the last legionnaire

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The Last Legionnaire

Author : Paul Fraser Collard
ISBN : 9781472222749
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Paul Fraser Collard's Jack Lark series continues with The Last Legionnaire, which sees Jack marching into the biggest battle Europe has ever known. Fans of Bernard Cornwell hero Richard Sharpe and Simon Scarrow's Britannia will delight in the fast pace and vivid storytelling of Jack's fifth adventure. 'Enthralling' - The Times Jack Lark has come a long way since his days as a gin palace pot boy. But can he surrender the thrill of freedom to return home? London, 1859. After years fighting for Queen and country, Jack walks back into his mother's East End gin palace a changed man. Haunted by the horrors of battle, and the constant fight for survival, he longs for a life to call his own. But the city - and its people - has altered almost beyond recognition, and Jack cannot see a place for himself there. A desperate moment leaves him indebted to the Devil - intelligence officer Major John Ballard, who once again leads Jack to the battlefield with a task he can't refuse. He tried to deny being a soldier once. He won't make the same mistake again. Europe is about to go to war. Jack Lark will march with them.

Soldier Of Rome The Legionary

Author : James Mace
ISBN : 9781440100277
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Rome's Vengeance In the year A.D. 9, three Roman Legions under Quintilius Varus were betrayed by the Germanic war chief, Arminius, and destroyed in the forest known as Teutoburger Wald. Six years later Rome is finally ready to unleash Her vengeance on the barbarians. The Emperor Tiberius has sent his adopted son, Germanicus Caesar, into Germania with an army of forty-thousand legionaries. The come not on a mission of conquest, but one of annihilation. With them is a young legionary named Artorius. For him the war is a personal vendetta; a chance to avenge his brother, who was killed in Teutoburger Wald. In Germania Arminius knows the Romans are coming. He realizes that the only way to fight the legions is through deceit, cunning, and plenty of well-placed brute force. In truth he is leery of Germanicus, knowing that he was trained to be a master of war by the Emperor himself. The entire Roman Empire held its collective breath as Germanicus and Arminius faced each other in what would become the most brutal and savage campaign the world had seen in a generation; a campaign that could only end in a holocaust of fire and blood.

Last Legionary

Author : Paul Elliott
ISBN : 9780752474663
Genre : History
File Size : 50. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A meticulously detailed account of life as a Roman legionary in the last days of the Roman Empire—from battle to rations, camp duties to clothing In 400 AD, Roman rule in Britain was collapsing as the thinly stretched empire was besieged on all sides. This guide explores all aspects of Late Roman military life, from recruitment to weaponry, marriage to wages, warfare to religion. It explores the world of the Roman soldier through the eyes of one man, posted to a British garrison at the edge of the empire, and follows the soldier's life through training, battle, marriage, and business dealings, finally following him south as he leaves Britain for good in defense of Rome. When the legionary finally escapes the worst posting in the Roman Empire, it is only to join what effectively became a death march over the Alps, without food or shelter. Readers of this mesmerizing account will know what it was like to face the chanted battle cry and the charge and slashing axes of the Goths, and why the order "March out!" was so terrifying.

Jack Lark Recruit A Jack Lark Short Story

Author : Paul Fraser Collard
ISBN : 9781472222770
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Forced to leave London, young recruit Jack Lark is determined to make his way as a Redcoat. Despite the daily tirades of Sergeant Slater, a sadistic monster of a man who sees his new trainees as the scum of the earth, Jack holds on to his belief that the Army will give him a better life. His comrades are a rough and ready bunch, and Jack falls in with Charlie Evans, a cheerful young clerk who quickly comes to regret joining up. But once you've taken the Queen's Shilling, there is no way out: deserters always pay the highest price. As Charlie schemes to escape, Jack, always a loyal friend, is forced into an impossible situation where the wrong move could leave him taking the long walk to the gallows... From the author of THE SCARLET THIEF, THE MAHARAJAH'S GENERAL and THE DEVIL'S ASSASSIN, the second e-novella featuring teenage Jack Lark.

Deathwing Over Veynaa

Author : Douglas Hill
ISBN : 9781473202597
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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It was a sight he had seen once before in reality, and a thousand times since in nightmare. A planet surrounded by a glowing, pulsating, golden nimbus of lethal radiation... Co ninuing his search for the evil Galactic Warlord, Keill Randor, the Last Legionary, joins a rebellion on the Cluster and meets a powerful mutant who may be part of Deathwing, the Warlord's deadly army. Keill and Glr, his alien friend, must fight this enemy and escape the lethal forces ranged against them. But can they also save the planet Veynaa from total annihilation?


Author : Simon Murray
ISBN : 9780307415813
Genre : History
File Size : 47. 46 MB
Format : PDF
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“A pleasure to read and nearly impossible to put down.” –Army Times “Embodies an experience that many have enjoyed in fantasy–few in reality.” –The Washington Post The French Foreign Legion–mysterious, romantic, deadly–is filled with men of dubious character, and hardly the place for a proper Englishman just nineteen years of age. Yet in 1960, Simon Murray traveled alone to Paris, Marseilles, and ultimately Algeria to fulfill the toughest contract of his life: a five-year stint in the Legion. Along the way, he kept a diary. Legionnaire is a compelling, firsthand account of Murray’s experience with this legendary band of soldiers. This gripping journal offers stark evidence that the Legion’s reputation for pushing men to their breaking points and beyond is well deserved. In the fierce, sun-baked North African desert, strong men cracked under brutal officers, merciless training methods, and barbarous punishments. Yet Murray survived, even thrived. For he shared one trait with these hard men from all nations and backgrounds: a determination never to surrender. “The drama, excitement, and color of a good guts-and-glory thriller.” –Dr. Henry Kissinger From the Paperback edition.

Legionary Viper Of The North Legionary 2

Author : Gordon Doherty
ISBN : 9781493711031
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 85. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Danubian frontier is weaker than ever, and a storm is gathering in the north . . . Deep winter, 376 AD: Emperor Valens has withdrawn the field armies from Moesia and Thracia to fight in the Persian War. The impoverished limitanei legions left behind to defend the banks of the River Danubius are now all that stand between the war-hungry Goths and heart of the Eastern Roman Empire. For Numerius Vitellius Pavo and the men of the XI Claudia, the brief from Emperor Valens is simple: to avoid war with the Goths at all costs while the Roman defences are so weak. But in the frozen lands north of the Danubius a dark legend, thought long dead, has risen again. The name is on the lips of every warrior in Gutthiuda; the one who will unite the tribes, the one whose armies will march upon the empire, the one who will bathe in Roman blood . . . The Viper!

Legionnaires Book One

Author : Tom McCraw
ISBN : 9781401277062
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 71. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Rokk Krinn of Braal. Imra Ardeen of Titan. Garth Ranzz of Winath. Three teenagers who, despite being complete strangers from member worlds within the fledgling Federation of United Planets, pool together their unique powers and abilities to thwart an assassination attempt against R.J. Brande, one of the cosmos’ wealthiest sentients. Seeing an opportunity to reshape the 30th Century and truly unify the struggling United Planets, a grateful Brande encourages his young rescuers to form the core of an interplanetary protection force-a group of young de-facto ambassadors from U.P. home worlds… …A legion of superheroes. Realizing Brande’s vision won’t be easy. The newly christened Legion is beset by an interfering U.P. government and uncooperative law enforcement, faced with growing cultural bigotry and xenophobia, and opposed by powerful enemies who represent grave threats to the galaxy. So begins the adolescent adventures of the 30th Century’s greatest heroes, written by the critically acclaimed Mark Waid (THE FLASH), Tom McCraw (AQUAMAN) and Tom Peyer (BATMAN ’66), and masterfully illustrated by Lee Moder (STARS AND S.T.R.I.P.E.), Jeffrey Moy (STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES) and many others. Collects LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #0, #62-68, and LEGIONNAIRES #0, #19-24 with an introduction by Mark Waid himself!


Author : Jason Anspach
ISBN : 1548258261
Genre : Science fiction
File Size : 28. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 556
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The Galaxy is a Dumpster Fire A hot, stinking, dumpster fire. And most days I don't know if the legionnaires are putting out the flames, or fanning them into an inferno. A hostile force ambushes Victory Company during a reconnaissance-in-force deep inside enemy territory. Stranded behind enemy lines, a sergeant must lead a band of survivors against merciless insurgents on a deadly alien world somewhere along the galaxy's edge. With no room for error, the Republic's elite fighting force must struggle to survive under siege while waiting on a rescue that might never come. When you think you've surrounded the Legion... you've just made your last mistake.

A Risk Worth Taking

Author : Brynn Kelly
ISBN : 9781488029318
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 74. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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He can’t outrun himself… Legionnaire Jamie Armstrong lives in the shadows. A medic haunted by his mistakes, he knows better than to hope for redemption. But his latest mission brings a threat he doesn’t see coming—an attraction as irresistible as it is dangerous. Hacker Samira Desta is a woman he swore to forget, but as a key witness to a deadly conspiracy, Samira is his to protect. But the woman he rescues might be the one who saves him After a year in hiding, Samira’s worst fears come true when her cover is blown and the unlikeliest of allies comes to her aid—the secretive Scot with whom she shared one unforgettable night. Hunted by lethal forces and losing the battle against their desire, Jamie and Samira make a desperate play to take the fight to their enemy—but those at greatest risk of ruin may be themselves…

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