the nature of consciousness the universe and everything

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The Nature Of Consciousness The Universe And Everything

Author : Alex Milov
ISBN : 0999229400
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File Size : 54. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An evidenced-based compilation of findings across disciplines supported by direct observations and the formal experiments of peer review research. What does it mean to know? Are plants conscious? Is the waggle dance of the honeybee a language? Do fish dream? Can squirrel monkeys learn to perceive the color red? Do chimpanzees lie? In charting the development of consciousness across species the nature of human consciousness is revealed and healthy life choices become clear. In the process, we discover some surprising implications for the ideas of self-concept and free-will. The information compiled here allows for nothing less than an awakening as to who we are in the universe. Though the evidence comes from naturalistic observations and the methods are based on the principles of science, the destination is ultimately spiritual.

Liber Null Psychonaut

Author : Peter J. Carroll
ISBN : 9781609255299
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 50. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Two complete volumes in one. Liber Null contains a selection of extremely powerful rituals and exercises for committed occultists. Psychonaut is a manual comprising the theory and practice of magic aimed atthose seeking to perform group magic, or who work as shamanic priests to the community.

The Nature Of Consciousness The Structure Of Reality

Author : Jerry Davidson Wheatley
ISBN : 0970316100
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book describes how understanding the structure of reality leads to the Theory of Everything Equation. The equation unifies the forces of nature and enables the merging of relativity with quantum theory. The book explains the big bang theory and everything else.

Four Faces Of The Universe

Author : Robert Kleinman
ISBN : 9780940985919
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 66. 3 MB
Format : PDF
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Explores key perpsectives by which we gain insight into the cosmos.

Teachings Of The Odd Eyed One The

Author : David Peter Lawrence
ISBN : 9780791477724
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 54. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A study and translation of a tantric contemplative manual and the commentary on it.

The Physical Nature Of Consciousness

Author : Philip Van Loocke
ISBN : 9789027299857
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 69. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Physical Nature of Consciousness contains twelve chapters that discuss recent and new perspectives on the relation between modern physics and consciousness. Stuart Hameroff opens with an extended and updated exposition of the Penrose/Hameroff Orch-OR model, and subsequently addresses recent criticisms of quantum approaches to the brain. Evan Walker presents his view on consciousness from the perspective of a new approach to the integration of quantum theory and relativity. Friedrich Beck elaborates on the Beck/Eccles quantum approach to consciousness. Karl Pribram puts the holographic view on consciousness in perspective of his life long work. Peter Marcer and Edgar Mitchell explain the relevance of quantum holography for consciousness. Gordon Globus discusses the relation between postmodern philosophical theories and quantum consciousness. Chris Clarke develops a theory in terms of a specific type of formal logic to reconcile the phenomenology of consciousness with the physical world. Ilya Prigogine summarizes his view on complexity, and on the future of quantum theory, which goes beyond the present formalism, and goes on to comment on the problem of consciousness. Matti Pitkanen identifies the place for consciousness in a unifying topological geometro-dynamics theory. Colin McGinn argues against classical materialism. Dick Bierman gives an overview of anomalous phenomena. He identifies a decline effect, and discusses different possible interpretations. Philip Van Loocke closes the volume with a discussion on how deep teleology in cellular systems may relate to consciousness. (Series A)

Being Consciousness Bliss

Author : Astrid Fitzgerald
ISBN : 0970109784
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An accessible compendium of wisdom to help guide people toward a spiritual search, drawing on the insights of G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky among others.

A Comparison Of World Religions

Author : Mary M. Saurer
ISBN : 9781462844050
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51. 3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Human beings have inhabited the world for millions of years, and the oldest religious art found in caves and on bones dates as far back as 30,000 years. From earliest times, and still today, people share their ideas and form a group with others who have drawn similar conclusions about the meaning of life and the ultimate reality. They might call their group a religion; others might call it a cult. But the name they give to their concept of God does not mean that they worship a different god, only that they hold a different concept of the Source and Power of that which was, is and always will be. Every religion serves as a way of life, an opportunity to practice ones accepted beliefs, and a way to socialize with those who hold similar views. Religions can be dictated, but beliefs cannot. They are private and unique to the individual. It is ones own experience with that which he or she perceives as God that prompts the acceptance of a belief system, quiet endurance when there seems to be no choice, or the withdrawal from religion altogether. Public and personal wars have been fought in the name of righteous indignation in support of different belief systems that came from efforts to answer the questions of life. Many individuals have lived lives of frustration and confusion as a result of the commonly accepted belief system of the culture into which they were born. In this study we look briefly at the historical and geographical conditions related to the emergence of specific religious views, and the situation of the people whose lives are influenced by them. Our intent is not to determine which religion is right or wrong. Using a comparison point chart, we examine the basic premises of each belief system and how the holding of a premise impacts the lives of those who live it as if it were true.

Universe And Consciousness

Author : Lonnie W. Webber
ISBN : 9780595203871
Genre : History
File Size : 48. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is a summary of the history of the universe and how it relates to consciousness. It is in no way a professional text book. It is for fast reading and general reference. The purpose is to provide a prospective view and not for text book type facts and dates. It provides a rather simplified view of consciousness. In many places it contains my ideas and I have no special training in history or consciousness. It works for me. Perhaps there is somthing in the book for you.

The Nature Of Consciousness

Author : Rupert Spira
ISBN : 9781684030026
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 73. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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“I’ve gained deeper understanding listening to Rupert Spira than I have from any other exponent of modern spirituality. Reality is sending us a message we desperately need to hear, and at this moment no messenger surpasses Spira and the transformative words in his essays.” —Deepak Chopra, author of You Are the Universe, Spiritual Solutions, and Super Brain Our world culture is founded on the assumption that the Big Bang gave rise to matter, which in time evolved into the world, into which the body was born, inside which a brain appeared, out of which consciousness at some late stage developed. As a result of this “matter model,” most of us believe that consciousness is a property of the body. We feel that it is “I,” this body, that knows or is aware of the world. We believe and feel that the knowing with which we are aware of our experience is located in and shares the limits and destiny of the body. This is the fundamental presumption of mind and matter that underpins almost all our thoughts and feelings and is expressed in our activities and relationships. The Nature of Consciousness suggests that the matter model has outlived its function and is now destroying the very values it once sought to promote. For many people, the debate as to the ultimate reality of the universe is an academic one, far removed from the concerns and demands of everyday life. After all, life happens independently of our models of it. However, The Nature of Consciousness will clearly show that the materialist paradigm is a philosophy of despair and, as such, the root cause of unhappiness in individuals. It is a philosophy of conflict and, as such, the root cause of hostilities between families, communities, and nations. Far from being abstract and philosophical, its implications touch each one of us directly and intimately. An exploration of the nature of consciousness has the power to reveal the peace and happiness that truly lie at the heart of experience. Our experience never ceases to change, but the knowing element in all experience—consciousness, or what we call “I”—itself never changes. The knowing with which all experience is known is always the same knowing. Being the common, unchanging element in all experience, consciousness does not share the qualities of any particular experience: it is not qualified, conditioned, or limited by experience. The knowing with which a feeling of loneliness or sorrow is known is the same knowing with which the thought of a friend, the sight of a sunset, or the taste of ice cream is known. Just as a screen is never disturbed by the action in a movie, so consciousness is never disturbed by experience; thus it is inherently peaceful. The peace that is inherent in us—indeed that is us—is not dependent on the situations or conditions we find ourselves in. In a series of essays that draw you, through your own direct experience, into an exploration of the nature of this knowing element that each of us calls “I,” The Nature of Consciousness posits that consciousness is the fundamental reality of the apparent duality of mind and matter. It shows that the overlooking or ignoring of this reality is the root cause of the existential unhappiness that pervades and motivates most people’s lives, as well as the wider conflicts that exist between communities and nations. Conversely, the book suggests that the recognition of the fundamental reality of consciousness is the first step in the quest for lasting happiness and the foundation for world peace.

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