the person and the common good

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The Person And The Common Good

Author : Jacques Maritain
ISBN : 9780268160098
Genre : Philosophy
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Presenting with moving insight the relations between man, as a person and as an individual, and the society of which he is a part, Maritain's treatment of a lasting topic speaks to this generation as well as those to come. Maritain employs the personalism rooted in Aquinas's doctrine to distinguish between social philosophy centered in the dignity of the human person and that centered in the primacy of the individual and the private good.

The Institute On The Person And The Common Good Assumption College Worcester Mass 1959

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:34598919
Genre : Common good
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Die Gemeinwohl Konomie

Author : Christian Felber
ISBN : 3552061371
Genre : Democracy
File Size : 83. 56 MB
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Conscience And The Common Good

Author : Robert K. Vischer
ISBN : 9780521113779
Genre : Law
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Our society's longstanding commitment to the liberty of conscience has become strained by our increasingly muddled understanding of what conscience is and why we value it. Too often we equate conscience with individual autonomy, and so we reflexively favor the individual in any contest against group authority, losing sight of the fact that a vibrant liberty of conscience requires a vibrant marketplace of morally distinct groups. Defending individual autonomy is not the same as defending the liberty of conscience because, although conscience is inescapably personal, it is also inescapably relational. Conscience is formed, articulated, and lived out through relationships, and its viability depends on the law's willingness to protect the associations and venues through which individual consciences can flourish: these are the myriad institutions that make up the space between the person and the state. Conscience and the Common Good reframes the debate about conscience by bringing its relational dimension into focus.

The Person And The Common Life

Author : James Hart
ISBN : 0792317246
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 89. 64 MB
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This Husserl-based social ethics claims that the properly philosophical life -- i.e. one lived within the noetic-noematic field -- is not cut off from action. Indeed, the ethical and political dimensions of the person are disclosed through various reductions. At the passive-synthetic level as well as at the higher founded levels of personal constitution a basic sense of will emerges, the telos of which is a godly intersubjective self-ideal. This `truth of will' is inseparably an `ought' and an `is' involving moral categoriality as a way of letting the good of others be part of one's own. Both moral categoriality and the polis actuate the latent first-person plural dative of manifestation which emerges with a common world. Thereby they actuate also senses of the common life which can develop to community as a higher-order person. This leads to a eutopian anti-statist theory of the polis and common good which has affinity with some communitarian-anarchist and `Green' views.

The One And The Many

Author : Martin E. Marty
ISBN : 0674638271
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 45. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A world-renowned authority on religion and ethics in America, Martin Marty gives a judicious account of how our body politic has been torn between the imperative of one one nation undivided and the separate urgings of distinct identitiesracial, ethnic, religious, gendered, ideological, economicclaiming grievances. Issuing an urgent call for repair, Marty envisions steps we might take to cary America past this new turbulence.

The Common Good

Author : Jonas Norgaard Mortensen
ISBN : 1622731921
Genre :
File Size : 52. 48 MB
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Our traditional ways of thinking about politics and society are becoming obsolete. We need some new points of reference in order to re-imagine the possible character, growth, and functioning of our private and common life. Such re-imagination would imply doing away with every-man-for-himself individualism as well as consumption-makes-me-happy materialism and the-state-will-take-care-of-it passivity. There is an alternative: Personalism is a forgotten, yet golden perspective on humanity that seeks to describe what a human being is and to then draw the social consequences. Personalism builds upon the thinking of Martin Buber and Emmanuel Levinas, among others, and has been a source of inspiration for Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu, and other important personalities in recent history. According to personalism, humans are relational and engaged and possess dignity. The person and the relationship amongst persons are the universal point of departure: Human beings have inherent dignity, and good relationships amongst humans are crucial for the good, engaged life and for a good society. Personalism has been greatly neglected in Western political thought. In this book, Jonas Norgaard Mortensen attempts to introduce personalism while simultaneously demonstrating its historical origins, acquainting the reader with its thinkers and those who have practiced it, and showing that personalism has a highly relevant contribution to make in the debate about today's social and political developments.

For The Common Good

Author : Michael Reisch
ISBN : 9781135951030
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 23. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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For the Common Good is an anthology of selected essays by Dr. Harold Lewis, one of the intellectual leaders of the social work profession. Social work literature often reflects powerful ahistorical tendencies which, in recent years, have produced analyses of social issues that lack awareness of both the contemporary environment and the historical forces that shaped it. Lewis' insights into the nature and purpose of social work help fill some of these historical and conceptual gaps, and present a clearer picture of social work's true place in our society.

Health Care And The Common Good

Author : José I. Lavastida
ISBN : 0761815252
Genre : Medical
File Size : 80. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Studies the situation related to access to health care in the US. Approaches the problem first by analyzing its history, then synthesizing different philosophical and practical solutions that have been attempted in order to reform health care, and finally presents and analyzes ways to solve problems of access to health using an ethical approach nourished according to the guidance offered by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Lacks a subject index.

Aquinas Aristotle And The Promise Of The Common Good

Author : Mary M. Keys
ISBN : 0521864739
Genre : Law
File Size : 40. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book, first published in 2006, shows how religious faith can assist philosophical inquiry in the purposes of society and politics.

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