the illusion of progress unsustainable development in international law and policy

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The Illusion Of Progress

Author : Alexander Gillespie
ISBN : 9781136533617
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 22. 66 MB
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Is 'sustainable development' a charade sold to an increasingly misled public? This book presents a wide-ranging, penetrating critique of sustainability and what it actually means. The author argues that despite the rhetoric of socially and environmentally sustainable development and the ever-increasing number of legislative environmental policies, the real issues such as consumption, population growth and equity are either sidestepped or manipulated in international policy and law. Analyzing the main areas of concern - economic growth, market structure, trade, aid, debt, security and sovereignty - he shows that the entire development structure and the underpinnings of the debate are leading down quite a different path to that intended by sustainability.

The Evolution Of Sustainable Development In International Law Inception Meaning And Status

Author : Nico J. Schrijver
ISBN : 9789004174078
Genre : Law
File Size : 90. 98 MB
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In a remarkably short time "sustainable development" has become firmly established in international law. The World Commission on Environment and Development concisely defined this concept as: "development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". This definition combines inter-generational equity with an awareness of the finite capacity of the earth and its natural resources. This book brings together a collection of lectures given at the Hague Academy of International Law. The aim of the book is threefold: firstly, to review the genesis, clarify the meaning and assess the status of sustainable development within international law; secondly, to examine the legal principles that have emerged in the pursuit of sustainable development; and finally, to assess to what extent the current state of law demonstrates a balance between and integration of all relevant fields of international law as urged by the Rio, Johannesburg and World Summit documents.

The Contribution Of International Fisheries Law To Human Development

Author : Nienke van der Burgt
ISBN : 9789004196032
Genre : Law
File Size : 60. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Contribution of International Fisheries Law to Human Development: An Analysis of Multilateral and ACP-EU Fisheries Instruments examines whether and how legal fisheries instruments encompass a normative consensus on human development, reflected by the indicators of equity, poverty eradication and participation.

International Environmental Law

Author : Ulrich Beyerlin
ISBN : 9781847317681
Genre : Law
File Size : 58. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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International Environmental Law is a new textbook written for students, practitioners, and anyone interested in the subject. The overall aim of the book is to provide a fresh understanding of international environmental law as a whole, seen in the light of climate change, biodiversity loss, and the other serious environmental challenges facing the world. The book has also been kept deliberately manageable in size by careful selection of topics and by adopting a cross-cutting synthesis of regulatory interaction in the field. This enables the reader to place international environmental law in the broader context of public international law in general, revealing at the same time that international environmental law is experimental ground for developing new legal approaches towards global governance. To this end, the authors have combined theory and practice. Apart from discussing concepts, rule-making and compliance, the book looks at options for improved coordination, harmonisation and even integration of existing multilateral environmental agreements, analysing how conflicts between various environmental regimes can be avoided or, at least, adequately managed. The authors argue that an appropriate management of international environmental relations must address the North-South divide, which continues to be a major obstacle to global environmental cooperation. Furthermore, the authors emphasise the growing human rights dimension of international environmental law. This book is an ideal 'door opener' for the further study of international environmental law. Focusing on 'international environmental governance' in a comprehensive way, it serves to explain that each institution, each actor, and each instrument is part of a multi-dimensional process in international environmental law and relations.

Conservation Biodiversity And International Law

Author : A. Gillespie
ISBN : 9780857935168
Genre : Law
File Size : 27. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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'Humanity has been gambling for generations with the extent to which it can degrade nature and continue to prosper. Now the environmental debt is being called in and the ability of international diplomacy and law, government policy and political will to deal with the issues is being tested. Conservation, Biodiversity and International Law is a must read for any practitioner in the high-stakes business of restoring our ability to live in harmony with the natural world that sustains us.' – Alastair Morrison, Department of Conservation, New Zealand 'Biodiversity is the cornerstone of life – our plants, animals, and ecosystems are essential for livelihoods and have shaped our culture and traditions around the world. However our precious biodiversity is at risk as never before. Global targets to reduce biodiversity loss have not been met and we continue to lose biodiversity at an unprecedented rate. In fact we are currently in the middle of an extinction crisis and scientists have advised that one species from our planet is being lost every 38 minutes! The nature of this crisis and the actions taken to address it are clearly and articulately put forward in this landmark book by Professor Al Gillespie. This book is particularly useful in documenting the many policy and legal actions that have been taken to address these issues, and how the application of these instruments can be improved. Although focused on the law, the book covers a range of disciplines including science, philosophy and policy which lay the foundation for international law. This book makes a major and highly valued contribution to the disciple of environmental law and policy and is an invaluable reference for policy makers, practitioners and academic audiences.' – David Sheppard, CEO of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) 'This book is written by a prominent and influential scholar who also has the benefit of first hand knowledge of practical working of environmental regimes, having participated in several important negotiations. Gillespie's monograph therefore stands out among other publications on the subject of conservation, combining thoughtful and scholarly approach to issues raised with un-parallel insights into the working of environmental law and the conservation of biodiversity. The book is very original in its presentation of this subject, especially in the selection of topics and the approach which is not only legal but also scientific, philosophical and political. This book is evidence of the great erudition of the author not only in the field of conservation but also in international environmental law and general international law, an example of which can be his analysis of the precautionary principle, trade and a very complex issue of the exception for indigenous peoples and science. Mention also must be made of his detailed approach to various multilateral treaty regimes such as Ramsar Convention and the World Heritage Convention. Gillespie wrote an exceptional book which is a must for international layers, both practitioners and scholars. It is a thought-provoking, very well researched and original monograph, which due to its all- encompassing approach will retain its importance for a very long period of time.' – Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Queen Mary, University of London, UK 'A major work: this book provides a comprehensive picture of the international legal challenges of natural heritage conservation. Truly an indispensable tool for policy-makers, experts and students. The book offers a complete guide to the complex world of treaties that regulate conservation at the global scale.' – Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture This important and timely book provides a rigorous overview of the defining issues presently facing conservation at international level. The author provides detailed coverage of topics ranging from the classification of species right through to access and benefit sharing, drawing on his personal experience at intergovernmental level. Each question is examined through the prism of dozens of treaties and hundreds of decisions and resolutions of the key multilateral regimes, and the law in each area is supplemented by the necessary considerations of science politics and philosophy – providing much-needed context for the reader. Combining expert scholarship and first-hand insight, Conservation, Biodiversity and International Law will be an invaluable resource for researchers and practitioners in international environmental law, as well as providing an accessible guide for students.

International Law And Policy Of Sustainable Development

Author : Duncan French
ISBN : 0719066247
Genre : Environmental law, International
File Size : 29. 14 MB
Format : PDF
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It is generally accepted that sustainable development has now become a central objective of the international community. As recently reaffirmed by the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, the integration of environmental, developmental and social challenges is fundamental if the international community is to tackle global poverty and other acute inequalities, whilst at the same time responding to issues of global environmental degradation. The book examines the politics and history of the term, before moving on to analyse relevant principles of international law in the field of sustainable development. It then provides an in-depth study of the international legal and policy implications of sustainable development, with particular reference to its implementation within the climate change and biodiversity regimes and a number of key international economic institutions, such as the WTO and World Bank.This book will be of particular interest to academics, policy-makers and students in a diverse range of fields, including international environmental law and politics, international economic law, and international development.

The Myth Of Development

Author : Oswaldo De Rivero
ISBN : 9781848139060
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 21. 73 MB
Format : PDF
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The message of this courageous classic book is that the benefits of development, so long promised over the past sixty years, have not come about for most people. Nor are they going to. State-driven and market-led development models have both failed. Many countries, and their cities in particular, are collapsing into 'ungovernable chaotic entities' under the control of warlords and mafias. Oswaldo de Rivero argues that the 'wealth of nations' agenda must be replaced by a 'survival of nations' agenda. In order to prevent increasing human misery and political disorder, many countries must abandon dreams of development and adopt instead a policy of national survival based on providing basic water, food and energy, and stabilizing their populations. This much-anticipated new edition features both updated statistics and fresh material, including an essential new argument that the present global crisis is not simply economic but a much more profound crisis of 'the California Model': a crisis of our way of life and of our unsustainable global urban civilization.

Victims Perpetrators Or Actors Gender Armed Conflict And Political Violence

Author : Caroline O. N. Moser
ISBN : 8189013262
Genre : Conflict (Psychology)
File Size : 58. 50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 838
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El Desarrollo Sostenible Una Gu A Sobre Nuestro Futuro Com N

Author : World Commission on Environment and Development
ISBN : 019282080X
Genre : Nature
File Size : 77. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Discusses population growth, food production, energy, industry, and urban development, and suggests ways to promote economic growth while protecting the environment.

New Approaches To International Law

Author : José María Beneyto
ISBN : 9789067048781
Genre : Law
File Size : 62. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This volume offers a unique reflection on the historic and contemporary influence of the New Approaches to International Law (NAIL) movement within the context of Europe and America. In particular, the contributions focus on the intellectual product of NAIL's founder, David Kennedy, in relation to three legal streams: human rights, legal history, and the law of war. On the one hand, the volume is valuable reading for a broad audience interested in the current challenges facing global governance, and how critical studies might contribute to innovative intellectual and practice-oriented developments in international law. On the other hand, stemming from a 2010 seminar in Madrid that brought together scholars to discuss David Kennedy's scholarship over the last three decades, the contributions here are a testament to the community and ideas of the NAIL tradition. The volume includes scholars from a wide field of legal interests and backgrounds.

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