the law and economics of marriage and divorce

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The Law And Economics Of Marriage And Divorce

Author : Antony W. Dnes
ISBN : 0521006325
Genre : Business & Economics
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A discussion of family law from an economic perspective, considering the importance of 'incentives'.

Research Handbook On The Economics Of Family Law

Author : Lloyd R. Cohen
ISBN : 9780857930644
Genre : Law
File Size : 76. 9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Those not learned in the economic arts believe that economics is either solely or essentially concerned with commercial relations. And, so it was, originally. Then, in the second half of the 20th century, economists began applying their minimalist but sturdy tools to other human activities such as marriage, child-bearing, crime, religion and social groups. In this spirit, the Research Handbook on the Economics of Family Law gives us a series of original essays by distinguished scholars in economics, law or both. The essays represent a variety of approaches to the field. Many contain extensive surveys of the literature with respect to the particular question they address. Some employ empirical economics, others are more narrowly legal. They have in common one thing: each scholar employs a core economic tool or insight to shed light on some aspect of family law and social institutions broadly understood. Topics covered include: divorce, child support, infant feeding, abortion access, prostitution, the decline in marriage, birth control and incentives for partnering. This comprehensive and enlightening volume will be a valuable reference for those interested in law and economics generally and family law in particular.

The Economics Of Marriage

Author : Shoshana A. Grossbard
ISBN : 1784710245
Genre : Marriage
File Size : 25. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Shoshana Grossbard, a leading scholar in this field, has selected the most influential classic and recent articles which highlight the economic importance of marriage and related institutions. The volume first considers marriage and related outcomes, including cohabitation, matching, brideprice and dowry, and law and economic questions relating to divorce. It then investigates the consequences of marriage and marriage markets for labour supply, household production, wages, consumption, household finance, education and fertility. A clear original introduction by the editor provides an illuminating guide to the selected articles and to their place within the economic and demographic literature.

From Contract To Covenant

Author : Margaret F. Brinig
ISBN : 0674002164
Genre : Law
File Size : 40. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is the first systematic account of the law and economics of the family. It explores the implications of economics for family law--divorce, adoption, breach of promise, surrogacy, prenuptial agreements, custody arrangements--and its limitations. Before a family forms, prospective partners engage in a kind of market activity that involves searching and bargaining, for which the economic analysis of contract law provides useful insights. Once a couple marries, the individuals become a family and their decisions have important consequences for other parties, especially children. As a result, the state and community have vital interests in the family. Although it may be rational to breach a contract, pay damages, and recontract when a better deal comes along, this practice, if applied to family relationships, would make family life impossible--as would the regular toting up of balances between the partners. So the book introduces the idea of covenant to consider the role of love, trust, and fidelity, concepts about which economic analysis and contract law have little to offer, but feminist thought has a great deal to add. Although families do break up, children of divorce are still bound to their parents and to each other in powerful ways.

Contract Law And Economics

Author : Gerrit de Geest
ISBN : 9781849806640
Genre : Law
File Size : 56. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This unique and timely book offers an up-to-date, clear and comprehensive review of the economic literature on contract law. The topical chapters written by leading international scholars include: precontractual liability, misrepresentation, duress, gratuitous promises, gifts, standard form contracts, interpretation, contract remedies, penalty clauses, impracticability and foreseeability. Option contracts, warranties, long-term contracts, marriage contracts, franchise contracts, quasi-contracts, behavioral approaches, and civil contract law are also discussed. This excellent resource on contract law and economics will be particularly suited to contract law scholars, law teachers, policy makers, and judges. For experts in and practitioners of contract law this will be a key book to buy.

Good Intentions Gone Awry

Author : Allen M. Parkman
ISBN : 0847698696
Genre : Law
File Size : 25. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Based on sociological and economic analysis, Good Intentions Gone Awry presents valuable new insights into the impact of divorce on American society. Rather than blaming the deterioration in the quality of family life on the decline in so-called "family values," lawyer and economist Parkman argues that adults are responding to the incentives created by new opportunities and legal rules. Allen M. Parkman discusses the issues surrounding this sociological phenomena, proposes a reform program in response, and suggests steps that adults can take to create a durable and constructive family until such reforms occur.

When Marriage Ends

Author : Hans-Jürgen Andreß
ISBN : 9781848447202
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 20. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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When Marriage Ends offers a comprehensive and insightful contribution to the study of economic effects of divorce and it also contributes to the comparative study of family policies and family law regimes in Europe. The book can be recommended not only to students and researchers interested in family studies but also to legal and public policy practitioners. Jana Chaloupková, Central European Journal of Public Policy This is a double-faced book, which should be read by everybody who is concerned about the societal effects of divorce. It shows that divorce has negative economic and social consequences, not only in the Anglo-Saxon countries, but also in the most generous welfare states of Europe, where divorce is widely accepted. Moreover, these effects are more negative for women than for men, even in the most gender-equalitarian welfare state. But it also shows that social policies can mitigate these negative consequences. Jaap Dronkers, European University Institute, Italy In recent decades the probability of divorce and separation among married and cohabiting couples has increased significantly in most European countries. Focusing on both economic and social aspects, this comprehensive volume explores the consequences of partnership dissolution at the individual level. The contributors use personal characteristics, properties of the partnerships and the institutional context to explain coping behaviours. The book comprises reports on eight countries, which have tentatively been classified as: the male breadwinner (Belgium and Germany), the dual earner (Denmark, Finland and Sweden), the market (Great Britain) and the family model (Spain and Greece). It also contains four cross-national comparative studies addressing the wider impacts of divorce, including labour force participation, residential mobility and housing, household income, and poverty and lifestyle deprivation. Complemented by the editors authoritative introduction, this timely study will prove invaluable to graduate students and researchers interested in the economics and sociology of the family. Legal and public policy practitioners will also find the book an insightful addition to the current literature.

Family Law Ii

Author : Flavia Agnes
ISBN : 0198072201
Genre : Law
File Size : 49. 51 MB
Format : PDF
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Combining facts and analysis, the volume examines the laws and cases relating to matrimonial rights and obligations, marriage and divorce, constitutional claims and family courts. It is a comprehensive exploration of the state of gender justice in contemporary India from the legal perspective.

The Logic Of Life

Author : Tim Harford
ISBN : 9780812977875
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The author of The Underground Economist weaves together real-life scenarios, from a Las Vegas casino to a barroom speed date, to analyze the underlying economic logic behind seemingly irrational behavior, explaining how people respond to future costs and benefits and how socially tragic outcomes have their roots in individually rational decisions. Reprint. 40,000 first printing.

Is Marriage For White People

Author : Ralph Richard Banks
ISBN : 9781101475645
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 24. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A distinguished Stanford law professor examines the steep decline in marriage rates among the African American middle class, and offers a paradoxical-nearly incendiary-solution. Black women are three times as likely as white women to never marry. That sobering statistic reflects a broader reality: African Americans are the most unmarried people in our nation, and contrary to public perception the racial gap in marriage is not confined to women or the poor. Black men, particularly the most successful and affluent, are less likely to marry than their white counterparts. College educated black women are twice as likely as their white peers never to marry. Is Marriage for White People? is the first book to illuminate the many facets of the African American marriage decline and its implications for American society. The book explains the social and economic forces that have undermined marriage for African Americans and that shape everyone's lives. It distills the best available research to trace the black marriage decline's far reaching consequences, including the disproportionate likelihood of abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, single parenthood, same sex relationships, polygamous relationships, and celibacy among black women. This book centers on the experiences not of men or of the poor but of those black women who have surged ahead, even as black men have fallen behind. Theirs is a story that has not been told. Empirical evidence documents its social significance, but its meaning emerges through stories drawn from the lives of women across the nation. Is Marriage for White People? frames the stark predicament that millions of black women now face: marry down or marry out. At the core of the inquiry is a paradox substantiated by evidence and experience alike: If more black women married white men, then more black men and women would marry each other. This book not only sits at the intersection of two large and well- established markets-race and marriage-it responds to yearnings that are widespread and deep in American society. The African American marriage decline is a secret in plain view about which people want to know more, intertwining as it does two of the most vexing issues in contemporary society. The fact that the most prominent family in our nation is now an African American couple only intensifies the interest, and the market. A book that entertains as it informs, Is Marriage for White People? will be the definitive guide to one of the most monumental social developments of the past half century.

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