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The Education Of Radical Democracy

Author : Sarah S. Amsler
ISBN : 9781134460137
Genre : Education
File Size : 37. 1 MB
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The Education of Radical Democracy explores why radical democracy is so necessary, difficult, and possible and why it is important to understand it as an educative activity . The book draws on critical social theory and critical pedagogy to explain what enables and sustains work for radical democratization, and considers how we can begin such work in neoliberal societies today. Exploring examples of projects from the nineteenth century to the present day, the book sheds light on a wealth of critical tools, research studies, theoretical concepts and practical methods. It offers a critical reading of the ‘crisis of hope’ in neoliberal capitalist societies, focusing on the problem of the ‘contraction of possibilities’ for democratic agency, resistance to domination, and practices of freedom. It argues that radically democratic thinking, practice, and forms of social organization are vital for countering and overcoming systemic hegemonies and that these can be learned and cultivated. This book will be of interest to academics, practitioners, researchers, and students in education and critical theory, and to those interested in the sociology, philosophy and politics of hope. It also invites new dialogues between theorists of neoliberal power and political possibility, those engaged in projects for radical democratization, and teachers in formal and informal educational settings.

Populism Media And Education

Author : Maria Ranieri
ISBN : 9781317398554
Genre : Education
File Size : 86. 28 MB
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Based on a major research project funded by the European Commission, Populism, Media and Education studies how discriminatory stereotypes are built online with a particular focus on right-wing populism. Globalization and migration have led to a new era of populism and racism in Western countries, rekindling traditional forms of discrimination through innovative means. New media platforms are being seen by populist organizations as a method to promote hate speech and unprecedented forms of proselytism. Race, gender, disability and sexual orientation are all being used to discriminate and young people are the preferred target for populist organizations and movements. This book examines how media education can help to deconstruct such hate speech and promote young people’s full participation in media-saturated societies. Drawing on rich examples from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Slovenia, and the UK - countries characterized by different political and cultural contexts – Populism, Media and Education addresses key questions about the meaning of new populism, the nature of e-engagement, and the role of education and citizenship in the digital century. With its international and interdisciplinary approach, this book is essential reading for academics and students in the areas of education, media studies, sociology, cultural studies, political sciences, discrimination and gender studies.

Youth Voices Public Spaces And Civic Engagement

Author : Stuart Greene
ISBN : 9781317360919
Genre : Education
File Size : 42. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This collection of original research explores ways that educators can create participatory spaces that foster civic engagement, critical thinking, and authentic literacy practices for adolescent youth in urban contexts. Casting youth as vital social actors, contributors shed light on the ways in which urban youth develop a clearer sense of agency within the structural forces of racial segregation and economic development that would otherwise marginalize and silence their voices and begin to see familiar spaces with reimagined possibilities for socially just educational practices.

Radical Democracy

Author : David Trend
ISBN : 9781136660719
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 83. 41 MB
Format : PDF
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Radical Democracy addresses the loss of faith in conventional party politics and argues for new ways of thinking about diversity, liberty and civic responsibility. The cultural and social theorists in Radical Democracy broaden the discussion beyond the conventional and conservative rhetoric by investigating the applicability of radical democracy in the United States. Issues debated include whether democracy is primarily a form of decision making or an instrument of popular empowerment; and whether democracy constitutes an abstract ideal or an achievable goal.

The Rich World And The Impoverishment Of Education

Author : Dave Hill
ISBN : 9781135906443
Genre : Education
File Size : 69. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Advancing a powerful critique of neoliberalized education in many of the rich countries of the world (USA, Canada, Finland, Greece, Israel, Japan, England and Wales, and others), the chapters in this book, written by an international array of acclaimed and emerging radical educators and policy analysts, critically examine and evaluate: What neoliberal changes have taken place (e.g., privatization, vouchers, charter schools, weakening of democratic control of schools, setting up markets in schools and retreating from the comprehensive school principle, commercialization of education, new public managerialism in education)? What are the impacts of these changes on access and equal opportunities, on democracy and critical thinking, and on the rights, pay and conditions of teachers and ancillary/support staff?

Reclaiming Freedom In Education

Author : Max A. Hope
ISBN : 9781351690515
Genre : Education
File Size : 60. 25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Reclaiming Freedom in Education examines the notion of ‘freedom’ within educational settings. Following an investigation of the new ‘Free Schools’ in the UK, it argues that this name is a misnomer, and instead explores the original free schools of the 1960s and 1970s, using these models as a lens through which to explore contemporary examples of radical schooling, notably those which describe themselves as democratic and/or progressive. By arguing that in radical educational contexts both ‘positive freedom’ and ‘negative freedom’ are apparent, and that the notion that ‘responsible freedom’ is more pertinent than that of ‘absolute freedom’, this book posits that freedom can be seen to operate in a number of ways including ‘freedom to be’, ‘freedom to think’, ‘freedom to choose’ and ‘freedom to self-govern’. The book: Describes how freedom can be used to inform educational structures, policies, pedagogies and practices across a range of settings Features illustrative case studies of radical free schools and alternative education spaces which have been underpinned by a commitment to freedom and to advancing social justice Critiques the current policy agenda to use ‘freedom’ to make education more competitive through claims that it correlates with higher test scores and academic success Considers some of the challenges for teachers, educators and students of offering and experiencing freedom in education, and argues that despite these, the case for advancing freedom is both urgent and compelling Creating discussions about the new meaning and role that ‘freedom’ can have in improving education, Reclaiming Freedom in Education is a practical contribution to educational activism, which will be a key point of reference for teachers, parents, researchers and students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Education Studies, Early Childhood Studies and doctorates.

Vergessene Zusammenh Nge

Author : Klaus Mollenhauer
ISBN : 3779905655
Genre : Culture
File Size : 49. 61 MB
Format : PDF
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Dies ist ein neuer Zugang zu den Grundfragen der Erziehung in unserer Zeit: Neu in der Darstellungsform, die an Stelle üblicher wissenschaftlicher Abhandlungen eine Form des Nachdenkens setzt, die viele Leser ansprechen kann. Neu aber vor allem in der Blickrichtung, die sich nicht an sozialwissenschaftlichen Theorien orientiert, sondern sich einlässt auf eine Konfrontation mit unserer kulturellen Überlieferung. Dabei sind die großen Denker der europäischen Erziehungsgeschichte wie Augustinus, Montaigne oder Schleiermacher nicht wichtiger als die Mosaiken von Ravenna, die Bilder von Rembrandt oder Velazquez, als Autobiografien oder Texte von Heinrich von Kleist oder Thomas Bernhard. An Bildern und Texten aus einem solchen breiten Strom kultureller Tradition werden Zusammenhänge sichtbar gemacht, die in der jüngsten Entwicklung der Erziehungswissenschaft allzu sehr in Vergessenheit geraten sind. Indem Mollenhauer diese unverzichtbaren Orientierungspunkte herausarbeitet, gibt er eine Antwort auf die heute vielfach gestellte Frage, was denn - in dieser unserer Zeit - Erziehung noch oder wieder bedeuten könne. (Quelle:

Sociocultural Research On Mathematics Education

Author : Bill Atweh
ISBN : 9781135653118
Genre : Education
File Size : 42. 69 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume--the first to bring together research on sociocultural aspects of mathematics education--presents contemporary and international perspectives on social justice and equity issues that impact mathematics education. In particular, it highlights the importance of three interacting and powerful factors--gender, social, and cultural dimensions. Sociocultural Research on Mathematics Education: An International Perspective is distinguished in several ways: * It is research based. Chapters report on significant research projects; present a comprehensive and critical summary of the research findings; and offer a critical discussion of research methods and theoretical perspectives undertaken in the area. * It is future oriented, presenting recommendations for practice and policy and identifying areas for further research. * It deals with all aspects of formal and informal mathematics education and applications and all levels of formal schooling. As the context of mathematics education rapidly changes-- with an increased demand for mathematically literate citizenship; an increased awareness of issues of equity, inclusivity, and accountability; and increased efforts for globalization of curriculum development and research-- questions are being raised more than ever before about the problems of teaching and learning mathematics from a non-cognitive science perspective. This book contributes significantly to addressing such issues and answering such questions. It is especially relevant for researchers, graduate students, and policymakers in the field of mathematics education.

The Narrative Construction Of Identities In Critical Education

Author : A. Archakis
ISBN : 9781137264992
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 40. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Based on approaches from discourse analysis and sociolinguistics, this study proposes an analytical model focusing on the linguistic and discursive means narrators use to construct a variety of identities in everyday stories. This model is further exploited in language teaching to cultivate students' cultural sensitivity and critical literacy.

Contesting Neoliberal Education

Author : Dave Hill
ISBN : 9781135906306
Genre : Education
File Size : 79. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Neoliberal education policies have privatised, marketised, decentralized, controlled and surveilled, managed according to the business and control principles of new public managerialism, attacked the rights and conditions of education workers, and resulted in a loss of democracy, critique and equality of access and outcome. This book, written by an impressive international array of scholars and activists, explores the mechanisms and ideologies behind neoliberal education, while evaluating and promoting resistance on a local, national and global level. Chapters examine the activities and impacts of the arguably socialist revolution in Venezuela, the Porto Alegre democratic community experimental model in Brazil, the activities of the Rouge Forum of democratic socialist teachers and educators in the USA, Public Service International, resistance movements against the GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services), and trade union and social movement and community/parental opposition to neoliberal education policies in Britain and in Latin America.

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