the mathematical principles of quantum mechanics

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The Mathematical Principles Of Quantum Mechanics

Author : Derek F. Lawden
ISBN : 9780486442235
Genre : Science
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Focusing on the principles of quantum mechanics, this text for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students introduces and resolves special physical problems with more than 100 exercises. 1967 edition.

The Principles Of Quantum Mechanics

Author : Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac
ISBN : 0198520115
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 53. 49 MB
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The first edition of this work appeared in 1930, and its originality won it immediate recognition as a classic of modern physical theory. The fourth edition has been bought out to meet a continued demand. Some improvements have been made, the main one being the complete rewriting of thechapter on quantum electrodymanics, to bring in electron-pair creation. This makes it suitable as an introduction to recent works on quantum field theories.

Principles Of Quantum Mechanics

Author : R. Shankar
ISBN : 9781475705768
Genre : Science
File Size : 50. 40 MB
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R. Shankar has introduced major additions and updated key presentations in this second edition of Principles of Quantum Mechanics. New features of this innovative text include an entirely rewritten mathematical introduction, a discussion of Time-reversal invariance, and extensive coverage of a variety of path integrals and their applications. Additional highlights include: - Clear, accessible treatment of underlying mathematics - A review of Newtonian, Lagrangian, and Hamiltonian mechanics - Student understanding of quantum theory is enhanced by separate treatment of mathematical theorems and physical postulates - Unsurpassed coverage of path integrals and their relevance in contemporary physics The requisite text for advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level students, Principles of Quantum Mechanics, Second Edition is fully referenced and is supported by many exercises and solutions. The book’s self-contained chapters also make it suitable for independent study as well as for courses in applied disciplines.

Principles Of Quantum Mechanics

Author : Donald D. Fitts
ISBN : 0521651247
Genre : Science
File Size : 68. 88 MB
Format : PDF
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This text presents a rigorous mathematical account of the principles of quantum mechanics, in particular as applied to chemistry and chemical physics. Applications are used as illustrations of the basic theory. The first two chapters serve as an introduction to quantum theory, although it is assumed that the reader has been exposed to elementary quantum mechanics as part of an undergraduate physical chemistry or atomic physics course. Following a discussion of wave motion leading to Schrödinger's wave mechanics, the postulates of quantum mechanics are presented along with essential mathematical concepts and techniques. The postulates are rigorously applied to the harmonic oscillator, angular momentum, the hydrogen atom, the variation method, perturbation theory, and nuclear motion. Modern theoretical concepts such as hermitian operators, Hilbert space, Dirac notation, and ladder operators are introduced and used throughout. This text is appropriate for beginning graduate students in chemistry, chemical physics, molecular physics and materials science.

General Principles Of Quantum Field Theory

Author : N.N. Bogolubov
ISBN : 079230540X
Genre : Science
File Size : 64. 99 MB
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The majority of the "memorable" results of relativistic quantum theory were obtained within the framework of the local quantum field approach. The explanation of the basic principles of the local theory and its mathematical structure has left its mark on all modern activity in this area. Originally, the axiomatic approach arose from attempts to give a mathematical meaning to the quantum field theory of strong interactions (of Yukawa type). The fields in such a theory are realized by operators in Hilbert space with a positive Poincare-invariant scalar product. This "classical" part of the axiomatic approach attained its modern form as far back as the sixties. * It has retained its importance even to this day, in spite of the fact that nowadays the main prospects for the description of the electro-weak and strong interactions are in connection with the theory of gauge fields. In fact, from the point of view of the quark model, the theory of strong interactions of Wightman type was obtained by restricting attention to just the "physical" local operators (such as hadronic fields consisting of ''fundamental'' quark fields) acting in a Hilbert space of physical states. In principle, there are enough such "physical" fields for a description of hadronic physics, although this means that one must reject the traditional local Lagrangian formalism. (The connection is restored in the approximation of low-energy "phe nomenological" Lagrangians.

Quantum Mechanics

Author : R. McWeeny
ISBN : 9781483186900
Genre : Science
File Size : 36. 82 MB
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Quantum Mechanics: Principles and Formalism gives importance to the exposition of the fundamental bases of quantum mechanics. This text first discusses the physical basis of quantum theory. This book then provides some simple solutions of Schrödinger's equation, eigenvalue equations, and general formulation of quantum mechanics. The general theory of representations is also tackled. In discussing this topic, this text specifically looks into the harmonic oscillator, Dirac notation, time-evolution, Schrödinger equation in momentum space, and transformation theory. This publication will be invaluable to students and experts interested in quantum mechanics, especially in the principles of this field of study.

The Physical Principles Of The Quantum Theory

Author : Werner Heisenberg
ISBN : 9780486318417
Genre : Science
File Size : 53. 86 MB
Format : PDF
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Nobel Laureate discusses quantum theory, uncertainty, wave mechanics, work of Dirac, Schroedinger, Compton, Einstein, others. "An authoritative statement of Heisenberg's views on this aspect of the quantum theory." — Nature.

Lectures On Quantum Mechanics For Mathematics Students

Author : L. D. Faddeev
ISBN : 9780821846995
Genre : Science
File Size : 46. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Describes the relation between classical and quantum mechanics. This book contains a discussion of problems related to group representation theory and to scattering theory. It intends to give a mathematically oriented student the opportunity to grasp the main points of quantum theory in a mathematical framework.

Hilbert Space And Quantum Mechanics

Author : Franco Gallone
ISBN : 9789814635851
Genre : Science
File Size : 64. 12 MB
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The topics of this book are the mathematical foundations of non-relativistic quantum mechanics and the mathematical theory they require. The main characteristic of the book is that the mathematics is developed assuming familiarity with elementary analysis only. Moreover, all the proofs are carried out in detail. These features make the book easily accessible to readers with only the mathematical training offered by undergraduate education in mathematics or in physics, and also ideal for individual study. The principles of quantum mechanics are discussed with complete mathematical accuracy and an effort is made to always trace them back to the experimental reality that lies at their root. The treatment of quantum mechanics is axiomatic, with definitions followed by propositions proved in a mathematical fashion. No previous knowledge of quantum mechanics is required. This book is designed so that parts of it can be easily used for various courses in mathematics and mathematical physics, as suggested in the Preface. The book is of interest to researchers and graduate students in functional analysis, who can see how closely an important part of their chosen field is linked with quantum mechanics, and also to physicists, who can see how the abstract language of functional analysis brings unity to the apparently distinct approaches employed in quantum theory.

Scattering Theory In Quantum Mechanics

Author : Werner O. Amrein
ISBN : 0805302034
Genre : Science
File Size : 60. 39 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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