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The Extra Yard

Author : Mike Lupica
ISBN : 9781481410021
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 66. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Teddy, a young football player, learns that sometimes bridging the distance in your family can be harder than stretching for an extra yard on the field in the second book of the Home Team series from New York Times bestselling author and sports-writing legend Mike Lupica. Last spring Teddy’s life changed for the better. He started working out, shaping up, and even earned a spot on the Walton baseball team, that went all the way to the Little League World Series. But the best things to come out of that season were his friendships with Jack, Cassie, and Gus, and the confidence to finally try out for the sport he really loves—football. So when eighth grade begins, Teddy couldn’t be more psyched. Until his mom drops a bomb: his father—who left them a long time ago—is back in Walton and back in their lives. And Teddy isn’t happy about it. As a former star football player at the school, Teddy’s dad is thrilled to find out his son is going out for the team, but Teddy begins to wonder if his father only cares about him now because he’s putting on the helmet. Can Teddy find a way to go the extra yard for the team and for himself, or is the distance between him and his father too much to overcome?

Point Guard

Author : Mike Lupica
ISBN : 9781481410038
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 79. 87 MB
Format : PDF
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"It's basketball season for the home team but Gus must wrestle with prejudice when he's the only one bothered by Cassie joining the boys' team and his teammate Steve makes fun of Gus's Dominican heritage"--

The Only Game

Author : Mike Lupica
ISBN : 9781481409971
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 81. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Can a young baseball star maintain his love of the game after the loss of his brother? Find out in this start to the Home Team series about a small town with high hopes, from New York Times bestselling author and sportswriting legend Mike Lupica. Jack Callahan is the star of his baseball team and seventh grade is supposed to be his year. Undefeated season. Records shattered. Little League World Series. The works. That is, until he up and quits. Jack’s best friend Gus can’t understand how Jack could leave a game that means more to them than anything else. But Jack is done. It’s a year of change. Jack’s brother has passed away, and though his family and friends and the whole town of Walton thinks baseball is just the thing he needs to move on, Jack feels it’s anything but. In comes Cassie Bennett, star softball player, and the only person who seems to think Jack shouldn’t play if he doesn’t want to. As Jack and Cassie’s friendship deepens, their circle expands to include Teddy, a guy who’s been bullied because of his weight. Time spent with these new friends unlocks something within Jack, and with their help and the support of his family and his old friends, Jack discovers sometimes it’s more than just the love of the game that keeps us moving forward—and he might just be able to find his way back to The Only Game, after all.

Football S Best Offensive Playbook

Author : Dwight Hawkes
ISBN : 0873225740
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Gathers offensive plays used by successful high school and college teams, lists player assignments for each play, and discusses strategy and coaching

The Great Healthy Yard Project

Author : Diane Lewis
ISBN : 9781938314872
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 50. 4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Who knew gardening could be so important? With 80 million pounds of pesticides being used on residential lawns in America every year, changing the way we care for our yards is indeed very important. In fact a 2013 study released by the United States Geological Survey found the chemicals that we are putting in our yards are now in every stream, river and lake and half of our well water. Together, these are the sources of our drinking water. So what, exactly, are these chemicals and what do they do to us and how? And how do they get from our yards to our taps? Dr. Diane Lewis, a physician, describes in cogent, nuanced terms how we are polluting our drinking water and why this puts a cloud over our children’s future, increasing their risk for diseases as diverse as diabetes, autism and cancer. Then she gives us a surprisingly easy way to fix the problem by working together to chart a happier, healthier course forward for our families with no extra time or money by changing the way we steward our yards. Homeowners control most of the land in America, together we can protect our children’s drinking water. The Great Healthy Yard Project defines the scope of the problem of lawn chemicals polluting our drinking water and the history of how we as a society got to the point where casual usage causes pervasive pollution. Chapters lay out how water works, how these chemicals wind up in our drinking water and what they actually do to our bodies, as well as alternative ways to care for our lawns and gardens. It ends by asking readers to take the pledge to care for your yard without chemicals that will tarnish our water. Join us!

Baseball Genius

Author : Tim Green
ISBN : 9781481468640
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 87. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An average kid with an above average talent for predicting baseball pitches tries to help his favorite player out of a slump in this entertaining novel from bestselling authors Tim Green and Derek Jeter. Jalen DeLuca loves baseball. Unfortunately his dad can’t afford to keep him on the travel team. His dad runs a diner and makes enough to cover the bills, but there isn’t enough to cover any extras. So Jalen decides to take matters into his own hands and he sneaks into the home of the New York Yankee’s star second baseman, James Yager, and steals a couple of balls from his personal batting cage. He knows that if he can sell them, he’ll be able to keep himself on the team. But like the best-laid plans—or in this case the worst!—Jalen’s scheme goes wrong when Yager catches him. But Jalen has a secret: his baseball genius. He can analyze and predict almost exactly what a pitcher is going to do with his next pitch. He can’t quite explain how he knows, he just knows. And after proving to Yager that he really can do this, using a televised game and predicting pitch after pitch with perfect accuracy, the two agree to a deal. Jalen will help Yager out of his batting slump and Yager won’t press charges. However, when he begins to suspect that the team’s general manager has his own agenda, Jalen’s going to need his friends and his unusual baseball talent to save not only Yager’s career, but his own good name.

Last Man Out

Author : Mike Lupica
ISBN : 0147514916
Genre :
File Size : 22. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From the #1 bestselling author of Heat, Travel Team and Fantasy League comes a story of heroes, family, the thrills of skateboarding, and football. When the Brighton Bears suit up on game day, 12-year-old Tommy Gallagher is the toughest kid on the football field. And the bravest. After all, his father Patrick is a Boston firefighter--one of Boston's bravest. Tommy's dad taught him everything he knows about football--and life. Yet even Tommy isn't strong enough for what happens when the sirens ring and, for the first time, they're racing away from the fire. "First man in; last man out" had always been his dad's motto . . . yet he never said anything about leaving in an ambulance. Now Tommy's biggest battle has nothing to do with football. And the kid who always had such respect for risk on the gridiron finds himself drawn to it off the field. Set in New England, home of the Patriots' football dynasty, Mike Lupica shows off his trademark knack for spinning a tale that's equal parts sports action and heart. Last Man Out is a thoughtful tribute to the bravery of firefighters and the need we all have to live up to the level of our heroes. "As is characteristic of Lupica's books, the sports segments, most particularly the football portions, are exceptionally well written." --VOYA "In the best traditions of sports writing, this will leave readers both breathless and thoughtful." --Booklist

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