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A Baby On The Ranch

Author : Marie Ferrarella
ISBN : 9781459233881
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 37. 97 MB
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When Kasey Stonestreet's husband walked out on her and their newborn son, her best friend, Eli Rodriguez, was her rock. Eli took them in at his Forever, Texas, ranch without hesitation. As a suddenly single mom with nowhere else to go, Kasey expected to feel out of place. Instead, for the first time in her life, she felt as though she was home. Eli has secretly loved Kasey since they were kids; he was devastated when she married another man. Now, he's got a second chance at happiness. The woman of his dreams, and the family he always wanted, are in his reach. But if he reveals his true feelings, it could ruin their friendship, and he'd lose Kasey forever. How long can Eli and Kasey go on pretending to each other—and to themselves—that they're still just friends? And what will happen when Kasey's husband returns?

The Ranch

Author : Danielle Steel
ISBN : 9781409092162
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62. 36 MB
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Mary, Tanya and Zoe had been inseparable in college. But in the twenty years or more that followed, the three had moved on with their lives, settled in different cities, and found successful careers and new roles as mothers and wives. At a sprawling ranch in Wyoming the three women, each by chance finding themselves alone for a few weeks one summer, come together and find courage, healing and truth, and reach out to each other again. Once they shared everything, but now pretence between them runs high. Mary, married for twenty-two years to a Manhattan lawyer, masks the guilt and fear that her husband will never forgive her for their son's death. Tanya, a singer and rock star, enjoys all the trappings of fame and success - a mansion in Bel Air, legions of fans, and a broken heart - for the children she wanted but never had, and the men who have takehn advantage of her. Zoe has her hands full as single mother to an adopted two-year-old, and as a doctor at an AIDS clinic in San Francisco, until unexpected news forces her to re-evaluate both her future, and her current life. But their friendship is still a bond they all treasure and share. For each of the women, a few weeks at the ranch bring healing and release. In The Ranch, bestselling author Danielle Steel brings reality to the meaning of friendship, with dramas whose truths we all share.

Baby On The Ranch

Author : Susan Meier
ISBN : 9780373177332
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53. 35 MB
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Suzanne Caldwell is looking for a new life, not a new man. With a little baby in tow, she's hardly the hottest catch for a sexy bachelor! She certainly shouldn't have to worry about any attention from grumpy widower Cade Andreas. To the disappointment of the local women, since losing his wife he's been wedded to his ranch. But when Suzanne and her daughter have to stay with Cade, the brooding rancher finds himself unexpectedly starting to soften. Cade's expertise is in business and ranching, not babies and beautiful women! But now his lonely ranch is beginning to feel like a family home….

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch

Author : Kinky Friedman
ISBN : 1416578021
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52. 15 MB
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It's a case of missing kid and missing kitty when Kinky Friedman, private dick extraordinaire and animal lover nonpareil, attempts to find a young, autistic New York boy and a three-legged Texas cat named Lucky, both of whom have disappeared. Something is rotten in both the states of New York and Texas, and Kinky takes it upon himself to locate not one, but two of God's creatures who have gone astray. Dylan Weinberg is an eleven-year-old boy with a rare form of autism -- a pint-sized stock-market wizard who can only utter one word, "Shnay." He's on a multitude of medications, and one night his father wakes up to find Dylan perched over his bed like some preteen zombie, clutching a pair of scissors and cutting up the sheets. Since that evening, two weeks ago, Dylan has been missing, and the cops have no leads -- and apparently not much interest. That's why, in an absolute last-resort maneuver, the family has called in Kinky to the rescue. And speaking of rescue, Kinky's second missing person -- make that missing pussy -- case comes courtesy of his Cousin Nancy (no relationship), who, along with Kinky, helped found the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch in Utopia, Texas. Lucky, the three-legged cat -- and unofficial mascot of the ranch -- is gone, the victim of an apparent kittynapping. Cousin Nancy is convinced the feline is either in the hands of some nasty, contentious neighbors or is being sacrificed by a satanic cult. No matter what, she wants Kinky to find Lucky before he becomes coyote chow. It's an uneven dilemma for Kinky -- stay in town and concentrate on finding a sick, missing child (and concentrate, too, on Julia, said child's beautiful, long-legged sister), or hotfoot off to Texas, to help calm down the frantic Cousin Nancy who's this close to proclaiming Lucky's been abducted by aliens. Kinky puts his trust in his faithful companion, Village Irregular Steve Rambam, to help find the little boy while Kinky hightails it to Utopia, Texas, where Nancy provides him with two witnesses to the alleged crime -- a dim-sighted eighty-year-old lady named Josephine and a frisky canine named Mr. Magoo. Back in New York, Rambam has no clue where Dylan might be, but he is becoming increasingly sure that Julia is the Jewish answer to his romantic prayers. Kinky warns him to put the wedding plans on hold and track down Hattie Mamajello, Dylan's former nanny, but it's too little too late when Hattie is pushed off a subway platform and killed. The confusion generated by these two disparate cases is enough to drive a dick to drink -- which Kinky is happy to do -- but he's still got a missing kid and a missing kitty on his cigar-stained hands to locate before (a) Rambam whisks Julia off to Vegas for a quickie wedding and (b) Cousin Nancy calls in the FBI, the CIA, and the Mossad to find her Lucky. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, aided and abetted by a few four-legged friends, the mystery of the purloined kitty continues to grow. Then it's back to the wilds of midtown Manhattan and the even wilder wilds of Sche-nectady, New York, where, in their search for the missing boy, Kinky and his two-legged cohort find themselves at an orphanage Dickens would be proud of. True to Kinky's form, and informed with truth, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch is a wild and woolly (and furry) ride from a true original, and entertainment at its most outrageous.

The Ranch That Was Us

Author : Becky Crouch Patterson
ISBN : 9781595341266
Genre : History
File Size : 77. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Braiding strands of earthen insight with uproarious storytelling, Texas Hill Country legendary author Becky Patterson recreates the history of the Steiler Hill Ranch in twenty-four anecdotal chapters interspersed with original artwork. The result is a mixture of memoir and montage, treasure chest and tableau vivant of a world that’s beautiful, brash, and wonderfully heartbreaking. Patterson -- the daughter of Texas folk hero and self-proclaimed mayor of Luckenbach, Hondo Crouch -- has big shoes to fill and she does so successfully in this colorful collection of Hill Country and Texas ranch vignettes. Foreman and general cowboy guru Raymond Kuhlmann tells stories of the Goat King and German drinking songs, the buzzard traps and Mexican corridos that filled the nighttime pastures. First-person accounts and vivid historical narratives evoke the ranch’s past, overlaid with Patterson’s breathless personal histories of afternoons spent rescuing a doe in a nightgown, or saving a porcupine from a pack of dogs. This is a book that will connect you to whatever patch of earth you hold dear. It is poignant reminder of the landscapes we’ve forgotten to keep close, of the land that does not belong to us but simply is who we are. The Ranch That Was Us is an affectionate reminder to go outside and touch the earth that is you.

The Ranch She Left Behind

Author : Kathleen O'Brien
ISBN : 9781460323243
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22. 89 MB
Format : PDF
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Who knows where a kiss will lead! For one year, Penny Wright is doing whatever she wants. She's returned to her hometown in Colorado—but not the family ranch—to cross items off her risk-it list. To her surprise, she's braver than she thinks, because when she spies a hot newcomer doing something sweet for his daughter, Penny can't resist kissing him on the spot. Unfortunately, he turns out to be Max Thorpe. Her new tenant! Luckily, they both agree to be just friends. But with the sizzling attraction between them, "just friends" is hard. Maybe it's time for Penny to add a new item to her list—a family with Max.

A Baby On The Ranch

Author : Stella Bagwell
ISBN : 9781459229556
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56. 57 MB
Format : PDF
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COMING HOME For three months, Lonnie Corteen had been on the trail of Katherine McBride. But when a very pretty, very pregnant female answered the door, the Texas sheriff feared that telling her about the family she'd never known would send her into premature labor. She had a long-lost family! And Katherine had to know where she truly belonged. But when an ice storm forced her to seek shelter at the handsome lawman's ranch—and Lonnie delivered her bouncing baby boy—family suddenly took on a whole new meaning. Especially with this irresistible new family man in the picture!

Herbicidal Warfare

Author : Paul Frederick Cecil
ISBN : 0275920070
Genre : History
File Size : 31. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Ranch On The Beaver

Author : Andy Adams
ISBN : 0803259301
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Ranch on the Beaver continues the hide-and-hoof Horatio Alger story of Wells Brothers: The Young Cattle Kings (also available as a Bison Book). By 1887 the teenage boys, Joel and Dell, have weathered several seasons as ranchers in northwest Kansas. With help from drovers on the nearby Western Trail, they have built up a herd. Looking beyond Beaver Creek, the boys acquire grazing rights in Colorado and Texas. As others fail, they persevere, learning all aspects of a rapidly changing operation—from maturing beef to managing, shipping, and selling it. Drawing on firsthand knowledge, the author of Log of a Cowboy offers a realistic and spirited story mixing hard work and fun.

Abc S On The Ranch

Author : Michelle Provost
ISBN : 9781524650933
Genre : Education
File Size : 83. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Experience life on a real ranch in the heartland of Nebraska while learning the ABCs in this charming alphabet roundup. ABCs on the Ranch features a beautiful photograph for each letter of the alphabet from this home on the range where the cows and the buckaroos roam. So saddle up and open the gate to learning just dont let the cows out!

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