the health care mess how we got into it and what it will take to get out

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The Health Care Mess

Author : Julius B. RICHMOND
ISBN : 9780674042711
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 48. 72 MB
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In this important new book, Julius Richmond and Rashi Fein recount the fraught history of health care in America since the 1960s, showing how the promises of medical advances have not been matched either by financing or by delivery of care. As a new crisis looms, and the existing patchwork of insurance is poised to unravel, American leaders must again take up the question of health care. This book brings the voice of reason and the promise of compromise to that debate.

The Health Care Mess

Author : Kip Sullivan
ISBN : 1420885510
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 79. 74 MB
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The rapid deterioration of the American health-care system, and the debate about what to do about it, is generating a maelstrom of news stories, magazine articles, and books. But the average person finds it difficult to make sense of this blizzard of information. Because the health-care system is large and complex, and because the symptoms of its decline are numerous, comprehensive reports about the health-care crisis are extremely rare. Comprehensive reports in everyday language are nonexistent. The Health-Care Mess was written to fill that void. It assumes the reader knows nothing about health policy. As Kip Sullivan puts it, The Health-Care Mess is the book he wishes someone had given to him in 1986 when he, a community organizer, jumped into the cold, choppy waters of the health-care reform debate. At that time, he had no training in health policy. But in the course of studying the health-care system and explaining its problems to thousands of people, he discovered that health policy is not only accessible but fascinating. The book resembles a textbook in that it treats a complex subject comprehensively, and it is meticulously documented. But it doesn't read like a textbook. The author speaks in an informal, conversational style, he makes minimal use of jargon, and explains what jargon he has to use. And he is not coy about expressing his opinions. He believes the health-care reform debate has been unduly influenced by big corporations, especially those in the insurance and drug industries. He concludes that the health-care crisis will be solved only when America adopts a "Medicare-for-all" system, a system in which universal coverage is implemented by expanding a reformed Medicareprogram to all Americans. The Health-Care Mess explains the debate about what's wrong with the health-care system, and how to fix it, in terms everyone can understand.

Raj S Practical Management Of Pain

Author : Honorio Benzon
ISBN : 9780323070799
Genre : Medical
File Size : 36. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Get the core knowledge in pain medicine you need from one of the most trusted resources in the field. The new fourth edition guides you through every aspect of pain medicine with concise descriptions of evaluation, diagnosis of pain syndromes, rationales for management, treatment modalities, and much more. From commonly seen pain syndromes, including headaches, trunk pain, orofacial pain, back pain, and extremity pain...through specific pain management challenges such as postoperative pain, pain due to cancer, phantom pain, and pain in the management of AIDS patients...this popular text will equip you with the know-how you need to effectively manage even your most challenging cases. A practical, multidisciplinary approach to pain management makes key concepts and techniques easier to apply to everyday practice. Expert contributors provide the latest knowledge on all aspects of pain management, from general principles through to specific management techniques. Detailed discussions of the latest concepts and treatment plans help you provide the best possible outcomes for all your patients. Extensively updated chapters acquaint you with the most current trends and techniques in pain management. A new section on complications helps you avoid and manage potential pitfalls. A new editorial team ensures that you are getting the freshest, most clinically relevant information available today. New, full-color art clarifies key concepts and techniques.

Health Care Law And Ethics

Author : Mark A. Hall
ISBN : 9781454819417
Genre : Law
File Size : 50. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Health Care Law and Ethics is the definitive casebook for covering all aspects of the dynamic field of health care law, including thought-provoking discussions of topical and controversial subject such as gene patenting and DNA banks. Its relationship-oriented approach is accessible and builds logically from ethics of the patient/provider relationship through to state and institutional involvement in health care. Drawing on current and classic case law, this text is appropriate for survey and specialized law school classes on health care law. The three soft-bound "splits", covering medical malpractice and treatment relationships; bioethics and public health and regulation; and insurance law and corporate law, make the material readily adaptable for more specialized course focus. The Eighth Edition has been thoroughly updated and includes new material on all aspects of the controversial Affordable Care Act, new case law and discussion of legislative responses to developments in biotech, and updates for HIPPA and the international aspects of public health. Features: Comprehensive coverage of key areas of health care law, including: Health care reform. Federalism and constitutional issues. Consumer-driven health care and health savings accounts. Prescription drug coverage. Accountable care organizations. Medical malpractice reform. Physician aid in dying. Genetics. Integrates public health and ethics issues and features clear notes that provide context, smooth transitions between cases, and background information. Relationship-oriented organization flows from provider/patient to provider/patient/state to provider/state/institutions. Highly sophisticated yet accessible treatment of current case law, trends, and issues. Adaptable for survey or specialized courses. 3 soft-bound "splits" focus on coverage of: Medical malpractice and treatment relationships. Bioethics and public health. Regulation, insurance and corporate law. The revised Eighth Edition has been thoroughly updated to include: Coverage of the Affordable Care Act, including: Overview and politics of enactment. Constitutional challenges. Insurance exchanges and regulation. Medicaid expansions and Medicare amendments. Accountable care organizations. Comparative effectiveness studies. Cost containment. Updated coverage of all topics, including end-of-life. Recent developments and case law in biotech, including: Stem-cell research (Sherley v. Sebelius). Patenting genes (Ass'n. for Molecular Pathology v. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office). DNA biobanks. New discussions of confidentiality and informed consent, including HIPPA coverage and enforcement, and research on DNA and biobanks. Legislative and judicial responses to posthumous reproduction and anonymity for gene donors, and the challenges of international reproductive tourism. Updated coverage of: PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) for persons at risk for HIV infection. Public health measures and legislation related to obesity and nutrition. International aspects of public health, including the Millennium Goals, WHO reform, and efforts to improve global health governance.

Medical Liability And Treatment Relationships

Author : Mark A. Hall
ISBN : 9781454819455
Genre : Law
File Size : 64. 24 MB
Format : PDF
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Medical Liability and Treatment Relationships is based on Part I,"The Provider and the Patient" of parent book Health Care Law and Ethics, and adds additional coverage of professional licensure and regulating access to drugs, and new cases and materials covering medical malpractice. Integrating public health, financial and ethical issues, this casebook uses compelling case law, clear notes and comprehensive background information to illuminate the complex and dynamic field of health care law. The Third Edition has been updated to include new case law and literature, especially regarding malpractice law. Features: Comprehensive yet concise, this casebook covers all aspects of medical liability and the treatment relationships between patient and provider. Includes cases and materials on Medical Malpractice not found in the parent book, including: Supreme Court decisions and notes on forensic medicine and epidemiological evidence. Problems on practice guidelines as proof of negligence. Cases and notes about ethics violations arising from ex parte contacts with treating physicians. Integrates public health and ethics issues from a relational perspective. Clear notes smooth transitions between cases and background information. Companion website provides background materials, updates of important events, additional relevant topics and links to other resources on the Internet. Thoroughly updated, the revised Third Edition includes: Comprehensive updates to the case law and literature. New case law regarding malpractice reform.

Handbook Of Evidence Based Practice In Clinical Psychology Adult Disorders

Author : Michel Hersen
ISBN : 9781118144756
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 59. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Handbook of Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Psychology, Volume 2 covers the evidence-based practices now identified for treating adults with a wide range of DSM disorders. Topics include fundamental issues, adult cognitive disorders, substance-related disorders, psychotic, mood, and anxiety disorders, and sexual disorders. Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of the evidence-based practice literature for each disorder and then covers several different treatment types for clinical implementation. Edited by the renowned Peter Sturmey and Michel Hersen and featuring contributions from experts in the field, this reference is ideal for academics, researchers, and libraries.

Great Health Care

Author : J. Harrington
ISBN : 9781461411987
Genre : Medical
File Size : 38. 84 MB
Format : PDF
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Great Health Care is enlightening and entertaining. It’s a must read for physicians, patients, health policymakers and administrators, and the interested public---anyone who wants to understand what great health care is, and how we might build it together. The authors share their stories and motivations and the methods they have used to transform care for their own patients within their own practices and health systems. They thoughtfully explore how we got into this mess, how we can get out of it, and the barriers to making it happen. “It is not only the impact of chronic diseases on our health and economy that draws us to this subject. It is the intriguing and rewarding potential for improving the status quo through redesigning how chronic disease care is provided and paid for.” (Timothy Harrington, MD) "You can't do things differently until you see things differently." (Eric Newman, MD) “We start people on the road to recovery, but the 12 weeks of cardiac rehabilitation is just the warm-up period. The really important part is what happens afterward.” (Richard Lueker, MD, Beth McCormick, MS) “We believe the extra-ordinary efforts of our program coordinators are key to our clients’ wellbeing and our unusually low readmission rate.” (Kathi Farrell, RN, BSN, PHN, Kathleen Sullivan, RN, MSN) “In real life, we are not usually given the chance to have a do-over. But we are given the chance to continuously improve. With the right skill sets, and the right partners, we can transform.” (Eric Newman, MD)

American Journal Of Public Health

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556035777911
Genre : Public health
File Size : 85. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Taking Sides Clashing Views On Political Issues Expanded

Author : George McKenna
ISBN : 0078127521
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 80. 35 MB
Format : PDF
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TAKING SIDES volumes present current issues in a debate-style format designed to stimulate student interest and develop critical thinking skills. Each issue is thoughtfully framed with an issue summary, an issue introduction, and a postscript or challenge questions. The pro and con essays—selected for their liveliness and substance—represent the arguments of leading scholars and commentators in their fields. TAKING SIDES readers feature annotated listings of selected World Wide Web sites. An online Instructor’s Resource Guide with testing material is available for each volume. USING TAKING SIDES IN THE CLASSROOM (available in print and online) is also an excellent instructor resource that offers practical suggestions for fostering critical thinking. Visit for a complete listing of TAKING SIDES titles and to view the book websites.

The Conference Board Review

Author :
ISBN : PSU:000059623885
Genre : Business
File Size : 77. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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