the next christendom the coming of global christianity

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The Next Christendom

Author : Philip Jenkins
ISBN : 9780199767465
Genre : Religion
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This new and substantially expanded edition of Philip Jenkins's influential book The Next Christendom tracks the remarkable expansion of Christianity in the global South, in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and the implications of that shift in numbers and influence away from the traditional Christian heartlands of Europe and North America.

The Next Christendom

Author :
ISBN : 0198033419
Genre : Christianity
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The first edition of The Next Christendom has been hailed as a landmark in our understanding of modern Christianity. In this new and substantially expanded second edition, Jenkins continues to illuminate the remarkable expanion of Christianity in the global South--in Africa, Asia, and Latin America--as well as the clash betwen Islam and Christianity since September 11. Among the major topics covered are the growing schism between Northern and Southern churches over issues of gender and sexuality, immigrant and ethnic churches in North America, and a special section on the split within the Angl.

Einst Rzende Mauern

Author : Klaus Koschorke
ISBN : 3447059958
Genre : Religion
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The year 1989/90 saw the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet empire, the end of the Cold War and of the bipolar world order. For the churches and Christians in Eastern Europe, the date was a dramatic turning point. It brought the end of the communist oppression, freedom of religion, and new opportunities for engagement in the public sphere. To what extent were these events a turning point for Christianity in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well? This was the central question discussed at the 4th International Munich-Freising Conference in February 2008 by participants from four continents and various fields of professional expertise. Not only the Berlin Wall came down, but also the walls of Apartheid in South Africa and many nation-state barriers around the globe. These changes confronted churches throughout the world with new challenges. Das Jahr 1989/90 sah den Fall der Berliner Mauer, den Kollaps des Sowjetimperiums, das Ende des Kalten Krieges und die Auflosung der bipolaren Weltordnung. Fur die Kirchen und Christen in Ostmittel- und Osteuropa markiert dieses Datum eine einschneidende Zasur. Es brachte das Ende kommunistischer Unterdruckung, Religionsfreiheit und neue Wirkungsmoglichkeiten im offentlichen Raum. Inwieweit stellt das Datum einen Wendepunkt auch fur das Christentum in Afrika, Asien und Lateinamerika dar? Dies war die Leitfrage der 4. Internationalen Munchen- Freising Konferenz im Februar 2008. Sie wurde von Teilnehmern aus vier Kontinenten und unterschiedlichen Disziplinen intensiv diskutiert. Nicht nur die Berliner Mauer fiel, sondern auch die Mauern der Apartheid in Sudafrika sowie Blockgrenzen und nationalstaatliche Barrieren rund um den Globus. Dies stellte die Kirchen weltweit vor neue Herausforderungen.

Theology In The Context Of World Christianity

Author : Timothy C. Tennent
ISBN : 9780310298489
Genre : Religion
File Size : 65. 55 MB
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It’s no secret that the center of Christianity has shifted from the West to the global South and East. While the truths of the Christian faith are universal, new contexts bring new questions, new understandings, and new expressions. What does this mean for theology? Is the Christian faith not only culturally translatable, but also theologically translatable?Timothy Tennent answers this question with a resounding yes. Theological reflection is alive and well in the majority world church, and these new perspectives need to be heard, considered, and brought into conversation with Western theologians. Global theology can make us aware of our own blind spots and biases. Because of its largely conservative stance, global theology has much to offer toward the revitalization of Western Christianity.Tennent examines traditional theological categories in conversation with theologians from across the globe, making this volume valuable for students, pastors, missionaries, and theologians alike.

Global Christianity

Author : Frans Wijsen
ISBN : 9789042021921
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75. 81 MB
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In 2002 Philip Jenkins wrote The Next Christendom. Over the past half century the centre of gravity of the Christian world has moved decisively to the global South, says Jenkins. Within a few decades European and Euro-American Christians will have become a small fragment of world Christianity. By that time Christianity in Europe and North America will to a large extent consist of Southern-derived immigrant communities. Southern churches will fulfil neither the Liberation Dream nor the Conservative Dream of the North, but will seek their own solutions to their particular problems. Jenkins' book evoked strong reactions, a bit to his own surprise, as the book contained little new. In the United States of America, the prospect of a more biblical Christianity caused reactions of alarm in liberal circles. In contrast, conservatives were delighted by the same prospect. In Europe the book landed in the middle of the debate on Europe as an exceptional case. It was detested by those who stick to the theory of ongoing and irreversible secularisation and welcomed by those who see a resurgence of religion, also in Europe. In the present volume, scholars of religion and theologians assess the global trends in World Christianity as described in Philip Jenkins' book. It is the outcome of an international conference on Southern Christianity and its relation to Christianity in the North, held in the Conference Centre of Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Interpreting Contemporary Christianity

Author : Ogbu Kalu
ISBN : 9780802862426
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this multidisciplinary interpretation of world Christianity and the changing shape of the global religious landscape, scholars consider the complex dynamics shaping Christianity's recent expansion in all parts of the globe. They view the explanations of homogenization or American cultural influence as being necessarily limited and point to the far more varied intersections of external influence and indigenous appropriation. The geographical coverage and the voices from various corners of the globe exemplify the shift of Christianity's center of gravity away from the northern hemisphere. New voices, new methods, and new perspectives emerge here. Book jacket.

The New Faces Of Christianity

Author : Philip Jenkins
ISBN : 0198041160
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 45. 83 MB
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Named one of the top religion books of 2002 by USA Today, Philip Jenkins's phenomenally successful The Next Christendom permanently changed the way people think about the future of Christianity. In that volume, Jenkins called the world's attention to the little noticed fact that Christianity's center of gravity was moving inexorably southward, to the point that Africa may soon be home to the world's largest Christian populations. Now, in this brilliant sequel, Jenkins takes a much closer look at Christianity in the global South, revealing what it is like, and what it means for the future. The faith of the South, Jenkins finds, is first and foremost a biblical faith. Indeed, in the global South, many Christians identify powerfully with the world portrayed in the New Testament--an agricultural world very much like their own, marked by famine and plague, poverty and exile, until very recently a society of peasants, farmers, and small craftsmen. In the global South, as in the biblical world, belief in spirits and witchcraft are commonplace, and in many places--such as Nigeria, Indonesia, and Sudan--Christians are persecuted just as early Christians were. Thus the Bible speaks to the global South with a vividness and authenticity simply unavailable to most believers in the industrialized North. More important, Jenkins shows that throughout the global South, believers are reading the Bible with fresh eyes, and coming away with new and sometimes startling interpretations. Some of their conclusions are distinctly fundamentalist, but Jenkins finds an intriguing paradox, for they are also finding ideas in the Bible that are socially liberating, especially with respect to women's rights. Across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, such Christians are social activists in the forefront of a wide range of liberation movements. It's hard to overstate how interesting, how eye-opening, how frequently surprising (and sometimes disturbing) Jenkins' findings are. Anyone interested in the implications of these trends for the major denominations, for Muslim-Christian conflict, and for global politics will find The New Faces of Christianity provocative and incisive--and indispensable.

The New Anti Catholicism

Author : Philip Jenkins
ISBN : 9780195176049
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 69. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Offers an analysis of prejudice against Catholics, arguing that anti-Catholicism can be seen in all areas of American culture, including movies, television, publishing, the arts, the news media, and academia.

Joining In With The Spirit

Author : Kirsteen Kim
ISBN : 9780334046080
Genre : Religion
File Size : 80. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Joining in with the Spirit makes the connection between mission as the work of mission agencies overseas and mission as the activity of a local church. It shows how, through the global flows of scholarship, missionary movements and migration, mission initiatives in different parts of the world impinge on the churches in Britain, which are but part of a world church. Joining in with the Spirit is an accessible introduction to mission studies - the history, theology and issues of mission, which is up-to-date and supported by contemporary scholarship. It also offers a theological framework for mission, which applies both globally and locally, to help the reader discern the movement of the Spirit of Christ among the many other spirits of this world. This text illustrates the impact of the 1910 Edinburgh world missionary conference and shows how the churches in Britain as a part of a much wider movement of the Spirit of Christ that is world Christianity.

The New Evangelical Social Engagement

Author : Brian Steensland
ISBN : 9780199329564
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In recent years evangelical Christians have been increasingly turning their attention toward issues such as the environment, international human rights, economic development, racial reconciliation, and urban renewal. Such engagement marks both a return to historic evangelical social action and a pronounced expansion of the social agenda advanced by the Religious Right in the past few decades. For outsiders to evangelical culture, this trend complicates simplistic stereotypes. For insiders, it brings contention over what "true" evangelicalism means today. Beginning with an introduction that broadly outlines this "new evangelicalism," the editors identify its key elements, trace its historical lineage, account for the recent changes taking place within evangelicalism, and highlight the implications of these changes for politics, civic engagement, and American religion. The essays that follow bring together an impressive interdisciplinary team of scholars to map this new religious terrain and spell out its significance in what is sure to become an essential text for understanding trends in contemporary evangelicalism.

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