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The Faber Book Of Madness

Author : Roy Porter
ISBN : 0571143881
Genre : Insanity (Law).
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It is true that little is known about the mind and for that matter the mind in the state of derangement. This book does not unlock the secrets of either but it does give the reader a look into the different states and perhaps possible causes that lead to insanity. The author provides a collaboration of letters taken from history that describes the point of view of the patient and their families as well as the physicians who dealt with the patients.


Author : Roy Porter
ISBN : UOM:39015054142552
Genre : Medical
File Size : 24. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A fascinating history of "madness" offers readers a sweeping history of mental illness and its treatment, from holes drilled in five-thousand-year-old skulls to the latest in modern psychotropic drugs.

Unholy Madness

Author : Seth Farber
ISBN : 0830819398
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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For nearly four decades social critics such as Philip Rieff and Christopher Lasch have bemoaned the "triumph of the therapeutic" in our "culture of narcissism." But whatever their level of uneasiness about the psychologizing of reality, most Christians have made some degree of peace with the reigning power of psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic outlooks. Seth Farber is not one of those Christians. In his estimation psychotherapy has become "a replacement for involvement in the spiritual life of the church," with pastors and other Christian leaders too quickly deferring to psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. Unholy Madness is prompted by Farber's passionate insistence that Christianity and psychiatry are nothing less than competing faiths. Farber's radical argument cuts to the root of the mental health system and challenges the church to consider how much it may have constricted its own vision and neglected its unique responsibilities in its accomodation to that system. Taking on giants from Augustine to Freud, wide-ranging and never boring, Unholy Madness is not likely to persuade all its readers. But none will be able to see these issues in the same way again. -- Publisher.

The Madness Of King George

Author : Alan Bennett
ISBN : 057117616X
Genre : Drama
File Size : 24. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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30 years into his reign, the King of England starts to go a little mad; his court hires a new, radical doctor to try to cure him, but what he really needs in the love of a good queen.

Crusoe S Island

Author : Andrew Lambert
ISBN : 9780571330256
Genre : History
File Size : 20. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From an acclaimed naval historian, Crusoe's Island charts the curious relationship between the British and an island on the other side of the world: Robinson Crusoe, in the South Pacific. The tiny island assumed a remarkable position in British culture, most famously in Daniel Defoe's novel. Andrew Lambert reveals the truth behind the legend of this place, bringing to life the voices of the visiting sailors, scientists and artists, as well as the wonders, tragedy and violence that they encountered.

All Is Beauty Now

Author : Sarah Faber
ISBN : 9780316394949
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Set against the seductive world of 1960s Rio de Janeiro, an exquisite debut novel about family secrets, divided loyalties, and what we're willing to do to save ourselves. This mesmerizing first novel follows a glamorous family as they prepare to leave the seeming paradise of Brazil for Canada in the wake to the mysterious disappearance--and presumed drowning--of their eldest daughter a year earlier. As the novel moves back and forth between the members of the Maurer family, we are taken into the heart of a family whose beauty and charm belie a more troubling reality. We meet the family's brilliant and charismatic father, whose bipolar extremes are becoming increasingly disturbing; his long-suffering wife, who once had a brief affair that proves to have shattering consequences for the family she swore to protect; their two remaining daughters, both on the brink of understanding the darker currents that run in their once-proud family; and the lost daughter herself, a beautiful young woman undone by her own grand delusions. Taking readers from the golden beaches of Rio to the poverty of its fishing villages, from the glamour of the legendary Copacabana Club to the austerity of a remote convent, this revelatory novel takes us into the soul of a family already living in the shadow of loss and now poised to leave behind everything they've ever known, if only they could make peace with the past.

The Spiritual Gift Of Madness

Author : Seth Farber
ISBN : 9781594777035
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 32. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A bold call for the “insane” to reclaim their rightful role as prophets of spiritual and cultural transformation • Explains how many of those diagnosed as schizophrenic, bipolar, and other forms of “madness” are not ill but experiencing a spiritual awakening • Explores the rise of Mad Pride and the mental patients’ liberation movement • Reveals how those seen as “mad” must embrace their spiritual gifts to help the coming global spiritual transition Many of the great prophets of the past experienced madness--a breakdown followed by a breakthrough, spiritual death followed by rebirth. With the advent of modern psychiatry, the budding prophets of today are captured and transformed into chronic mental patients before they can flower into the visionaries and mystics they were intended to become. As we approach the tipping point between extinction and global spiritual awakening, there is a deep need for these prophets to embrace their spiritual gifts. To make this happen, we must learn to respect the sanctity of madness. We need to cultivate Mad Pride. Exploring the rise of Mad Pride and the mental patients’ liberation movement as well as building upon psychiatrist R. D. Laing’s revolutionary theories, Seth Farber, Ph.D., explains that diagnosing people as mad has more to do with social control than therapy. Many of those labeled as schizophrenic, bipolar, and other kinds of “mad” are not ill but simply experiencing different forms of spiritual awakening: they are seeing and feeling what is wrong with society and what needs to be done to change it. Farber shares his interviews with former schizophrenics who now lead successful and inspiring lives. He shows that it is impossible for society to change as long as the mad are suppressed because they are our catalysts of social change. By reclaiming their rightful role as prophets of spiritual and cultural revitalization, the mad--by seeding new visions for our future--can help humanity overcome the spiritual crisis that endangers our survival and lead us to a higher and long-awaited stage of spiritual development.

Another Kind Of Madness

Author : Stephen Hinshaw
ISBN : 9781250113368
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 31. 67 MB
Format : PDF
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"Families are riddled with untold secrets. But Stephen Hinshaw would have never thought that in his family a profound secret had been kept under lock and key for 18 years. From the moment his father revealed his long history with mental illness and involuntary hospitalizations, Hinshaw knew his life would be changed forever. Hinshaw calls his father's reveal "psychological birth"--after years of experiencing the ups and downs of his father's illness without knowing it existed, watching him disappear for weeks at a time only to return as the loving father he had always known, everything he experienced as a child began to make sense. He learned as much as possible about his father's illness, and what began as an exploration into his father's past and mental health turned into a full-fledged career as a clinical psychologist. In Another Kind of Madness, Hinshaw explores the burden of living in a family "loaded" with mental illness and debunks the "stigma" behind it, explaining that in today's society, mental health problems can result in a loss of a driver's license, inability to vote or run for office, ineligibility for jury service, or automatic relinquishment of child custody. With a moving personal narrative and shocking facts about how America views mental health conditions in the 21st century, Another Kind of Madness is a passionate call to arms regarding the importance of destigmatizing mental illness"--

Mary Barnes

Author : Mary Barnes
ISBN : 159051016X
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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For thirty years Mary Barnes was a schizophrenic. This is the story of her resurrection. In 1966, Mary Barnes was a hopeless schizophrenic, and Joseph Berke was a young doctor rebelling against the restrictions of American psychiatry. This is the story of Barnes's resurrection, Berke's devotion, and the remarkable friendship that blossomed between them. With love and courage, they recount a tale of mutual dedication to healing without the use of psychoactive medication, chronicling how Barnes emerges from the turmoil of madness as a renowned painter. Her artistic development is beautifully illustrated in this volume as a visual analogy for the revolutionary psychic work in which she and Berke were engaged. Told by Barnes and Berke together, the story overflows with poignancy, insight, and sensitivity. The power of this dual-voiced narrative becomes clear as the story progresses: from Barnes, we hear reflections on the subjective experience of madness and on the often arduous process of healing. From Berke, we see Barnes from the vantage point of a dedicated clinician—the voice who, when Barnes risked becoming engulfed by her feelings of disorientation, would say "Squeeze out your badness into me." The richness afforded by this double perspective is what makes Mary Barnes's story as compelling and enthralling as it is. Now back in print with the addition of new epilogues by both Barnes and Berke, this edition is truly complete. "Fragmentary, onrushing, claustrophobic...A travelogue through a psychic Walpurgis Night [that] combines a personal drama of redemption from 'madness' with a profound, revolutionary statement on how a free community of souls can interact for the good of its individuals." -Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times

Red Star Sister

Author : Leslie Brody
ISBN : STANFORD:36105021325910
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 40. 58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A memoir of the author's coming-of-age in the radical counterculture of the late sixties and early seventies

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