the growing outofschool time field

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The Growing Outofschool Time Field

Author : Helen Janc Malone
ISBN : 9781641130301
Genre : Education
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The Information Age Publishing new book series, Current Issues in OutofSchool Time, is designed with a purpose to disseminate original research and promising practices that further the OST field. This first book sets the foundation on which the series rests upon, by offering an analysis of the progress made since the 2000s, as well as by looking toward the future for areas of considerations. Leading OST experts explore latest knowledge, intentionally bridging research and practice, and propose new areas of inquiry within each of the following six sections: 1. OST as a vehicle for young people’s development; 2. sociocultural dimensions of OST; 3. professional development within OST; 4. research and evaluationinformed field; 5. OST advocacy; and 6. future directions for the OST field. The OST field has grown considerably over the last two decades. Today, we have the frameworks, practice and researchbased knowledge and tools, and burgeoning paths to advance the field across multiple dimensions: demographic, stakeholder groups, contexts, systems and sectors, and disciplines. The hallmark of the OST field has been the ability to remain agile and adaptable to change in a way that complements the field and supports all children and young people in diverse ways. This anthology is designed to be a platform for researchpractice discussions and future directions that could further grow, sustain, and improve the field. We hope this book inspires both reflections and conversations on the OST field. Endorsements: It has been clear for some time that the socalled achievement gap is driven in part by gaps in educational opportunities. Providing access to high quality outofschool learning experiences is one of the most important measures that can be taken to reduce disparities and level the playing field. The authors in this important new book show us not only how to create such programs but why it matters to our collective future. Timely, relevant, and readable, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to close gaps in educational opportunities. Pedro A. Noguera, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Education, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies As the chair of the NAS/NRC committee that wrote the report Community programs to support youth development, I am delighted by this book. When we wrote the report in 2002, there were few systematic attempts to organize and theorize the emerging field of positive youth development. As the editors and chapter authors in this book make very clear, a great deal has happened at all levels of scholarship in this field over the last 15 years. Both this volume and the new book series that it is initiating signal the maturing of this field from childhood, through adolescence, and now into emerging adulthood. The breadth of work discussed in this collection is exceptionally broad, ranging from psychological theorizing about the impact of youth serving programs in the outofschool time period to social policy analyses of how to grow the profession of OST Youth Professionals and create steady funding streams to support OST programming. All topics are critically discussed and new directions are suggested. I consider this book to be required reading of all students, scholars, professional, and practitioners in the field of positive youth development and OST programming. I go even further by suggesting it be read broadly by anyone interested in the education and development of young people around the world. There is no better collection available for educators, parents, community activists, and social policy makers concerned with positive youth development. I believe this collection lays a very strong foundation for achieving the goal set forth by Karen Pittman for the field to move from "Where and when to what and how." Jacquelynne S. Eccles, Distinguished University Professor of Education, University of California, Irvine The impressive growth of OST programs represents one of the brightest spots on the American educational landscape. Importantly, as this book portrays, what began a series of programs and local initiatives has now grown into a maturing field, with standards, scholarship, organizations, policies, and funding at the national, state, and local levels. And more than a field, OST carries the urgency, energy, and passion of a movement for social justice. The Growing OutofSchool Time Field offers a comprehensive review of earlier decades of work and points the way forward for the field’s future development. It should be read not only by those involved in the OST field, but by all educators who seek to create inclusive and powerful learning environments. Policymakers, as well, would benefit from deeper knowledge of this movement. It holds a key to preparing today’s youth for an uncertain future, where the nature of work is changing, norms of society are shifting, and multicultural, global perspectives are needed. Milton Chen, Ph.D., Senior Fellow & Executive Director, Emeritus, George Lucas Educational Foundation (

Social And Emotional Learning In Out Of School Time

Author : Elizabeth Devaney
ISBN : 9781641133869
Genre : Education
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This volume focuses on social and emotional learning (SEL) from a variety of perspectives. The goal of the volume is to offer a clear framing of SEL in relation to other related out-of-school time concepts and initiatives. SEL has gained popularity as a concept in recent years and there remains confusion as well as great interest in the meaning and implementation of SEL in OST. Policymakers, researchers, and practitioners are pursuing work related to SEL in OST and this volume offers an opportunity to share that work by: • Defining and explaining SEL in a variety of out of school contexts and highlighting opportunities for integration and alignment with other fields (e.g., formal education) • Clarifying the language and framework confusion and honoring the field’s foundation in thinking about social and emotional development through high quality youth development practice • Sharing information about current trends and new developments and how that work is shaping the field across the developmental continuum • Making the research to practice connection by including in each chapter foundational research on the topic, evidence of effective efforts, and practical implications • Offering recommendations for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers related to SEL in OST settings ENDORSEMENTS "The social and emotional development of our nation's youth is a common, essential concern of those working in school and out of school. This volume will be the catalyst for long overdue conversation, collaboration, and synergy. It is essential reading for practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in both contexts who are concerned with preparing children for the tests of life, and not a life of tests." ~ Maurice J. Elias, Ph.D., Rutgers University, Co-director, Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools and After School Settings "Having spent all of my adult life working with, and advocating for, high-quality youth programming, I understand the critical role out-of-school-time (OST) programs play in the social and emotional development of young people. As the Executive Director of the New York State Network for Youth Success, I am thrilled to see such a comprehensive view of current best practices and research on social-emotional learning (SEL) in OST programs. It is exciting and encouraging to see so much documented progress with SEL in OST condensed into one comprehensive book that furthers understanding of both research-informed practices and systems building around policy. This book, edited by two leading researchers in the field, Elizabeth Devaney and Deborah Moroney, should be required reading for any practitioners, policy makers, and educators in the field. Both the editors' and contributors' emphasis on making SEL an "intentional practice" is the exact conversation we all should be having right now." ~ Kelly Malone Sturgis, Executive Director, New York State Network for Youth Success "Social Emotional Learning and Out-Of-School-Time: Foundations and Futures is an extremely important and timely publication. The scope and depth of this work makes it a must read for any serious out-of-school-time or K-12 educator. In 2014 California identified social emotional learning as the most promising bridge to bring coherence between expanded learning programs and the school day. (A Vision for Expanded Learning in California – Strategic Plan 2014-2016) I have found this to be the exact case. All across California, school day and out-of-school-time professionals are having deep and authentic conversations about youth centered collaborative efforts. We also know that providing social emotional development opportunities is a corner stone for any high quality out-of-school-time program. I plan to share this publication widely with K-12 educators, policy makers, parents and so many others." ~ Michael Funk, Director, Expanded Learning Division, California Department of Education

The Sage Encyclopedia Of Out Of School Learning

Author : Kylie Peppler
ISBN : 9781483385204
Genre : Education
File Size : 64. 5 MB
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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Out-of-School Learning documents what the best research has revealed about out-of-school learning: what facilitates or hampers it; where it takes place most effectively; how we can encourage it to develop talents and strengthen communities; and why it matters. Key features include: Approximately 260 articles organized A-to-Z in 2 volumes available in a choice of electronic or print formats. Signed articles, specially commissioned for this work and authored by key figures in the field, conclude with Cross References and Further Readings to guide students to the next step in a research journey. Reader’s Guide groups related articles within broad, thematic areas to make it easy for readers to spot additional relevant articles at a glance. Detailed Index, the Reader’s Guide, and Cross References combine for search-and-browse in the electronic version. Resource Guide points to classic books, journals, and web sites, including those of key associations.

Optimal Learning Environments To Promote Student Engagement

Author : David J. Shernoff
ISBN : 9781461470892
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 24. 66 MB
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Optimal Learning Environments to Promote Student Engagement analyzes the psychological, social, and academic phenomena comprising engagement, framing it as critical to learning and development. Drawing on positive psychology, flow studies, and theories of motivation, the book conceptualizes engagement as a learning experience, explaining how it occurs (or not) and how schools can adapt to maximize it among adolescents. Examples of empirically supported environments promoting engagement are provided, representing alternative high schools, Montessori schools, and extracurricular programs. The book identifies key innovations including community-school partnerships, technology-supported learning, and the potential for engaging learning opportunities during an expanded school day. Among the topics covered: Engagement as a primary framework for understanding educational and motivational outcomes. Measuring the malleability, complexity, multidimensionality, and sources of engagement. The relationship between engagement and achievement. Supporting and challenging: the instructor’s role in promoting engagement. Engagement within and beyond core academic subjects. Technological innovations on the engagement horizon. Optimal Learning Environments to Promote Student Engagement is an essential resource for researchers, professionals, and graduate students in child and school psychology; social work; educational psychology; positive psychology; family studies; and teaching/teacher education.

New Perspectives On Compensation Strategies For The Out Of School Time Workforce

Author : Gwen Morgan
ISBN : CORNELL:31924092396922
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 67. 33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Making Out Of School Time Matter

Author : Susan J. Bodilly
ISBN : 9780833040640
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Presents the findings of a broad-ranging literature review intended to identify, frame, and assess relevant issues concerning effective out-of-school-time (OST) programs. Drawing on recent studies the authors identify and address the level of demand for OST services, the effectiveness of offerings, what constitutes quality in OST programs, how to encourage participation, and how to build further community capacity. They make recommendations for improving the information used in policy making.

Tales Out Of School

Author : Linda Marie Arbour, MRE, MEd
ISBN : 9781450289115
Genre : Education
File Size : 46. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Tales Out of School presents a memoir offering a critical examination of the culture that exists with with an analysis of the unconscious and theoretical dimensions of this psychological and sociological agenda. Author Linda Arbour reflects upon her experience as student, teacher, and administrator in the multi-racial, multi-ethnic, public secondary Catholic schools of Toronto, Ontario. Arbour insists that these schools exist to transmit the counter-cultural values of Jesus, values of equality and inclusion, where power is used to enhance the growth and flourishing of everyone, not merely to duplicate the secular norms of social upward mobility and individual status. Even so, as viewed through the lens of a newly recognized social Catholic tradition, she describes the cultural impasse she encountered while trying to realize these values. Within the structure of the Catholic school system, she discovered a morass of traditional male privilege and cronyism and a professional culture hostile to the flourishing of women as well as of teachers in general. She challenges future teachers and administrators to gain a heightened awareness in order to address these concerns within the context of the gospel by imagining a culture that emphasizes a concern for the most disciplined and talented students.

Out Of School Minors 16 And 17 In Pennsylvania

Author : Mrs. Ethel Edna Hanks Van Buskirk
ISBN : CORNELL:31924013830751
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Thinking Comprehensively About Education

Author : Ezekiel Dixon-Román
ISBN : 9781136318474
Genre : Education
File Size : 63. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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While much is known about the critical importance of educative experiences outside of school, little is known about the social systems, community programs, and everyday practices that can facilitate learning outside of the classroom. Thinking Comprehensively About Education sheds much-needed light on those systems, programs, and practices; conceptualizing education more broadly through a nuanced exploration of: the various spaces where education occurs; the non-dominant practices and possibilities of those spaces; the possibilities of enabling social systems, institutions, and programs of comprehensive education. This original edited collection identifies and describes the resources that enable optimal human learning and development, and offers a public policy framework that can enable a truly comprehensive educational system. Thinking Comprehensively About Education is a must-read for faculty, students, policy analysts, and policymakers.

Service As A Strategy In Out Of School Time

Author : Corporation for National and Community Service (U.S.)
ISBN : PURD:32754067873962
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 35. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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