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The Syndrome

Author : John Case
ISBN : 0307417425
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56. 49 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A promising research fellow for a venerable think tank in Zurich has just filed his last report, as he is forced into a grisly experiment. . . . A seductive young woman travels to Florida and, from her hotel room window, coolly sharpshoots an old man in a wheelchair as he basks in the late afternoon sun. . . . A psychologist who helps patients confront and dispel past trauma through hypnosis battles his own silent demons. . . . In The Syndrome, John Case combines these intriguing elements into a pulse-pounding, mind-twisting new thriller. Dr. Jeff Duran suffers from severe panic attacks when he ventures too far outside his home office. At times, he remembers phrases of a foreign language he has never learned. And there are curious memories he cannot explain of distinct smells, music, the spray of ocean sailing. But no sooner do these senses and images begin to surface than they disappear. Then, after a patient commits suicide, Duran's life spirals out of control. The victim's half-sister, Adrienne Cope, blames Duran for filling her sister's head with "recovered" memories of horrific childhood abuse. But Adrienne soon discovers some shocking facts about him--facts that even he is unaware of. The stakes are raised when unknown assassins burst into Duran's office and bloodshed ensues. But who is their target: Adrienne or Duran? Running for their very lives, forced to trust each other, they must now work together to unlock the reason why one or both of them is marked for death. For beneath the intrigue lies a dark conspiracy that stretches halfway around the world-- and a sinister plot that could change the course of history. A relentlessly paced thriller in which nothing is what it seems, no one can be trusted, and nothing is secure--especially one's own memories. The Syndrome is a chillingly, brilliantly conceived novel from a proven master of suspense. From the Hardcover edition.

The Syndrome

Author : Ridley Pearson
ISBN : 9781484725757
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 21. 95 MB
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When Amanda travels east to Orlando on a hunch, she's met with the worst news possible. Kingdom Keeper Finn Whitman is missing. Calling on her own gift (she's telekinetic), her sister Jess's ability to dream the future, and their fellow Fairlie Mattie Weaver's unexplained ability to read minds through physical contact, the three gifted girls must navigate treachery, deception, and the stubborn, unwilling parents of the missing Keepers if they're to save their friends.

Kids In The Syndrome Mix Of Adhd Ld Autism Spectrum Tourette S Anxiety And More

Author : Martin L. Kutscher
ISBN : 9780857008824
Genre : Education
File Size : 79. 93 MB
Format : PDF
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The completely updated and expanded new edition of this well-established text incorporates DSM-5 changes as well as other new developments. The all-in-one guide covers the whole range of often co-existing neuro-behavioral disorders in children – from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety, to autism spectrum disorders, nonverbal learning disabilities, Tourette's, sensory integration problems, and executive dysfunction. A completely revised chapter on the autism spectrum by Tony Attwood explains not only new understanding in the field, but the new diagnostic criteria, and the anticipated usage of the term 'Asperger's Syndrome'. Dr. Kutscher provides accessible information on causes, symptoms, interactions with other conditions, and treatments. He presents effective behavioral strategies for responding to children who display traits of these disorders – whether at home, at school, or in other settings – along with case vignettes and practical tips. Finally, a chapter on the role of medications summarizes current knowledge. The author's sympathetic yet upbeat approach and skillful explanations of the inner world of children in the syndrome mix make this an invaluable companion for parents, teachers, professionals, and anyone else who needs fast and to-the-point advice on children with special needs.

Syndrome W

Author : Harriette D. P. H. R. Mogul
ISBN : 1590771621
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 44. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As seen on The Rachael Ray Show! If you’re a woman of a “certain age,” you know what we’re talking about: that unexplained weight gain that creeps up no matter what you try to do to stop it. Enter Syndrome W, the book named for the metabolic condition caused by abnormal insulin levels commonly found in women aged 30 to 60. Dr. Harriette R. Mogul, the physician who discovered the condition, shows how it can be reversed when properly diagnosed and treated so you can regain your waistline! From understanding the symptoms, to finding a doctor who can help, to creating a food and exercise plan, and beyond, Dr. Mogul provides the practical tips that will help you reverse Syndrome W. In addition to providing the tools you need to understand and fix Syndrome W, Dr. Mogul provides mouth-watering recipes, including Tailgate Turkey Chili, Wildflower Crab Cake with Vanilla Mango-Chutney and Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette, Wild Mushroom Sauté, and Concord Grape and Burgundy Poached Pears with Quinoa Crisp Cookies, each specially designed to complement the treatment for correcting Syndrome W—forever!


Author : Blake Leibel
ISBN : 1932386998
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 23. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When a rogue neuropathologist makes a startling breakthrough — literally isolating the root of all evil in the recesses of the human brain — he'll stop at nothing to advance his theory. With the help of a naïve Hollywood actress, a tormented motion picture director, and a condemned serial killer, Dr. Wolfe Brunswick launches a bold experiment in the Nevada desert, the outcome of which could transform humanity forever. The Truman Show meets Se7en in Syndrome, an inventive, original graphic novel hardcover that serves as one of the first titles to be featured under Archaia’s new Black Label line, published in association with Fantasy Prone.

Diseases And Disorders In Contemporary Fiction

Author : James Peacock
ISBN : 9781135078621
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 84. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The essays in this collection address the current preoccupation with neurological conditions and disorders in contemporary literature by British and American writers. The book places these fictional treatments within a broader cultural and historical context, exploring such topics as the two cultures debate, the neurological turn, postmodernism and the post-postmodern, and responses to September 11th. Considering a variety of materials including mainstream literary fiction, the graphic novel, popular fiction, autobiographical writing, film, and television, contributors consider the contemporary dimensions of the interface between the sciences and humanities, developing the debate about the post-postmodern as a new humanism or a return to realism and investigating questions of form and genre, and of literary continuities and discontinuities. Further, the essays discuss contemporary writers’ attempts to engage the relation between the individual and the social, looking at the relation between the "syndrome syndrome" (referring to the prevalence in contemporary literature of neurological phenomena evident at the biological level) and existing work in the field of trauma studies (where explanations tend to have taken a psychoanalytical form), allowing for perspectives that question some of the assumptions that have marked both these fields. The current literary preoccupation with neurological conditions presents us with a new and distinctive form of trauma literature, one concerned less with psychoanalysis than with the physical and evolutionary status of human beings.

The Person Behind The Syndrome

Author : Greta Beighton
ISBN : 9781447109259
Genre : Medical
File Size : 29. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A decade after the publication of The Man Behind the Syndrome, which was warmly received, particularly by medical geneticists, syndromologists and those doctors from many different dis ciplines with an interest in medical history, Peter and Greta Beighton now present the second volume of their work, promised ten years ago. The length of time which has passed since the pub lication of the first book gives an inkling of the extraordinary effort involved on the part of the authors in collecting the necessary biographical data and the portraits of their subjects. The Person Behind the Syndrome conforms exactly in structure, quality and size with the first volume, thus facilitating the use of the series. Again we find detailed presentations of a hundred people who have given their names to disorders or syndromes which are thought to have a significant genetic or chromosomal component (with a photograph or portrait, biography, com mentary on the development of nomenclature and references). The reader finds information not only on the doctor and/or scientist under discussion, but also, as in the previous volume, on the person behind the name. This is followed by brief, un illustrated biographies of about seventy, mostly younger and, in some cases, still professionally active personalities.

The Syndrome Y Solution

Author : Karen Chesnutt
ISBN : 9781680610055
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 37. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If your son is having problems in school and disrupting family life at home and you can’t find a reason, this book offers proven help. Many bright and able boys are paralyzed by a puzzling set of symptoms characterized by problems at home, school, and in every-day life. But most of these boys, when tested, are found not to have any disorder that would explain their problems. Every parent worried about an underperforming son should read this book. It tells the story of how a psychologist saw a distinctive pattern in many boys brought to her for testing because of problems at home and at school. Dr. Karen Chesnutt has identified a set of symptoms that she calls Syndrome Y. More important, she has devised a program of treatment that actually works. Building emotional strength is the key to overcoming underperformance, low motivation, and under-achievement. Problems resembling Syndrome Y have been described in the past. Some data-driven and research-based books have hinted at Syndrome Y, but this is the first book to offer an effective way to deal with it. Dr. Chesnutt’s five-phase program is experience-based and practical. Her program is the first to deal with the “why” of Syndrome Y and to treat its underlying causes. Her approach is based on many years of experience as a parent, teacher, and psychologist. According to Dr.Chesnutt, “This book is written for parents whose sons are unmotivated, underachieving, and dependent. They are often bright, engaging youngsters, but chronic underachievers. They have little internal motivation. They seem unaffected by traditional motivators such as reward, punishment, praise, or scorn. They are not motivated by grades. They are willing to depend on others to set the agenda for their lives, and are willing to let others complete tasks that are really their responsibility. These boys usually test as capable in academic ability, but they seem satisfied with minimal or failing results.” "The five main characteristics of Syndrome Y have something in common. They all indicate that something is missing. That missing element is what I call emotional strength. It is not a lack of skill or knowledge. It is not a lack of opportunity. It is not merely a lack of motivation. The important thing to realize is that the problem is emotional. Syndrome Y boys do not have emotional strength," Dr. Chesnutt says. “In order for your son to begin to function independently, to be motivated, to have passion for something, he needs to build his emotional strength,” Dr. Chesnutt says. "Emotional strength is not something that can be learned or a skill that can be acquired. It is more like a muscle that needs to be exercised. It takes time and repetition to increase emotional strength. Many parents have asked me if emotional strength can be increased. The answer is yes, it can, with enough patience, practice, and exercise,” reports Dr. Chesnutt “Just as we think about the development of physical strength, development of emotional strength requires exercise, practice, and challenge,” Dr. Chesnutt says.

Syndrome E

Author : Franck Thilliez
ISBN : 9781101601174
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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What You Don’t See Could Kill You In this international bestseller, which is soon to be a major motion picture penned by the screenwriter of Black Swan, the classic procedural meets cutting-edge science Lucie Henebelle, single mother and beleaguered detective, has just about enough on her plate when she receives a panicked phone call from an ex-lover who has developed a rare disorder after watching an obscure film from the 1950s. With help from the brooding Inspector Franck Sharko, who is exploring the movie’s connection to five unearthed corpses at a construction site, Lucie begins to strip away the layers of what may be the most disturbing film ever made. With more lives on the line, Sharko and Lucie struggle to solve this terrifying mystery before it’s too late. In a high-stakes, adrenaline-fueled hunt that jumps from France to Canada, Egypt to Rwanda, and beyond, this astonishing page-turner, with cinematic echoes from The Manchurian Candidate and the Bourne series, will keep you guessing until the very end.

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

Author : Byron Patrick Rourke
ISBN : 0898623782
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 64. 29 MB
Format : PDF
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NONVERBAL LEARNING DISABILITIES systematically identifies, describes, and explains the elements and dynamics of the nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD) syndrome--including its neuropsychological, academic, and socioemotional/adaptational aspects. In addition, this groundbreaking work explores the ramifications of the NLD syndrome for both the theoretical and applied aspects of the neuropsychology of learning disabilities in particular and for the field of child-clinical neuropsychology in general.

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