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The Making Of Revolutionary Paris

Author : David Garrioch
ISBN : 0520938399
Genre : History
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The sights, sounds, and smells of life on the streets and in the houses of eighteenth-century Paris rise from the pages of this marvelously anecdotal chronicle of a perpetually alluring city during one hundred years of extraordinary social and cultural change. An excellent general history as well as an innovative synthesis of new research, The Making of Revolutionary Paris combines vivid portraits of individual lives, accounts of social trends, and analyses of significant events as it explores the evolution of Parisian society during the eighteenth century and reveals the city's pivotal role in shaping the French Revolution. David Garrioch rewrites the origins of the Parisian Revolution as the story of an urban metamorphosis stimulated by factors such as the spread of the Enlightenment, the growth of consumerism, and new ideas about urban space. With an eye on the broad social trends emerging during the century, he focuses his narrative on such humble but fascinating aspects of daily life as traffic congestion, a controversy over the renumbering of houses, and the ever-present dilemma of where to bury the dead. He describes changes in family life and women's social status, in religion, in the literary imagination, and in politics. Paris played a significant role in sparking the French Revolution, and in turn, the Revolution changed the city, not only its political structures but also its social organization, gender ideologies, and cultural practices. This book is the first to look comprehensively at the effect of the Revolution on city life. Based on the author's own research in Paris and on the most current scholarship, this absorbing book takes French history in new directions, providing a new understanding of the Parisian and the European past.

Women In Revolutionary Paris 1789 1795

Author : Darline Gay Levy
ISBN : 0252008553
Genre : Nature
File Size : 53. 98 MB
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200 years ago, the women of revolutionary Paris were demanding legal equality in marriage; educational opportunities for girls; and public instruction, licensing, and support for midwives. This title presents sixty documents which focuses on these and other socioeconomic struggles by women and their impact on the French Revolutionary era.

Paris And The Spirit Of 1919

Author : Tyler Stovall
ISBN : 9781107018013
Genre : History
File Size : 48. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This history of Paris in 1919 explores the global implications of French political activism at the end of World War I.


Author : Jill Harsin
ISBN : 9780312294793
Genre : History
File Size : 76. 96 MB
Format : PDF
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A narrative of revolutionary Paris between 1830 and 1848 draws on court records, news clippings, and journal entries to portray the individuals behind the uprisings for a new government from their own perspectives.

Cities And The Making Of Modern Europe 1750 1914

Author : Andrew Lees
ISBN : 9780521839365
Genre : History
File Size : 70. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A survey of urbanization and the making of modern Europe from the mid-eighteenth century to the First World War.

Introduction The Old Regime Of Teeth The Smile Of Sensibility Cometh The Dentist The Making Of A Revolution The Transient Smile Revolution Beyond The Smile Revolution Postscript Towards The Twentieth Century Smile Revolution Notes Index

Author : Colin Jones
ISBN : 9780198715818
Genre : History
File Size : 42. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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You could be forgiven for thinking that the smile has no history; it has always been the same. However, just as different cultures in our own day have different rules about smiling, so did different societies in the past. In fact, amazing as it might seem, it was only in late eighteenth century France that western civilization discovered the art of the smile. In the 'Old Regime of Teeth' which prevailed in western Europe until then, smiling was quite literally frowned upon. Individuals were fatalistic about tooth loss, and their open mouths would often have been visually repulsive. Rules of conduct dating back to Antiquity disapproved of the opening of the mouth to express feelings in most social situations. Open and unrestrained smiling was associated with the impolite lower orders. In late eighteenth-century Paris, however, these age-old conventions changed, reflecting broader transformations in the way people expressed their feelings. This allowed the emergence of the modern smile par excellence: the open-mouthed smile which, while highlighting physical beauty and expressing individual identity, revealed white teeth. It was a transformation linked to changing patterns of politeness, new ideals of sensibility, shifts in styles of self-presentation - and, not least, the emergence of scientific dentistry. These changes seemed to usher in a revolution, a revolution in smiling. Yet if the French revolutionaries initially went about their business with a smile on their faces, the Reign of Terror soon wiped it off. Only in the twentieth century would the white-tooth smile re-emerge as an accepted model of self- presentation. In this entertaining, absorbing, and highly original work of cultural history, Colin Jones ranges from the history of art, literature, and culture to the history of science, medicine, and dentistry, to tell a unique and untold story about a facial expression at the heart of western civilization.

Surmounting The Barricades

Author : Carolyn J. Eichner
ISBN : 0253111102
Genre : History
File Size : 71. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book vividly evokes radical women's integral roles within France's revolutionary civil war known as the Paris Commune. It demonstrates the breadth, depth, and impact of communard feminist socialisms far beyond the 1871 insurrection. Examining the period from the early 1860s through that century's end, Carolyn J. Eichner investigates how radical women developed critiques of gender, class, and religious hierarchies in the immediate pre-Commune era, how these ideologies emerged as a plurality of feminist socialisms within the revolution, and how these varied politics subsequently affected fin-de-sià ̈cle gender and class relations. She focuses on three distinctly dissimilar revolutionary women leaders who exemplify multiple competing and complementary feminist socialisms: Andre Leo, Elisabeth Dmitrieff, and Paule Mink. Leo theorized and educated through journalism and fiction, Dmitrieff organized institutional power for working-class women, and Mink agitated crowds to create an egalitarian socialist world. Each woman forged her own path to gender equality and social justice.

The Coming Of The Terror In The French Revolution

Author : Timothy Tackett
ISBN : 9780674736559
Genre : History
File Size : 43. 40 MB
Format : PDF
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How did the French Revolution’s ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity descend into violence and terror? Timothy Tackett offers a new interpretation of this turning point in world history. Penetrating the mentality of Revolutionary elites on the eve of the Terror, he reveals how suspicion and mistrust escalated and helped propel their actions.

Iconoclasm In Revolutionary Paris

Author : Richard Clay
ISBN : 0729410544
Genre : France
File Size : 24. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From Ancient Egypt to the Arab Spring, iconoclasm has occurred throughout history and across cultures. Both a vehicle for protest and a means of imagining change, it was rife during the tumultuous years of the French Revolution, and in this richly illustrated book Richard Clay examines how politically diverse groups used such attacks to play out their own complex power struggles. Drawing on extensive archival evidence to uncover a variety of iconoclastic acts -- from the beheading or defacing of sculptures, to the smashing of busts, slashing of paintings and toppling of statues --Clay explores the turbulent political undercurrents in revolutionary Paris. Objects whose physical integrity had been respected for years were now targets for attack: while many revolutionary leaders believed that the aesthetic or historical value of symbols should save them from destruction, Clay argues that few Parisians shared such views. He suggests that beneath this treatment of representational objects lay a sophisticated understanding of the power of public spaces and symbols to convey meaning. Unofficial iconoclasm became a means of exerting influence over government policy, leading to official programmes of systematic iconoclasm that transformed Paris. Iconoclasm in revolutionary Paris is not only a major contribution to the historiography of so-called 'vandalism' during the Revolution, but it also has significant implications for debates about heritage preservation in our own time.

The Huguenots Of Paris And The Coming Of Religious Freedom 1685 1789

Author : David Garrioch
ISBN : 9781107047679
Genre : History
File Size : 67. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Investigates the reasons why the Catholic population of Paris increasingly tolerated the minority Protestant Huguenot population between 1685 and 1789.

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