the right to work legal and philosophical perspectives

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The Right To Work

Author : Virginia Mantouvalou
ISBN : 9781782254997
Genre : Law
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The value of work cannot be underestimated in today's world. Work is valuable because productive labour generates goods needed for survival, such as food and housing; goods needed for self-development, such as education and culture; and other material goods that people wish to have in order to live a fulfilling life. A job also generally inspires a sense of achievement, self-esteem and the esteem of others. People develop social relations at work, which can be very important for them. Work brings both material and non-material benefits. There is no doubt that work is a crucial good. Do we have a human right to this good? What is the content of the right? Does it impose a duty on governments to promote full employment? Does it entail an obligation to protect decent work? There is also a question about the right-holders. Do migrants have a right to work, for example? At the same time many people would rather not work. What kind of right is this, if many people do not want to have it? The chapters of this book address the uncertainty and controversy that surround the right to work both in theoretical scholarship and in policymaking. They discuss the philosophical underpinnings of the right to work, and its development in human rights law at national level (in jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, France and the United States) and international level (in the context of the United Nations, the European Social Charter, the International Labour Organization, theEuropean Convention on Human Rights and other legal orders).

Philosophical Foundations Of Labour Law

Author : Hugh Collins
ISBN : 9780198825272
Genre : Law
File Size : 34. 12 MB
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The first book to explore the philosophical foundations of labour law in detail, including topics such as the meaning of work, the relationship between employee and employer, and the demands of justice in the workplace.

The Law In Philosophical Perspectives

Author : Luc J. Wintgens
ISBN : 9789401593175
Genre : Philosophy
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In this age of collections that is ours, many volumes of collections are published. They contain contributions of several well-known authors, and their aim is to present a selective overview of a relevant field of study. This book has the same purpose. Its aim is to introduce students, scholars and all those interested in current problems of legal theory and legal philosophy to the work of the leading scholars in this field. The large number of publications, both books and articles, that have been produced over recent decades makes it quite difficult, however, for those who are making their first steps in this domain to find firm guidelines. The book is new in its genre because of its method. The choice was made not to reprint an example of contributors' earlier basic articles or a part of one of their books. This would only give a partial view of the rich texture of their work. Rather, the authors were asked to make an original synthesis of their own contributions to the field of legal theory and legal philosophy. Brought together in this volume, they constitute a truly author-ised view of their work. This book is also new in that each essay is complemented with bibliographical information in order to encourage further research on the author's self-selected work. This will help the reader rapidly to become familiar with the whole of the published work of the contributors.

Philosophical And Spiritual Perspectives On Decent Work

Author : Dominique Peccoud
ISBN : 9221141551
Genre : Business & Economics
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This volume reflects on the values behind the ILO's Decent Work Agenda and provides a forum for contributors from various humanistic, philosophical, spiritual and religious traditions to express their views on the significance of work at all levels of society, from the individual person to the global community. Common, universal values are explored, as well as differences, in order to shed more light on the concept of decent work. In all societies, there is an ethical dimension to work, connected to the rights and entitlements of those who perform it. This also includes spiritual value such as dignity, personal identity, a sense of purpose in life, the "divine call to work" and so on. In this book, contributors - from the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, and various secular traditions - come together to exchange comments and reflections on the "floor" of decency as defined by the ILO: freedom of association, eradication of forced and compulsory labour, abolition of child labour and elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation. It is hoped that this type of approach will be inspiring. Before embarking on major international strategic papers, legal instruments and public policies, the systematic consultation of an interfaith and humanistic forum would enable cultural and religious views to be taken into consideration. In this way such instruments would be anchored in shared values and not influenced by any one dominant conception of human existence in the world.

Global Health And Human Rights

Author : John Harrington
ISBN : 9781136963735
Genre : Law
File Size : 54. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book brings together internationally renowned scholars to critically interrogate the development of rights based approaches to health. The volume integrates discussions of the right to health at a theoretical and practical level, and engages with the emerging systems of global health governance.

Legal Rights

Author : Austin Sarat
ISBN : 0472023616
Genre : Law
File Size : 40. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The idea of legal rights today enjoys virtually universal appeal, yet all too often the meaning and significance of rights are poorly understood. The purpose of this volume is to clarify the subject of legal rights by drawing on both historical and philosophical legal scholarship to bridge the gap between these two genres--a gap that has divorced abstract and normative treatments of rights from an understanding of their particular social and cultural contexts. Legal Rights: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives shows that the meaning and extent of rights has been dramatically expanded in this century, though along with the widespread and flourishing popularity of rights, voices of criticism have increasingly been raised. The authors take up the question of the foundation of rights and explore the postmodern challenges to efforts to ground rights outside of history and language. Drawing rich historical analysis and careful philosophical inquiry into productive dialogue, this book explores the many facets of rights at the end of the twentieth century. In these essays, potentially abstract debates come alive as they are related to the struggles of real people attempting to cope with, and improve, their living conditions. The significance of legal rights is measured not just in terms of philosophical categories or as a collection of histories, but as they are experienced in the lives of men and women seeking to come to terms with rights in contemporary life. Contributors are Hadley Arkes, William E. Cain, Thomas Haskell, Morton J. Horwitz, Annabel Patterson, Michael J. Perry, Pierre Schlag, and Jeremy Waldron. Austin Sarat is William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science, Amherst College. Thomas R. Kearns is William H. Hastie Professor of Philosophy, Amherst College.

Law And Global Health

Author : Michael Freeman
ISBN : 9780191003462
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 25. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Current Legal Issues, like its sister volume Current Legal Problems (now available in journal format), is based upon an annual colloquium held at University College London. Each year leading scholars from around the world gather to discuss the relationship between law and another discipline of thought. Each colloquium examines how the external discipline is conceived in legal thought and argument, how the law is pictured in that discipline, and analyses points of controversy in the use, and abuse, of extra-legal arguments within legal theory and practice. Law and Global Health, the sixteenth volume in the Current Legal Issues series, offers an insight into the scholarship examining the relationship between global health and the law. Covering a wide range of areas from all over the world, articles in the volume look at areas of human rights, vulnerable populations, ethical issues, legal responses and governance.

The Philosophy Of Law In Historical Perspective

Author : Carl Joachim Friedrich
ISBN : 0226264661
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 23. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Mr. Friedrich develops his own position within the framework of the history of Western legal philosophy from the Old Testament down to contemporary writers. In addition, he highlights some important problems of the present day, including certain aspects of legal realism. First published in 1958, this book has been revised and enlarged.

Animal Rights

Author : Cass R. Sunstein
ISBN : 0195152174
Genre : Law
File Size : 27. 56 MB
Format : PDF
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Contributors to this volume explore the legal and political issues that underlie the campaign for animal rights and the opposition to it. Ethical questions on ownership, protection against suffering and the ability of animals to make their own choices free from human control are thought-provokingly examined.

Czecho Slovakia

Author : Eric Stein
ISBN : 0472086286
Genre : Law
File Size : 29. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Describes the peaceful breakup of the Czechoslovak Federation

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