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Author : Thomas Beckett
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Enter the Mysterious World of the Ancient Hittites! Are you fascinated by ancient peoples? Do you want to understand the ancient Hittite civilization? If so, Thomas Beckett's The Hittites - The Lost Empire: Everything You Need To Know About The Hittites Of The Ancient World is the book for you! Inside, you'll discover: - The mysterious origin of the Hittites - A timeline of the three Hittite kingdoms - The lives of influential Hittite kings and queens - The impacts of religion on the Hittite's daily life - The role of women in Hittite society - Hittite scientific contributions - and so much more! - Read this dramatic and powerful historical guide - right away! Who were the Hittites? Where did they come from? Why were they so successful? In this book, Thomas Beckett helps you understand the lost empire of the Hittites. In a very short time, they managed to join their tribes under one banner and create a cohesive empire. Thomas explains the Hittite's religion, their gods and goddesses, and who mattered the most. You'll even discover fascinating secrets and unknown facts about the famous Hittites! Get your copy of The Hittites - The Lost Empire: Everything You Need To Know About The Hittites Of The Ancient World today and start enjoying the story of this intriguing and powerful culture! Happy Reading and Good Luck!

State Correspondence In The Ancient World

Author : Karen Radner
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Introduction : long-distance communication and the cohesion of early empires / Karen Radner -- Egyptian state correspondence of the New Kingdom : the letters of the Levantine client kings in the Amarna correspondence and contemporary evidence / Jana Mynarova -- State correspondence in the Hittite world / Mark Weeden -- An imperial communication network : the state correspondence of the neo-Assyrian empire / Karen Radner -- The lost state correspondence of the Babylonian empire as reflected in contemporary administrative letters / Michael Jursa -- State communications in the Persian Empire / Amelie Kuhrt -- The king's words : Hellenistic royal letters in inscriptions / Alice Bencivenni -- State correspondence in the Roman Empire from Augustus to Justinian / Simon Corcoran.

The Hittites And Lydians

Author : Charles River Editors
ISBN : 1540609839
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*Includes pictures *Includes ancient accounts and passages about the civilizations *Includes a bibliography for further reading "Whoever after me becomes king resettles Hattusas, let the Stormgod of the Sky strike him!" - A Hittite inscription found at the capital city of Hattusa The pages of world history textbooks contain a litany of "lost" empires and civilizations, but usually, upon further review, it is revealed that these so called lost empires are often just lesser known cultures that had a less apparent impact on history than other more well-known civilizations. When one scours the pages of history for a civilization that was inexplicably lost, but had a great impact during its time, very few candidates can be found, but the Hittites are a notable example. In fact, the Hittites are an ancient people who remain somewhat enigmatic, and perhaps little known to most people, but their influence on the ancient Near East is undeniable. From high on their capital of Hattusa in central Anatolia, the Hittites were able to conquer and control a kingdom that roughly comprised the area of the modern nation-states of Turkey, Syria, and parts of Iraq and Lebanon through a combination of brute military force and shrewd diplomatic machinations. Compared to some of their contemporaries - including the Egyptians, Assyrians, and Babylonians - the Hittites were somewhat distant both culturally and geographically. With that said, the influence of the Hittites on the politics, economy, and overall situation of the ancient Near East cannot be understated; the Hittites were a force to be reckoned with while they existed. The sources used to reconstruct Hittite history and chronology are many and varied, and since the Hittites were a literate people who developed a fairly sophisticated corpus of literature, ancient Hittite archives can be used to reconstruct events.The Egyptian sources also provide excellent details on events that either the Hittites refused to mention in their own texts, have not been discovered yet, or have been lost to the ages. Of course, modern archaeology has also helped to fill in the knowledge about Hittite civilization, especially in regards to palace and religious life in the ancient capital of Hattusa. Of all the empires and kingdoms in the ancient world, few could compare with the Lydians in terms of wealth and opulence. From the early 7th century BCE until the middle of the 6th century BCE, the Lydians played an important role in the history of the eastern Mediterranean region as they took on the role of middleman between the empires of the Near East and the emerging Hellenic civilization in Greece. From their capital in Sardis, the Lydian kings traded and made alliances and war with numerous kings, tyrants, and generals, which ultimately cemented their role as a brief but historically important people and kingdom in the ancient world. The Lydians were fortunate enough to possess large deposits of precious metals within in their territory, but how they exploited and utilized those resources is what truly made them successful. They were the first people to invent a currency which not only allowed them to create a thriving economy within their own territory, but gave them tool with which to influence both their friends and enemies abroad. The wealth of Lydia impressed non-Lydians to the point that even the most sublime Greek philosophers who generally eschewed wealth, praised the high culture of Lydia and the Lydian people in general and the greatness of their capital city of Sardis in particular. Lydia was also successful because its kings were shrewd, politically savvy men who knew the supreme art of diplomacy. But ultimately, despite their wealth and guile, the Lydians found themselves the victims of the Achaemenid Persian juggernaut, which consumed their kingdom, along with many others, in the mid-6th century BCE.

The Advocate

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Student Study Guide To The Ancient Near Eastern World

Author : Amanda H. Podany
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The Student Study Guide is an important and unique component that is available for each of the eight books in The World in Ancient Times series. Each of the Student Study Guides is designed to be used with the student book at school or sent home for homework assignments. The activities in the Student Study Guide will help students get the most out of their history books. Each Student Study Guide includes chapter-by-chapter two-page lessons that use a variety of interesting activities to help a student master history and develop important reading and study skills.

Finding List Of The Free Public Library Of Newark N J

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Western Heritage

Author : Donald Kagan
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