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Death By Pen

Author : Deane Mansfield-Kelley
ISBN : 0205518494
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 74. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Presents stories about amateur detectives, private investigators, and the police from the nineteenth century origins of detective fiction to the present, along with critical articles on the genre.

The Longman Anthology Of Detective Fiction

Author : Deane Mansfield-Kelley
ISBN : 0321195019
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A detective fiction anthology filled with award winning short stories, information on the authors who wrote them, discussion about the history and evolution of the genre, and important literary criticism.

Murder 101

Author : Edward J. Rielly
ISBN : 9781476612249
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 80. 14 MB
Format : PDF
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This collection of essays examines how college professors teach the genre of detective fiction and provides insight into how the reader may apply such strategies to his or her own courses. Multi-disciplinary in scope, the essays cover teaching in the areas of literature, law, history, sociology, anthropology, architecture, gender studies, cultural studies, and literary theory. Also included are sample syllabi, writing assignments, questions for further discussion, reading lists, and further aids for course instruction.

New Perspectives On Detective Fiction

Author : Casey Cothran
ISBN : 9781317435235
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 70. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This collection establishes new perspectives on the idea of mystery, as it is enacted and encoded in the genre of detective fiction. Essays reclaim detective fiction as an object of critical inquiry, examining the ways it shapes issues of social destabilization, moral ambiguity, reader complicity, intertextuality, and metafiction. Breaking new ground by moving beyond the critical preoccupation with classification of historical types and generic determinants, contributors examine the effect of mystery on literary forms and on readers, who experience the provocative, complex process of coming to grips with the unknown and the unknowable. This volume opens up discussion on publically acclaimed, modern works of mystery and on classic pieces, addressing a variety of forms including novels, plays, graphic novels, television series, films, and ipad games. Re-examining the interpretive potential of a genre that seems easily defined yet has endless permutations, the book closely analyzes the cultural function of mystery, the way it intervenes in social and political problems, as well as the literary properties that give the genre its particular shape. The volume treats various texts as meaningful subjects for critical analysis and sheds new light on the interpretive potential for a genre that creates as much ambiguity as it does clarity. Scholars of mystery and detective fiction, crime fiction, genre studies, and cultural studies will find this volume invaluable.

Tartan Noir

Author : Len Wanner
ISBN : 9781910449097
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 57. 80 MB
Format : PDF
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A comprehensive and fascinating guide to the worldwide crime fiction phenomenon known as Tartan Noir covering all its major authors. What is Tartan Noir? Which authors belong to this global crime fiction phenomenon? Which books should you read first, next, again, or not at all? And what are the many historical, political, and cultural influences that have woven themselves into the Tartan Noir success story? Here, Len Wanner investigates the literature's four main sub-genres - the detective, the police, the serial killer, and the noir novel. Covering four decades' worth of literary history, Wanner offers not only four in-depth cross-examinations but also close readings of another 40 novels - everything from commercial hits and critical triumphs to curiosity pieces and cult classi. Books critiqued include international bestsellers by the likes of Ian Rankin, William McIlvanney, Val McDermid, and Denise Mina, alongside lesser known gems by counter-cultural icons such as Hugh C. Rae, Ray Banks, Allan Guthrie, Helen FitzGerald, and many more.

Author : Robert Perišić
ISBN : 9789776510418
Genre :
File Size : 51. 34 MB
Format : PDF
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لا تتبع أهمية رواية "رجلنا في العراق" من أسلوبها الجديد في السرد المكثف. فأحداث الرواية تقع في أربعة أيام، لكنها حافلة برصد للتحولات في كرواتيا التي كانت جزءا من جمهورية يوغوسلافيا قبل تفككها في مطلع التسعينات. لكن الرواية تستمد أهميتها لقراء العربية لأنها تقدم رواية لعمق تأثير التحولات في تلك الدولة الصغيرة الواقعة على البحر المتوسط على البشر وبأسلوب مشوق. لم يكن "رجلنا في العراق" هو عنوان الرواية في الكرواتية لغتها الأصلية، وإنما كان عنوانها الأصلي "رجلنا في الميدان". لكن ناشر الطبعة الإنجليزية، التي ترجمت عنها الرواية إلى اللغة العربية، اختار هذا العنوان ورأيناه مناسباً للطبعة العربية. قد يوحي عنوان الرواية بأنها رواية عن حرب العراق عام 2003، التي كانت حدثاً عالمياً مركزيا حينذاك، لكنها لم تكن كذلك ولم يكن الرجل الذي لأرسلته إحدى الصحف الكرواتية لتغطية حرب العراق هو بطلها. وقام روبرت بيرشيتش، كاتب الرواية التي نالت عددا من الجوائز الأوروبية، بمحاكاة رائعة لكن في سياق مختلف لرواية "رجلنا في هافانا" للكاتب الانجليزي جرهام جرين لكن في سياق مختلف.

Author : مارك مغربى كيرلانسكى
ISBN : 9990601739
Genre : Salt
File Size : 49. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Author : فرانك اوكونور
ISBN : 9770132713
Genre : Short story
File Size : 83. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Longman Anthology Of Short Fiction

Author :
ISBN : 0321083261
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 89. 53 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Longman Anthology of Short Fiction provides a comprehensive survey of the short story encompassing a rich global and historical mix in a way readers find accessible, engaging, and relevant. The selections present a diverse mix of classic, contemporary, and new voices. A unique feature, "Fact into Fiction" presents the factual account that inspired selected authors to write a particular work. For anyone interested in fiction.

The Secret Sharer Arabic Edition

Author : Joseph Conrad
ISBN : 1534621237
Genre :
File Size : 35. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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