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The Dynamics Of Law And Morality

Author : Wibren van der Burg
ISBN : 9781317035053
Genre : Law
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This book investigates the dynamic intertwinement of law and morality, with a focus on new and developing fields of law. Taking as its starting point the debates and mutual misunderstandings between proponents of different philosophical traditions, it argues that this theoretical pluralism is better explained once law is accepted as an essentially ambiguous concept. Continuing on, the book develops a robust theory of law that increases our grasp on global legal pluralism and the dynamics of law. This theory of legal interactionism, inspired by the work of Lon Fuller and Philip Selznick, also helps us to understand apparent anomalies of modern law, such as international law, the law of the European Convention on Human Rights and horizontal interactive legislation. In an ecumenical approach, legal interactionism does justice to the valuable core of truth in natural law and legal positivism. Shedding new light on familiar debates between authors such as Fuller, Hart and Dworkin, this book is of value to academics and students interested in legal theory, jurisprudence, legal sociology and moral philosophy.

The Dynamics Of Law

Author : Michael S Hamilton
ISBN : 9781317457435
Genre : Business & Economics
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Thoroughly revised and updated, this widely used text offers a concise introduction to the American legal system for students without a legal background. The book's coverage is cross-disciplinary, informed by the literature of law, business administration and the social sciences, especially public administration and policy. Its goal is to give non-lawyers in all these areas a lucid overview of the workings of the American legal system as it may affect individuals and organizations in their interactions with each other and the environment.Unlike longer, more expensive competing works, "The Dynamics of Law" presents its subject with clarity and precision, and minimal use of legal terms. It offers clear explanations of how to brief a case and how statutes and regulations are codified in the United States. Study problems and review questions in each chapter, drawn from legal literature as well as general interest articles and books, are designed to stimulate classroom discussion.

The Dynamics Of Law

Author : James Lawrence Houghteling
ISBN : UCAL:B4247196
Genre : Courts
File Size : 90. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Dynamics Of Power And The Rule Of Law

Author : Wim M. J. van Binsbergen
ISBN : 3825867854
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 83. 34 MB
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recent" scholarship="" has="" increasingly="" shown="" that="" rulers="" occupy="" a="" pivotal="" place="" power="" drawing="" upon="" work="" rouveroy="" van="" former="" professor="" at="" leiden="" collection="" presents="" nine="" case="" studies="" dynamics="" traditional="" leadership="" modern="" africa.african="" european="" specialists="" deal="" with="" local="" situations="" in="" countries="" diverse="" as="" and="" south="" africa.="" debate="" on="" resilience="" african="" chieftainship="" adds="" to="" the="" significance="" of="" this="" volume.="">

Fifty Years Of The Law Commissions

Author : Matthew Dyson
ISBN : 9781849468589
Genre : Law
File Size : 68. 63 MB
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This book brings together past and present law commissioners, judges, practitioners, academics and law reformers to analyse the past, present and future of the Law Commissions in the United Kingdom and beyond. Its internationally recognised authors bring a wealth of experience and insight into how and why law reform does and should take place, covering statutory and non-statutory reform from national and international perspectives. The chapters of the book developed from papers given at a conference to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Law Commissions Act 1965.

Uk Public Law And European Law

Author : Gordon Anthony
ISBN : 9781847311955
Genre : Law
File Size : 38. 54 MB
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Academic attention has,in recent years, increasingly focused upon the Europeanization of national legal orders. The interaction of domestic and supranational standards, while often presented as problematic, enables national courts to use European law as a reference point against which to develop domestic principle and practice. The effects of such borrowing can be far-reaching. Courts may assume an enhanced institutional role relative to other branches of the State and individuals may benefit from the introduction of new remedies and principles of judicial review. This book examines the dynamics of the process whereby UK courts borrow principle and practice from European law. It argues that recent internal developments in UK law, notably the passage of the Human Rights Act, present new possibilities for legal integration. Although UK courts have already demonstrated a willingness to use European law creatively, the book suggests that integration has been unduly constrained by the previously unincorporated status of the ECHR and by the courts' justification for the reception of EU law. Focusing in particular on the principles of administrative law applied by courts in judicial review proceedings, the book highlights how the emergence of new principles of review has been frustrated by the courts' inability to view EU law and the ECHR as part of an interlocking whole. The book's central argument, therefore, is that the Human Rights Act, coupled with the more general programme of constitutional reform introduced by New Labour, now offers the courts the opportunity to reassess the nature of the interactive relationship that domestic law has with European law. UK Public Law and European Law: The Dynamics of Legal Integration will be of interest to public lawyers, European lawyers and political scientists alike. It offers a comprehensive overview of existing jurisprudence dealing with the reception of European law into the domestic order. More significantly, it places that jurisprudence within the wider context of legal and political change ongoing within and without the United Kingdom.

Emotional Dynamics Of Law And Legal Discourse

Author : Heather Conway
ISBN : 9781509902477
Genre : Law
File Size : 56. 31 MB
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In his seminal work, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman suggests that the common view of human intelligence is far too narrow and that emotions play a much greater role in thought, decision-making and individual success than is commonly acknowledged. The importance of emotion to human experience cannot be denied, yet the relationship between law and emotion is one that has largely been ignored until recent years. However, the last two decades have seen a rapidly expanding interest among scholars of all disciplines into the way in which law and the emotions interact, including the law's response to emotion and the extent to which emotions pervade the practice of the law. In The Emotional Dynamics of Law and Legal Discourse a group of leading scholars from both sides of the Atlantic explore these issues across key areas of private law, public law, criminal justice and dispute resolution, illustrating how emotion infuses all areas of legal thought. The collection argues for a more positive view of the role of emotion in the context of legal discourse and demonstrates ways in which the law could, in the words of Goleman, become more emotionally intelligent.

The Economic Dynamics Of Law

Author : David M. Driesen
ISBN : 9781107004856
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 68. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book offers a theory of law and economics focused on change over time and aimed at avoiding systemic risks.

Changing God S Law

Author : Nadjma Yassari
ISBN : 9781317168638
Genre : Law
File Size : 25. 91 MB
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This volume identifies and elaborates on the significance and functions of the various actors involved in the development of family law in the Middle East. Besides the importance of family law regulations for each individual, family law has become the battleground of political and social contestation. Divided into four parts, the collection presents a general overview and analysis of the development of family law in the region and provides insights into the broader context of family law reform, before offering examples of legal development realised by codification drawn from a selection of Gulf states, Iran, and Egypt. It then goes on to present a thorough analysis of the role of the judiciary in the process of lawmaking, before discussing ways the parties themselves may have shaped and do shape the law. Including contributions from leading authors of Middle Eastern law, this timely volume brings together many isolated aspects of legal development and offers a comprehensive picture on this topical subject. It will be of interest to scholars and academics of family law and religion.

The Dynamics Of International Law

Author : Paul F. Diehl
ISBN : 9780521198523
Genre : Law
File Size : 82. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Offers a new framework for analysing international law and presents a theory of international legal change.

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