the role of topology in classical and quantum physics

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The Role Of Topology In Classical And Quantum Physics

Author : Giuseppe Morandi
ISBN : 9783540466888
Genre : Science
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Classical Topology And Quantum States

Author : A P Balachandran
ISBN : 9789814506717
Genre : Science
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This book is an introduction to the role of topology in the quantization of classical systems. It is also an introduction to topological solitons with special emphasis on Skyrmions. As regards the first aspect, several issues of current interest are dealt with at a reasonably elementary level. Examples are principal fibre bundles and their role in quantum physics, the possibility of spinorial quantum states in a Lagrangian theory based on tensorial variables, and multiply connected configuration spaces and associated quantum phenomena like the QCD q angle and exotic statistics. The ideas are also illustrated by simple examples such as the spinning particle, the charge-monopole system and strings in 3+1 dimensions. The application of these ideas to quantum gravity is another subject treated at an introductory level. An attempt has been made in this book to introduce the reader to the significance of topology for many distinct physical systems such as spinning particles, the charge- monopole system, strings, Skyrmions, QCD and gravity. The book is an outgrowth of lectures given by the authors at various institutions and conferences. Contents:Part I: Classical Mechanics and Quantum States:The Dirac-Bergmann Theory of ConstraintsNonrelativistic Particles with Fixed SpinMagnetic MonopolesThe Canonical Formalism and QuantizationThe Wess-Zumino Term and the Path SpaceQuantum Symmetries and the Wess-Zumino TermQuantum Theory for Multiply Connected Configuration SpacesPart II: Topological Solitons and Nonlinear Models:Topological Solitons in One and Two DimensionsNonlinear Models as Gauge TheoriesThe Chern-Simons TermPart III: Skyrmions:The Effective Lagrangian for QCDSkyrme Solitons for Two FlavoursPreliminary Discussion of Skyrme's ProposalsBaryon Number and Spin of the SkyrmionMore on the Wess-Zumino TermA Hierarchy of “Spherically Symmetric” AnsätzeSkyrmion PhenomenologyElectroweak SkyrmionsPart IV: Gauge, Gravity and String Theories:Multiply Connected Configuration Spaces in Gauge and Gravity TheoriesGeons and their PropertiesStatistics, Strings and Gravity Readership: Mathematical physicists and physicists interested in topological concepts, soliton and skyrmion theory and foundations of quantum theory. keywords:Skyrmions and Other Solitons;Geons;Magnetic Monopoles;Nonlinear Models;Wess-Zumino Term;Topology and Quantum Theory;Chern-Simons Theory;Fibre Bundles;Constraint Theory and Quantization;Spin and Statistics

Geometric Phases In Classical And Quantum Mechanics

Author : Dariusz Chruscinski
ISBN : 9780817681760
Genre : Mathematics
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Several well-established geometric and topological methods are used in this work in an application to a beautiful physical phenomenon known as the geometric phase. This book examines the geometric phase, bringing together different physical phenomena under a unified mathematical scheme. The material is presented so that graduate students and researchers in applied mathematics and physics with an understanding of classical and quantum mechanics can handle the text.

Topology Geometry And Quantum Field Theory

Author : Graeme Segal
ISBN : 0521540496
Genre : Mathematics
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The symposium held in honour of the 60th birthday of Graeme Segal brought together leading physicists and mathematicians. Its topics were centred around string theory, M-theory, and quantum gravity on the one hand, and K-theory, elliptic cohomology, quantum cohomology and string topology on the other. Geometry and quantum physics developed in parallel since the recognition of the central role of non-abelian gauge theory in elementary particle physics in the late seventies and the emerging study of super-symmetry and string theory. With its selection of survey and research articles these proceedings fulfil the dual role of reporting on developments in the field and defining directions for future research. For the first time Graeme Segal's manuscript 'The definition of Conformal Field Theory' is published, which has been greatly influential over more than ten years. An introduction by the author puts it into the present context.

Connections In Classical And Quantum Field Theory

Author : L. Mangiarotti
ISBN : 9812813748
Genre : Connections
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Geometrical notions and methods play an important role in both classical and quantum field theory, and a connection is a deep structure which apparently underlies the gauge-theoretical models. This collection of basic mathematical facts about various types of connections provides a detailed description of the relevant physical applications. It discusses the modern issues concerning the gauge theories of fundamental interactions. This text presents several levels of complexity, from the elementary to the advanced, and provides a considerable number of exercises. The authors have tried to give all the necessary mathematical background, thus making the book self-contained. This book should be useful to graduate students, physicists and mathematicians who are interested in the issue of deep interrelations between theoretical physics and geometry.

Applications Of Contact Geometry And Topology In Physics

Author : Arkady Leonidovich Kholodenko
ISBN : 9789814412094
Genre : Mathematics
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Although contact geometry and topology is briefly discussed in V I Arnol''d''s book Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics (Springer-Verlag, 1989, 2nd edition), it still remains a domain of research in pure mathematics, e.g. see the recent monograph by H Geiges An Introduction to Contact Topology (Cambridge U Press, 2008). Some attempts to use contact geometry in physics were made in the monograph Contact Geometry and Nonlinear Differential Equations (Cambridge U Press, 2007). Unfortunately, even the excellent style of this monograph is not sufficient to attract the attention of the physics community to this type of problems. This book is the first serious attempt to change the existing status quo. In it we demonstrate that, in fact, all branches of theoretical physics can be rewritten in the language of contact geometry and topology: from mechanics, thermodynamics and electrodynamics to optics, gauge fields and gravity; from physics of liquid crystals to quantum mechanics and quantum computers, etc. The book is written in the style of famous Landau-Lifshitz (L-L) multivolume course in theoretical physics. This means that its readers are expected to have solid background in theoretical physics (at least at the level of the L-L course). No prior knowledge of specialized mathematics is required. All needed new mathematics is given in the context of discussed physical problems. As in the L-L course some problems/exercises are formulated along the way and, again as in the L-L course, these are always supplemented by either solutions or by hints (with exact references). Unlike the L-L course, though, some definitions, theorems, and remarks are also presented. This is done with the purpose of stimulating the interest of our readers in deeper study of subject matters discussed in the text.

Physics Geometry And Topology

Author : H.C. Lee
ISBN : 9781461538028
Genre : Science
File Size : 90. 22 MB
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The Banff NATO Summer School was held August 14-25, 1989 at the Banff Cen tre, Banff, Albert, Canada. It was a combination of two venues: a summer school in the annual series of Summer School in Theoretical Physics spon sored by the Theoretical Physics Division, Canadian Association of Physi cists, and a NATO Advanced Study Institute. The Organizing Committee for the present school was composed of G. Kunstatter (University of Winnipeg), H.C. Lee (Chalk River Laboratories and University of Western Ontario), R. Kobes (University of Winnipeg), D.l. Toms (University of Newcastle Upon Tyne) and Y.S. Wu (University of Utah). Thanks to the group of lecturers (see Contents) and the timeliness of the courses given, the school, entitled PHYSICS, GEOMETRY AND TOPOLOGY, was popular from the very outset. The number of applications outstripped the 90 places of accommodation reserved at the Banff Centre soon after the school was announced. As the eventual total number of participants was increased to 170, it was still necessary to tum away many deserving applicants. In accordance with the spirit of the school, the geometrical and topologi cal properties in each of the wide ranging topics covered by the lectures were emphasized. A recurring theme in a number of the lectures is the Yang-Baxter relation which characterizes a very large class of integrable systems including: many state models, two-dimensional conformal field theory, quantum field theory and quantum gravity in 2 + I dimensions.

Introduction To Topological Quantum Matter Quantum Computation

Author : Tudor D. Stanescu
ISBN : 9781482245943
Genre : Science
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What is "topological" about topological quantum states? How many types of topological quantum phases are there? What is a zero-energy Majorana mode, how can it be realized in a solid state system, and how can it be used as a platform for topological quantum computation? What is quantum computation and what makes it different from classical computation? Addressing these and other related questions, Introduction to Topological Quantum Matter & Quantum Computation provides an introduction to and a synthesis of a fascinating and rapidly expanding research field emerging at the crossroads of condensed matter physics, mathematics, and computer science. Providing the big picture, this book is ideal for graduate students and researchers entering this field as it allows for the fruitful transfer of paradigms and ideas amongst different areas, and includes many specific examples to help the reader understand abstract and sometimes challenging concepts. It explores the topological quantum world beyond the well-known topological insulators and superconductors and emphasizes the deep connections with quantum computation. It addresses key principles behind the classification of topological quantum phases and relevant mathematical concepts and discusses models of interacting and noninteracting topological systems, such as the torric code and the p-wave superconductor. The book also covers the basic properties of anyons, and aspects concerning the realization of topological states in solid state structures and cold atom systems. Quantum computation is also presented using a broad perspective, which includes fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics, such as Bell's theorem, basic concepts in the theory of computation, such as computational models and computational complexity, examples of quantum algorithms, and elements of classical and quantum information theory.

Topology For Physicists

Author : Albert S. Schwarz
ISBN : 9783662029985
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 30. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In recent years topology has firmly established itself as an important part of the physicist's mathematical arsenal. Topology has profound relevance to quantum field theory-for example, topological nontrivial solutions of the classical equa tions of motion (solitons and instantons) allow the physicist to leave the frame work of perturbation theory. The significance of topology has increased even further with the development of string theory, which uses very sharp topologi cal methods-both in the study of strings, and in the pursuit of the transition to four-dimensional field theories by means of spontaneous compactification. Im portant applications of topology also occur in other areas of physics: the study of defects in condensed media, of singularities in the excitation spectrum of crystals, of the quantum Hall effect, and so on. Nowadays, a working knowledge of the basic concepts of topology is essential to quantum field theorists; there is no doubt that tomorrow this will also be true for specialists in many other areas of theoretical physics. The amount of topological information used in the physics literature is very large. Most common is homotopy theory. But other subjects also play an important role: homology theory, fibration theory (and characteristic classes in particular), and also branches of mathematics that are not directly a part of topology, but which use topological methods in an essential way: for example, the theory of indices of elliptic operators and the theory of complex manifolds.

Mathematics Of Classical And Quantum Physics

Author : Frederick W. Byron
ISBN : 9780486135069
Genre : Science
File Size : 21. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Graduate-level text offers unified treatment of mathematics applicable to many branches of physics. Theory of vector spaces, analytic function theory, theory of integral equations, group theory, and more. Many problems. Bibliography.

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