the molecular and hormonal basis of plant growth regulation

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The Molecular And Hormonal Basis Of Plant Growth Regulation

Author : Ya' Acov Leshem
ISBN : 9781483145624
Genre : Science
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The Molecular and Hormonal Basis of Plant-Growth Regulation deals with the molecular and hormonal basis of plant-growth regulation. Topics covered range from molecular biology in plants to the structural units of DNA, DNA replication and RNA transcription, and the process of translation and protein synthesis. The use of RNA for transmission of genetic information is also discussed. This book is comprised of 16 chapters and begins with an overview of the foundations that form the basis of modern biology, followed by an analysis of DNA and its structural units. The role of enzymes in DNA replication is then examined, together with RNA transcription and protein synthesis. The next section focuses on modern aspects of hormone action and introduces the reader to the growth-regulatory hormones existing in most higher plants; the role of ribosomes in the polymerization of transfer RNA-borne amino acids; the structure and biophysical properties of the mitochondrion and the chloroplast as genetic units; and the use of antibiotics in the inhibition of synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins. This monograph will be a valuable resource for biologists, plant physiologists, teachers, and students who seek to widen their general knowledge about plant growth.

Hormonal Regulation Of Plant Growth And Development

Author : S.S. Purohit
ISBN : 9024731984
Genre : Science
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Plant hormone research is the favorite topic of physiologists. Past three decades have witnessed that this subject has received much attention. The inquisitive nature of human mind has pumped much in literature on this subject and this volume is the product of such minds. In the following pages various hormonal-controlled physiological processes like, flowering, seed dormancy and germination, enzyme secretion, senes cence, ion transport, fruit ripening, root growth and development, thig momorphogenesis and tendril thigmonasty have been included. The volume also contains a review paper on 'Growth Regulating Activity of Penicillin in Higher Plants' and has been presented for the first time. The vast contents of each review paper have been written by erudite scholars who have admirably carried out their evangelic task to make the text up TO date. This volume, I am sure, would stimulate the appetite of researchers of peripheral disciplines of botany and agricultural sciences and they will continue to enjoy the fun and adventures of plant hormone research. Save one. my most outstanding debts are due to the rich array of the contributors and other plant physiologists specially to Prof. Thomas Gaspar (Belgium), Prof. E. E. Goldschmidt (Isreal), Prof. H. Greppin (Switzerland), Dr. K. Gurumurti (India), Prof. M. A. Hall (U. K. ), Prof. H. Harada (Japan), Dr. M. Kaminek (Czechoslovakia), Dr. J. L. Karm oker (BangIa Desh), Prof. Peter B. Kaufman (U. S. A. ), Dr. V. I. Kefeli . / (U. S. S. R. ), Dr. M. Kutaoek (Czechoslovakia), Prof. S.

Phytohormones In Plant Biotechnology And Agriculture

Author : Ivana Machácková
ISBN : 9789401726641
Genre : Science
File Size : 73. 10 MB
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Phytohormone research is a crucially important area of plant sciences. Phytohormones are one of the key systems integrating metabolic and developmental events in the whole plant and the response of plants to external factors. Thus, they influence the yield and quality of crops. During the last decade we have slowly begun to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying phytohormone action, largely as a result of the rapid developments that have been made internationally in the field of plant molecular genetics. Putative receptor proteins for ethylene (1993- 95), brassinosteroids (1997) and cytokinins (2001) have been identified and the genes that encode them cloned. Primary response genes and elements of hormonal signal transduction have also been identified for most known phytohormones. There is now little doubt that phytohormones, like their animal counterparts, function as signal molecules and create a signalling network in the whole plant organism. The in vivo activity of hormones depends, among other things, on their rate of biosynthesis and metabolism, and on their transport into and out of target cells. Consequently, genes and enzymes involved in these processes are of particular interest. In recent years a number of genes encoding enzymes for the synthesis, modification and degradation of different phytohormones have been cloned and identified, as have genes encoding proteins involved in phytohormone transport and its regulation. Some classes of phytohormone have been shown to participate in stress reactions and can increase the resistance of plants to unfavorable environmental factors.

Plant Growth And Development

Author : Lalit M. Srivastava
ISBN : 0080514030
Genre : Science
File Size : 21. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book provides current information on synthesis of plant hormones, how their concentrations are regulated, and how they modulate various plant processes. It details how plants sense and tolerate such factors as drought, salinity, and cold temperature, factors that limit plant productivity on earth. It also explains how plants sense two other environmental signals, light and gravity, and modify their developmental patterns in response to those signals. This book takes the reader from basic concepts to the most up-to-date thinking on these topics. * Provides clear synthesis and review of hormonal and environmental regulation of plant growth and development * Contains more than 600 illustrations supplementary information on techniques and/or related topics of interest * Single-authored text provides uniformity of presentation and integration of the subject matter * References listed alphabetically in each section

Free Radical Research Communications

Author :
ISBN : UCLA:L0065293177
Genre : Science
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The Molecular Biology Of Plant Cells

Author : H. Smith
ISBN : 0520034651
Genre : Science
File Size : 66. 84 MB
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Plant cell structure and function; Gene expression and its regulation in plant cells; The manipulation of plant cells.

Plant Growth Regulators For Agricultural And Amenity Use

Author : A. F. Hawkins
ISBN : MINN:319510003975083
Genre : Agricultural chemicals
File Size : 28. 49 MB
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Das Bewegungsverm Gen Der Pflanzen

Author : Charles Darwin
ISBN : 9785875515958
Genre : History
File Size : 83. 1 MB
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Mit 196 Holzschnitten.

Developmental Regulation Of Plant Gene Expression

Author : Don Grierson
ISBN : 9789401130523
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 27. 42 MB
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The intricacies of plant growth and development present a fascinating intellectual challenge, and yet our understanding of the subject has increased relatively slowly, despite the application of many different experimental approaches. Now, however, the introduction of molecular methods, coupled with genetic transformation technology, has provided a change in pace, and fundamental advances are occurring rapidly. This volume, the second in our Plant Biotechnology series, shows how we are beginning to understand the molecular basis of plant growth and development, and are thus moving from the descriptive to the predictive stage. The ability, discussed in chapter one, to generate a fivefold change in plant height by overexpression of a single gene for the photoreceptor phytochrome heralds not only a new phase in plant photobiology but also highlights the close relationship between fundamental knowledge and commercial application. Other chapters review progress in our understanding of the molecular basis of hormone action and processes such as tuber development, seed protein synthesis and deposition, fruit ripening, and self-recognition during pollination. The successful uses of antisense genes to alter the colour and pattern of flowers and to change the enzymic composition of ripening fruit are also discussed, together with identification and down regulation of a gene involved in ethylene synthesis by antisense technology. Opportunities are considered for altering the composition and quality of harvested plant organs and for using plants to synthesise novel products.

Bioassays And Other Special Techniques For Plant Hormones And Plant Growth Regulators

Author : Plant Growth Regulator Society of America
ISBN : UOM:39015004834068
Genre : Science
File Size : 86. 77 MB
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