the pharaoh s court

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The Pharaoh S Court

Author : Kathryn Hinds
ISBN : 0761421831
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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"Describes the daily life of the upper classes during the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt, from about 1550 BCE to about 1070 BCE, including the structure of society, the differing roles of men and women, and what it was like to be a child in that era"--Provided by publisher.

The Pharaoh S Secret

Author : Clive Cussler
ISBN : 9780735215252
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The dazzling new novel in the #1 New York Times-bestselling NUMA® Files series from the grand master of adventure. Kurt and Joe tangle with the most determined enemy they've ever encountered when a ruthless power broker schemes to build a new Egyptian empire as glorious as those of the Pharaohs'. Part of his plan rests on the manipulation of a newly discovered aquifer beneath the Sahara, but an even more devastating weapon at his disposal may threaten the entire world: a plant extract known as the black mist, found in the City of the Dead and rumored to have the power to take life from the living and restore it to the dead. With the balance of power in Africa and Europe on the verge of tipping, Kurt, Joe, and the rest of the NUMA team will have to fight to reveal the truth behind the legends--but to do that, they have to confront in person the greatest legend of them all: Osiris, the ruler of the Egyptian underworld.

Lord And Pharaoh

Author : Brian Fagan
ISBN : 9781315425122
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 61. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Both born to power and wealth, and raised by courtiers, they lived lives of aristocrats and landowners, in poor health and with uncertain futures. Though they lived over 3000 years apart, the lives of Egyptian King Tutankhamun and the fifth Lord Carnarvon share many parallels, not the least of which was Carnarvon’s sponsorship of the team that found the pharaoh’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Brian Fagan’s narrative expertly weaves these two lives together, showing similarities and differences between these two powerful men. -Both figures are placed in their historical context, showing the political and social machinations of 18th Dynasty Egypt and 20th century archaeological exploration in Egypt.-Grounded in historical and archaeological research, the two figures are made to come alive as real people.-An Afterword by the author shows archaeologists how to tell research stories that are accessible to a wider audience.


Author : Neil Morris
ISBN : 9781904642503
Genre : Christian art and symbolism
File Size : 43. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This new series explores the world's greatest paintings depicting scenes from the Bible. Containing sumptuous photographs of great works of art, these arresting books dramatically evoke the lives of major biblical figures. For thousands of years the stories of Moses's life and struggles have inspired some of the greatest art in the western world. From Moses's miraculous rescue from the River Nile, to the parting of the Red Sea and the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt, these Old Testament stories have provided a common foundation and inspiration for artists of different eras. Moses - A life in pictures presents carefully selected works of art. Some are famous works on a grand scale, such as Raphael's Receiving the Tables of the Law, but there are also lesser known masterpieces. The text provides the framework to each picture, with clear headings, biblical quotations and explanations. Each painting also has a black line drawing to pinpoint key elements in greater detail. A section with artists' biographies gives the reader a wider understanding of major artists' lives and work.The book contains a timeline, contents, a glossary and index to make this title an easily navigable non-fiction text.

Uncle Bob S Red Flannel Bible Camp The Book Of Genesis

Author : Steve Vernon
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 44. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Here it is. The whole entire story of the Book of Genesis as told to you by the world's oldest storyteller, Uncle Bob. (Note: if you have ALREADY read Uncle Bob's Red Flannel Bible Camp: From Eden to the Ark, you have ALREADY read part of this novel) If you think you KNOW the truth behind the Bible Stories you REALLY ought to pick up a copy of this book. If you are one of those folks who thinks that it is bad manners to giggle a little in church - well, you might want to take a good look at the sample that the Kindle folks let you peek at before you go throwing down any of your hard-earned money. This isn't exactly a solemn retelling of the Bible. In fact, I guarantee a giggle or two along the way. The fact is this is the story of the Book of Genesis as retold by a country gentleman who read the Bible a couple of times and is doing his level best to retell it in his own words. Means he takes some liberties with the Gospel. Or - in the words of Uncle Bob - this here is mostly the truth with only a few lies stirred into the broth for pepper. Don't say I did not warn you! "Armed with a bizarre sense of humor, a huge amount of originality, a flair for taking risks and a strong grasp of characterization - Steve's got the chops for sure." - Dark Discoveries

Letters Of The Great Kings Of The Ancient Near East

Author : Trevor Bryce
ISBN : 9781134575862
Genre : History
File Size : 54. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Offering fascinating insights into the people and politics of the ancient near Eastern kingdoms, Trevor Bryce uses the letters of the five Great Kings of Egypt, Babylon, Hatti, Mitanni and Assyria as the focus of a fresh look at this turbulent and volatile region in the late Bronze Age. Numerous extracts from the letters are constantly interwoven into the fabric of narrative and discussion, and this lively approach allows us to witness history through the eyes of the people who lived it, revealing the personalities and reactions of kings, queens, princes, princesses and royal officials more than 3500 years ago to the current events of the day.

Gustavo Gutierrez

Author : Robert McAfee Brown
ISBN : 9781620329023
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Here is a definitive introduction to liberation theology through the life and work of its most significant proponent, Gustavo Gutierrez. Robert McAfee Brown draws extensively on Gutierrez's own writings (some never published in English) and on personal conversations with him. Brown clearly and compellingly presents the basics of liberation theology and the differences between North American and Latin American theologies. The form of Gustavo Gutierrez is that of a drama. Brown's initial "program notes" introduce and situate the "author," the "actors," the "critics." He sets the stage with a history of church and state in Latin America and introduces its definitive figures, themes, and milestones. A collective biography of Gutierrez's spiritual predecessors is followed by a biography of Gutierrez himself, which takes critical account of his works. Then we are ready, dramatically and theologically, to move to the first act: that of commitment to the poor. The second act, in two scenes, explores first liberation theology's method of critical reflection on praxis and also its content: nothing less than the Word of God. Brown delves next into the controversies and criticisms Gutierrez faces, especially the challenges from authorities in Rome. Finally, in act three, readers discover that in this particular drama, they too are "on stage" and must take part by reflecting on what this drama really means for them.

Hosea A Novel

Author : Larry Christenson
ISBN : 9780578124360
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 84. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The background for this historical novel is found in the book of Hosea, in the Bible. It weaves together two stories. The epic story recounts the tumultuous years when Israel is caught between the dwindling power of once mighty Egypt and the brash power of Assyria looming in the East. The personal story of Hosea and Gomer reveals the depth and power of God’s love for Israel, and the depth and power of the marriage bond. God suffers the pain and humiliation of Israel’s unfaithfulness; in obedience to God, Hosea suffers the pain and humiliation of his own wife’s unfaithfulness. But God shows him how the marriage can be saved: through suffering and forgiveness. This is one of the most profound revelations about marriage found anywhere in Scripture. Successful marriage is not a business of perfect people living perfectly by perfect principles. Rather, marriage is a place in which very imperfect people often hurt and humiliate one another, yet find the grace to extend forgiveness to one another, and so allow the redemptive power of God to transform their marriage.

Hebrews A Commentary

Author : William H. Bicksler
ISBN : 1452090734
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This academic commentary on the original languages and NIV and Greek text of Hebrews focuses on the thought, beliefs, message, that are unique to this biblical author, without reference to any possible person tradition has considered as the author lest such a reference determine all possible outcomes of this study.. The various theories of authorship are studied in the Introduction, but the message in its entirety is of unusual significance for Christian Jewish thought and relationships, and the development of the Christian-Jewish church in the first century and today. The So-called epistle in shell is actually a theological treatise and impassioned sermon to those facing extreme forms of persecution and efforts to coerce denial of the faith. These believers are faced with an accepted legal status as Jews in the Roman Empire versus the people of the Way that was viewed as sectarian by the Jews and as an illegal sect by Rome. The quick expansion of the church into the Roman world under the emphases and apologetics of Paul combating some opposition to his message both in the Jewish leadership as well as in the Jewish Christian churches. The cruciality of holding on to the eternal truths of the past and not compromising the truth in Jesus of Nazareth places this writing front and center to the basic questions of the relationships of church and Judaism. The stance of this author is that of mainline Evangelical thought, with awareness of the Wesleyan, Lutheran, Anabaptist and Calvinistic emphases as well as others. The issues of text, canon, and history of interpretation are specialized studies not covered in this commentary.

The Pharaoh

Author : Garry J. Shaw
ISBN : 0500051747
Genre : History
File Size : 71. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"How did someone become pharaoh? -- What did a pharaoh do each day? -- Did the pharaoh personally lead his army into battle? -- How influential was the Great Royal Wife? -- How was a pharaoh embalmed and buried? -- Who was the last pharaoh (and it wasn't Cleopatra)?"--jkt.

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