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The Empire Of Love

Author : Elizabeth A. Povinelli
ISBN : 0822338890
Genre : Psychology
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Critical analysis of sexual, emotional, and social intimacy as the product of modern liberalism and empire.

Faces Of The State

Author : Yael Navaro-Yashin
ISBN : 0691088454
Genre : Social Science
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List of Illustrations ix Acknowledgments xi Introduction Semiconscious States: The Political and the Psychic in Urban Public Life 1 Entering the City 1 Secularism in Public Life 6 The Turkish Astronomer and the Little Prince 8 The Construction of "Turkish Culture" 10 "The Anthropology of Turkey" 12 The Not-Too-Native Anthropologist 13 Researching the Political 15 PART I: CULTURAL POLITICS 17 1. Prophecies of Culture: Rumor, Humor, and Secularist Projections about "Islamic Public Life" 19 "The Native" 19 Tales of Nightmare 22 Rumor or Reality? 29 The Issues at Stake 36 The Prophecy 40 Public Life and the Construction of "Local Culture" 42 2. The Place of Turkey: Contested Regionalism in an Ambiguous Area 44 "Turkey" as Sign 44 The History of "Region" 46 Beheadings in Saudi Arabia 51 Joining the Customs Union 55 The Place of Turkey 58 The Contest over "Region" 65 "The Middle Eastern Woman" 67 Undoing Area Studies 73 3. The Market for Identities: Buying and Selling Secularity and Islam 78 Consuming "Culture" 78 The Veil as a Commodity 82 Secularist Commodities 85 Istanbul’s New Marketplaces 90 The Islamist Department Store 94 The Trademark of Islam 98 The Force of Symbols 107 The Market for Identities 111 PART II: STATE FANTASIES 115 4. Rituals for the State: Public Statism and the Production of "Civil Society" 117 The Soldier’s Farewell 117 The Wrestler as Leviathan 122 The Flag Campaign 127 Does "Civil Society" Exist? 130 "The Transparent Reflection of Society" 137 "A Holiday of the People" 144 The Agency of "Society" 152 5. Fantasies for the State: Hype, Cynicism, and the Everyday Life of Statecraft 155 Does the "State" Exist? 155 Mundane Cynicism 166 The Truck That Crashed into the "State" 171 The Magnetism of State Crime 180 The Afterlife of the "State" 183 6. The Cult of Ataturk: The Apparition of a Secularist Leader in Uncanny Forms 188 Like a Cross That Stops the Devil . . . 190 "Visits to a Saint’s Tomb" 191 Mystical Apparitions 193 Calling Spirits 194 Numerology 195 Statues and Idols 196 Heads of State 199 Secularist Excesses 201 Notes 205 Bibliography 231 Index 241.

Economies Of Abandonment

Author : Elizabeth A. Povinelli
ISBN : 0822350661
Genre : Social Science
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In Economies of Abandonment, Elizabeth A. Povinelli explores how late liberal imaginaries of tense, eventfulness, and ethical substance make the global distribution of life and death, hope and harm, and endurance and exhaustion not merely sensible but also just. She presents new ways of conceptualizing formations of power in late liberalism—the shape that liberal governmentality has taken as it has responded to a series of legitimacy crises in the wake of anticolonial and new social movements and, more recently, the “clash of civilizations” after September 11. Based on longstanding ethnographic work in Australia and the United States, as well as critical readings of legal, academic, and activist texts, Povinelli examines how alternative social worlds and projects generate new possibilities of life in the context of ordinary and extraordinary acts of neglect and surveillance. She focuses particularly on social projects that have not yet achieved a concrete existence but persist at the threshold of possible existence. By addressing the question of the endurance, let alone the survival, of alternative forms of life, Povinelli opens new ethical and political questions.

The Archaeology Of Colonialism

Author : Barbara L. Voss
ISBN : 9781139503136
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 52. 77 MB
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This volume examines human sexuality as an intrinsic element in the interpretation of complex colonial societies. While archaeological studies of the historic past have explored the dynamics of European colonialism, such work has largely ignored broader issues of sexuality, embodiment, commemoration, reproduction and sensuality. Recently, however, scholars have begun to recognize these issues as essential components of colonization and imperialism. This book explores a variety of case studies, revealing the multifaceted intersections of colonialism and sexuality. Incorporating work that ranges from Phoenician diasporic communities of the eighth century to Britain's nineteenth-century Australian penal colonies to the contemporary Maroon community of Brazil, this volume changes the way we understand the relationship between sexuality and colonial history.


Author : Elizabeth A. Povinelli
ISBN : 9780822373810
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69. 45 MB
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In Geontologies Elizabeth A. Povinelli continues her project of mapping the current conditions of late liberalism by offering a bold retheorization of power. Finding Foucauldian biopolitics unable to adequately reveal contemporary mechanisms of power and governance, Povinelli describes a mode of power she calls geontopower, which operates through the regulation of the distinction between Life and Nonlife and the figures of the Desert, the Animist, and the Virus. Geontologies examines this formation of power from the perspective of Indigenous Australian maneuvers against the settler state. And it probes how our contemporary critical languages—anthropogenic climate change, plasticity, new materialism, antinormativity—often unwittingly transform their struggles against geontopower into a deeper entwinement within it. A woman who became a river, a snakelike entity who spawns the fog, plesiosaurus fossils and vast networks of rock weirs: in asking how these different forms of existence refuse incorporation into the vocabularies of Western theory Povinelli provides a revelatory new way to understand a form of power long self-evident in certain regimes of settler late liberalism but now becoming visible much further beyond.

The Cultivation Of Whiteness

Author : Warwick Anderson
ISBN : 0822338408
Genre : Medical
File Size : 35. 49 MB
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A history of the role of biological theories in the construction and "protection" of whiteness in Australia from the first European settlement through World War II.

The Cunning Of Recognition

Author : Elizabeth A. Povinelli
ISBN : 9780822383673
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64. 51 MB
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The Cunning of Recognition is an exploration of liberal multiculturalism from the perspective of Australian indigenous social life. Elizabeth A. Povinelli argues that the multicultural legacy of colonialism perpetuates unequal systems of power, not by demanding that colonized subjects identify with their colonizers but by demanding that they identify with an impossible standard of authentic traditional culture. Povinelli draws on seventeen years of ethnographic research among northwest coast indigenous people and her own experience participating in land claims, as well as on public records, legal debates, and anthropological archives to examine how multicultural forms of recognition work to reinforce liberal regimes rather than to open them up to a true cultural democracy. The Cunning of Recognition argues that the inequity of liberal forms of multiculturalism arises not from its weak ethical commitment to difference but from its strongest vision of a new national cohesion. In the end, Australia is revealed as an exemplary site for studying the social effects of the liberal multicultural imaginary: much earlier than the United States and in response to very different geopolitical conditions, Australian nationalism renounced the ideal of a unitary European tradition and embraced cultural and social diversity. While addressing larger theoretical debates in critical anthropology, political theory, cultural studies, and liberal theory, The Cunning of Recognition demonstrates that the impact of the globalization of liberal forms of government can only be truly understood by examining its concrete—and not just philosophical—effects on the world.

Updating To Remain The Same

Author : Wendy Hui Kyong Chun
ISBN : 9780262333788
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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New media -- we are told -- exist at the bleeding edge of obsolescence. We thus forever try to catch up, updating to remain the same. Meanwhile, analytic, creative, and commercial efforts focus exclusively on the next big thing: figuring out what will spread and who will spread it the fastest. But what do we miss in this constant push to the future? In Updating to Remain the Same, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun suggests another approach, arguing that our media matter most when they seem not to matter at all -- when they have moved from "new" to habitual. Smart phones, for example, no longer amaze, but they increasingly structure and monitor our lives. Through habits, Chun says, new media become embedded in our lives -- indeed, we become our machines: we stream, update, capture, upload, link, save, trash, and troll. Chun links habits to the rise of networks as the defining concept of our era. Networks have been central to the emergence of neoliberalism, replacing "society" with groupings of individuals and connectable "YOUS." (For isn't "new media" actually "NYOU media"?) Habit is central to the inversion of privacy and publicity that drives neoliberalism and networks. Why do we view our networked devices as "personal" when they are so chatty and promiscuous? What would happen, Chun asks, if, rather than pushing for privacy that is no privacy, we demanded public rights -- the right to be exposed, to take risks and to be in public and not be attacked?

The Look Of A Woman

Author : Eric Plemons
ISBN : 9780822372707
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 81. 12 MB
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Developed in the United States in the 1980s, facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a set of bone and soft tissue reconstructive surgical procedures intended to feminize the faces of trans- women. While facial surgery was once considered auxiliary to genital surgery, many people now find that these procedures confer distinct benefits according to the different models of sex and gender in which they intervene. Surgeons advertise that FFS not only improves a trans- woman's appearance; it allows her to be recognized as a woman by those who see her. In The Look of a Woman Eric Plemons foregrounds the narratives of FFS patients and their surgeons as they move from consultation and the operating room to postsurgery recovery. He shows how the increasing popularity of FFS represents a shift away from genital-based conceptions of trans- selfhood in ways that mirror the evolving views of what is considered to be good trans- medicine. Outlining how conflicting models of trans- therapeutics play out in practice, Plemons demonstrates how FFS is changing the project of surgical sex reassignment by reconfiguring the kind of sex that surgery aims to change.

Labor S Lot

Author : Elizabeth A. Povinelli
ISBN : 0226676749
Genre : History
File Size : 36. 53 MB
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Analysis of the role of labour in every day activities and its influence on the construction of identity among the Belyuen Aborigines, Cox Peninsula, NT; Western definitions of labour; Aboriginal relationship to land and land ownership; concepts of knowledge and the role of story; negotiation of the land claim process - Kenbi land Claim; representation of pre-colonial, colonial and postcolonial Aboriginality in the Darwin region - Laragiya and Wagaitj; Aboriginal women's use and narratives of the past; interpretation of mythic labour and contemporary actions - spirit children, totems; activities affecting the mythic landscape - hunting and sweat; Belyuen economic structures; proportion of bush and store bought food in the diet; use of time; relations with the market economy - local stores, use of money; history of land use and colonial ownership in the Darwin region; contemporary Aboriginal use of the Belyuen region - settlement patterns; process of forming and maintaining cultural identity in contemporary political and economic power structures.

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