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Coriolanus In Europe

Author : David Daniell
ISBN : 9781472505729
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Coriolanus has always attracted strong interest, whether seen as the last of Shakespeare's tragedies, or as his most political play. In performance it has been constantly reinterpreted and has often strayed far from Shakespeare's text. The Royal Shakespeare Company production, mounted by Terry Hands with Alan Howard in the title role, was acclaimed by audiences and critics in Stratford and London for its forcefulness and fidelity to Shakespeare's play. David Daniell accompanied the Company on its subsequent tour in Europe where audiences were stimulated by this powerful production of a play that has a startling European history of heavy political adaptation. Living closely with the Company, David Daniell gained a remarkable standpoint for approaching the play and its performance as well as for drawing a fascinating account of a great theatre company on the move. His interpretation of the play and theatrical technique draws extensively on the experiences of the actors, other members of the company and its European hosts, audiences and critics. Coriolanus in Europe provides some penetrating insights into the problems and achievements of present-day theatre in general and of one outstanding Company in particular.

Farewell To Lancashire

Author : Anna Jacobs
ISBN : 9781444711585
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54. 22 MB
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Cassandra Blake has raised her three motherless sisters. The girls are the pride of their book-loving, impractical father, and not in a hurry to marry. Then the American Civil War cuts off supplies of cotton to Lancashire, the mills fall silent and there is no work. There is a stark choice: stay and risk starvation or pack up and begin again elsewhere. Cassandra has fallen in love with Reece Gregory, but he can't support a wife. When he's given the chance to start a new life in Western Australia, he seizes the opportunity, promising to send for her. Then an old feud tears the family apart. Cassandra is kidnapped and her sisters are forced to sail with a group of desperate cotton lasses to Fremantle. Penniless and alone, Cassandra is determined to find them again -- but when she is offered a way, there is a painful price to pay.

The Rise Of Rome Books One To Five

Author : Livy
ISBN : 0191587605
Genre :
File Size : 31. 80 MB
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Romulus and Remus, the rape of Lucretia, Horatius at the bridge, the saga of Coriolanus, Cincinnatus called from his farm to save the state -- these and many more are stories which, immortalized by Livy in his history of early Rome, have become part of our cultural heritage. This new annotated translation includes maps and an index and is based on R. M Ogilvie's Oxford Classical text, the best to date. - ;`the fates ordained the founding of this great city and the beginning of the world's mightiest empire, second only to the power of the gods' Romulus and Remus, the rape of Lucretia, Horatius at the bridge, the saga of Coriolanus, Cincinnatus called from his farm to save the state - these and many more are stories which, immortalised by Livy in his history of early Rome, have become part of our cultural heritage. The historian's huge work, written between 20 BC and AD 17, ran to 12 books, beginning with Rome's founding in 753 BC and coming down to Livy's own lifetime (9 BC). Books 1-5 cover the period from Rome's beginnings to her first great foreign conquest, the capture of the Etruscan city of Veii and, a few years later, to her first major defeat, the sack of the city by the Gauls in 390 BC. -

The Cuchullin Saga In Irish Literature

Author : E. Hull
ISBN : 9781176387966
Genre : History
File Size : 42. 31 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A French Kiss In London

Author : Melinda De Ross
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 69. 77 MB
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Gerard Leon and Linda Coriola fight for the same cause. The attractive, noble, dedicated French doctor and the beautiful, sensitive Italian sculptress both donate their time and money to Hope – a clinic for children’s cancer research and treatment. From the moment they meet, even the air between them crackles with intense attraction. But her past makes it difficult for Gerard to understand her scars and battle with her demons. In search of a cure for cancer and armed with an innovative treatment themselves, they leave for Transylvania, that enigmatic land hidden in the heart of the Carpathians. There they get lost and have a bizarre experience in the Hoia-Baciu forest, nicknamed The Romanian Bermuda Triangle due to all the inexplicable paranormal phenomena happening in its depths. But no one believes them, because they don’t have any proof of said experience. Or do they?... *“A French Kiss in London” is the sister-story of “Falling for Italy” and the first book in The Coriola Saga. Each book can be read as a stand-alone.

The Forsyte Saga

Author : John Galsworthy
ISBN : 184022438X
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36. 51 MB
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The Forsyte Saga comprises of The Man of Property, In Chancery and To Let, produced in a single volume.

The Hatteras Caper A Saga Of Bad Money Doing Good

Author : MD Buck Rish
ISBN : 1608621057
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Hatteras Caper intertwines the beauty of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the adventures of a self-made humanitarian. As Ray Leggett of Bear Grass, North Carolina, struggles with the stress of a pregnancy with his fiance, Stacey, things go wrong with his life. He fails to make the East Carolina University golf team, flunks out of college, and finally joins the Marine Corps. He is sent to Vietnam, but he returns injured. Seeking peace, Ray goes to Canada in search of a golf team buddy only to find a dismal scenario. To return to North Carolina, Ray becomes a crewman on a yacht sailing south. His life is changed forever when he absconds with a cache of money, which he finds onboard the yacht. On Cape Hatteras, Ray becomes a newspaper reporter, gravedigger, and a body hauler as he carefully manages his fortune. Several romances and a health scare later, he invests in a bankrupt golf course. Stacey had married another man, but is now a widow and finds Ray on Hatteras. After their love is rekindled, an intriguing secret about the money is revealed.

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