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The Republic

Author : Plato
ISBN : 1979124051
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The Republic is a Socratic dialogue, written by Plato around 380 BC, concerning justice , the order and character of the just city-state and the just man. It is Plato's best-known work, and has proven to be one of the world's most influential works of philosophy and political theory, both intellectually and historically.In the book's dialogue, Socrates discusses the meaning of justice and whether or not the just man is happier than the unjust man with various Athenians and foreigners.They consider the natures of existing regimes and then propose a series of different, hypothetical cities in comparison. This culminates in the discussion of Kallipolis , a hypothetical city-state ruled by a philosopher king. They also discuss the theory of forms, the immortality of the soul, and the role of the philosopher and that of poetry in society. The dialogues may have taken place during the Peloponnesian War.

Warriors Are Not Born Ready

Author : José Luiz Tejon
ISBN : 9788545202745
Genre : Business & Economics
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The day will come You can miss school But not the interest in learning You can miss affection But not a welcoming touch You can even lack bread, only enough to nourish the body but not your soul You may lack paths But not roads May the sun always rise, for growth knows no bounds God as our license to stride forward, to the heights of others, to our transformation without harm, menace, or offense The warrior springs from every corner, from the pressing necessities that overpower tenacity, it surpasses itself .... Throughout the journey ... Exclusive dedication by CARLINHOS BROWN for this edition. This book talks about battles. Battles that help exemplify and teach us about the strategies needed to succeed in life. Battles that clearly show how chasing everything we want is no easy task. But we must never kneel before destiny because that is, according to José Luiz Tejon, "the essence of a soul forged with the strength and resolve of great warriors." In Warriors are not born ready, Tejon, with his inimitable and inspirational words, demonstrates how the path to success is nothing short of stacked with obstacles. Tejon will awaken your warrior spirit within, and guide you towards making smart choices, those truly aligned with your own values in life. Among other aspects of the warrior ethos, here you will learn to: Build your sense of identity – Define what you stand for – Avoid letting others define you – Embrace your personal challenges – Never fear being the first This book will revolutionize both your professional and personal life.

Ethical Data And Information Management

Author : Katherine O'Keefe
ISBN : 9780749482053
Genre : Business & Economics
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Information and how we manage, process and govern it is becoming increasingly important as organizations ride the wave of the big data revolution. Ethical Data and Information Management offers a practical guide for people in organizations who are tasked with implementing information management projects. It sets out, in a clear and structured way, the fundamentals of ethics, and provides practical and pragmatic methods for organizations to embed ethical principles and practices into their management and governance of information. Written by global experts in the field, Ethical Data and Information Management is an important book addressing a topic high on the information management agenda. Key coverage includes how to build ethical checks and balances into data governance decision making; using quality management methods to assess and evaluate the ethical nature of processing during design; change methods to communicate ethical values; how to avoid common problems that affect ethical action; and how to make the business case for ethical behaviours.

The Contextual Character Of Moral Integrity

Author : Dita Šamánková
ISBN : 9783319895369
Genre : Psychology
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This book discusses outcomes of a study by the National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic, examining moral integrity in the post-communist Czech-speaking environment. Chapters map the history of the Euro-Atlantic ethical disciplines from moral philosophy and psychology to evolutionary neuroscience and socio-biology. The authors emphasize the biological and social conditionality of ethics and call for greater differentiation of both research and applied psychological standards in today’s globalised world. Using a non-European ethical system – Theravada Buddhism – as a case study, the authors explore the differences in English and Czech interpretations of the religion. They analyse cognitive styles and language as central variables in formatting and interpreting moral values, with important consequences for cultural transferability of psychological instruments. This book will appeal to academics and other specialists in psychology, psychiatry, sociology and related fields, as well as to readers interested in the psychology of ethics.

Plato As Critical Theorist

Author : Jonny Thakkar
ISBN : 9780674919600
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 59. 7 MB
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What is the best possible society? How would its rulers govern and its citizens behave? Such questions are sometimes dismissed as distractions from genuine political problems, but in an era when political idealism seems a relic of the past, says Jonny Thakkar, they are more urgent than ever. A daring experiment in using ancient philosophy to breathe life into our political present, Plato as Critical Theorist takes seriously one of Plato’s central claims: that philosophers should rule. What many accounts miss is the intimate connection between Plato’s politics and his metaphysics, Thakkar argues. Philosophy is the activity of articulating how parts and wholes best fit together, while ruling is the activity that shapes the parts of society into a coherent whole conducive to the good life. Plato’s ideal society is thus one in which ideal theory itself plays a leading role. Today’s liberal democracies require not philosopher-kings legislating from above but philosopher-citizens willing to work toward a vision of the best society in their daily lives. Against the claim that such idealism is inherently illiberal, Thakkar shows that it is fully compatible with the liberal theories of both Popper and Rawls while nevertheless pushing beyond them in providing a new vantage point for the Marxian critique of capitalism.

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