the pursuit of victory from napoleon to saddam hussein

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The Pursuit Of Victory

Author : Brian Bond
ISBN : 0198207352
Genre : History
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In Western Europe and North America the idea that war can deliberately be used as an `instrument of policy' has become unfashionable, not least because of the carnage of two World Wars and the Americans' humiliating experience in Vietnam. But wars are still fought. Those who start wars clearly believe they are worthwhile. Why? In this original and provocative study, Brian Bond discusses the successes and failures of military and political leaders in their pursuit of victory over the lasttwo centuries. Professor Bond argues that in order to be counted victorious, a leader has to progress beyond military triumph to preserve the political control needed to secure an advantageous and enduring peace settlement. Napoleon was a brilliant general, but failed as a statesman. Bismarck, on the other hand, was a success in skilfully exploiting Moltke's victories on the battlefield to create a unified Germany. In the First World War, Germany and her allies were defeated but at such great cost that confidence in the idea that war could be controlled, and the pursuit of victory made rational, received a terrible shock. Germany and Japan exploited their military opportunites between 1939 and 1942, but lack of political control and moderation brought them catastrophic defeat. After 1945, nuclear weapons and the increased complexity of international relations blurred the identity of `victors' and `losers' and seemed to make the idea of a `decisive' victory almost unthinkable. But this study warns against the assumption that war as an instrument of policy has now been completely discarded. The Falklands and Gulf conflicts show that aggressors are still prepared to risk war for tangible goals, and that their opponents are quite capable of responding successfully to such challenges.

Nato And Peace Support Operations 1991 1999

Author : Henning Frantzen
ISBN : 9781134270309
Genre : History
File Size : 46. 34 MB
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This new book addresses the key question of how NATO and three of its member states are configuring their policies and military doctrines in order to handle the new strategic environment. This environment is increasingly dominated by 'new wars', more precisely civil wars within states, and peacekeeping as the strategy devised by outside actors for dealing with them. The book seeks to explain how this new strategic environment has been interpreted and how the new conflicts and peacekeeping have been fitted into 'defence' and 'war' - key concepts in the field of security studies.

Why Wars Happen

Author : Jeremy Black
ISBN : 9781861894151
Genre : History
File Size : 45. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Why Wars Happen is a groundbreaking inquiry into the crucial yet surprisingly understudied question of why wars occur. Jeremy Black, one of Britain's foremost military historians, presents an interdisciplinary study that draws on subjects such as history, political science, and international relations and marshals a vast range of material with global examples spanning from the fifteenth century to today. Black examines several major modern wars in their historical contexts, taking into account cultural differences and various conflict theories. He analyzes the three main types of war—between cultures, within cultures, and civil—and explores the problems of defining war. Black's investigation inspires fascinating questions such as: Do wars reflect the bellicosity in societies and states, or do they largely arise as a result of a diplomatic breakdown? How closely is war linked to changes in the nature of warfare, the international system, or the internal character of states? Black also considers contemporary situations and evaluates the possible course of future wars. Offering a valuable and thought-provoking analysis on the causes of war and conflicts, Why Wars Happen will interest historians and readers of military history alike.

The Art Of Warfare In The Age Of Napoleon

Author : Gunther E. Rothenberg
ISBN : 0253202604
Genre : History
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"... a most illuminating and readable general survey.... This book is well organized, well produced, and well written. It belongs among the ten most useful books on this period to the historian and... to the general reader." -- American Historical Review "This splendid volume fills a gap in the vast outpouring of literature on the military aspects of the era of the French Revolution and Napoleon by combining a description of the major changes and trends of warfare with a comparative discussion of the French military establishment and the armies of its major opponents.... As another contribution to 'synthetic' history, it is a very successful exercise." -- Military Affairs "... a splendid little study which will be of considerable interest both to the general student and specialist.... [it] fills a definite need for a survey of the military developments of the period and one can learn a great deal from a close reading of it." -- History "A clear, lively, and well-produced survey that relies upon the best scholarship of several languages.... " -- Library Journal In a comprehensive study of a crucial era in warfare -- from the last decades of the ancient régime to Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo -- Rothenberg describes the organization, training methods, equipment, tactics, and strategy of France and its adversaries. He also explores staff systems, logistics, fortifications, medical services, and insurgency and counterinsurgency.

Survivors Of A Kind

Author : Brian Bond
ISBN : 9781441149800
Genre : History
File Size : 26. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"In this collection of essays Brian Bond brings a lifetime's study of the Western Front to the analysis of some of the best-known memoirs of the campaign. Literary and military historians alike will find the result of great value for their own studies, while for the general reader it should help destroy many long-standing myths. It is a worthy climax to a long and distinguished career." Sir Michael Howard This is a unique study of World War One memoirs from a historical perspective. It explores the tremendous effect that war experience had on writers' lives and how they came to terms with it after 1918, in deeply moving and often brilliant writing. As well as such famous literary figures as Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon, it includes historically significant writers such as Lord Reith, Anthony Eden and Harold Macmillan. It challenges the view that memoir writers were in any clear sense 'anti-war'. While many were appalled by heavy losses and awful conditions they were, however, determined to achieve victory and proud of their regimental service and comrades. Above all, they constitute a brilliant source for understanding the war on the Western Front.

Der Krieg In Der Europ Ischen Geschichte

Author : Michael Howard
ISBN : 3406606334
Genre : Europe
File Size : 39. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Hitler S Panzers East

Author : R. H. S. Stolfi
ISBN : 0806125810
Genre : History
File Size : 51. 30 MB
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How close did Germany come to winning World War II? Did Hitler throw away victory in Europe after his troops had crushed the Soviet field armies defending Moscow by August 1941? R.H.S. Stolfi offers a dramatic new picture of Hitler’s conduct in World War II and a fundamental reinterpretation of the course of the war. Adolf Hitler generally is thought to have been driven by a blitzkrieg mentality in the years 1939 to 1941. In fact, Stolfi argues, he had no such outlook on the war. From the day Britain and France declared war, Hitler reacted with a profoundly conservative cast of mind and pursued a circumscribed strategy, pushing out siege lines set around Germany by the Allies. Interpreting Hitler as a siege Führer explain his apparent aberrations in connection with Dunkirk, his fixation on the seizure of Leningrad, and his fateful decision in the summer of 1941 to deflect Army Group Center into the Ukraine when both Moscow and victory in World War II were within its reach. Unaware of Hitler’s siege orientation, the German Army planned blitz campaigns. Through daring operational concepts and bold tactics, the army won victories over several Allied powers in World War II, and these led to the great campaign against the Soviet Union in summer of 1941. Stolfi postulates that in August 1941, German Army Group Center had the strength both to destroy the Red field armies defending the Soviet capital and to advance to Moscow and beyond. The defeat of the Soviet Union would have assured victory in World War II. Nevertheless, Hitler ordered the army group south to secure the resources of the Ukraine against a potential siege. And a virtually assured German victory slipped away. This radical reinterpretation of Hitler and the capabilities of the German Army leads to a reevaluation of World War II, in which the lesson to be learned is not how the Allies won the war, but how close the Germans came to a quick and decisive victory?long before the United States was drawn into the battle.

Military Historian

Author : Brian Bond
ISBN : 191239040X
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 55. 30 MB
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This is the story of how a boy from a poor background benefited from the new opportunities available in the post-1945 era to attend a very good grammar school, gain entry to Oxford University and eventually became a professor at a top grade university, King''s College, London.Early chapters show how hard it was to get a foothold on the lowest rungs of the academic ladder, particularly in a subject, military history, where there were virtually no established positions. No matter how talented and industrious, good fortune played a crucial role, as in so many careers, in helping Brian Bond at a critical stage. By a remarkable coincidence, since Brian was reading some of his books at Oxford, Basil (later Sir Basil) Liddell Hart came to live in the village and promptly gave him tremendous encouragement and support. Liddell Hart, at that time probably the best known military writer in the world, provided wonderful references which, after numerous setbacks, led to junior academic appointment at Exeter and Liverpool universities. Equally important, Liddell Hart introduced Brian to Michael Howard (now Sir Michael Howard OM) who was just beginning to pioneer the study of military history-war studies at King''s College, London. Michael had a difficult time in persuading the academic establishment that this was a respectable and very important new field of study, but in 1965 he succeeded in setting up a Department of War Studies and in the following year recruited Brian as a Lecturer in Military History. Promotion was necessarily slow in a tiny department, but Brian was eventually elevated to Reader and then Professor.The central chapters in this personal memoir provide a frank account of what it was like to teach military history at all levels (but especially to MA and PhD candidates) in the late 20th century. From the outset the students were drawn from virtually every country in the free world and competition for entry was tough. Numbers of staff and students increased steadily through the 1970s and 1980s, but then there was a sudden dramatic expansion as the Department admitted undergraduates for the first time. The range of subjects taught also widened impressively with more emphasis placed on contemporary Strategic Studies. But the ''philosophy'' inculcated by Michael Howard; namely the disinterested study of warfare in a broad social and political context continued to provide the Departments teaching.On the personal level Brian Bond contrasts successes and achievements with ''bad days'' in the office and the lecture hall which will strike a chord with all fellow teachers. He also pens a lively account of some of his overseas travels, particularly in Canada, the United States, Pakistan and Japan as well as attending numerous conferences in Europe. In the penultimate chapter ''Books do Furnish a Room'' he describes how and why his own books came to be written, and how they were received.The extra theme or dimension which raises this account above the personal is the remarkable development of military history during Brian Bond''s careers. Even in the late 1950s scarcely any military history courses were offered in British universities, and there was not a single department. By 2000 the picture had changed drastically with several centers of excellence in the field and with strong interest and support from students. Since then there have been further positive developments, which have been surveyed in the concluding chapter entitled ''The Legacy.'' Since Brian retired in 2001 he has had only a marginal connection with these later trends but has been given invaluable help in this survey from several colleagues, especially Sir Hew Strachan and Professor Martin Alexander.It is not for the author to assess his own contribution to the development of military history-war studies, nor to claim that the Department at King''s College was the sole pioneer of the new academic subject. But Brian can accurately, if immodestly, point out that he spent thirty five years in the Department (and participated in the wider ramifications of the subject), contributed a substantial variety of books and other publications and, perhaps most importantly, supervised fifty successive PhD candidates, several of whom are now outstanding leaders in the field.

The Battle For France Flanders

Author : Brian Bond
ISBN : 9781473812192
Genre : History
File Size : 62. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Fall of France in 1940 has been well chronicled but numerous misconceptions remain.This fascinating and thought-provoking collection of essays on wide-ranging issues covering the politics and fighting on land, sea and in the air will be greatly welcomed by academics and military history enthusiasts.Topics covered include the preparations of the BEF, the failure of allied counter attacks, the air war, the Royal Navys's role in the campaign, the influence of the Battle on British military doctrine and the repercussions from the British, French and German angles.

The Second World War

Author : Alan John Percivale Taylor
ISBN : UOM:39015000228521
Genre : World War, 1939-1945
File Size : 53. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Krigsbeskrivelse; Krigsberetning; Krigsskildring; Polen; Frankrig; Tyske Hær; Tyskland; Nazitýskland; Hitler; Barbarossa; Midway; Stalingrad; Nordafrika; Balkan; El Alamein; Sicilien; Rom; Normandiet; D-Day; Leyte Gulf; Stillehavskrigen; Ardennerne; Ardennes Offensive; Rhinen; Fjernøsten; Japan; Kina; Efterkrigstiden; Amerikanske Depression; Lend-Lease; US Army; Roosevelt; Truman; Allierede; 1. Verdenskrig; Zhukov; Jugoslavien; Partisankrigsførelse; Partisaner; Guerrilla; Tunis; Tunesien; Rommel; Unconditional Surrender; Tedder; Tito; Teheran; Casablanca; Stalin; USSR; Sovjetunionen; British War Cabinet; Strategic Bombing; Yamamoto; Wavell; Vichy; von Rundstedt; Anden Front; Rumænien; Resistance; Modstandsbevægelser; Modstandskampe; Patton:Pas de Calais; Kampene i Normandiet; Caen; Nimitz; North Africa; Afrika Korps; Middelhavet; Malta; Montgomery; Churchill; Mussolini; Italien; Singapore; Sedan; Pearl Harbor; Norge; von Manstein; Meuse; Leningrad; MacArthur; Ungarn; Holland; de Gaulle; Darlan; Lord Halifax; Harris, A.; Grækenland; England; Goebbels; Frankrig; Eisenhower; East Prussia; Doenitz; Dunkirk; Tjekkoslovakiet; Kolde Krig; Chiang Kai-shek; Berlin; von Bock; Bulgarien; Battle of the Bulge; Falaise; Finske Vinterkrig; von Brauchitsch; Burma; Cairo; Østrig; Auchinleck; Atombomben; U-bådskrigsførelse; Atlanterhavskonvojer; Ardennerne; General Alexander; Alexandria; Abyssenien; Ethiopien; Chamberlain, N.; Belgien; Beaverbrook; Anzio; Australien; Commonwealth; Guderian; Frie Franske; Kaukasus; Tyske Hær; Sovjetrussiske Hær; Engelske Hær;

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