divided families and that of the nation. Weaving together an analysis of this popular imagery with the experiences of real families, Taylor demonstrates how the effects of the Civil War went far beyond the battlefield to penetrate many facets of everyday life.

The American Civil War

Author : Edward F. Dolan
ISBN : 0761302557
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 32. 40 MB
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An account of the Civil War from its causes to its final battles including discussions of dominent figures of the era, strategies of major battles, and brutal sieges which marked this conflict.

Mann Im Dunkel

Author : Paul Auster
ISBN : 9783644003019
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46. 15 MB
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Der zweiundsiebzigjährige August Brill, ehemals Literaturkritiker und Lebemann, liegt morgens um drei in einem dunklen Zimmer – ein Schlafloser, von Erinnerungen getrieben und von seinen Phantasien. Er glaubt sich allein mit seinen Nachtgedanken, doch auch seine Tochter und seine Enkelin liegen wach, jede für sich, beide mit gebrochenem Herzen. Schwebend zwischen Traum und Wachzustand, spinnt der alte Mann sich eine Geschichte zusammen: Ein junger Mann erwacht in einem tiefen Erdloch. Wie er hineingekommen ist, weiß er nicht – auch nicht, wie er je wieder herausgelangen soll, aus dem Loch und aus jener merkwürdigen Uniform, die er am Leib trägt. Bei Tagesanbruch findet er sich auf einer einsamen Landstraße wieder, mit einer geladenen Pistole im Gepäck und dem Auftrag, im Namen der Sezession jenen zweiundsiebzigjährigen Witwer zu erschießen, dessen Kopf diese wundersam verkehrte Welt entspringt: ein Amerika im Krieg gegen sich selbst, ein Land, in dem der 11. September ein Tag ist wie jeder andere ...

A Press Divided

Author : David B. Sachsman
ISBN : 9781351534604
Genre : History
File Size : 49. 45 MB
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A Press Divided provides new insights regarding the sharp political divisions that existed among the newspapers of the Civil War era. These newspapers were divided between North and South, and also divided within the North and South. These divisions reflected and exacerbated the conflicts in political thought that caused the Civil War and the political and ideological battles within the Union and the Confederacy about how to pursue the war. In the North, dissenting voices alarmed the Lincoln administration to such a degree that draconian measures were taken to suppress dissenting newspapers and editors, while in the South, the Confederate government held to its fundamental belief in freedom of speech and was more tolerant of political attacks in the press. This volume consists of eighteen chapters on subjects including newspaper coverage of the rise of Lincoln, press reports on George Armstrong Custer, Confederate women war correspondents, Civil War photojournalists, newspaper coverage of the Emancipation Proclamation, and the suppression of the dissident press. This book tells the story of a divided press before and during the Civil War, discussing the roles played by newspapers in splitting the nation, newspaper coverage of the war, and the responses by the Union and Confederate administrations to press criticism.

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