the everything parent s guide to special education a complete step by step guide to advocating for your child with special needs everything r parents guide

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Caring For You Caring For Me

Author : David H. Haigler
ISBN : 0820320439
Genre : Medical
File Size : 86. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Caring for persons with chronic illnesses or disabilities is a rewarding endeavor, but it often places extreme demands on those providing care. Caregivers need both education and support to understand their caregiving roles and to cope with the difficult situations they face. All too often there is a chasm between professionals who are part of the formal caregiving system and family members, friends, and neighbors who provide daily care. The Caring for You, Caring for Me education and support program is a valuable tool for use in providing caregivers with education and support. The program is designed to bring formal (professional) and informal (lay/family) caregivers together to gain a better understanding of each other's perspectives on what it means to be a caregiver, with the hope that in the process both will learn to do it better. The program is based on caregiving research and the expertise of frontline caregivers. The Leader's Guide contains everything needed to conduct a ten-hour education and support program for caregivers: informational content, layouts for overhead transparencies, and suggested group activities. The companion Participant's Manual supports the presentation, providing a workbook for class activities, a suggested reading list, and a compendium of national sources of help for caregivers. Caring for You, Caring for Me was developed by the Rosalynn Carter Institute under the guidance of the West Central Georgia Caregivers' Network (CARE-NET). The Rosalynn Carter Institute was established in 1987. Its mission is to understand the process of caregiving and discover new ways to benefit both formal and informal caregivers. The Institute supports the premise that caregivers and care receivers can be served most effectively through the collaborative efforts of formal and informal caregivers, academicians, public and private services, and organizations representing caregivers and recipients of care.


Author : Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell
ISBN : 9781483305745
Genre : Education
File Size : 79. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume in The SAGE Reference Series on Disability explores education issues for people with disabilities and is one of eight volumes in the cross-disciplinary and issues-based series, which examines topics central to the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. With a balance of history, theory, research, and application, specialists set out the findings and implications of research and practice for others whose current or future work involves the care and/or study of those with disabilities, as well as for the disabled themselves. The concise, engaging presentational style emphasizes accessibility. Taken individually, each volume sets out the fundamentals of the topic it addresses, accompanied by compiled data and statistics, recommended further readings, a guide to organizations and associations, and other annotated resources, thus providing the ideal introductory platform and gateway for further study. Taken together, the series represents both a survey of major disability issues and a guide to new directions and trends and contemporary resources in the field as a whole.

A Practical Guide To Autism

Author : Fred R. Volkmar
ISBN : 9780470394731
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 83. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Autism is in the public spotlight now more than ever as new research and information appears almost daily. Although in many ways this is a positive development it also presents challenges to families and practitioners who want to keep up with the latest developments and are left to sift through new information by themselves to see what is credible and relevant for them.Each of us needs a personal research assistant who can determine which information we need to pay attention to and let us know how it might affect our daily work and the children we are living with or serve. Since we each don’t have our own research assistants on staff, I am delighted to recommend this wonderful book by Fred Volkmar and Lisa Wiesner. Both of these talented professional leaders have combined their scientific skills and understanding of the field with great practical experience and ideas about how research can be translated into clinical practice. The result is a book that provides the best and most comprehensive information about recent scientific developments and a splendid practical guide for how they are being implemented and what we are learning in the process. The issues are presented in all of their complexity but translated into language that is clear, direct, and easy to follow. The format also lends itself to understanding the complex issues and their implications through excellent charts, question and answer sections, and chapters that vary from describing diagnostic issues to stating very specifically how to expand and evaluate the services one is receiving. The comprehensive references and lists of additional resources also add greatly to the overall package. As a professional dedicated to understanding scientific advances and helping families and teachers to utilize them most effectively, I am very pleased to have an ally like this book available. I am very grateful to the authors for providing a very credible, practical, and relevant addition to our field to help the many advocates and family practitioners to better understand the exciting new developments and how they can be implemented in our day to day work. Those taking the time to read through this superb volume will find it time well spent that pays back dividends in many different ways. —FOREWORD by Gary B. Mesibov, Ph.D., Professor and Director of TEACCH, Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Dyslexia Checklist

Author : Sandra F. Rief
ISBN : 9780470549841
Genre : Education
File Size : 85. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Essential advice and resources for helping kids with dyslexia The Dyslexia Checklist is a valuable guide for parents and teachers that can help them better understand children and teenagers with dyslexia and other reading- and language-based disabilities. The book relays the most current research available and is filled with practical strategies, supports, and interventions. Using these tools teachers and parents can accommodate the needs and strengthen the skills of students with reading and writing disabilities across all age levels. The book is presented in a simple, concise, easy-to-read checklist format and is filled with useful advice and information on a wide range of topics. Explains what we now know about dyslexia from decades of research Contains games to strengthen a child's literacy and language skills Provides important information for hooking in reluctant and struggling readers Offers suggestions for enhancing skills in vocabulary, comprehension, composition and written expression, spelling, math, and more The book also provides information on the educational rights of students with dyslexia.

Working With Challenging Parents Of Students With Special Needs

Author : Jean Cheng Gorman
ISBN : 9781483360553
Genre : Education
File Size : 70. 41 MB
Format : PDF
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Move beyond conflict to true collaboration with difficult parents of children with special needs by understanding their perspectives and using appropriate methods to address their concerns!

Parenting A Child With Sensory Processing Disorder

Author : Christopher R. Auer
ISBN : 9781572244634
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 65. 33 MB
Format : PDF
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Describes the symptoms of sensory processing disorder, and helps parents design a treatment and behavioral plan for children suffering from the illness, including information on schoolwork, social events, and family relationships.

Negotiating The Special Education Maze

Author : Winifred Anderson
ISBN : 1890627461
Genre : Education
File Size : 72. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For more than 25 years, this classic guide has taken parents, guardians, educational advocates, and special educators step-by-step through the special education process. Now revised and updated, reflecting the latest changes to the special education laws, NEGOTIATING THE SPECIAL EDUCATION MAZE continues to provide thorough, time-tested advice based on the authors' years of ex- perience helping parents advocate for their child. The book covers all the crucial components parents and advocates need to consider from anticipating a child is not succeeding in a program or school to seeking an evaluation; from planning an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), to understanding classroom placement options and monitoring progress. Key topics include: Eligibility for services Understanding the IEP process How to write effective goals Tips on participating in IEP meetings Making sure IEPs are carried out and effective The new fourth edition provides expanded in- formation on: Transitioning from high school to adult life 1. Employment 2. Independent living 3. Self-advocacy 4. Continuing education Required statewide assessments for all students Problem solving disagreements between families and schools Due process and other legal recourses Invaluable forms and charts help parents plan their IEP strategy, keep records and key contacts, log conversations and correspondence with important players, and track progress. This guide is one of the best tools available for understanding how to navigate the special education maze!

Children With Traumatic Brain Injury

Author : Lisa Schoenbrodt
ISBN : 0933149999
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 74. 31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This is a comprehensive, must-have reference that provides parents with the support and information they need to help their child recover from a closed-head injury and prevent further incidents. Coping with traumatic brain injury (TBI) involves a complex process of readjustment to the changes in a once healthy child and affects everyone in the family. Traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain abruptly and violently moves within the skull as a result of extreme force to the head during an automobile, biking, or playground accident, for example. The effects of TBI can range from mild to severe and recovery can take from weeks to years. Although each child's condition is unique, all TBI patients experience impairment in one or more of the following areas: cognition; emotion/behaviour; and motor skills. While TBI can happen to anyone, children, particularly teens, are susceptible. And, children who have already had one TBI are at greatest risk. Written by a team of medical specialists, therapists, educators, and an attorney, the book covers: what is traumatic brain injury?; medical concerns; rehabilitation and treatments; coping and adjustment; effects on learning and thinking, speech and language, and behaviour; educational needs; and legal issues. Throughout the book, a case study of a boy who was injured at age eight, illustrates the effects of TBI on education, socialisation and independence. Parent statements at the end of each chapter attest to the variety of response families have, and offer insight about the experience of raising a child with TBI. A resource guide of support and advocacy organisations, a reading list, and glossary round out this authoritative guide. This book is useful to professionals who provide services to children with TBI and their families. General and special educators will find it essential reading to help their students with TBI. But most of all, the book gives parents the hope and facts they need to improve the outcome of their child's recovery.

Special Education Law

Author : Steven S. Goldberg
ISBN : 9781461592457
Genre : Law
File Size : 49. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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To any professional concerned with exceptional children, it would be the greatest understatement to say that the courts and legislatures have had a tremendous impact on the field of speeial education. Especially in the last decade, a flood of litigation filed to develop and define the right to education of previously unserved handicapped children has left no special education teacher, school adminis trator, nurse, educational psychologist, or pediatrician unaffected-either be cause these professionals are daily called upon to help children, or because they may come forward as witnesses on behalf of children who are the subjects of special education meetings, individualized education programs, placement hear ings, or judicial proceedings. Thus, for these people, questions regarding a student's legal rights are immediate and pervasive. This book developed out of the need to provide nonlegal professionals with a lawyer's view of the huge body of court cases and federal laws and regulations that affect their practice as well as their students and clients. An introductory chapter provides the historical basis of the current interface between law and special education. The Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 and Sec tion 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and their regulations promulgated in 1977, are the major national laws in the field ~nd are therefore described in Chapters 2 and 3.

Linking Arms

Author : Pamela R. McDaniel, PhD
ISBN : 9781483697390
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 66. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Navigating the world of disability services and programs is very frustrating and overwhelming. Regardless of your career status or educational background, when you learn that your child has a disability, you begin a journey that takes you into a life filled with strong emotions and difficult choices that affect the entire family. Another part of that journey is the interaction with many different professionals and specialists and the continuous need for information, supports, and services. I began the journey of emotions and navigating the world of disability supports and services in 2001 when my son Cory was born. He wasn’t expected to live to one day. I was told not to get my hopes up and that his brain hadn’t fully developed. Life as I knew it was over. I felt like my life came to an abrupt halt. My priorities and focus shifted. I was now a mother, advocate, advanced researcher, and full-time prayer warrior. I had to abandon my old way of thinking and depend on others for information and support as I learned to care for this special little boy. My son is now eleven years old, and I continue to navigate the world of disability to make sure Cory has the proper supports and services put in place and that he is included in his school and community. I have learned a whole new set of skills in order to be a good mother and effective advocate for Cory. I joined parents’ support groups to link with other families who could relate to my struggles, concerns, and frustrations. It was in those support groups that I learned about other resources and agencies that could help me better understand my son’s disabilities. I became part of a community of parent leaders who advocated not only for the rights of their children but for the rights of all children who lived with a disability. Parents of children with disabilities need to be encouraged to develop their potentials as leaders. They generally have the most consistent, knowledgeable ability on their child’s development. Training parents to be leaders allows them to build their confidence and the skills needed to advocate and work with the many professionals who provide the healthcare and educational services for their children to have successful outcomes and a good quality of life. I wrote this book to encourage parents, advocates, and caregivers who take care of children with disabilities to educate them on the importance of leadership development and empower them in their journey. Developing parent leadership is a continuous process. I believe it takes “parents training parents” and forming a support network to give them the opportunity for personal growth, reflection, and knowledge to gain skills to function in leadership roles that effect change for children with disabilities. It is so important for the “parent voice” to be heard. This book provides parents with the basic knowledge on developing leadership skills and gives them an understanding of diverse learning styles and leadership competencies. I am the parent of a child who is medically fragile. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed and alone. So I encourage all of you who are reading this book to get connected. Get involved with a parents’ support group, and register for trainings to help develop advocacy and leadership skills necessary to navigate the disability system. It’s not enough to just read about leadership; it takes getting involved and putting theory into practice.

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