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The Law Of Nations

Author : Emer de Vattel
ISBN : PRNC:32101077787958
Genre : International law
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The Law Of Nations

Author : Emer de Vattel
ISBN : HARVARD:32044024189201
Genre : War (International law)
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The Law Of Nations Treated According To The Scientific Method

Author : Christian Wolff
ISBN : 0865977658
Genre : Law
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Christian Wolff's The Law of Nations is a cornerstone of eighteenth-century thought. A treatise on the philosophy of human action, on the foundations of political communities, and on international law, it influenced philosophers throughout the eighteenth-century Enlightenment world. According to Knud Haakonssen, general editor of the Natural Law and Enlightenment series, "before Kant's critical philosophy, Wolff was without comparison the most influential German thinker for several decades as well as a major European figure." One of the most striking features of The Law of Nations is Wolff's single-minded dedication to what he calls the "scientific method." Though different from what we understand by that today, Wolff's method still focuses on the illumination of truth via a step-by-step, logical examination of what is already known in order to explain what is unknown. As such, The Law of Nations is Wolff's triumphant synthesis of his scientific method and his observations regarding the operations of nations. It examines the full gamut of national functions: what duties nations have to themselves and to each other, how national ownership should be viewed, how treaties should be formed, and how nations should act in both war and peace. Though Wolff's contemporaries in authority did not always accept his ideas--he was banished from the lands of the king of Prussia for seventeen years for his radical notions regarding moral obligation and human free will--his influence ultimately spread across Europe, shaping philosophical study in many German, Dutch, and Scandinavian universities especially. The Liberty Fund edition of The Law of Nations is the first in English since the 1934 translation by Joseph H. Drake. Thomas Ahnert has revised and corrected that translation for readability and accuracy and has also added footnotes that explain the many references and technical terms Wolff uses throughout the text. Thomas Ahnert is Reader and Head of History at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Among his publications are The Moral Culture of the Scottish Enlightenment, 1690-1805, an edition of Thomasius's Institutes of Divine Jurisprudence, and Religion and the Origins of the German Enlightenment.

International Law Volume 2 The Law Of Peace Part 1 International Law In General

Author : Hersch Lauterpacht
ISBN : 0521204801
Genre : Law
File Size : 70. 3 MB
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The first volume of the collected papers of contained three general works. This begins a systematic coverage of the rest of Sir Hersch Lauterpacht's work.

Grotian Society Papers 1968

Author : Charles Henry Alexandrowicz
Genre : International Law and Relations
File Size : 72. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Institutes Of Divine Jurisprudence

Author : Christian Thomasius
ISBN : 0865975183
Genre : Philosophy
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Christian Thomasius’s natural jurisprudence is essential to understanding the origins of the Enlightenment in Germany, where his importance was comparable to that of John Locke’s in England. First published in 1688, Thomasius’s Institutionum jurisprudentiae divinae (Institutes of Divine Jurisprudence) attempted to draw a clear distinction between natural and revealed law and to emphasize that human reason was able to know the precepts of natural law without the aid of Scripture. Thomasius also argued that his orthodox Lutheran opponents had failed to understand this distinction and thereby had confused reason and Scripture. In addition to the Institutes of Divine Jurisprudence, this volume contains significant selections from his Fundamenta juris naturae et gentium (Foundations of the Law of Nature and Nations), published in 1705. In Foundations Thomasius significantly revised the theory he had put forward in the Institutes, and much of the Foundations therefore is a paragraph-by-paragraph commentary on his earlier ideas. These works are a companion to Thomasius’s Essays on Church, State, and Politics, and together they provide the first-ever English presentation of this preeminent German thinker. Christian Thomasius (1655-1728) was a German philosopher and legal theorist. He was a cofounder of the University of Halle, where he was also a professor. Thomas Ahnert is a Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Edinburgh. Knud Haakonssen is Professor of Intellectual History at the University of Sussex, England.

The Roman Foundations Of The Law Of Nations

Author : Benedict Kingsbury
ISBN : 9780199599875
Genre : History
File Size : 55. 48 MB
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This book explores ways in which both the theory and the practice of international politics was built upon Roman private and public law foundations on a variety of issues including the organization and limitation of war, peace settlements, embassies, commerce, and shipping.

The Institutes Of The Law Of Nations

Author : James Lorimer
ISBN : 9781584775164
Genre : Law
File Size : 79. 52 MB
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Lorimer, James. The Institutes of the Law of Nations: A Treatise of the Jural Relations of Separate Political Communities. Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1883, 1884. Two volumes. Reprint available January 2005 by the Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-516-5. Cloth. $250. * Lorimer [1818-1890] was Regius Professor of Public Law at the University of Edinburgh and a founder of the Institute of International Law. Critical of utilitarianism, he proposed a system of public international law based on the law of nature. It is most notable, however, for its elitism, racism and support of colonialism. Since he believed in a hierarchy of nations based on cultural attainment, he rejected the principle of comity in international relations as a sufficient basis for international law. He used this point to defend the right of "civilized" nations to ignore the sovereignty of their "primitive" counterparts. Influential in Europe, this treatise offered a sophisticated argument that stoked the ambitions of continental imperialists.

Justice Among Nations

Author : Stephen C. Neff
ISBN : 9780674726543
Genre : Law
File Size : 74. 40 MB
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Justice among Nations tells the story of the rise of international law and how it has been formulated, debated, contested, and put into practice from ancient times to the present. Stephen Neff avoids technical jargon as he surveys doctrines from natural law to feminism, and practice from the Warring States of China to the international criminal courts of today. Ancient China produced the first rudimentary set of doctrines. But the cornerstone of international law was laid by the Romans, in the form of universal natural law. However, as medieval European states encountered non-Christian peoples from East Asia to the New World, new legal quandaries arose, and by the seventeenth century the first modern theories of international law were devised.New challenges in the nineteenth century encompassed nationalism, free trade, imperialism, international organizations, and arbitration. Innovative doctrines included liberalism, the nationality school, and solidarism. The twentieth century witnessed the League of Nations and a World Court, but also the rise of socialist and fascist states and the advent of the Cold War. Yet the collapse of the Soviet Union brought little respite. As Neff makes clear, further threats to the rule of law today come from environmental pressures, genocide, and terrorism.

The Law

Author : Frederic Bastiat
ISBN : 9781596059641
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 82. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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French political libertarian and economist CLAUDE FRDRIC BASTIAT (1801-1850) was one of the most eloquent champions of the concept that property rights and individual freedoms flowed from natural law. Here, in this 1850 classic, a powerful refutation of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto, published two years earlier, Bastiat discusses: . what is law? . why socialism constitutes legal plunder . the proper function of the law . the law and morality . "the vicious circle of socialism" . the basis for stable government . and more.

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