the era of the witness

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The Era Of The Witness

Author : Annette Wieviorka
ISBN : 0801473160
Genre : History
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What is the role of survivor testimony in Holocaust remembrance? Today such recollections are considered among the most compelling and important historical sources we have, but this has not always been true. In The Era of the Witness, a concise, rigorously argued, and provocative work of cultural and intellectual history, Annette Wieviorka seeks to answer this surpassingly complex question. She analyzes the conditions under which survivor testimonies have been produced, how they have been received over time, and how the testimonies shaped the construction of history and collective memory. Wieviorka discerns three successive phases in the evolution of the roles and images of the Holocaust witness. The first phase is marked by the testimony left by those who did not survive the Holocaust but managed nevertheless to record their experiences. The second, most important, phase is centered on the Eichmann trial, which for Wieviorka is the moment (1961–1962) when a broad cultural deafness to survivors' stories was replaced by the image of the witness as "bearer of history." The author follows the changing nature of the witness into a third phase, which she calls "the era of the witness." Especially concerned with the pedagogical and political uses to which survivor testimony has been put, Wieviorka examines factors that determine when and how survivor testimonies are incorporated into the larger narrative of the Holocaust, according it a privileged place in our understanding. By exploring the ways in which the Holocaust is remembered, The Era of the Witness also deepens our understanding of how testimony can help to define not only twentieth-century history but also more recent episodes of mass killing that are only now "becoming history."

Witness In The Era Of Mass Incarceration

Author : Doran Larson
ISBN : 9781611479836
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 72. 19 MB
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This book places prison witness at the center of discussions of the human experience of law and order, and of the nature of the rights-bearing person. Readings of canonical and contemporary writers facing incarceration yield abiding literary tropes that chart the path from institutional abjection toward the minimal threshold of personhood.

Foundations Of Information Technology In The Era Of Network And Mobile Computing

Author : Ricardo Baeza-Yates
ISBN : 9780387356082
Genre : Computers
File Size : 68. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Foundations of Information Technology in the Era of Network and Mobile Computing is presented in two distinct but interrelated tracks: -Algorithms, Complexity and Models of Computation; -Logic, Semantics, Specification and Verification. This volume contains 45 original and significant contributions addressing these foundational questions, as well as 4 papers by outstanding invited speakers. These papers were presented at the 2nd IFIP International Conference on Theoretical Computer Science (TCS 2002), which was held in conjunction with the 17th World Computer Congress, sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), and which convened in Montréal, Québec, Canada in August 2002.

The Life Of Mahomet And History Of Islam To The Era Of The Hegira

Author : Sir William Muir
ISBN : OXFORD:N13222900
Genre : Arabian Peninsula
File Size : 82. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Mortal Sins Sex Crime And The Era Of Catholic Scandal

Author : Michael D'Antonio
ISBN : 9781250034397
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64. 51 MB
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A Publishers Weekly Best Nonfiction Book of 2013 A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2013 An Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime Nominee An explosive, sweeping account of the scandal that has sent the Catholic Church into a tailspin -- and the brave few who fought for justice In the mid-1980s a dynamic young monsignor assigned to the Vatican's embassy in Washington set out to investigate the problem of sexually abusive priests. He found a scandal in the making, confirmed by secret files revealing complaints that had been hidden from police and covered up by the Church hierarchy. He also understood that the United States judicial system was eager to punish offenders and those who aided them. He presented all of this to the American bishops, warning that the Church could be devastated by negative publicity and bankrupted by its legal liability. They ignored him. Meanwhile, a young lawyer listened to a new client describe an abusive sexual history with a priest that began when he was ten years old. His parents' complaints were downplayed by Church officials who offered them money to go away. The lawyer saw a claim that any defendant would want to settle. Then he began to suspect he was onto something bigger, involving thousands of priests who had abused countless children while the Church had done almost nothing about it. The lawsuit he filed would touch off a legal war of historic and global proportions. Part history, part journalism, and part true-crime thriller, Michael D'Antonio's Mortal Sins brings to mind landmark books such as All the President's Men, And the Band Played On, and The Informant, as it reveals a long and ferocious battle for the soul of the largest and oldest organization in the world.

Friedrich Von Holstein Politics And Diplomacy In The Era Of Bismarck And Wilhelm Ii

Author : Norman Rich
ISBN : UCAL:B3344955
Genre : Germany
File Size : 61. 97 MB
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Bearing Witness

Author : Andrés Gautier
ISBN : 9781855757967
Genre : Medical
File Size : 71. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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`Under the skilful editorship of Andres Gautier and Anna Sabatini Scalmati, this book asks both psychoanalysts and politicians a question that goes right to the heart of their "impossible professions"... In their discussion of torture, the contributors to this book write of what its victims cannot put into words and the work that has to be done with them to that end. Working with a victim's account of a traumatic experience goes much further than any debriefing technique would have us believe. Above all, victims need someone to listen carefully to what they have to say: that person will be the first to offer a refuge for the pain of those who have no internal "shelter" of their own. The authors go on to discuss the kind of mental processing that can free victims from their unspeakable trauma, a trauma that has no framework in time or words with which to express it.' Rene Kaes from the Foreword

The Black Worker The Black Worker During The Era Of The Knights Of Labor

Author : Philip Sheldon Foner
ISBN : 0132085127
Genre : African Americans
File Size : 76. 22 MB
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Prisoner Reentry In The Era Of Mass Incarceration

Author : Daniel P. Mears
ISBN : 9781483316703
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 58. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Understanding and Improving Prisoner Reentry Outcomes Prisoner Reentry is an engaging and comprehensive examination of prisoner reentry and how to improve public safety, well-being, and justice in the “era of mass incarceration.” Renowned authors Daniel P. Mears and Joshua C. Cochran investigate historical trends in incarceration and punishment policy, the salience of in-prison and post-prison contexts and experiences for reentry, and the importance of understanding group differences in offending, punishment, and social context. Using extensive reliance on both theory and empirical research, the authors identify how reentry reflects criminal justice policy in America and, at the same time, has profound implications for crime prevention and justice. Readers will develop a diverse foundation for current policies, identify the implications of reentry for families, community, and society at large, and gain a conceptual and empirical toolkit for analyzing and improving the lives of those released from prison.

Nationalism In The Era Of Globalisation Issues From Guyana And The Bahamas

Author : Silvius E. Wilson
ISBN : 9781469116594
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 79. 64 MB
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This book came out of the need to highlight working peoples contribution to the process of self-organization and development in the former British Guiana-hereafter referred to as Guyana-and The Bahamas. Africans and other sections of the working people in these and other countries of the Caribbean, have succeeded, through their labour and transforming genius, in building communities, and produce crops and other commodities which aided metropolitan development. Guyanese workers dug canals, constructed dams and other necessary infrastructure which made the Atlantic coast inhabitable and crops and livestock flourished in a hostile, swampy and insect infested environment. In The Bahamas working people in New Providence and the Family Islands pioneered the fishing and boat-building industries and created the infrastructure for what became the leading tourist destination in the region. Organization at the local and grassroots level played an important role in the attainment of working peoples objectives in the region-wide nationalist movement, during the 1930s, through 50s, and gave rise to major developments such as the granting of adult suffrage, trade union legislation, opening up of Crown lands, majority rule and independence. The analysis will support the position that a reflection on the lessons of the pre-independence struggle as well as revisiting the spirit of collaboration and patriotism with which working people approached the objectives of political representation, job satisfaction and national identity, can provide relevant models to inform strategies to combat challenges which are brought about by globalisation. Issues relating to regional and international collaboration as well as national response to global developments in trade, production and social organisation, can benefit from a higher level of popularity and national awareness if citizens participation at the community and other levels of society is incorporated in the national discourse and response strategy. The title: Nationalism in the era of Globalisation. intends to draw attention to the new nationalism which is informing the new role of the nation state in which central governments are gradually assuming the role of facilitator in creating an enabling environment for the growth of the private sector as well as protect investors; guard against public sector inefficiency, corruption and waste; facilitate sound macroeconomic management that encourages economic growth and maintains price stability; in the process, embrace democratic values, respect diversity and open social spaces for peoples participation. Part of the role of government is also establish the structures and monitoring devices in order to avoid or reduce the severity of economic shocks in an era of increasing liberalization. One manifestation of this in the emergence of a complex terrain of bilateral and multilateral arrangements between and among nations of the Americas. Smaller states are seeking affiliation and membership within regional groupings such as NAFTA and MERCOSUR to secure the best trade deals and access to a wider market under the most favourable terms. Larger states such as Venezuela and Brazil are presenting their own vision of a Free Trade Area. Such a vision is based on sustainability, the eradication of poverty and empowerment of the masses. In this tradition some states in the Caribbean and South America have challenged the hegemony of the USA in a Washington-initiated model of the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas [FTAA] and proposing instead a more progressive model based upon the recognition of several centres of influence within the grouping. These developments are addressed in the book within the context of the way in which national and regional response must be channeled to influence the course of events-including the role and guiding principles of the World Trade Organization [WTO], the United Nations [UN] and other Internationa

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