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The Economics Of Keynes

Author : Mark Hayes
ISBN : 178100868X
Genre : Business & Economics
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In this guide to general theory, Mark Hayes presents Keynes's illustrious work as a sophisticated Marshallian theory fo the competitive equillibrium of the economy as a whole.

On Keynesian Economics And The Economics Of Keynes

Author : Axel Leijonhufvud
ISBN : OCLC:257269370
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A Reformulation Of Keynesian Economics

Author : Jagdish Handa
ISBN : 9789814616119
Genre : Business & Economics
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John Maynard Keynes' response to the extreme distress of the early years of the Great Depression produced The General Theory, which represented an overhaul of the macroeconomics inherited by his generation. The economic upheaval (including the Great Recession) since 2008 raised serious doubts about the relevance of economics as it had come to be formulated and taught by the beginning of this century. While numerous books and articles have addressed the current distress of economies through contributions to specific parts of macroeconomics, none has offered an attractive alternative that represents a general overhaul of the macroeconomics inherited by the current generation. A Reformulation of Keynesian Economic does so, and provides a modern integrated version of macroeconomics for the modern economies as they function. This book's many insights and innovations include: discarding the classical concepts of the long run and the short run in favour of the behavioural concepts of the planning period (the long term) and the short term (the operating period); discarding the exogenous production function in favour of an endogenous one; distinguishing between the short-term and the long-term production functions; replacing the dynamic stochastic notional general equilibrium (DSGE) approach for the short term by a more general one that permits effective equilibrium and disequilibrium in specific markets; and, a reformulation of the financial sector analysis and of the Keynesian business cycle theory. This thoroughgoing revision of macroeconomics is must-read for macroeconomists, policymakers and graduate students. It can even be used as a textbook by instructors who question the inherited orthodoxy built around the DSGE model and are looking for an alternative formulation of macroeconomics. Contents:IntroductionReformulating Macroeconomics: Main ElementsThe Production SectorThe Labor Market, Employment and WagesThe Demand for Commodities and the Supply of LaborThe Financial Sector in the Financial EconomyA Reformulation of the Expectations Hypothesis for Keynesian EconomicsA Reformulation of the Keynesian Business Cycle ApproachSummary and Conclusions Readership: Researchers in macroeconomics and policy makers; graduate and advanced undergraduate students who wish to have an overview of macroeconomic theory relevant to modern economies. Key Features:The book updates macroeconomic modelling for modern financial (as against merely barter or monetary) economiesOffers insights and innovations which are thought-provoking, and constitute an invitation to researchers to re-think macroeconomics, starting by rebuilding its foundations along more behavioural linesIntegrates financial capital into the analysis of production both in terms of the technology/equipment that the firm chooses over its planning period and the production levels in each of its operating periodsKeywords:Macroeconomics;Keynesian Economics;Monetary Economics

The Economics Of Keynes In Historical Context

Author : M. Lawlor
ISBN : 9780230288775
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 79. 83 MB
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This volume offers a comprehensive treatment of the development of Keynes's economic ideas in the General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money , using archival material, the historical record of the economics of Keynes's time and place and the scholarship available on Keynes's biography and philosophy.

Essays On John Maynard Keynes

Author : Milo Keynes
ISBN : 052129696X
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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The book is a biography by many authors.

Allgemeine Theorie Der Besch Ftigung Des Zinses Und Des Geldes

Author : John Maynard Keynes
ISBN : 9783428529124
Genre : Business & Economics
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"Die Lektüre von Keynes' Hauptwerk bereitete bisher gewisse Probleme. Das lag zum einen an der Organisation des Stoffes [...]. Der zweite Grund war die deutsche Übersetzung. Dass es besser geht, beweisen [...] Jürgen Kromphardt, Gründer der deutschen Keynes-Gesellschaft und ein früherer Wirtschaftsweiser, und Stephanie Schneider. Sie haben unzeitgemäße Ausdrücke ersetzt, die den Zugang zum Werk erschwert hatten, und sie besserten allerhand Übersetzungsfehler aus. [...] Also liest sich die neue Ausgabe leichter. Zudem bietet sie ein deutsch-englisches Lexikon volkswirtschaftlicher Begriffe und ein Symbolverzeichnis. Sie ist ein echter Gewinn." Reinhard Blomert, in: DIE ZEIT, März 2007Die neue 11. Auflage soll die Lesbarkeit von Keynes' Hauptwerk weiter erhöhen und sein Verständnis erleichtern. Deshalb wurde die Übersetzung erneut überarbeitet; außerdem wird von uns der Aufbau des Buches erläutert, damit der Stellenwert der einzelnen Kapitel und die Zusammenhänge zwischen ihnen leichter erkennbar werden.Jürgen Kromphardt und Stephanie Schneider

The New Economics

Author : John Maynard Keynes
ISBN : 0866541519
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File Size : 63. 96 MB
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A History Of Post Keynesian Economics Since 1936

Author : J. E. King
ISBN : 1781008019
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71. 39 MB
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This text provides a history of the post Keynesian approach to economics since 1936. The author locates the origins of these economics in the conflicting interpretations of Keynes' General Theory and in the complementary work of Michael Kalecki.

The Economics Of John Maynard Keynes

Author : Dudley Dillard
ISBN : 9781789122299
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 27. 69 MB
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The Economics of John Maynard Keynes: The Theory of Monetary Economy by Dudley Dillard seeks to make The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes understandable to both the economist and to the non-economist. First published in 1948 and since translated into over 10 languages, Dr. Dillard’s book has been widely regarded as the seminal scholarship on the monetary aspects of Keynesian economics. In addition to explaining the economic theories of Keynes, Dillard also includes a chapter on Keynes’s philosophical development and the “social philosophy toward which it leads.” Throughout the book, Dillard provides summaries and examines Keynes’ concepts on employment, income, saving, marginal propensity to consume, the investment multiplier, fiscal policy, post-war inflation, interest, and wages.

General Theory Of Employment Interest And Money

Author : John Maynard Keynes
ISBN : 8126905913
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John Maynard Keynes Is The Great British Economist Of The Twentieth Century Whose Hugely Influential Work The General Theory Of Employment, Interest And Money Is Undoubtedly The Century S Most Important Book On Economics Strongly Influencing Economic Theory And Practice, Particularly With Regard To The Role Of Government In Stimulating And Regulating A Nation S Economic Life. Keynes S Work Has Undergone Significant Revaluation In Recent Years, And Keynesian Views Which Have Been Widely Defended For So Long Are Now Perceived As At Odds With Keynes S Own Thinking. Recent Scholarship And Research Has Demonstrated Considerable Rivalry And Controversy Concerning The Proper Interpretation Of Keynes S Works, Such That Recourse To The Original Text Is All The More Important. Although Considered By A Few Critics That The Sentence Structures Of The Book Are Quite Incomprehensible And Almost Unbearable To Read, The Book Is An Essential Reading For All Those Who Desire A Basic Education In Economics. The Key To Understanding Keynes Is The Notion That At Particular Times In The Business Cycle, An Economy Can Become Over-Productive (Or Under-Consumptive) And Thus, A Vicious Spiral Is Begun That Results In Massive Layoffs And Cuts In Production As Businesses Attempt To Equilibrate Aggregate Supply And Demand. Thus, Full Employment Is Only One Of Many Or Multiple Macro Equilibria. If An Economy Reaches An Underemployment Equilibrium, Something Is Necessary To Boost Or Stimulate Demand To Produce Full Employment. This Something Could Be Business Investment But Because Of The Logic And Individualist Nature Of Investment Decisions, It Is Unlikely To Rapidly Restore Full Employment. Keynes Logically Seizes Upon The Public Budget And Government Expenditures As The Quickest Way To Restore Full Employment. Borrowing The Money To Finance The Deficit From Private Households And Businesses Is A Quick, Direct Way To Restore Full Employment While At The Same Time, Redirecting Or Siphoning Off The Funds From The Private Sector Which Caused The Over-Production Is In The First Place. Keynes S Theory Is Unquestionably Significant In Understanding Of Modern Economics. Far From Being Destructive, It Alone Has Been Responsible For Nearly 60 Years Of Growth Without A Major Depression As We Experienced Worldwide In The 1930S.While The Present Book Is Indispensable For The Students, Researchers And Teachers Of Economics, It Is Highly Useful For The General Readers Keenly Interested In Understanding Nation S Economy.

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