the rejected body feminist philosophical reflections on disability

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The Rejected Body

Author : Susan Wendell
ISBN : 9781135770471
Genre : Philosophy
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The Rejected Body argues that feminist theorizing has been skewed toward non-disabled experience, and that the knowledge of people with disabilities must be integrated into feminist ethics, discussions of bodily life, and criticism of the cognitive and social authority of medicine. Among the topics it addresses are who should be identified as disabled; whether disability is biomedical, social or both; what causes disability and what could 'cure' it; and whether scientific efforts to eliminate disabling physical conditions are morally justified. Wendell provides a remarkable look at how cultural attitudes towards the body contribute to the stigma of disability and to widespread unwillingness to accept and provide for the body's inevitable weakness.

Philosophical Reflections On Disability

Author : D. Christopher Ralston
ISBN : 9048124778
Genre : Social Science
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This project draws together the diverse strands of the debate regarding disability in a way never before combined in a single volume. After providing a representative sampling of competing philosophical approaches to the conceptualization of disability as such, the volume goes on to address such themes as the complex interplay between disability and quality of life, questions of social justice as it relates to disability, and the personal dimensions of the disability experience. By explicitly locating the discussion of various applied ethical questions within the broader theoretical context of how disability is best conceptualized, the volume seeks to bridge the gap between abstract philosophical musings about the nature of disease, illness and disability found in much of the philosophy of medicine literature, on the one hand, and the comparatively concrete but less philosophical discourse frequently encountered in much of the disability studies literature. It also critically examines various claims advanced by disability advocates, as well as those of their critics. In bringing together leading scholars in the fields of moral theory, bioethics, and disability studies, this volume makes a unique contribution to the scholarly literature, while also offering a valuable resource to instructors and students interested in a text that critically examines and assesses various approaches to some of the most vexing problems in contemporary social and political philosophy.

Exploring The Boundaries Of Bodiliness

Author : Slavomir Dlugos
ISBN : 9783847101970
Genre : Religion
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English summary: Recent developments in technology have given rise to the impression that the boundaries imposed by our bodiliness can somehow be overcome. The increasing philosophical interest in bodiliness as an unavoidable human condition can be seen as a response to this far too comfortable impression. The essays in this volume address the topic of bodiliness from a theological point of view. They show that our perceptions of, and relationships with, one another cannot be divorced from our bodily condition, and that this existential reality affects significantly how we understand our relationship with God. The contributions also address how we can best deal with the fragility of our bodily condition, as well as the challenges that technological and medical procedures for altering the appearance and constitution of our bodies pose. Special attention is given to how liturgical experience not only offers us a means to respond to these challenges but also to deepen our understanding of Christian communities as ineluctably bodily. German description: Die technologischen Entwicklungen unserer Zeit erwecken den Eindruck, dass wir unseren Leib verbessern und seine Grenzen mit ihrer Hilfe uberwinden konnen. Das hohe philosophische Interesse an der leiblichen Verfasstheit des Menschen ist moglicherweise eine Gegenreaktion auf diese Entwicklung. Dieser Band bietet theologische Perspektiven zu diesem Thema. Die Beitrage vertreten ein integratives Verstandnis vom Menschen, zu dem Leiblichkeit als unabdingbare Charakteristik gehort. Sie zeigen, wie diese Leiblichkeit die Art und Weise bedingt, wie wir uns wahrnehmen und miteinander in Beziehung treten und wie sich diese Grundbedingung auch auf unsere Beziehung zu Gott auswirkt. Gegen eine einseitige Perspektive der Verbesserung des Korpers stellen die Autoren einen differenzierten Umgang mit dessen Verwundbarkeit. Die Beitrager stellen die Bedeutung der Leiblichkeit fur den Vollzug der Liturgie und fur ein zeitgemasses Verstandnis von christlicher Gemeinde und diakonischer Arbeit heraus.

The Disability Studies Reader

Author : Lennard J. Davis
ISBN : 9781317397861
File Size : 78. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Focusing on the field of disability studies, this book presents writings about disability with an emphasis on those writers working from a materialist and postmodernist perspective. It draws together experts in cultural studies, literary criticism, sociology, biology, the visual arts, pedagogy and post-colonial studies.

Group Therapy With Troubled Youth

Author : Sheldon D. Rose
ISBN : 0761909281
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 67. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Incorporating cognitive, behavioural, social resources and small group theory into one model, this volume offers strategies for treating adolescents in a variety of groups. Anger management, negotiation and using social support networks are among the topics covered. The book is illustrated with case studies, and practical exercises are included. The author addresses such topics as: dealing with disruptive young people; using the group to develop completed home tasks; formulating achievable goals; assisting group members to help each other; and coordinating family and group therapy.

Hideous Progeny

Author : Angela M. Smith
ISBN : 9780231527859
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 83. 34 MB
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Twisted bodies, deformed faces, aberrant behavior, and abnormal desires characterized the hideous creatures of classic Hollywood horror, which thrilled audiences with their sheer grotesqueness. Most critics have interpreted such traits as symptoms of sexual repression, or as metaphors for other kinds of marginalized identities, but Angela M. Smith conducts a richer investigation into the period's social and cultural preoccupations. Presenting an altogether different reading, she finds in the narrative and spectacle of classic 1930s horror a fascination with eugenics and physical and cognitive debility, heightened by viewers' own desire for visions of vulnerability and transformation.

Aesthetic Nervousness

Author : Ato Quayson
ISBN : 9780231511179
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 63. 19 MB
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Focusing primarily on the work of Samuel Beckett, Toni Morrison, Wole Soyinka, and J. M. Coetzee, Ato Quayson launches a thoroughly cross-cultural, interdisciplinary study of the representation of physical disability. Quayson suggests that the subliminal unease and moral panic invoked by the disabled is refracted within the structures of literature and literary discourse itself, a crisis he terms "aesthetic nervousness." The disabled reminds the able-bodied that the body is provisional and temporary and that normality is wrapped up in certain social frameworks. Quayson expands his argument by turning to Greek and Yoruba writings, African American and postcolonial literature, depictions of deformed characters in early modern England and the plays of Shakespeare, and children's films, among other texts. He considers how disability affects interpersonal relationships and forces the character and the reader to take an ethical standpoint, much like representations of violence, pain, and the sacred. The disabled are also used to represent social suffering, inadvertently obscuring their true hardships.

Die Belasteten

Author : Götz Aly
ISBN : 9783104020433
Genre : History
File Size : 84. 65 MB
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****Die »Euthanasie-Morde« - und wie wir bis heute damit umgehen***** Götz Aly zählt zu den einflussreichsten und kontroversten NS-Historikern - dieses von der Süddeutschen Zeitung als bemerkenswert und unbequem bezeicnete Buch ist wohl sein eindringlichstes und persönlichstes. Schonungslos legt er offen, wie weit die nationalsozialistische »Euthanasie« in die Gesellschaft hineinwirkte und welche Spuren sie bis heute hinterlassen hat. 200.000 Deutsche wurden zwischen 1939 und 1945 ermordet, weil sie psychisch krank waren, als aufsässig, erblich belastet oder verrückt galten. Nicht wenige Angehörige nahmen den Mord an ihren behinderten Kindern, Geschwistern, Vätern und Müttern als Befreiung von einer Last stillschweigend hin. Die meisten Familien schämen sich bis heute, die Namen der Opfer zu nennen. Beklemmend aktuell lesen sich die Rechtfertigungen der vielen Beteiligten: Erlösung, Gnadentod, Lebensunterbrechung, Sterbehilfe. Götz Aly bringt mit seinem neuen Buch Licht in ein düsteres Kapitel der deutschen Gesellschaftsgeschichte: Heute ist von den erwachsenen Deutschen jeder achte direkt mit einem Menschen verwandt, der den ›Euthanasie‹-Morden zum Opfer fiel.

Disability Studies

Author : Colin Cameron
ISBN : 9781446296912
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 73. 32 MB
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This textbook brings together a wide range of expert voices from the field of disability studies and the disabled people's movement to tackle the essential topics relevant to this area of study. From the outset disability is discussed from a social model perspective, demonstrating how future practice and discourse could break down barriers and lead to more equal relationships for disabled people in everyday life. An interdisciplinary and broad-ranging text, the book includes 50 chapters on topics relevant across health and social care. Reflective questions and suggestions for further reading throughout will help readers gain a critical appreciation of the subject and expand their knowledge. This will be valuable reading for students and professionals across disability studies, health, nursing, social work, social care, social policy and sociology.

Das Andere Geschlecht

Author : Simone de Beauvoir
ISBN : 3353005536
Genre :
File Size : 47. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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