the serengeti lion a study of predator prey relations wildlife behavior and ecology series

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The Serengeti Lion

Author : George B. Schaller
ISBN : 0226736601
Genre : Nature
File Size : 58. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Based on three years of study in the Serengeti National Park, George B. Schaller’s The Serengeti Lion describes the vast impact of the lion and other predators on the vast herds of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle for which the area is famous. The most comprehensive book available on the lion, this classic work includes the author’s findings on all aspects of lion behavior, including its social system, population dynamics, hunting behavior, and predation patterns. “If you have only enough time to read one book about field biology, this is the one I recommend.”—Edward O. Wilson, Science “This book conveys not only the fascination of its particular study of lion behavior but the drama and wonder and beauty of the intimate interdependence of all living things.”—Saturday Review “This is an important book, not just for its valuable information on lions, but for its broad, open, and intelligent approach to problems that cut across the fields of behavior, populations, ecology, wildlife management, evolution, anthropology, and comparative biology.”—Richard G. Van Gelder, Bioscience

Competition And Resource Partitioning In Temperate Ungulate Assemblies

Author : R.J. Putman
ISBN : 9789400915176
Genre : Science
File Size : 70. 45 MB
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Rory Putman addresses the question of how, in many temporate ecosystems, diverse and species-rich assemblies of ungulates manage to co-exist despite often quite extensive overlap in ecological requirements. Putman explores the potential for competition, competition tolerance and even positive facilitation amongst the members of such guilds of ungulates. As a central worked example, the author employs data resulting from over 20 years of personal research into the ecology and population dynamics of various large herbivores of the New Forest in Southern England. With these, he applies formal protocols in resource use, evidence for resource limitation and evidence for interaction between species in changing population size over the years.

The Ecology Of Large Mammals In Central Yellowstone

Author : Robert A. Garrott
ISBN : 0080921051
Genre : Science
File Size : 72. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book is an authoritative work on the ecology of some of America’s most iconic large mammals in a natural environment - and of the interplay between climate, landscape, and animals in the interior of the world’s first and most famous national park. Central Yellowstone includes the range of one of the largest migratory populations of bison in North America as well as a unique elk herd that remains in the park year round. These populations live in a varied landscape with seasonal and often extreme patterns of climate and food abundance. The reintroduction of wolves into the park a decade ago resulted in scientific and public controversy about the effect of large predators on their prey, a debate closely examined in the book. Introductory chapters describe the geography, geology and vegetation of the ecosystem. The elk and bison are then introduced and their population ecology described both pre- and post– wolf introduction, enabling valuable insights into the demographic and behavioral consequences for their ungulate prey. Subsequent chapters describe the wildlife-human interactions and show how scientific research can inform the debate and policy issues surrounding winter recreation in Yellowstone. The book closes with a discussion of how this ecological knowledge can be used to educate the public, both about Yellowstone itself and about science, ecology and the environment in general. Yellowstone National Park exemplifies some of the currently most hotly debated and high-profile ecological, wildlife management, and environmental policy issues and this book will have broad appeal not only to academic ecologists, but also to natural resource students, managers, biologists, policy makers, administrators and the general public. * Unrivalled descriptions of ecological processes in a world famous ecosystem, based on information from 16 years of painstaking field work and collaborations among 66 scientists and technical experts and 15 graduate studies. * Detailed studies of two charismatic North American herbivore species – elk and bison * Description of the restoration of wolves into central Yellowstone and their ecological interactions with their elk and bison prey * Illustrated with numerous evocative colour photographs and stunning maps

Kologie Der Wirbeltiere

Author : Werner Suter
ISBN : 9783825286750
Genre : Science
File Size : 69. 72 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Das erste Lehrbuch zur Ökologie der Wirbeltiere Der Wolf frisst einen Elch, der Luchs ein Reh und der Habicht einen jungen Waldkauz. Was bedeutet das für die Bestände der Beutetiere? Vögel und Säugetiere zeigen als endotherme Wirbeltiere viele Gemeinsamkeiten in ihrer Biologie. Ausgehend von den theoretischen Grundlagen der Ökologie und mit einem konsequent evolutionsbiologischen Ansatz behandelt «Ökologie der Wirbeltiere» die Ernährung unter ökophysiologischen und verhaltensökologischen Aspekten, die Fortpflanzung, die räumliche Ökologie auf allen Skalenebenen, Wanderungen, die Populationsbiologie sowie die Interaktionen zwischen Arten, nämlich Konkurrenz, Prädation und Parasiten, und schließt mit einem Kapitel zur Naturschutzbiologie. Die theoretischen Grundlagen sind stets mit den aktuellen empirischen Befunden verknüpft; diesen wird ein großes Gewicht beigemessen. Dieser Titel ist auf verschiedenen e-Book-Plattformen (Amazon, Apple, Libri, Thalia) auch als e-Pub-Version für mobile Lesegeräte verfügbar.

Wildlife Of The Tibetan Steppe

Author : George B. Schaller
ISBN : 0226736539
Genre : Nature
File Size : 39. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Chang Tang, the vast, remote Tibetan steppe, is one of the most forbidding places on earth. Yet this harsh land is home to a unique assemblage of large mammals, including Tibetan antelope, gazelle, argali sheep, wild ass, wild yak, wolves, snow leopards, and others. Since 1985, George B. Schaller and his Chinese and Tibetan co-workers have surveyed the flora and fauna of the Chang Tang. Their research provides the first detailed look at the natural history of one of the world's least known ecosystems.

Mountain Monarchs

Author : George B. Schaller
ISBN : 0226736512
Genre : Science
File Size : 70. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Wildlife behavior and ecology (er)

The Mountain Gorilla

Author : George B. Schaller
ISBN : 0226736369
Genre : Nature
File Size : 52. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Animal Kingdom

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951D00335762D
Genre : Zoology
File Size : 85. 89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Free Ranging Dogs And Wildlife Conservation

Author : Matthew E. Gompper
ISBN : 9780191640117
Genre : Science
File Size : 75. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Dogs are the world's most common and widespread carnivores and are nearly ubiquitous across the globe. The vast majority of these dogs, whether owned or un-owned, pure-bred or stray, spend a large portion of their life as unconfined, free-roaming animals, persisting at the interface of human and wildlife communities. Their numbers are particularly large throughout the developing world, where veterinary care and population control are often minimal and human populations are burgeoning. This volume brings together the world's experts to provide a comprehensive, unifying, and accessible review of the effects of dogs on native wildlife species. With an emphasis on addressing how free-ranging dogs may influence wildlife management and native species of conservation concern, chapters address themes such as the global history and size of dog populations, dogs as predators, competitors, and prey of wildlife, the use of dogs as hunting companions, the role of dogs in maintaining diseases of wildlife, and the potential for dogs to hybridize with wild canid species. In addition, the potential role of dogs as mediators of conservation conflict is assessed, including the role of dogs as livestock guardians, the potential for dogs to aid researchers in locating rare wildlife species of conservation interest, and the importance of recognizing that some populations of dogs such as dingoes have a long history of genetic isolation and are themselves important conservation concerns. A common theme woven throughout this volume is the potential for dogs to mediate how humans interact with wildlife and the recognition that the success of wildlife conservation and management efforts are often underpinned by understanding and addressing the potential roles of free-ranging dogs in diverse natural ecosystems. Free-Ranging Dogs and Wildlife Conservation is aimed at professional wildlife and conservation ecologists, managers, graduate students, and researchers with an interest in human-dog-wildlife interactions. It will also be of relevance and use to dog welfare researchers, veterinary scientists, disease ecologists, and readers with an interest in the interface of domestic animals and wildlife.

Library Of Congress Catalog

Author : United States
ISBN : 087471785X
Genre : Subject catalogs
File Size : 73. 47 MB
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