the nubian pharaohs black kings on the nile

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The Nubian Pharaohs

Author : Charles Bonnet
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Genre : History
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Exciting new discoveries shed light on a little-known period of Egypt'shistory

The Black Pharaohs

Author : Robert Morkot
ISBN : UOM:39015048856705
Genre : History
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Nubian Pharaohs And Meroitic Kings

ISBN : 1452030634
Genre : History
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NUBIAN PHARAOHS AND MEROITIC KINGS: THE KINGDOM OF KUSH Necia Desiree Harkless has completed her odyssey of 24 years initiated by a poem that emerged in the odd moments of early morning and her studies as a Donovan Scholar at the University of Kentucky with Dr. William Y. Adams, the leading Nubiologist of the world. The awesome result is her attempt to map the cultural, social, political history of Nubia as a single people as actors on the world stage as they act out their destinies in the cradle of civilization. The underlying purpose of her book is to reconstruct the collective efforts of the past and present Nubian campaigns and their collaborative scholarship so that the African American as well as all Americans can begin to understand the contributions of the civilization of Africa and Asia as a continuous historical entity. The history of the Kingdom of Kush begins with its earliest kingdom of Kerma in 2500 BC. It continues with the conquest of Egypt by the Nubian Pharaohs in 750 BC, reluctantly recognized as the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egyptian Pharaohs. They ruled as black pharaohs from their Kingdom at Napatan until they were forced one hundred years later to retreat to Napata by the Assyrians who assumed control of the Egyptians. It was at Meroe, the last empire of the Kush, that forty generations of Meroitic kings and queens continued the Kingdom of Kush reaching monumental and dynastic heights. Their symbiotic relationship with Egypt was over, allowing them to develop their own indigenous culture with a language and script of their own. Their architecture, arts , politics , material and spiritual culture in the minds of many scholars surpassed that of Egypt. Over two hundred pyramids have been investigated. It is an epic that will be long remembered. The dawn of Christianity in the Kingdom of Kush has been found in the treasure cove of the Frescoes of Faras.

Ancient Nubia

Author : Marjorie M. Fisher
ISBN : 9774164784
Genre : History
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Nubia's remote setting has not only lent it an air of mystery, but also isolated it from exploration. This book attempts to document some of the recent discovers about ancient Nubia, with its remarkable history, architecture, and culture. By doing so, the authors of the essays give us a picture of this rich, but unfamiliar, African legacy.

Daily Life Of The Nubians

Author : Robert Steven Bianchi
ISBN : 0313325014
Genre : History
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An invaluable and unique resource for students researching the oldest known black African civilization, the Nubians.

Black Man Of The Nile And His Family

Author : Yosef Ben-Jochannan
ISBN : 0933121261
Genre : History
File Size : 60. 25 MB
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In a masterful and unique manner, Dr. Ben uses Black Man of the Nile to challenge and expose "Europeanized" African history. Order Black Man of the Nile here.

The Kingdom Of Kush

Author : Derek A. Welsby
ISBN : 0714119512
Genre : Cushites
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The kingdom of Kush lay to the south of Egypt, beyond the first Nile cataract. The kingdom flourished for a thousand years and during the seventh and eighth centuries BC, its rulers actually controlled Egypt as pharaohs of the 25th dynasty. Extensive remains of Kushite pyramids, settlements and temples still exist, as do papyri and inscriptions in the Meroitic script. Yet their script has never been deciphered and the Kushites remain a relatively little-known people. This book draws together what is known of the culture and history of Kush, both from material remains and from the limited number of available ancient written sources.

Kush The Jewel Of Nubia

Author : Miriam Ma'at-Ka-Re Monges
ISBN : UOM:39015040074588
Genre : History
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The great Chiekh Anta Diop gave African culture roots from which one can trace the branches. No African researcher since, however, has provided a comprehensive analysis connecting the ancient Nile Valley civilzation with the African cultural universe. From the pyramids of Egypt to the great walls of Zimbabwe, Western scholars have attributed the achievements of these prodigious indigenous African civilizations to people culturally and geographically alien to Africa. In the case of the ancient Nubian empire of Kush, however, which occupied the southern part of Kemet (ancient Egypt) and all of present-day Sudan, one expects reasonable scholars to attribute this African culture to an African people. Sadly, however, the dogmatic, eurocentric Hegelian analysis of Africa is still alive and well in even the most current research on Nubia and Kush. It is up to African scholars to reconstruct Kushite history using an Afrocentric approach in order to shed light on this vital part of our African heritage. The present much-needed work traces Diop's great "African cultural commonalities" of matriarchy, totemism, divine kingship, and cosmogony to the very core of Kushite culture. This work represents the cutting edge of a new generation of Afrocentric. scholarship whose mandate it is to provide a clearer picture of Africa's true nature and of its genuine contribution to World Civilization.

From Slave To Pharaoh

Author : Donald B. Redford
ISBN : 1421404095
Genre : History
File Size : 87. 67 MB
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Moving beyond recent debates between Afrocentrists and their critics over the racial characteristics of Egyptian civilization, From Slave to Pharaoh reveals the true complexity of race, identity, and power in Egypt as documented through surviving texts and artifacts, while at the same time providing a compelling account of war, conquest, and culture in the ancient world.

The Rescue Of Jerusalem

Author : Henry Aubin
ISBN : 9780385672276
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In 701 BC, the powerful Assyrian army laid siege to Jerusalem, threatening the Hebrew kingdom with destruction. What saved the City of David? The Bible credits divine intervention. Modern scholars have long speculated that a plague spread through the ranks of the Assyrian soldiers, forcing them to withdraw. Now, in this ground-breaking account, award-winning author Henry Aubin argues that it was the Kushites, the black Africans who formed Egypt’s 25th dynasty, who saved Jerusalem, the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In his powerful, wide-ranging analysis, Aubin shows how Western scholarship turned its back on the theory of black African involvement. The account of the long-forgotten African and Hebrew alliance that rescued Jerusalem will change the face of Jewish and African history and contribute to a fresh understanding of our world today. From the Hardcover edition.

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