the nature fix why nature makes us happier healthier and more creative

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The Nature Fix

Author : Florence Williams
ISBN : 0393355578
Genre : Nature
File Size : 50. 42 MB
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An investigation into the restorative benefits of nature draws on cutting-edge research and the author's explorations with international nature therapy programs to examine the relationship between nature and human cognition, mood, and creativity. --Publisher.

The Nature Fix Why Nature Makes Us Happier Healthier And More Creative

Author : Florence Williams
ISBN : 9780393242720
Genre : Science
File Size : 88. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An intrepid investigation into nature’s restorative benefits by a prize-winning author. For centuries, poets and philosophers extolled the benefits of a walk in the woods: Beethoven drew inspiration from rocks and trees; Wordsworth composed while tromping over the heath; and Nikola Tesla conceived the electric motor while visiting a park. Intrigued by our storied renewal in the natural world, Florence Williams set out to uncover the science behind nature’s positive effects on the brain. In this informative and entertaining account, Williams investigates cutting-edge research as she travels to fragrant cypress forests in Korea to meet the rangers who administer “forest healing programs,” to the green hills of Scotland and its “ecotherapeutic” approach to caring for the mentally ill, to a river trip in Idaho with Iraqi vets suffering from PTSD, to the West Virginia mountains where she discovers how being outside helps children with ADHD. The Nature Fix demonstrates that our connection to nature is much more important to our cognition than we think and that even small amounts of exposure to the living world can improve our creativity and enhance our mood. In prose that is incisive, witty, and urgent, Williams shows how time in nature is not a luxury but is in fact essential to our humanity. As our modern lives shift dramatically indoors, these ideas—and the answers they yield—are more urgent than ever.

The Nature Fix

Author : Florence Williams
ISBN : 0393242714
Genre : NATURE
File Size : 32. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An intrepid investigation into nature's restorative benefits by a prize-winning author.

Breasts A Natural And Unnatural History

Author : Florence Williams
ISBN : 9780393063189
Genre : History
File Size : 66. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A science journalist draws from the fields of anthropology, biology and medicine to describe the life cycle of the human female breast, from puberty to pregnancy to menopause and discusses the organ's modern susceptibility to toxins and disease. 40,000 first printing.

Your Brain On Nature

Author : Eva M. Selhub, MD
ISBN : 9781118114490
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 25. 68 MB
Format : PDF
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How to safely de-tox from IT overload—with the healing effects of nature Scientific studies have shown that natural environments can have remarkable benefits for human health. Natural environments are more likely to promote positive emotions; and viewing and walking in nature have been associated with heightened physical and mental energy. Nature has also been found to have a positive impact on children who have been diagnosed with impulsivity, hyperactivity, and attention deficit disorder. A powerful wake-up call for our tech-immersed society, Your Brain on Nature examines the fascinating effects that exposure to nature can have on the brain. In Your Brain on Nature, physician Eva Selhub and naturopath Alan Logan examine not only the effects of nature on the brain—but the ubiquitous influence of everyday technology on the brain, and how IT overload and its many distractions may even be changing it. Offering an antidote for the technology-addicted, the book outlines emerging nature-based therapies including ecotherapy, as well as practical strategies for improving your (and your children's) cognitive functioning, mental health, and physical well-being through ecotherapeutic, nutritional, and behavioural means. Details the back to nature movement and the benefits of nature on the brain and body, from reducing the symptoms of ADHD to improving mood and physical energy Explains the effects of air quality, aromas, light and sound on the brain, including SAD and sleep loss A fascinating look at the effects that both nature and technology have on the brain's functioning and one's overall well-being, Your Brain on Nature is every tech-addict's guide to restoring health and balance in an increasingly IT-dependent world.

Nature Cure

Author : Richard Mabey
ISBN : 0813926211
Genre : Nature
File Size : 88. 22 MB
Format : PDF
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"Mabey fears that he, like the swift, may be too specialized - given to an intensely specific way of life which, when threatened, leaves him with nowhere to turn. A life spent observing nature has taught him that any creature, even an entire species, might be made suddenly obsolete by the shifts of the world. Just how adaptable is he? He leaves the Chilterns with a near-complete set of the works of John Clare and an antique microscope, but without a frying pan. From now on he will have to think about a complete life, not just those bases he touched as a writer following his calling.".

Your Guide To Forest Bathing

Author : M. Amos Clifford
ISBN : 9781633410947
Genre : Nature
File Size : 59. 84 MB
Format : PDF
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“A beautiful and inspiring guide inviting us to seek out the trees and let the healing happen, both for us and for our beleaguered ecosystems. Grab this book and head outside” –Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative Simply being present in the natural world – with all our senses fully alive – can have a remarkably healing effect. It can also awaken in us our latent but profound connection with all living things. This is “forest bathing”, a practice inspired by the Japanese tradition of shinrin-yoku. It is a gentle, meditative approach to being with nature and an antidote to our nature-starved lives that can heal our relationship with the more-than-human world. In Your Guide to Forest Bathing you’ll discover a path—along with specific activities presented by Amos Clifford, one of the world’s most experienced forest bathing experts—that you can use to begin a practice of your own. Whether you’re in a forest or woodland, public park, or just your own backyard, this book will be your personal guide as you explore the natural world in a way you may have never thought possible.


Author : Steven Poole
ISBN : 9781501145612
Genre : History
File Size : 60. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"A brilliant and groundbreaking argument that innovation and progress are often achieved by revisiting and retooling ideas from the past rather than starting from scratch--from The Guardian columnist and contributor to The Atlantic, "--Baker & Taylor.

Oxford Textbook Of Nature And Public Health

Author : Howard Frumkin
ISBN : 9780198725916
Genre : Medical
File Size : 56. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Human beings have always been affected by their surroundings. There are various health benefits linked to being able to access to nature; including increased physical activity, stress recovery, and the stimulation of child cognitive development. The Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health provides a broad and inclusive picture of the relationship between our own health and the natural environment. All aspects of this unique relationship are covered, ranging from disease prevention through physical activity in green spaces to innovative ecosystem services, such as climate change adaptation by urban trees. Potential hazardous consequences are also discussed including natural disasters, vector-borne pathogens, and allergies. This book analyses the complexity of our human interaction with nature and includes sections for example epigenetics, stress physiology, and impact assessments. These topics are all interconnected and fundamental for reaching a full understanding of the role of nature in public health and wellbeing. Much of the recent literature on environmental health has primarily described potential threats from our natural surroundings. The Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health instead focuses on how nature can positively impact our health and wellbeing, and how much we risk losing by destroying it. The all-inclusive approach provides a comprehensive and complete coverage of the role of nature in public health, making this textbook invaluable reading for health professionals, students, and researchers within public health, environmental health, and complementary medicine.

Summary And Analysis Florence Williams The Nature Fix Why Nature Makes Us Happier Healthier And More Creative

Author : Brief Books
ISBN : 1976909716
Genre :
File Size : 76. 45 MB
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Do you hang out in nature enough? I only ask because of Florence Williams' groundbreaking work, The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier and More Creative. This book describes, in detail, the relation that humans have to nature and what it can genuinely do for us. Florence Williams takes on a gigantic task of uncovering the truth behind nature's powers. Can nature make us happier, healthier, and more creative? By traveling all over the world and digging into complicated research, Williams presents the audience with evidence supporting the thesis. Yes, nature can do all these things. However, this book goes into far more detail and discussion relating to the power of nature. Williams recognizes, first-hand, the challenges of getting enough time in nature when our current society is moving indoors for longer periods of time. After moving to Washington DC from Colorado, Williams experiences a bit of natural whiplash - and she feels the strains. The city is crowded, noisy, and has less green space than she is accustomed to. And, her stress levels show it. By taking on this assignment, Williams is able to travel across the United States and abroad to look for evidence that suggests individuals and cities need to prioritize nature. According to the book, scientists have found evidence that nature has a powerful affect on our brains, our health, and our overall well-being. She takes readers through scientific and medical research, as well as philosophical discussions of the late great poets and thinkers. She uses evidence that shows how nature is powerful because of how it engages our senses - mainly smell, sound, and sight. She takes part as a participant and/or a journalist in several nature studies that take her rambling through the woods, healing forests, and raging rivers. As a journalist, she provides keen insight, as well as honest reflections on her experiences. What worked for her and what did not. For instance, as someone who spends time outdoors more regularly than most, she discovered it takes more time for her to show the effects of being in nature as opposed to city dwellers who responded more swiftly. With humorous anecdotes of her adventures and open discussion, readers appreciate her take on the concept. She provides evidence that clearly supports the idea that nature does, in fact, make us happier, healthier, and more creative. In this detailed summary and analysis of The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative, you'll enjoy: 1. What Forest Bathing is, and why it is important for our well-being.2. Why we think best out in nature.3. How your body reacts to sounds throughout the day AND night, whether you are sleeping or not.4. What beautiful singing birds can do for you. and much more! One of my personally FAVORITE summaries, hands down. Grab it today! NOTE TO READERS: This is a summary and analysis companion book. This is not Florence Williams' original book, The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and Calmer. We strongly encourage you to purchase the original text as well.

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