the crimes of the economy

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The Crimes Of The Economy

Author : Vincenzo Ruggiero
ISBN : 9781135926922
Genre : Social Science
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Economists have often paid visits to the field of criminology, examining the rational logic of offending. When economists examine criminal activity, they imply that offenders should be treated like any other social actor making rational choices. In The Crimes of the Economy, Vincenzo Ruggiero turns the tables by examining a variety of economic schools of thought from a criminological perspective. Each one of these schools, he argues, justifies or even encourages harm produced by economic initiative. He investigates – among others – John Locke’s notion of private property, Mercantilism, the Physiocrats and Malthus, and the arguments of Adam Smith, Marshall, Keynes and neoliberalism. In each of these, the author identifies the potential justification of different forms of ‘crimes of the economy’ and victimisation. This book re-examines the history of economic thought, assessing it as the history of a discipline which, while attempting to gain scientific status, in reality seeks to make the social harm caused by economics acceptable. The book will be interesting and relevant to students and scholars of social theory, criminology, economics, philosophy and politics.

Crime And The Economy

Author : Richard Rosenfeld
ISBN : 9781446291764
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 27. 5 MB
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In this unique and timely book, two of the world's leading criminologists explore the connections between crime and economic conditions. The authors skilfully draw on influential criminological theories to formulate an original "institutional" perspective. This perspective sheds light on the complex ways in which levels and forms of crime reflect the structure and functioning of the economy in advanced capitalist societies. The book offers a readable, interesting and accessible analysis, addressing an array of different criminal activities, including: violent crime drug crime white-collar crime organised crime fraud corporate crime. Crime and the Economy is written with clarity and flair. Technical terms, where used, are fully explained; relevant examples punctuate the discussion; and key points are supported by graphs and diagrams. It is essential reading for undergraduates, graduate students, and academics in criminology and sociology. Compact Criminology is an exciting series that invigorates and challenges the international field of criminology. Books in the series are short, authoritative, innovative assessments of emerging issues in criminology and criminal justice – offering critical, accessible introductions to important topics. They take a global rather than a narrowly national approach. Eminently readable and first-rate in quality, each book is written by a leading specialist. Compact Criminology provides a new type of tool for teaching, learning and research, one that is flexible and light on its feet. The series addresses fundamental needs in the growing and increasingly differentiated field of criminology.

The Crime Of Maldevelopment

Author : María Laura Böhm
ISBN : 9781351135450
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53. 17 MB
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This book explores the causal relationship between the deregulation of international economic interests and the forms of violence that prevail in a large part of the Global South. More specifically, this book tells the story of how transnational corporations benefitting from increasing deregulation of their international economic interests, account for severe harm, the unrelenting violation of human rights, and maldevelopment in Latin America. Dependent on the structural deficiencies of the Latin American region, this book tests the examples of the extractive industries and multinational expansionism and the link between deregulated economies at the international level and the damaging local effects that increase what is here called maldevelopment. Introducing the conceptual category of maldevelopment to criminology, the author makes recommendations for further research and outlines a network of possible mechanisms for its prevention and sanction - and for the work of reparation and construction towards the satisfaction of the needs of the victim or victimizable populations. This provocative and original text will be essential reading for those concerned with white collar crime and crimes of the powerful, and for researchers in criminology, sociology, law, political science, development studies and international political economy.

Power And Crime

Author : Vincenzo Ruggiero
ISBN : 9781317647386
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26. 34 MB
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This book provides an analysis of the two concepts of power and crime and posits that criminologists can learn more about these concepts by incorporating ideas from disciplines outside of criminology. Although arguably a 'rendezvous' discipline, Vincenzo Ruggiero argues that criminology can gain much insight from other fields such as the political sciences, ethics, social theory, critical legal studies, economic theory, and classical literature. In this book Ruggiero offers an authoritative synthesis of a range of intellectual conceptions of crime and power, drawing on the works and theories of classical, as well as contemporary thinkers, in the above fields of knowledge, arguing that criminology can ‘humbly’ renounce claims to intellectual independence and adopt notions and perspectives from other disciplines. The theories presented locate the crimes of the powerful in different disciplinary contexts and make the book essential reading for academics and students involved in the study of criminology, sociology, law, politics and philosophy.

Crime And The Economy In Mexican States

Author : Ms. Concepción Verdugo Yepes
ISBN : 9781513588216
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 70. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This paper studies the transmission of crime shocks to the economy in a sample of 32 Mexican states over the period from 1993 to 2012. The paper uses a panel structural VAR approach which accounts for the heterogeneity of the dynamic state level responses in GDP, FDI and international migration flows, and measures the transmission via the impulse response of homicide rates. The approach also allows the study of the pattern of economic responses among states. In particular, the percentage of GDP devoted to new construction and the perception of public security are characteristics that are shown to be associated with the sign and magnitude of the responses of economic variables to crime shocks.

Economic Development Crime And Policing

Author : Frederic Lemieux
ISBN : 9781482204575
Genre : Computers
File Size : 64. 44 MB
Format : PDF
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The 22nd Annual Meeting of the International Police Executive Symposium was held in August 2012 at the United Nations Plaza in New York. Chaired by Dr. Garth den Heyer, the symposium focused on the links between economic development, armed violence, and public safety. Drawn from these proceedings, Economic Development, Crime, and Policing: Global Perspectives presents the insight of police leaders and researchers from a number of countries. They provide worldwide perspectives and case studies about the complex interrelations and influence of these issues on police practice in developed, developing, and transitioning countries. Topics include: Youth violence in society Economic downturn and global crime trends Restorative justice and recidivism Community-based policing Investigation techniques applied to financial crimes Policing gang violence Implementation of the rule of law in postconflict countries Policing transportation infrastructures The book organizes these topics according to regional perspectives (global, modern democracies, emerging democracies, and newly industrialized countries). It highlights ongoing response efforts related to challenges facing the police in emerging or newly democratized states. The book concludes with a comprehensive review of the fundamental elements of police reform and explores how such changes might affect society. It discusses the role of society in reforming police systems and suggests new directions for this broad research agenda. This book is a co-publication with the International Police Executive Symposium.

Crime And Criminal Justice In A Declining Economy

Author : Kevin N. Wright
ISBN : UOM:39015002622747
Genre : Law
File Size : 73. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Political Economy Crisis And Development Pol T K Kt Sat Kr Z Ve Kalkinma Ma

Author : Ismail Şiriner
ISBN : 9780956825612
Genre :
File Size : 52. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Kriz ve kalkınmanın, tarihsel bir yaklaşımla ve ekonomi politikalarındaki değişim süreci ile birlikte ele alınması ve analiz edilmesi hem krizi anlamak, hem de ekonomik sistemin yeniden üretim mekanizmalarını kavramak için gerekli görülmektedir. Bu bağlamda kitap, yaşanan kriz, istikrar, kalkınma ve büyüme süreçlerinin dinamiklerini çözümlemeye yönelmiş ve bu dinamikler bankacılıktan sanayiye, teknoloji kullanımından esnek emek örgütlenmesine, ihracata yönelik büyüme stratejilerinden iktisadi bağımlılık ilişkilerine kadar uzanmaktadır. Sürecin, gerek akademik / kuramsal, gerekse siyasal / hegemonik / ideolojik düzeylerde değerlendirilmesi kitapta yer alan çalışmaların seçiminde öncelikle yer almıştır.

Corruption Fraud Organized Crime And The Shadow Economy

Author : Maximilian Edelbacher
ISBN : 9781482255324
Genre : Computers
File Size : 65. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Fueled by corruption, fraud, and organized crime, the shadow economy—also known as the informal, black market, illegal, or underground economy—is currently on the rise worldwide. Corruption, Fraud, Organized Crime, and the Shadow Economy addresses shadow economies and the players involved by examining various aspects of criminal law and prosecution. This book gathers the insights of several world-renowned professionals and academics in order to portray the links between organized crime, the shadow economy, and corruption. It discusses how to address these issues as they relate to crime, criminal law, and prosecution of the players involved. The constant misconception by policy makers of the relationships between organized crime, corruption, and the shadow economy fuels the present status quo of economic inequality, increases the risks of future economic crises, victimizes people, and even damages the environment. This book takes a critical, multinational, multidisciplinary, common-sense approach to complex and globalized problems of conventional and unconventional deviance through the shadow economy. The contributors identify key critical areas in specific countries from which they originate, adding an insider’s perspective to their analyses. With these insights and the use of illustrative case studies, they highlight best practices as well as mistakes to avoid in encountering the obstacles that lie ahead in combating the shadow economy.

Policing The Police 2 Edition

Author : Praveen Kumar
Genre :
File Size : 41. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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