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The I P O

Author : Dan Koontz
ISBN : 0615879934
Genre : Corporations
File Size : 37. 29 MB
Format : PDF
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A tragic accident. An opportunistic CEO. A shocking announcement at the opening of a bizarre new stock market. Seven year-old Ryan Tyler, Jr. has just been adopted. By a corporation. Ticker symbol RTJ is the initial public offering on James Prescott's Avillage Exchange, a market that trades in the financial futures of exceptionally gifted orphans. Before the brilliant first-grader has even had a chance to catch his breath, he is whisked off to live with seemingly perfect new parents he's not sure he can trust. And he's got a sinking feeling that the only ally he has from his previous life is somehow conspiring with the corporation. With Prescott and a board of directors pulling strings behind the scenes, Ryan's only chance at freeing himself from his shareholders may be to team up with his fellow Avillage orphans: an embittered computer-programming savant, a once-in-a-generation NBA prospect, and a show-stopping Latin American model. Koontz's fast-paced yet introspective writing style is sure to keep your mind whirring and the pages turning, right to the explosive final page.

The Ipo Decision

Author : Jason Draho
ISBN : 1781008787
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 66. 60 MB
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Annotation Initial public offerings (IPOs) garnered unprecedented positive attention in the 1990s for their spectacular returns and central role in entrepreneurial activity. Subsequent revelations of unscrupulous IPO allocation and promotion practices cast a less fa.


Author : Philippe Espinasse
ISBN : 9789888083190
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this practical guide to initial public offerings, Philippe Espinasse explains the pros and cons of turning private businesses into listed companies. In straightforward, jargon-free language he details the strategies, procedures, and documentation for different forms of listings, and describes the process of marketing and pricing an international IPO. The guide includes many real-life case studies, sample documents, an extensive glossary of terms, and a review of listing requirements for major stock exchanges. It also discusses recent developments in global equity capital markets. This fully revised paperback edition includes additional case studies, information on recent regulatory changes, and new sections on Malaysia and business trusts in Singapore and Hong Kong.IPO: A Global Guide is applicable to any financial jurisdiction, including emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Intended for entrepreneurs, market practitioners and students, this guide will be essential reading for anyone planning to take a company to market. Philippe Espinasse was a senior investment banker for more than 19 years. He has worked on IPOs and capital markets transactions in 30 countries. "This book simplifies with clarity what has always been a complex subject and that is its great merit." — Jeremy Stoupas, partner, International Capital Markets, Allen & Overy "For anyone who has a stake in selling, buying or executing an IPO, this is essential reading." — Jasper Moiseiwitsch, South China Morning Post "A superb guide from a master poacher turned gamekeeper." — David Charters, author of Trust Me, I’m a Banker and The Ego Has Landed

The Ipo Business Of German Discount Brokers

Author : Sido Schrom
ISBN : 9783832442804
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Inhaltsangabe:Einleitung: Entwicklungen in jüngerer Vergangenheit zeigen, dass deutsche Discount Broker ihre Produktpalette gezielt erweitern und ihren Kunden verstärkt Zugang zu Neuemissionen (IPOs) bieten, nicht zuletzt um ihre starke Marktposition in Europa zu wahren. So übernehmen die Broker Aufgaben im Neuemissionsgeschäft, sei es als Verkaufsagent oder als Mitglied in Übernahmekonsortien (Underwriter). Discount Broker betreten damit Neuland in einem Wirtschaftszweig, der bisher fast ausschließlich von Investmentbanken dominiert worden ist. Somit scheint sich eine neue Sorte von Investmentbanken zu entwickeln und die Vorherrschaft privilegierter Institutionen im Neuemissionsgeschäft aufzuweichen. Vor diesem Hintergrund möchte die vorliegende Arbeit auf das aufkommende Segment des Neuemissionsgeschäfts der führenden deutschen Discount Broker eingehen und objektiv beschreiben. Durchführung und Strategien im Neuemissionsgeschäft der Direct Broker werden im Detail betrachtet. Die Untersuchung beschränkt sich dabei auf die drei Marktführer im discount broking: ConSors Discount-Broker AG, Comdirect AG and Direkt Anlage Bank AG. Zwischen Anfang September und Ende November 2000 haben die drei Brokerhäuser ihren Einstieg ins Neuemissionsgeschäft offiziell angekündigt. ConSors entschied sich, eine eigene Investment Bank zu gründen („do-it-yourself approach”) und Comdirect zieht Nutzen aus der Unterstützung durch die Mutter Commerzbank („piggy-back approach”), aber erhebt Anspruch auf Führungsmandate bei Neuemissionen infolge des Aufbaus eines eigenen Geschäftsbereichs Investmentbanking. DAB beschloss hingegen strategische Partnerschaften einzugehen („tie-up approach”), um die Chancen zu erhöhen, bei Neuemissionen berücksichtigt zu werden, ohne sich dabei jedoch selbst zur Investmentbank zu entwickeln. Die drei Discount Brokers treten üblicherweise als Verkaufsagenten auf, planen jedoch ehrgeizig in absehbarer Zeit Co-Underwriting- und Führungsmandate bei Neuemissionen zu erhalten; die Broker würden dann die Bezeichnung „Investmentbank” rechtfertigen. Ziel der Arbeit ist es, die Frage, ob zur Zeit tatsächlich eine neue Generation von Investmentbanken entsteht, hinreichend zu beantworten. Der Autor ist zuversichtlich, dass die Broker in Abhängigkeit von der jeweiligen Marktlage mittel- bis langfristig gute Chancen mit ihrem Neuemissionsgeschäft haben und sich als Nischen-Investmentbank etablieren [...]

The Ernst And Young Guide To The Ipo Value Journey

ISBN : 0471358495
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 90. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A practical guide to taking your company public-successfully This updated version of the Ernst & Young Guide to Taking Your Company Public looks at the IPO as a milestone in a larger process called The Value Journeysm, the basis for the work of the Ernst & Young Center for Strategic Transactions®, a business advisory resource for CEOs. This practical book is designed to help you determine whether an IPO is the right move for your company and addresses the major leadership challenges that CEOs face. It describes how to plan your IPO journey and chart your business strategy, focusing on the steps you must take to succeed during and after the IPO event and fulfill the critical need to continuously innovate and renew your company.

Initial Public Offerings Ipo

Author : Greg N. Gregoriou
ISBN : 9780080461670
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 84. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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After the cooling off of IPOs since the dot com bubble, Google has rekindled the fire for IPOs. This IPO reader contains new articles exclusive to this reader by leading academics from around the world dealing with quantitative and qualitative analyses of this increasingly popular and important area of finance. Articles address new methods of IPO performance, international IPOs, IPO evaluation, IPO underwriting, evaluation and bookbuilding. Although numerous articles are technical in nature, with econometric and statistical models, particular attention has been directed towards the understanding and the applicability of the results as well as theoretical development in this area. This reader will assist researchers, academics, and graduate students to further understand the latest research on IPOs. *Interest in IPOs is increasing again after the Google IPO, and IPOs are up significantly from last year *Chapters by well known academics provide an international perspective, describing research results from IPO data in countries spanning the globe *Research is based on real results from IPO data collected over the past 5-7 years

Risks During The Ipo Process

Author : Tim Meierkord
ISBN : 9783668367494
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Seminar paper from the year 2016 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, grade: 1,7, University of Applied Sciences Essen, language: English, abstract: Companies all over the world need liquid assets to start, grow or save their businesses. There are several options for companies to get access to these assets, such as the classical use of revenues or to raise a credit at a bank. But these options are maybe not sufficient enough or limited in time. To reach their goals companies can raise the funds in the capital market through an initial public offering. Due to the advancing globalization and digitalization companies theoretically can gather money through the IPO from all over the world. As the IPO is considered to be one of the most significant events in the life cycle of companies a profound analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of IPOs is needed to be conducted by the companies.

The Ipo Handbook

Author : Christopher Hall
ISBN : 1370237715
Genre :
File Size : 43. 70 MB
Format : PDF
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An initial public offering is the realization of a dream for many entrepreneurs, executives, board members and stockholders, a singular achievement that demonstrates their success in building a strong business and creating value for owners, employees and customers. However, an initial public offering is not only a milestone, it is also the entrance into a new stage--life as a public company--that possesses its own unique opportunities, risks and challenges.

Ipos And Equity Offerings

Author : Ross Geddes
ISBN : 0080478786
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 86. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An initial public offering (IPO) is one of the most significant events in corporate life. It follows months, even years of preparation. During the boom years of the late 1990s bull market, IPOs of growth companies captured the imagination and pocketbooks of investors like never before. This book goes behind the scenes to examine the process of an offering from the decision to go public to the procedures of a subsequent equity offering. The book is written from the perspective of an experienced investment banker describing the hows and whys of IPOs and subsequent equity issues. Each aspect of an IPO is illustrated with plenty of international examples pitched alongside relevant academic research to offer a combination of theoretical rigour and practical application. Topics covered are: - the decision to go public - legal and regulatory aspects of an offering; marketing and research - valuation and pricing - allocations of shares to investors - examination of fees and commissions * Global perpective: UK, European and US practices, regulations and examples, and case studies * First hand experience written by an IPO trader with academic rigour * Includes the changes in the market that resulted from 1998-2000 equity boom

A Survey Of The European Ipo Market

Author :
ISBN : 9789290796589
Genre :
File Size : 89. 87 MB
Format : PDF
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