the nature and properties of soils 14th edition

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The Nature And Properties Of Soils

Author : Nyle C. Brady
ISBN : 0135133874
Genre : Soil
File Size : 45. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'The Nature and Properties of Soil' is a broad textbook for introductory soil courses in agronomy and soil science. It emphasizes soils as part of the geosystem.

Nature And Properties Of Soils The Pearson New International Edition

Author : Nyle C. Brady
ISBN : 9781292034041
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 67. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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For Introduction to Soils or Fundamentals of Soil Science courses. Also for courses in Soil Fertility, Forest Soils, Soil Management, Land Resources, Earth Science, and Soil Geography. Developed for Introduction to Soils or Soil Science courses, The Nature and Properties of Soils, 14e can be used in courses such as Soil Fertility, Land Resources, Earth Science and Soil Geography. Now in its 14th edition, this text is designed to help make students study of soils a fascinating and intellectually satisfying experience. Written for both majors and non-majors, this text highlights the many interactions between the soil and other components of forest, range, agricultural, wetland and constructed ecosystems.

Hilgards Einf Hrung In Die Psychologie

Author : Rita L. Atkinson
ISBN : 3827404894
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 80. 32 MB
Format : PDF
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Eine EinfA1/4hrung in die gesamte Psychologie als Kerncurriculum fA1/4r Haupt- und Nebenfachstudenten ist der deutsche Hilgard fA1/4r die deutsche Psychologie beides, ein bereits an vielen UniversitAten als PrA1/4fungslektA1/4re empfohlener Klassiker und eine NovitAt: Es gibt nAmlich kein etabliertes Lehrbuch der gesamten Psychologie, das das Kernwissen dieses Faches fA1/4r Haupt- und NebenfAchler zusammenfaAt. Die Gutachtermeinungen waren eindeutig, die Herausgeber, Prof. Elke van der Meer, Humboldt-UniversitAt, und Prof. Joachim Grabowski, PAdagogische Hochschule Heidelberg, haben das Buch an die BedA1/4rfnisse von Haupt- und Nebenfachstudenten angepaAt, so daA es das Grundwissen fA1/4r den ersten Studienabschnitt erschlieAt. Neben den Grundthemen der Allgemeinen Psychologie als Kernfach werden die Grundlagen der Biologischen, Differentiellen, der Klinischen und der Sozialpsychologie A1/4bersichtlich dargestellt - entsprechend den groAen PrA1/4fungsfAchern im Diplomstudiengang.

Pr Ludium Oder Das Reifen Eines Dichtergeistes

Author : William Wordsworth
ISBN : 3150097657
Genre :
File Size : 20. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Principles Of Soil Chemistry Fourth Edition

Author : Kim H. Tan
ISBN : 9781439813959
Genre : Science
File Size : 22. 80 MB
Format : PDF
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Learn the secrets of soil chemistry and its role in agriculture and the environment. Examine the fundamental laws of soil chemistry, how they affect dissolution, cation and anion exchange, and other reactions. Explore how water can form water-bridges and hydrogen bonding, the most common forces in adsorption, chelation, and more. Discover how electrical charges develop in soils creating electrochemical potentials forcing ions to move into the plant body through barriers such as root membranes, nourishing crops and plants. You can do all this and more with Principles of Soil Chemistry, Fourth Edition. Since the first edition published in 1982, this resource has made a name for itself as a textbook for upper level undergraduates and as a handy reference for professionals and scientists. This fourth edition reexamines the entire reach of soil chemistry while maintaining the clear, concise style that made previous editions so user-friendly. By completely revising, updating, and incorporating a decade’s worth of new information, author Kim Tan has made this edition an entirely new and better book. See what's new in the Fourth Edition Reexamines atoms as the smallest particle that will enter into chemical reactions by probing new advances testifying the presence of subatomic particles and concepts such as string theory Underscores oxygen as the key element in soil air and atmosphere for life on earth Reevaluates the idea of transformation of orthoclase into albite by simple cation exchange reactions as misleading and bending scientific concepts of ion exchange over the limit of truth Examines the role of fertilizers, sulfur, pyrite, acid rain, and nitrogen fixation in soil acidity, underscoring the controversial effect of nitrification on increasing soil acidity over time Addresses the old and new approaches to humic acids by comparing the traditional operational concept against the currently proposed supramolecular and pseudomicellar concept Proposes soil organics, such as nucleic acids of DNA and others, to also adsorb cation ions held as diffusive ion clouds around the polymers Tan explains, in easy and simple language, the chemical make-up of the four soil constituents, their chemical reactions and interactions in soils as governed by basic chemical laws, and their importance in agriculture, industry, and the environment. He differentiates soil chemistry from geochemistry and physical chemistry. Containing more than 200 equations, 123 figures, and 38 tables, this popular text and resource supplies a comprehensive treatment of soil chemistry that builds a foundation for work in environmental pollution, organic and inorganic soil contamination, and potential ecological health and environmental health risks.

B Den Der Welt

Author : Wolfgang Zech
ISBN : 9783642365751
Genre : Nature
File Size : 82. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Böden gehören zu den wichtigsten Lebensgrundlagen der Menschheit. Sie unterscheiden sich in den verschiedenen Regionen der Erde außerordentlich stark. Dieser Bildatlas beschreibt und illustriert die Böden der Welt im Zusammenhang mit ihren Naturräumen. Grundlage ist die internationale Bodenklassifikation WRB (World Reference Base for Soil Resources) in der Neuauflage von 2006. Darin sind zahlreiche Begriffe neu bzw. schärfer definiert. Mit den Technosolen und Stagnosolen fanden zwei neue Referenzbodengruppen Aufnahme. Auch die weitere Untergliederung der Böden mit Hilfe von Qualifiern wurde deutlich verändert und erweitert. Diese zahlreichen Änderungen in der WRB von 2006 sind in die 2. Auflage des Buches eingegangen. Das Buch ist nach Ökozonen gegliedert. Für jede Ökozone werden Lage, Klima und Vegetation mit den sich daraus ergebenden bodenbildenden Faktoren beschrieben. Darauf folgen umfassende Informationen über deren repräsentative Böden: Definition der Böden, diagnostische Horizonte, Eigenschaften und Materialien, physikalische, chemische und biologische Merkmale, Vorkommen und Verbreitung, Nutzung und Gefährdung, Prozesse der Bodenbildung. Zahlreiche Diagramme zur Verbreitung der Böden, zu Profilmerkmalen und bodenbildenden Prozessen sowie viele neue Farbfotos von Bodenprofilen und -landschaften machen den Bildatlas zu einem ausgezeichneten Referenzwerk. Studierende und Lehrende sowie Entscheidungsträger werden zudem mit grundlegenden Erkenntnissen der Bodenkunde, des Bodenschutzes und der Bodenfruchtbarkeit vertraut gemacht. Bevölkerungswachstum und Bodendegradation in tropischen Gebieten, deren Böden von Natur aus nur eingeschränkt fruchtbar sind, machen die Ernährungssicherung in besonderem Maße zu einer Aufgabe der Bodenkunde.

Geology And The Environment

Author : Bernard Pipkin
ISBN : 9780538737555
Genre : Science
File Size : 55. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Pipkin/Trent/Hazlett/Bierman’s GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT explores the relationship between humans and the geologic hazards, processes, and resources that surround us. This stellar author team has the most field expertise, and the greatest depth of experience in bringing this knowledge to the student of any in this market. In the 6th edition of this tested market leader the authors have fully integrated coverage of how climate change and global warming impact geologic processes. Both human and non-human-induced climate change topics are discussed in a newly developed chapter called The Earth System and Climate Change. This chapter sets the context for understanding how Man’s interaction with the Earth System is a contributor to climate change and global warming. The acclaimed Case Studies feature at the end of chapters now includes 10 cases on climate change and global warming topics. GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT is written with an emphasis on how geology can improve the human condition. This new edition updates demographic statistics and the problems of overpopulation, reviewing what we have to do in order to create a sustainable society for the next generation. The new edition also introduces a new feature called Questions to Ponder, which further encourages students to think critically about pressing issues of social and environmental importance. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Das Kapital

Author : Karl Marx
Genre : Capital
File Size : 20. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Green Chemistry

Author : Bela Torok
ISBN : 9780128095492
Genre : Science
File Size : 31. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Green Chemistry: An Inclusive Approach provides a broad overview of green chemistry for researchers from either an environmental science or chemistry background, starting at a more elementary level, incorporating more advanced concepts, and including more chemistry as the book progresses. Every chapter includes recent, state-of-the-art references, in particular, review articles, to introduce researchers to this field of interest and provide them with information that can be easily built upon. By bringing together experts in multiple subdisciplines of green chemistry, the editors have curated a single central resource for an introduction to the discipline as a whole. Topics include a broad array of research fields, including the chemistry of Earth’s atmosphere, water and soil, the synthesis of fine chemicals, and sections on pharmaceuticals, plastics, energy related issues (energy storage, fuel cells, solar, and wind energy conversion etc., greenhouse gases and their handling, chemical toxicology issues of everyday products (from perfumes to detergents or clothing), and environmental policy issues. Introduces the topic of green chemistry with an overview of key concepts Expands upon presented concepts with the latest research and applications, providing both the breadth and depth researchers need Includes a broad range of application based problems to make the content accessible for professional researchers and undergraduate and graduate students Authored by experts in a broad range of fields, providing insider information on the aspects or challenges of a given field that are most important and urgent

The Environment

Author : Mohan K. Wali
ISBN : 9781420007336
Genre : Science
File Size : 36. 53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Students have questions, this book has answers: What is the structure and function of natural systems? Where and how do populations and communities live? How have human impacts altered ecosystems? How can we lessen impacts and create long term solutions? Challenging Times Demand Changing Approaches As the world strives to go green and clean, the discipline of environmental science is poised to take center stage. Its components span many disciplines, subdisciplines, and specialties. Reflecting this, introductory courses are often taught by instructors trained in fields ranging from biology, chemistry, and physics to philosophy and political science. The next generation of environmental scientists, professionals, and decision makers need an understanding of environmental issues that is not only cohesive, but firmly based in science. They need environmental literacy. Why Another Text on Environmental Science? Exploiting the fertile ground provided by young and open minds, The Environment: Science, Issues, and Solutions employs a back-to-basics, building-block presentation. The authors’ approach is strongly grounded in science, the scientific method, and environmental evidence. They introduce the principles of ecology, then discuss how the increase in human population, expanded technology use, and unprecedented economic development and growth has altered ecosystems resulting in serious local, regional, and global environmental problems. The book makes a case for seeking long-term solutions for the prevention and mitigation of environmental problems in their interconnected, interrelated, and, thus, interdependent ways. Fully Integrated Text Rigorously Explores Environmental Issues The authors’ engaging style piques the interest of students, challenges their critical abilities, and fosters environmental literacy based on a fundamental understanding of the systems of the natural world. The authors emphasize the basics of ecology and use this foundation to build an understanding of major environmental problems and explore methods of mitigating what has been degraded or destroyed. In a logical progression, they provide an understanding of the science, a delineation of the human population and technological growth that has led to environmental issues, and an exploration of solutions to those problems.

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