the nazi rocketeers dreams of space and crimes of war

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The Nazi Rocketeers

Author : Dennis Piszkiewicz
ISBN : 0811733874
Genre : History
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Explores the development of the V-2 rocket A sobering testimony to the consequences of corrupted genius Wernher von Braun is known to many as the brilliant pioneer of rocketry who left Germany after World War II to lead the United States' space program. Until now, few have realized the bloody legacy he left behind in the ruins of the Third Reich. The Nazi Rocketeers tells the story of how von Braun and his fellow rocket scientists postponed their initial dreams of space travel to create weapons of terror and mass destruction. Not only were they ambitious members of the Nazi movement, but they also, Piszkiewicz argues, collaborated with the SS in exploiting slave labor to build the V-2 rocket.

The V 2 Rocket 1939 1945

Author : Spero Zervos
ISBN : 9781483575964
Genre : History
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During World War II, a German rocket team invented the world’s first long-range ballistic missile (rocket). The V-2 rocket ushered in the Ballistic Missile Age and signified an important advance in weaponry. Between 6 September 1944 and 28 March 1945, the Germans launched about 3,172 V-2 rockets at Allied targets in Europe that killed approximately 5,500 people and injured more than 7,000. However, more slave laborers died mass producing the rocket than were killed form its explosive yield. The V-2 rocket proved indefensible once in flight despite Allied attempts to destroy the weapon. In fact, the Allies only stopped the rocket onslaught by pushing ballistic missile firing batteries out of range. After the war, the U.S. military and the Soviet military used captured V-2 hardware, supporting documents, and rocket engineers to assist with the development of their own ballistic missile programs. The V-2 rocket served as the ancestor of Cold War military offensive and defensive ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles.

Breaking The Chains Of Gravity

Author : Amy Shira Teitel
ISBN : 9781472911193
Genre : Science
File Size : 78. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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NASA's history is a familiar story, one that typically peaks with Neil Armstrong taking his small step on the Moon in 1969. But America's space agency wasn't created in a vacuum. It was assembled from pre-existing parts, drawing together some of the best minds the non-Soviet world had to offer. In the 1930s, rockets were all the rage in Germany, the focus both of scientists hoping to fly into space and of the German armed forces, looking to circumvent the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles. One of the key figures in this period was Wernher von Braun, an engineer who designed the rockets that became the devastating V-2. As the war came to its chaotic conclusion, von Braun escaped from the ruins of Nazi Germany, and was taken to America where he began developing missiles for the US Army. Meanwhile, the US Air Force was looking ahead to a time when men would fly in space, and test pilots like Neil Armstrong were flying cutting-edge, rocket-powered aircraft in the thin upper atmosphere. Breaking the Chains of Gravity tells the story of America's nascent space program, its scientific advances, its personalities and the rivalries it caused between the various arms of the US military. At this point getting a man in space became a national imperative, leading to the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, otherwise known as NASA.

Kundalini Tales

Author : Richard Sauder
ISBN : 0932813615
Genre : Extrasensory perception
File Size : 40. 1 MB
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Sauder continues his studies of underground bases with new information on the occult underpinnings of the US space programme. The book also contains a breakthrough section that examines actual US patents for devices that manipulate minds and thoughts from a remote distance. Included are chapters on the secret space programme and a 130 page appendix of patents and schematic diagrams of secret technology and mind control devices.

Securing Outer Space

Author : Natalie Bormann
ISBN : 9781134044849
Genre : History
File Size : 85. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The challenges that space poses for political theory are profound. Yet until now, the exploration and utilization of space has generally reflected – but not challenged – the political patterns and impulses which characterized twentieth-century politics and International Relations. This edited volume analyses a number of controversial policies, and contentious strategies which have promoted space activities under the rubric of exploration and innovation, militarization and weaponization, colonization and commercialization. It places these policies and strategies in broader theoretical perspective in two key ways. Firstly, it engages in a reading of the discourses of space activities: exposing their meaning-producing practices; uncovering the narratives which convey certain space strategies as desirable, inevitable and seamless. Secondly, the essays suggest ways of understanding, and critically engaging with, the effects of particular space policies. The essays here seek to ‘bring back space’ into the realm of International Relations discourse, from which it has been largely removed, marginalized and silenced. The various chapters do this by highlighting how activities in outer space are always connected to earth-bound practices and performances of the every day. Securing Outer Space will be of great interest to students of space power, critical security studies and IR theory.

Ian Fleming S Commandos

Author : Nicholas Rankin
ISBN : 9780199912025
Genre : History
File Size : 60. 27 MB
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In 1941, the United Kingdom faced its darkest hour: it stood alone against the Germans, who had chased British forces out of France, Norway, and Greece. All it had left were desperate measures--commando raids, intelligence coups, feats of derring-do. Any such "novel enterprise," wrote Admiral John Godfrey, Director of Naval Intelligence, required "an officer with drive and imagination of the highest order." He found one in Commander Ian Fleming. In Ian Fleming's Commandos, Nicholas Rankin tells the exciting story of a secret intelligence outfit conceived and organized by Fleming. Named 30 Assault Unit, the group was expected to seize enemy codebooks, cipher machines, and documents in high-stakes operations. Assault unit commandos fought in the North African campaign and the invasions of Sicily and Italy, poked over the bones of bombed Pantelleria, and liberated Capri. Rebranded '30 Assault Unit', they went ashore on D-Day, heading for rocket-sites and radar-stations. They helped liberate Paris (including the Ritz Bar and the Rothschild mansion) and then set out to steal scientific and industrial secrets from the heart of Germany. Their final amazing coup was to seize the entire archives of the German Navy's three hundred tons of documents. Ian Fleming flew out in person to accompany the loot back to Britain, where it was combed for evidence to use in the Nuremburg trials. Based on incisive research and written with verve and insight, this new paperback edition of Ian Fleming's Commandos brings to life a long-obscured chapter of World War II and reveals the inspiration behind Fleming's famous fiction.

An Economic History Of Twentieth Century Europe

Author : Ivan T. Berend
ISBN : 9781139452649
Genre : History
File Size : 75. 72 MB
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A major history of economic regimes and economic performance throughout the twentieth century. Ivan T. Berend looks at the historic development of the twentieth-century European economy, examining both its failures and its successes in responding to the challenges of this crisis-ridden and troubled but highly successful age. The book surveys the European economy's chronological development, the main factors of economic growth, and the various economic regimes that were invented and introduced in Europe during the twentieth century. Professor Berend shows how the vast disparity between the European regions that had characterized earlier periods gradually began to disappear during the course of the twentieth century as more and more countries reached a more or less similar level of economic development. This accessible book will be required reading for students in European economic history, economics, and modern European history.

Public Libraries

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Wernher Von Braun

Author : Dennis Piszkiewicz
ISBN : 0275962172
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 48. 21 MB
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Explores declassified army documents, war crimes trial transcripts, and Von Braun's personal papers to record the life and accomplishments of America's leading rocket expert who was also responsible for creating Hitler's most advanced terror weapon, the V-2 rocket

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