the excavation of the prehistoric burial tumulus at lofkend albania monumenta archaeologica

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The Excavation Of The Prehistoric Burial Tumulus At Lofk Nd Albania Illustrations

Author : John K. Papadopoulos
ISBN : 1938770005
Genre : History
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The burial tumulus of Lofkend lies in one of the richest archaeological areas of Albania - home to a number of burial tumuli from later prehistory. The recovery of surviving plant remains, bones, and other organic material contribute insights into the environmental and ecological history of the region.

The Excavation Of The Prehistoric Burial Tumulus At Lofk Nd Albania

Author : John K. Papadopoulos
ISBN : OCLC:905543012
Genre :
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Daidalos And The Origins Of Greek Art

Author : Sarah P. Morris
ISBN : 069100160X
Genre : Art
File Size : 39. 48 MB
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This book uses the myths surrounding Daidalos as an example to describe the profound influence of the Near East on ancient Greece's artistic and literary origins. Morris's broad focus on the Mediterranean world combined with her interdisciplinary apppraoch allows for new insights into a wide range of topics, including the meaning of myth, sculpture, the evolution of the alphabet, Homeric poetics, and Attic drama. `Gathering an imposing array of linguistic, literary, archaeological and historical sources from around the Mediterranean, the author has demonstrated the profound, appreciative dependence of the Greeks on the Levantine east begining in the Bronze Age' - Choice .

The Box Project

Author : Lyssa C. Stapleton
ISBN : 0974516899
Genre : Fiberwork
File Size : 78. 13 MB
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The Neolithic Settlement

Author : Elizabeth C. Banks
ISBN : 9781621390275
Genre : Social Science
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This volume complements Lerna V: The Neolithic Pottery of Lerna, by K. D. Vitelli, and completes the primary publication of the results of the Neolithic remains retrieved during the excavations conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens from 1952 through 1958 at Lerna in the Argolid. It presents the buildings and other features of the Neolithic settlement with listings of related pottery, minor objects, lithics, fauna, and a catalogue of the minor objects. The study reveals a small agricultural community of Middle Neolithic date with houses of mud brick on stone foundations and various storage and thermal installations with a few burials scattered among them. A small Final Neolithic presence is documented by two graves and a group of “ash pits” of uncertain use. A catalogue of the minor objects includes mostly utilitarian objects of typical forms in stone, bone, and terracotta, and a few objects of decorative (e.g., ear studs) and symbolic significance (terracotta “tangas” and figurines). Appendixes include lists of walls and pottery lots, the inventory/lot numbers of the lithics published elsewhere by J. Kozlowski et al. (1996), and a summary of the fauna by D. S. Reese that clarifies and amplifies the earlier faunal study by N.-G. Gejvall (Lerna I).

Copper And Bronze In Art

Author : David A. Scott
ISBN : 0892366389
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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Pigments, corrosion products, and minerals are usually considered separately, either as painting materials or as the deterioration products of metals, even though they are often the same compounds. This 190-year review of the literature on copper and its alloys integrates that information across a broad spectrum of interests that are all too frequently compartmentalized. The author discusses the various environmental conditions to which copper alloy objects may be exposed-including burial, outdoor, and indoor museum environments-and the methods used to conserve them. The book also includes information on ancient and historical technologies, the nature of patina as it pertains to copper and bronze, and the use of copper corrosion materials as pigments. Chapters are organized primarily by chemical corrosion products and include topics such as early technologies, copper chlorides and bronze disease, the chemistry and history of turquoise, Egyptian blue and other synthetic copper silicates, the organic salts of copper in bronze corrosion, and aspects of bronze patinas. A detailed survey of conservation treatments for bronze objects is also provided. Four appendixes cover copper and bronze chemistry, replication experiments for early pigment recipes, a list of copper minerals and corrosion products, and X-ray diffraction studies.

Between The Aegean And The Baltic Seas

Author : Ioanna Galanaki
ISBN : 1935488201
Genre : History
File Size : 41. 65 MB
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Preface and Acknowledgments List of abbreviations KEYNOTE LECTURE; Joseph MARAN; Seaborne Contacts between the Aegean, the Balkans and the Central Mediterranean in the 3rd Millennium BC: The Unfolding of the Mediterranean World THEORETICAL ISSUES; Kristian KRISTIANSEN and Thomas LARSSON; Contacts and Travels during the 2nd Millennium BC. Warriors on the Move;; Birgitta EDER; The Power of Seals: Palaces, Peripheries and Territorial Control in the Mycenaean World;; Anthony F. HARDING; Interconnections between the Aegean and Continental Europe in the Bronze and Early Iron Ages: Moving beyond Scepticism;; Staa BABIC; Translation Zones or Gateway Communities Revisited: The Case of Trebenite and Sindos;; Stefanie A.H. KENNELL; Schliemann's Comparative Approach to European Prehistory: The Personal Element EARLY ENCOUNTERS; Vassiliki ADRYMI-SISMANI; Le site chalcolithique de Microthebes au carrefour du monde egeen et des Balkans du Nord;; Jorg RAMBACH; Olympia and Andravida-Lechaina: Two Bronze Age Sites in the Northwest Peloponnese; with Far-reaching Overseas Cultural Connections;; Volker HEYD; When the West Meets the East: The Eastern Periphery of the Bell Beaker Phenomenon; and its Relation with the Aegean Early Bronze Age;; Jacqueline BALEN and Sanjin MIHELIC; Silver Axes from Stari Jankovci and the Problem of Finds of Precious Metals during the Early Bronze Age in Continental Croatia;; Cristina ENACHESCU; The Cernavoda III-Boleraz Phenomenon: Eneolithic, Kupferzeit, Jungsteinzeit or Early Bronze Age; Viktoria KISS; Contacts along the Danube: A Boat Model from the Early Bronze Age RECENT FIELDWORK; Michael GALATY; There Are Prehistoric Cities Up There: The Bronze and Iron Ages in Northern Albania;; Gilles TOUCHAIS et Petrika LERA; L'Albanie meridionale et le monde egeen a l'age du Bronze: problemes chronologiques et rapports culturels;; Bernhard HANSEL; Agaische Siedlungsstrukturen in Monkodonja/Istrien?;; Biba TERAN; Cultural Connections between Caput Adriae and the Aegean in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age;; Anastasia CHRYSOSTOMOU und Anastasia GEORGIADOU; Siedlungen und Nekropolen der spaten Bronze- und fruhen Eisenzeit in Almopia und aussere Einflusse BURIAL, IDEOLOGY AND SOCIETY; Sylvie MULLER-CELKA; L'origine balkanique des tumuli helladiques (HA-HM): reflexions sur l'etat de la question;; Elisabetta BORGNA and Paola CASSOLA GUIDA; At the Fringe of the Tumulus Culture: Bronze Age Tumuli of North-Eastern Italy between Europe and the Aegean;; Lorenc BEJKO; Expression of Identities in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Southeastern Albania;; Zlatko VIDESKI; Mycenaean Influences in the Fyro Macedonia Identified in the Late Bronze Age Cemeteries;; Reinhard JUNG; Woher kamen die Brandbestattungsriten der spatbronzezeitlichen Agais?;; Nona PALINCAS; Contacts With the Aegean and Their Social Impact in the Late Bronze Age in the Lower Danube;; Skender ALIU; Les bijoux de la periode du bronze recent et de la periode du fer ancien dans la region de Kolonja;; Mariya Ivanova; Things Unfound: Patterns of Warfare in the Early Bronze Age Aegean and Thrace;; Konstantinos KALOGEROPOULOS; Miniature Clay Anthropomorphic Representations in Greece and Europe through the Late Mycenaean Period: Similarities and Differences;; Hrvoje POTREBICA; Aegean Concepts in the Eastern Hallstatt Culture? INTERACTION; Soultana Maria VALAMOTI; Food Across Borders: A Consideration of the Neolithic and Bronze Age; Archaeobotanical Evidence from Northern Greece;; Barbara HOREJS; Macedonia: Mediator or Buffer Zone between Cultural Spheres?;; Neculai BOLOHAN; New Stories about Buffer Territories in the Balkans;; Daria LONJAK DIZDAR; A Contribution to Understanding the Relations (or Lack of Relations) between the Croatian Danube Region; and the Aegean at the Beginning of the Second Millennium BC;; S?awomir KADROW; North of the Carpathians - The Outskirts of the Aegean World?;; Magnus ARTURSSON and Franco NICOLIS; Cultural Relations between the Mediterranean and the Baltic Seas during the Bronze Age?; The Evidence from Northern Italy and Southern Scandinavia;; Kristina MIHOVILIC; Istrian Contacts with the Aegean throughout the Early Iron Age AMBER ROUTE;; Aleksandar PALAVESTRA; Was there an Amber Route?;; Jan BOUZEK; The Amber Route, Apollo and the Hyperboreans;; Janusz CZEBRESZUK; Amber between the Baltic and the Aegean in the Third and Second Millennia BC; (An Outline of Major Issues);; Katarzyna SLUSARSKA; Some Remarks on the Possibility that there existed an Eastern Branch; in the System of Amber Routes in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages;; Massimo CULTRARO; Evidence of Amber in Bronze Age Sicily: Local Sources and the Balkan-Mycenaean Connection LITHICS, WEAPONS, BEADS AND BONE ARTIFACTS; Ivan GATSOV and Lia KARIMALI; Lithic Assemblages of the Northeastern and Southern Aegean during the Bronze Age: A Comparison;; Eleni ANDRIKOU; New Evidence on Mycenaean Bronze Corselets from Thebes in Boeotia; and the Bronze Age Sequence of Corselets in Greece and Europe; Wolfgang DAVID; Gold and Bone Artefacts as Evidence of Mutual Contact between the Aegean; the Carpathian Basin and Southern Germany in the Second Millennium BC;; Georg NIGHTINGALE; Lefkandi. An Important Node in the International Exchange Network; of Jewellery and Personal Adornment METALS; Constantinos PASCHALIDIS; Euboea at the Crossroads of the Metal Trade: The Aegean and the Black Sea; in the Late Bronze Age;; Krassimir LESHTAKOV; The Eastern Balkans in the Aegean Economic System during the LBA.; Ox-Hide and Bun Ingots in Bulgarian Lands;; Evangelia PAPADOPOULOU; Western Greece and the North in the Late Bronze Age: The Evidence of Metalwork and Objects of Exotic Material POTTERY; Marta GUZOWSKA and Assaf YASUR-LANDAU; Handmade Burnished Ware in the Levant;; Clarissa BELARDELLI and Marco BETTELLI; Different Technological Levels of Pottery Production: Barbarian and Grey Ware; between the Aegean and Europe in the Late Bronze Age;; Aleksandra PAPAZOVSKA SANEV; Matt-Painted Pottery from the Iron Age in the FYR Macedonia.

Method And Theory In Paleoethnobotany

Author : John M. Marston
ISBN : 9781607323167
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 35. 1 MB
Format : PDF
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Paleoethnobotany, the study of archaeological plant remains, is poised at the intersection of the study of the past and concerns of the present, including agricultural decision making, biodiversity, and global environmental change, and has much to offer to archaeology, anthropology, and the interdisciplinary study of human relationships with the natural world. Method and Theory in Paleoethnobotany demonstrates those connections and highlights the increasing relevance of the study of past human-plant interactions for understanding the present and future. A diverse and highly regarded group of scholars reference a broad array of literature from around the world as they cover their areas of expertise in the practice and theory of paleoethnobotany—starch grain analysis, stable isotope analysis, ancient DNA, digital data management, and ecological and postprocessual theory. The only comprehensive edited volume focusing on method and theory to appear in the last twenty-five years, Method and Theory in Paleoethnobotany addresses the new areas of inquiry that have become central to contemporary archaeological debates, as well as the current state of theoretical, methodological, and empirical work in paleoethnobotany.

Agricultural Sustainability And Environmental Change At Ancient Gordion

Author : John M. Marston
ISBN : 9781934536919
Genre : History
File Size : 29. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book publishes the results of 220 botanical samples from the 1993-2002 Gordion excavations directed by Mary Voigt. Together with Naomi Miller's 2010 volume (Gordion Special Studies 5), this book completes the publication of botanical samples from Voigt's excavations. The book aims to reconstruct agricultural decision making using archaeological and paleoenvironmental data from Gordion to describe environmental and agricultural changes at the site. John M. Marston argues that different political and economic systems implemented over time at Gordion resulted in patterns of agricultural decision making that were well adapted to the social setting of farmers in each period, but that these practices had divergent environmental impacts, with some regimes sponsoring sustainable agricultural practices and others leading to significant environmental change. The implications of this book are twofold: Gordion will now be one of the best published agricultural datasets from the entire Near East and, thus, serve as a valuable comparable dataset for regional synthesis of agricultural and environmental change, and the methods the author developed to reconstruct agricultural change at Gordion serves as tools to engage questions about the relationship between social and environmental change at sites worldwide. Other books address similar themes but none in the Near East address these themes in diachronic perspective such as we have at Gordion. Museum Monograph 145

The Archaeology Of Anatolia Volume Ii

Author : Sharon R. Steadman
ISBN : 9781527515659
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This second volume in the Archaeology of Anatolia series offers reports on the most recent discoveries from across the Anatolian peninsula. Periods covered span the Epipalaeolithic to the Islamic, and sites and regions range from the western Anatolian coast to Van, as well as the southeast. Also included here are both reviews of recent work at ongoing excavations and data retrieved from the last several years of survey projects. This series presents a forum in which scholars report their most recent data to a global audience, allowing for productive engagement with others working in and near Anatolia. Published every two years, The Archaeology of Anatolia: Recent Discoveries Series is an invaluable vehicle through which working archaeologists may carry out their most critical task: the presentation of their fieldwork and laboratory research in a timely fashion.

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